Ionospheres Physics Plasma Physics And Chemistry Cambridge Atmospheric And Space Science Series Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Author: Robert Schunk, Andrew Nagy
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521877067
Pages: 628
Year: 2009-08-20
View: 881
Read: 857
This combination of text and reference book describes the physical, plasma and chemical processes controlling the behaviour of ionospheres, upper atmospheres and exospheres. It summarises the structure, chemistry, dynamics and energetics of the terrestrial ionosphere and other solar system bodies, and discusses the processes, mechanisms and transport equations for solving fundamental research problems. This second edition incorporates new results, model developments and interpretations from the last 10 years. It includes the latest material on neutral atmospheres; the terrestrial ionosphere at low, middle and high latitudes; and planetary atmospheres and ionospheres, where results from recent space missions have yielded fresh data. Appendices outline physical constants, mathematical formulas, transport coefficients, and other important parameters for ionospheric calculations. This is an essential resource for researchers studying ionospheres, upper atmospheres, aeronomy and plasma physics. It is also an ideal textbook for graduate-level courses, with supplementary problem sets, and solutions for instructors at
Physics of the Space Environment
Author: Tamas I. Gombosi
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 052159264X
Pages: 339
Year: 1998-10-13
View: 158
Read: 532
This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the physical phenomena that result from the interaction of the sun and the planets - often termed space weather. Physics of the Space Environment explores the basic processes in the Sun, in the interplanetary medium, in the near-Earth space, and down into the atmosphere. The first part of the book summarizes fundamental elements of transport theory relevant for the atmosphere, ionosphere and the magnetosphere. This theory is then applied to physical phenomena in the space environment. The fundamental physical processes are emphasized throughout, and basic concepts and methods are derived from first principles. This book is unique in its balanced treatment of space plasma and aeronomical phenomena. Students and researchers with a basic mathematics and physics background will find this book invaluable in the study of phenomena in the space environment.
The Earth's Ionosphere
Author: Michael Kelly
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0323148050
Pages: 500
Year: 2012-12-02
View: 452
Read: 619
The Earth's Ionosphere: Plasma Physics and Electrodynamics emphasizes the study of plasma physics and electrodynamics of the ionosphere, including many aeronomical influences. The ionosphere is somewhat of a battleground between the earth's neutral atmosphere and the sun's fully ionized atmosphere, in which the earth is embedded. One of the challenges of ionosphere research is to know enough about these two vast fields of research to make sense out of ionospheric phenomena. This book provides insights into how these competing sources of mass, momentum, and energy compete for control of the ionosphere. Some of the topics discussed include the fundamentals of ionospheric plasma dynamics; equatorial plasma instabilities; high-latitude electrodynamics; and instabilities and structure in the high-latitude ionosphere. Throughout this text only the region above 90 km are discussed, ignoring the D region entirely. This publication is a good source of information for students and individuals conducting research on earth’s ionosphere.
Atmospheric and Space Sciences: Ionospheres and Plasma Environments
Author: Erdal Yiğit
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319620061
Pages: 143
Year: 2017-07-07
View: 621
Read: 714
The SpringerBriefs on Atmospheric and Space Sciences in two volumes presents a concise and interdisciplinary introduction to the basic theory, observation & modeling of atmospheric and ionospheric coupling processes on Earth. The goal is to contribute toward bridging the gap between meteorology, aeronomy, and planetary science. In addition recent progress in several related research topics, such atmospheric wave coupling and variability, is discussed. Volume 1 will focus on the atmosphere, while Volume 2 will present the ionospheres and the plasma environments. Volume 2 is aimed primarily at (research) students and young researchers that would like to gain quick insight into the basics of space sciences and current research. In combination with the first volume, it also is a useful tool for professors who would like to develop a course in atmospheric and space physics.
