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Jacques Garcia
Author: Jacques Garcia, Alain Stella
Publisher: Flammarion
ISBN: 2080201697
Pages: 400
Year: 2014-01-10
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This visually sensational book takes readers into the private domain of Jacques Garcia, providing unprecedented access into the magnificent interiors of the chateau that the great decorator calls home. Antiquities aficionado and much-lauded interior designer Jacques Garcia purchased the imposing Chateau du Champ de Bataille twenty years ago in a state of virtual ruin and lovingly restored it to its former splendor. The chateau is now a treasure trove of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century architecture, furniture, and garden design, to which Garcia brought his considerable expertise gleaned from numerous restoration projects, including rooms at Versailles and the Louvre. Every detail-from the library, with its collection of priceless books, to the grand dining room, with its rare collection of Sevres porcelain, to the hall of taxidermy-has been carefully reconstituted and interpreted through the prism of Jacques Garcia's extraordinary eye and inimitable style. This superbly illustrated volume documents the meticulous research and epic restoration undertaken by the designer. Informed by history and imbued with the exquisite beauty of the chateau and its priceless collection of paintings, sculptures, porcelain, silver, and furniture, Garcia and his masterpiece will be a revelation to specialists on French art and a delight and inspiration to anyone interested in interior decoration and restoration.
Jacques Garcia
Author: Franck Ferrand
Publisher: Flammarion-Pere Castor
ISBN: 2080305077
Pages: 263
Year: 2005
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A thirty-year career has made Jacques Garcia a worldwide name in interior design in the French tradition. In Paris, chic crowds flock to his celebrated Hétel Costes and Ladurée tearoom, and to his many fin-de-siécle brasseries. Garcia's designs also grace the interiors of the Musée Carnavalet and the Musée de la Vie Romantique-and his most recent tour de force is the restoration of Paris' Hétel Mansart. Garcia's most ambitious project to date, the refurbishment of the Chéteau du Champ de Bataille in Normandy, attracts visitors from across the globe and has become a monument to his art and celebrity. This new edition of the 1999 book is a continuing tribute to the restoration of the chéteau and to its magnificent garderns, seen here for the first time. Sumptuously illustrated and updated to include Garcia's latest creations, this new edition provides the reader with a privileged view of true French style.
Alberto Pinto: Signature Interiors
Author: Anne Bony
Publisher: Flammarion-Pere Castor
ISBN: 2080202839
Pages: 256
Year: 2016-10-27
View: 303
Read: 873
A lavish tome featuring the completed interiors of the master decorator s final creations from around the globe. Revered as one of the greatest decorators of the twentieth century, Alberto Pinto made his distinctive mark on the world of interior design thanks to his style, his extraordinary perception, and his perpetually renewed inspiration. This new volume presents the latest creations by Cabinet Alberto Pinto in its luxurious, comfortable, generous, and modern signature style, revealing singular interiors that have never been seen before sumptuous hotels particuliers, lavish apartments, historical residences, and even a Middle Eastern palace all of which reveal the quintessential Alberto Pinto style."
Effortless Style
Author: Pierre Sauvage, Fabienne Reybaud
Publisher: Flammarion
ISBN: 2080203436
Pages: 224
Year: 2018-04-19
View: 340
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Pierre Sauvage, designer of luxury homewares and interiors, brings the reader inside his French homes--both urban and country--providing inspiration and advice for creating effortlessly elegant interiors and garden spaces. Against the backdrop of his exceptional homes in France, Pierre Sauvage--owner and art director of Casa Lopez, the legendary Parisian housewares firm whose stylish furnishings feature exceptional handicraft produced in France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal--showcases his very personal and contemporary style of decorating and entertaining. His striking use of color and textures sets the tone for each room and serves as a counterpoint to his playful matchings of materials and patterns, which work equally well in his Parisian apartment, rustic farmhouse in Normandy, and stone summer home in Provence. With discriminating taste, Sauvage pairs modern furniture with singular antiques. From bold interiors to elegant outdoor spaces, each home is infused with his connoisseur's eye for refined details. Stunning photography commissioned for this book under Sauvage's art direction provides inspiration for interiors that exude a charm and elegance that is decidedly contemporary, yet conveys the timeless allure of a home that has been passed down over generations. A dozen recipes for entertaining with style complete the volume.
Celerie Kemble
Author: Celerie Kemble, Karen Kelly
Publisher: Potter Style
ISBN: 0307394425
Pages: 256
Year: 2008
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A talented young designer shares her accessible and inspirational approach to decorating that explains how to integrate elements of the past and present, make small spaces seem larger, create unique color combinations, blend a variety of textures, and more to create a space that is versatile, original, and livable. 15,000 first printing.
Demeures historiques
Author: Alain Stella
Publisher: Flammarion-Pere Castor
ISBN: 2080301489
Pages: 376
Year: 2010
View: 1147
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A unique glimpse inside a world of luxury, tradition, and splendor. Many historic homes in Paris serve as residences to foreign ambassadors; these historical sites are closed to the general public. From a seventeenth-century hôtel particulier, to a Belle Epoque palace, to a distinctively contemporary setting, each residence rivals the next in its beauty, art collection, and period furniture set against a backdrop of accomplished refinement. Alain Stella invites us over the threshold inside the most prestigious chancelleries and ambassador residences in Paris—from China and Peru to Egypt and Poland. Tapestries inspired by Goya's drawings grace the lavish salons at the Spanish residence. Jean Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand created a minimalist interior at the Japanese residence that evokes the refined style of a traditional Japanese home. The palace of Eugène de Beauharnais—home to the German ambassadors since 1818—retains its elaborate Empire style, intact since the time of Josephine. Superb photographs, specially commissioned for this book over the course of a year, divulge the secrets of these previously unpublished artistic and architectural treasures.
