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Internet e comunicazione politica. Strategie, tattiche, esperienze e prospettive
Author: Antonio Palmieri
Publisher: FrancoAngeli
ISBN: 8891746274
Pages: 157
Year: 2016-10-11T00:00:00+02:00
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Fake Revolution
Author: Eros Robba
Publisher: Youcanprint
ISBN: 8827815821
Pages: 102
Year: 2018-05-30
View: 916
Read: 748
Le campagne elettorali degli ultimi anni sono accompagnate da un ampio dibattito sulle fake news e sulle logiche del potere al tempo di Internet e dei social networks: è la rivoluzione del fake, sempre più protagonista nell’arena politica dei nostri giorni. Il marketing elettorale e le manipolazioni dell’informazione non sono fenomeni recenti, ma solo con la Rete si è arrivati ad annullare le distanze sul piano dello spazio e delle gerarchie. Il caso di Alex Anderson, finto candidato alla presidenza degli USA nel 2016, è il simbolo di questa nuova stagione politica: il congressman frutto della fantasia di un autore italiano ottiene seguito e consenso perché costruito in maniera credibile. Non è vero, ma verosimile, e questo basta in una società in cui le notizie si susseguono così velocemente da non poter essere verificate con attenzione. L’analisi della campagna elettorale di Anderson è ripercorsa con continui riferimenti storici e presenta un interrogativo di fondo: non è stata altro che una democratica illusione? La tesi di laurea dell’autore, presentata in veste editoriale e arricchita dalla prefazione di Alessandro Nardone – il “vero” Alex Anderson – prova a dare una risposta.
Young Citizens and New Media
Author: Peter Dahlgren
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134156286
Pages: 272
Year: 2013-10-11
View: 973
Read: 1231
This book integrates four distinct topics: young people, citizenship, new media, and learning processes. When taken together, these four topics merge to define an arena of social and research attention that has become compelling in recent years. The general international concern expressed of declining democratic engagement and the role of citizenship today becomes all the more acute when it turns to younger people. At the same time, there is growing attention being paid to the potential of new media – especially internet and mobile telephony – to play a role in facilitating newer forms of political participation. It is clear that many of the present manifestations of ‘new politics’ in the extra parliamentarian domain, not only make sophisticated use of such media, but are indeed highly dependent on them. With an impressive array of contributors, this book will appeal to those interested in a number of spheres, including media and cultural studies, political science, pedagogy, and sociology.
Twitter and Jihad. The Communication Strategy of ISIS
Author: M. Maggioni, P. Magri
ISBN: 889801466X
Year: 2015
View: 810
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The American Voter
Author: Angus Campbell, University of Michigan. Survey Research Center
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226092542
Pages: 573
Year: 1980-09-15
View: 1083
Read: 1272
Here is the unabridged version of the classic theoretical study of voting behavior, originally published in 1960. It is a standard reference in the field of electoral research, presenting formulations of the theoretical issues that have been the focus of scholarly publication. No single study matches the study of The American Voter.
Guerrilla Marketing
Author: Jay Conrad Levinson, Jeannie Levinson, Amy Levinson
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0618785914
Pages: 368
Year: 2007
View: 1136
Read: 261
Identifies the fastest growing markets; discusses recession strategies, consumers, targeted prospects, and management; and furnishes sections on Internet marketing, the use of new technologies, and cultivating repeat business.
Rethinking Place Branding
Author: Mihalis Kavaratzis, Gary Warnaby, Gregory Ashworth
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319124242
Pages: 248
Year: 2014-11-25
View: 1021
Read: 478
As Place Branding has become a widely established but contested practice, there is a dire need to rethink its theoretical foundations and its contribution to development and to re-assert its future. This important new book advances understanding of place branding through its holistic, critical and evidence-based approach. Contributions by world-leading specialists explore a series of crucially significant issues and demonstrate how place branding will contribute more to cultural, economic and social development in the future. The theoretical analysis and illustrative practical examples in combination with the accessible style make the book an indispensable reading for anyone involved in the field.​
The Cluetrain Manifesto
Author: Rick Levine
Pages: 298
Year: 2011
View: 1071
Read: 511

Author: Charles Leadbeater
Publisher: Profile Books
ISBN: 1847653898
Pages: 423
Year: 2010-12-09
View: 553
Read: 501
Society is no longer based on mass consumption but on mass participation. New forms of collaboration - such as Wikipedia and YouTube - are paving the way for an age in which people want to be players, rather than mere spectators, in the production process. In the 1980s, Charles Leadbeater's prescient book, In Search of Work, anticipated the growth of flexible employment. Now We-think explains how the rise of mass collaboration will affect us and the world in which we live.
Man, Robot and Society
Author: M. Toda
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9401753601
Pages: 235
Year: 2014-04-20
View: 377
Read: 320