Physics of Solar System Plasmas
Author: Thomas E. Cravens
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521611946
Pages: 496
Year: 2004-11-11
View: 164
Read: 266
A comprehensive introduction to the ionised gases of the solar-terrestrial environment.
Solar Astrophysics
Author: Peter V. Foukal
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527618082
Pages: 480
Year: 2008-09-26
View: 1093
Read: 885
This revised edition of Solar Astrophysics describes our current understanding of the sun - from its deepest interior, via the layers of the directly observable atmosphere to the solar wind, right out to its farthest extension into interstellar space. It includes a comprehensive account of the history of solar astrophysics, along with an overview of the key instruments throughout the various periods. In contrast to other books on this topic, the choice of material deals evenhandedly with the entire scope of important topics covered in solar research. The authors make the advances in our understanding of the sun accessible to students and non-specialists by way of careful use of relatively simple physical concepts. The book offers an incisive, reliable, and well-planned look at all that is fascinating and new in studies of the sun.
Waves in Plasmas
Author: Thomas H. Stix
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0883188597
Pages: 566
Year: 1992
View: 1001
Read: 716
"Blurb & Contents" "The reader is treated to constantly refreshing and engaging commentary and opinion that always informs....As she depicts them, the problems of the universe are always fascinating and, most of all, they are alive and compelling." David DeVorkin, Sky & Telescope Virginia Trimble offers readers a fascinating and accessible tour of the stars. An astronomer with shared appointments in California and Maryland, the author ranges over a large portion of the universe as she discusses the search for life on other planets, how galaxies form, why stars explode and die, and the nature of the elusive dark matter in the universe. She also explains the astronomical significance of Cheeps' pyramid and leads the reader through scientific speculation about what and when the Star of Bethlehem might have been. Throughout, Trimble points to the exciting unanswered questions that still perplex the field and considers the formidable tasks to be faced by the next generation of young astronomers.
The Earth's Ionosphere
Author: Michael C. Kelley
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0080916570
Pages: 576
Year: 2009-06-12
View: 456
Read: 1226
Although interesting in its own right, due to the ever-increasing use of satellites for communication and navigation, weather in the ionosphere is of great concern. Every such system uses trans-ionospheric propagation of radio waves, waves which must traverse the commonly turbulent ionosphere. Understanding this turbulence and predicting it are one of the major goals of the National Space Weather program. Acquiring such a prediction capability will rest on understanding the very topics of this book, the plasma physics and electrodynamics of the system. Fully updated to reflect advances in the field in the 20 years since the first edition published Explores the buffeting of the ionosphere from above by the sun and from below by the lower atmosphere Unique text appropriate both as a reference and for coursework
Physics of Partially Ionized Plasmas
Author: Vinod Krishan
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107117399
Pages: 276
Year: 2016-05-09
View: 886
Read: 1243
"Provides comprehensive information on various aspects of partially ionized plasmas"--
Physics and Chemistry of the Upper Atmosphere
Author: M. H. Rees
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521323053
Pages: 289
Year: 1989-08-31
View: 365
Read: 468
A multitude of processes that operate in the upper atmosphere are revealed by detailed physical and mathematical descriptions of the interactions of particles and radiation, temperatures, spectroscopy and dynamics.
"Sprites, Elves and Intense Lightning Discharges"
Author: Martin Füllekrug, Eugene A. Mareev, Michael J Rycroft
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402046294
Pages: 398
Year: 2006-05-27
View: 563
Read: 752
Particularly intense lightning discharges can produce transient luminous events above thunderclouds, termed sprites, elves and jets. These short lived optical emissions in the mesosphere can reach from the tops of thunderclouds up to the ionosphere; they provide direct evidence of coupling from the lower atmosphere to the upper atmosphere. Sprites are arguably the most dramatic recent discovery in solar-terrestrial physics. Shortly after the first ground based video recordings of sprites, observations on board the Space Shuttle detected sprites and elves occurring all around the world. These reports led to detailed sprite observations in North America, South America, Australia, Japan, and Europe. Subsequently, sprites were detected from other space platforms such as the International Space Station and the ROCSAT satellite. During the past 15 years, more than 200 contributions on sprites have been published in the scientific literature to document this rapidly evolving new research area.