Year: 2010
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Parisian Interiors
Author: Barbara Stoeltie, René Stoeltie
Publisher: Flammarion-Pere Castor
ISBN: 2080301721
Pages: 199
Year: 2011
View: 355
Read: 982
The Parisian homes of the international crowd are replete with inspiration for interior design. This volume offers exclusive access into twenty of the city's most original, intriguing, quirky, bold, elegant, and refined interiors.
Swedish Interiors
Author: Rhonda Eleish, Edie van Breems
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
ISBN: 1423613953
Pages: 192
Year: 2013-10-15
View: 706
Read: 303
Swedish Interiors is the first book to share the history, progression, and key elements of Swedish style and how to use it in many different styles of homes. From the white and blue-hued images of the familiar Gustavian style to the gold accents and luxurious patterns found in the Swedish Baroque, Rococo, and Biedermeier periods, the secret to Swedish design is in having the confidence to mix old and new while maintaining a clean and simple aesthetic. Swedish Interiors emphasizes light, comfort and elegance. The authors operate Eleish Van Breems Antiques, a renowned Swedish antiques and decorating resource. Featured on Martha Stewart Living, and in Country Living, House Beautiful, Travel & Leisure, the New York Times, Traditional Home, Better Homes and Gardens, Victoria, and Yankee.
My World
Author: Michael Jackson
Publisher: Ml Pub Llc
ISBN: 0976889110
Pages: 52
Year: 2006-02-01
View: 713
Read: 355
Michael Jackson's very personal retrospective of his life, in pictures and some self-written poems. The King of Pop also responds to stories and rumours surrounding his persona for three decades now.
Empire Style
Author: Ulrich Leben, Jörg Ebeling
Publisher: Flammarion-Pere Castor
ISBN: 2080202723
Pages: 348
Year: 2016-09-29
View: 263
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This monograph dedicated to the most spectacular example of Parisian First Empire interior architecture retraces the history of the building and the lives of its residents. The H�tel de Beauharnais, constructed in 1713, gained renown during the Consulate period. In 1803, Josephine Bonaparte acquired the property for her son, Eug�ne de Beauharnais, and had the building renovated and decorated at great expense. At the fall of the Napoleonic Empire, it was sold to the King of Prussia and became an embassy during the nineteenth century. With its unique Consulate and Empire decor, the palace is an invaluable specimen of Parisian interior architecture. The result of more than ten years of research and restoration work, this book recounts three centuries of European political history through the lives of the H�tel's successive owners.
Author: Sibella Court
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452120188
Pages: 256
Year: 2012-08-17
View: 562
Read: 803
In this deluxe cloth-covered style guide, celebrated designer Sibella Court travels the world in search of eclectic inspiration. She explores far-flung destinations and captures the essence of each in small details, exotic color palettes, exquisite textures, and traditional crafts. Along the way, she shows readers how to incorporate these elements into interiors and how to replicate the ideas in their own spaces. Overflowing with imaginative ideas from across the globe with breathtaking photos of each destination accompanied by examples of gorgeous real-life interiors, plus tips for applying the looks at home Nomad promises to serve as the ultimate lookbook for designers and wanderers the world over.
Death on the Installment Plan
Author: Louis-Ferdinand Céline
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
ISBN: 0811223604
Pages: 592
Year: 1971-01-17
View: 1273
Read: 1295
Death on the Installment Plan is a companion volume to Louis-Ferinand Céline's earlier novel Journey to the End of Night. Published in rapid succession in the middle 1930s, these two books shocked European literatue and world consciousness. Nominally fiction but more rightly called "creative confessions," they told of the author's childhood in excoriating Paris slums, of serves in the mud wastes of World War I and African jungles. Mixing unmitigated despair with Gargantuan comedy, they also created a new style, in which invective and obscenity were laced with phrases of unforgettable poetry. Céline's influence revolutionized the contemporary approach to fiction. Under a cloud for a period, his work is now acknowledged as the forerunner of today's "black humor."
My Memoirs
Author: Alexandre Dumas
Year: 1821
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The Castle of Pictures and Other Stories
Author: George Sand, Holly Erskine Hirko, Mary Warshaw
Publisher: Feminist Press at CUNY
ISBN: 1558610928
Pages: 175
Year: 1994
View: 659
Read: 373
In her sixties, George Sand delighted in spinning tales that entertained and educated her two adored granddaughters, Aurore and Gabrielle. Fortunately, she also published thirteen of them for the rest of us to enjoy. The Castle of Pictures presents four of these stories, three of which have never before been translated into English. Both girls and boys are depicted in these stories as empowered by curiosity, hard work, persistence, and honesty. They successfully protect themselves from danger by using their ingenuity and remaining faithful to their own consciences. In the title story a girl becomes an artist through the persistent nurturance of her own talent despite opposition from her father, himself a painter. "What Flowers Say" is a wickedly funny satire of class snobbery as played out among chrysanthemums, poppies, numerous varieties of roses, and other denizens of the garden. "The Bug-Eyed Fairy" investigates wonders of the insect world invisible to the normal human eye. In "The Talking Oak", an outcast orphan boy learns to rely on hard work and a strong sense of right and wrong to make his way first through the natural world, with the help of The Talking Oak who becomes his first friend, and then through the compexities of the world of grown-ups. Sand never talked down to her granddaughters. Her astonishingly deep knowledge of subjects ranging from botany and lepidopterology to art history, her subtle understanding of the human heart and the creative spirit, and her sense of wonder at the world's beauty and mystery are available here for children of all ages.