Social Media Marketing
Author: Tracy L. Tuten, Michael R. Solomon
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1526424541
Pages: 448
Year: 2017-11-25
View: 411
Read: 999
**Winner of the TAA 2017 Textbook Excellence Award** “Social Media Marketing deserves special kudos for its courage in tackling the new frontier of social media marketing. This textbook challenges its readers to grapple with the daunting task of understanding rapidly evolving social media and its users.” TAA Judges Panel Social Media Marketing was the first textbook to cover this vital subject and has quickly become the market leader. It melds essential theory with practical application and covers core skills such as strategic planning for social media applications, incorporating these platforms into the brand’s marketing communications, and harnessing social media data to yield consumer insights. The authors outline the ‘four zones’ of social media that marketers can use to help achieve their strategic objectives: 1. Community 2. Publishing 3. Entertainment 4. Commerce The new third edition has been extensively updated to include new content on tactical planning and execution and coverage of the latest research within social media marketing. Expanded new case studies and examples including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are discussed in relation to globally recognized brands such as Pokemon Go, Nike, Amazon Kindle and Lady Gaga. The book is complemented by a companion website that offers valuable additional resources for both instructors and students, including author videos discussing key social media marketing ideas and concepts, author-selected YouTube video playlists, additional case studies, further weblinks, PowerPoint slides and Testbank. Suitable for modules and courses on social media marketing.
Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind
Author: Al Ries, Jack Trout
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071705872
Pages: 213
Year: 2001-01-03
View: 1045
Read: 288
The first book to deal with the problems of communicating to a skeptical, media-blitzed public, Positioning describes a revolutionary approach to creating a "position" in a prospective customer's mind-one that reflects a company's own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of its competitors. Writing in their trademark witty, fast-paced style, advertising gurus Ries and Trout explain how to: Make and position an industry leader so that its name and message wheedles its way into the collective subconscious of your market-and stays there Position a follower so that it can occupy a niche not claimed by the leader Avoid letting a second product ride on the coattails of an established one. Positioning also shows you how to: Use leading ad agency techniques to capture the biggest market share and become a household name Build your strategy around your competition's weaknesses Reposition a strong competitor and create a weak spot Use your present position to its best advantage Choose the best name for your product Determine when-and why-less is more Analyze recent trends that affect your positioning. Ries and Trout provide many valuable case histories and penetrating analyses of some of the most phenomenal successes and failures in advertising history. Revised to reflect significant developments in the five years since its original publication, Positioning is required reading for anyone in business today.
Political Communication in Postmodern Democracy
Author: K. Brants, K. Voltmer
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230294782
Pages: 284
Year: 2011-01-05
View: 978
Read: 1055
This edited collection examines the changing faces of political communication in contemporary democracy. Based on comparative investigations of recent trends in the Netherlands and Great Britain, the essays provide fresh insights and new empirical evidence into the public representation of media-centred politics.
Designing Deliberative Democracy
Author: Mark E. Warren, Hilary Pearse
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139470922
Year: 2008-02-07
View: 285
Read: 371
Is it possible to advance democracy by empowering ordinary citizens to make key decisions about the design of political institutions and policies? In 2004, the government of British Columbia embarked on a bold democratic experiment: it created an assembly of 160 near-randomly selected citizens to assess and redesign the province's electoral system. The British Columbia Citizens' Assembly represents the first time a citizen body has had the power to reform fundamental political institutions. It was an innovative gamble that has been replicated elsewhere in Canada and in the Netherlands, and is gaining increasing attention in Europe as a democratic alternative for constitution-making and constitutional reform. In the USA, advocates view citizens' assemblies as a means for reforming referendum processes. This book investigates the citizens' assembly in British Columbia to test and refine key propositions of democratic theory and practice.
Risk Issues and Crisis Management in Public Relations
Author: Michael Regester, Judy Larkin
Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers
ISBN: 0749454431
Pages: 264
Year: 2008-06-03
View: 1067
Read: 480
The reputation of an organisation influences who we buy from, work for, supply to and invest in. Intangible assets, of which reputation forms an important part, account for well over 50 per cent of the value of the Fortune 500 and even more in the case of the FTSE 100. This fourth edition of Risk Issues and Crisis Management in Public Relations has been completely revised and aims to define reputation, explores how to value it and provides practical guidelines for effective reputation management. This latest edition features new sections on the effects of recent world events, Corporate Social Responsibility, climate change and sustainability, legal revisions and the use of the Internet in a crisis. Featuring new case studies on Oxfam V Starbucks, Sony, Dell, Ribena, BP, Bernard Matthews and the bird flu issue, Northern Rock, Walmart, Celebrity Big Brother 07, the Cadbury Salmonella outbreak, the Virgin train crash and the Buncefield Oil Explosion, the book charts how rapidly the reputation management agenda moves and yet how slowly business learns.

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