Basics of the Solar Wind
Author: Nicole Meyer-Vernet
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139461559
Year: 2007-01-18
View: 445
Read: 1161
The Sun continually ejects matter into space, blowing a huge bubble of supersonic plasma. This solar wind bathes the whole solar system and shapes all planetary environments. The growth of space technology has considerably increased our knowledge of this medium. This 2007 book presents an introduction to the subject, starting with basic principles and including all the latest advances from space exploration and theory. It contains a short introduction to plasma physics and discusses the structure of the solar interior and atmosphere, the production of solar wind and its perturbations. It explains the objects of the Solar System, from dust to comets and planets, and their interaction with the solar wind. The final sections explore the astrophysical point of view. The topics are treated at various levels of difficulty both qualitatively and quantitatively. This book will appeal to graduate students and researchers in earth and atmospheric sciences, and astrophysics.
Introduction to Space Physics
Author: Margaret G. Kivelson, Christopher T. Russell
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521457149
Pages: 568
Year: 1995-04-28
View: 532
Read: 180
All aspects of space plasmas in the Solar System are introduced and explored in this text for senior undergraduate and graduate students. Introduction to Space Physics provides a broad, yet selective, treatment of the complex interactions of the ionized gases of the solar terrestrial environment. The book includes extensive discussion of the Sun and solar wind, the magnetized and unmagnetized planets, and the fundamental processes of space plasmas including shocks, plasma waves, ULF waves, wave particle interactions, and auroral processes. The text devotes particular attention to space plasma observations and integrates these with phenomenological and theoretical interpretations. Highly coordinated chapters, written by experts in their fields, combine to provide a comprehensive introduction to space physics. Based on an advanced undergraduate and graduate course presented in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles, the text will be valuable to both students and professionals in the field.
Space Physics
Author: C. T. Russell, J. G. Luhmann, R. J. Strangeway
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316477827
Year: 2016-07-07
View: 532
Read: 660
This textbook, derived from courses given by three leading researchers, provides advanced undergraduates and graduates with up-to-date coverage of space physics, from the Sun to the interstellar medium. Clear explanations of the underlying physical processes are presented alongside major new discoveries and knowledge gained from space missions, ground-based observations, theory, and modelling to inspire students. Building from the basics to more complex ideas, the book contains enough material for a two-semester course but the authors also provide suggestions for how the material can be tailored to fit a single semester. End-of-chapter problems reinforce concepts and include computer-based exercises specially developed for this textbook package. Free access to the software is available via the book's website and enables students to model the behavior of magnetospheric and solar plasma. An extensive glossary recaps new terms and carefully selected further reading sections encourage students to explore advanced topics of interest.
The Atmosphere and Climate of Mars
Author: Robert M. Haberle, R. Todd Clancy, François Forget, Michael D. Smith, Richard W. Zurek
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 110817938X
Year: 2017-06-29
View: 1097
Read: 1121
Humanity has long been fascinated by the planet Mars. Was its climate ever conducive to life? What is the atmosphere like today and why did it change so dramatically over time? Eleven spacecraft have successfully flown to Mars since the Viking mission of the 1970s and early 1980s. These orbiters, landers and rovers have generated vast amounts of data that now span a Martian decade (roughly eighteen years). This new volume brings together the many new ideas about the atmosphere and climate system that have emerged, including the complex interplay of the volatile and dust cycles, the atmosphere-surface interactions that connect them over time, and the diversity of the planet's environment and its complex history. Including tutorials and explanations of complicated ideas, students, researchers and non-specialists alike are able to use this resource to gain a thorough and up-to-date understanding of this most Earth-like of planetary neighbours.

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