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Il Mio Sogno Americano
Author: Michele Vena
ISBN: 1983139335
Pages: 127
Year: 2018-06-11
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Nativo di Alassio (SV), «Visiting Professor» a Chicago Booth e NYU con un paio di amici che scelgono di rimanere umilmente anonimi, consegue la laurea in Finanza Aziendale alla Bocconi di Milano, riporta la legalità nella città di La Spezia nell'anno da carabiniere ausiliario, parte negli Stati Uniti a vivere dignitosamente in azienda, per 24 mesi e, tornato in Italia, mette su famiglia appena in tempo per trasferirsi in Francia e restarci 16 anni. Nel frattempo ottiene un Master presso la prestigiosa business school HEC. Profondamente liberal e bianconero, patisce poco quelli che trovano sempre la scusa di un sistema marcio e corrotto a cui dare la colpa dei propri fallimenti: che lo chiamino mercato o Juventus. Il suo cuore è rimasto negli USA dove torna periodicamente a cercarlo: in questo viaggio si è portato moglie, figlie ed una pelliccia.Un road trip alla ricerca della felicità, di 14 giorni, 4500 chilometri, 11 destinazioni e 50 ore di macchina. Un libro su Alassio, l'America, la musica, i sogni, il cinema, la Juve e varie altre passioni dell'autore, che lo mettono a nudo. E non è un bel vedere!
A fortune-teller told me
Author: Tiziano Terzani
Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 375
Year: 1997-08
View: 1210
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The Amateur Emigrant
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Publisher: Robert Louis Stevenson
ISBN: 8893155419
Year: 2015-09-28
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"The amateur emigrant", written by Robert Louis Stevenson between 1879 and 1880, is an account of the trip that the writer do ' from Scotland to California to visit his Californian future wife seriously ill. Stevenson went by ship from Glasgow and decided to travel third class, to see how he lived and moved the working class. The Scottish writer, in this account, he described his weeks in steerage crowded with poor, sick and clandestine and his initial impressions in New York, where he spent two days. This story is full of insightful observations that Stevenson had on migrants, America and Americans of the era. The work also from a detailed account of what life was like in a typical 19th-century immigrant. Shows details such as the type of underwear worn, the daily amount and type of food rations, relationships with the crew and travellers of higher social class, relations with passengers of other nationalities, with kids, etc, etc. The opera has a rich and colorful painting of life aboard the ship.
Carlito's Way
Author: Edwin Torres
Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
ISBN: 1555847501
Pages: 208
Year: 2007-12-01
View: 206
Read: 955
This powerful, gritty, and vivid novel is the unforgettable story of Carlito Brigante, a Harlem drug dealer in the 1960s, and his rise to the top. Drug dealer, thief, and murdered, Carlito Brigante was once just another Spanish Harlem street punk with a poor boy's dream of flash and fast money — but as he gets older he determines that it's either take or be taken, and he knows which role he intends to play. Soon he's a mob-connected professional with an easy charm, joie de vivre, stubborn pride, and hair-trigger temper. But the rules change rapidly in a sudden-death world of scams, sell-outs, and payback, where only the strongest and smartest predator can be king of the barrio. And when there's a major changing of the guard in the top echelons of the mob, Carlito will have some hard choices to make. Taut, thrilling, and a joy to read, Carlito's Way established a voice that has lost none of its vivid color or power to enthrall.
Liars in Love
Author: Richard Yates
Publisher: Picador
ISBN: 1466853697
Pages: 32
Year: 2014-07-29
View: 420
Read: 1086
Now available in eBook for the first time, Richard Yates's groundbreaking collection of short fiction. The stories in Liars in Love are concerned with troubled relations and the elusive nature of truth. Whether it be in the depiction of the complications of divorced families, grown-up daughters, estranged sisters, office friendships or fleeting love affairs, the pieces in this collection showcase Richard Yates's extraordinary gift for observation and his understanding of human frailty. In this collection, you'll discover some of the most influential and sharply observed short fiction of the 20th century, and find out why Richard Yates was a true American master.
Charlie and Me
Author: Mark Lowery
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 149980816X
Pages: 320
Year: 2018-08-28
View: 531
Read: 1082
How far would you go to say goodbye? Martin and Charlie are journeying 421 miles across England to find out, but are they prepared for what they find when they get to their destination? Thirteen-year-old Martin and his younger brother Charlie are on a very special journey. They're traveling 421 miles all the way from Preston in northern England to the very tip of Cornwall in the southwest. By train, bus, and taxi, they are determined to get there to catch a glimpse of the dolphin that regularly visits the harbor and made last year’s family vacation so special. But is that the only reason they are going? Mom stays in bed all day and Dad is always at work. Martin is doing his best to be a good big brother, but Martin must come to terms with why he and Charlie are making the journey to Cornwall in the first place. Charlie and Me is an unforgettable novel that is funny, adventurous, and heartbreaking.
Author: Max Barry
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101153695
Pages: 320
Year: 2000-07-01
View: 617
Read: 739
Now a major motion picture starring Amber Heard, Shiloh Fernandez, Kellan Lutz, and Brittany Snow Scat (formerly known as Michael Holloway) is young, underemployed, and trying to make it in Los Angeles. When he comes up with the idea for the hottest new soda ever, he’s sure he’ll become the next overnight sensation, maybe even retire early. But in the treacherous waters of corporate America there are no sure things and Scat finds that he has to fight to save his idea if his yet-to-be-realized career will ever get off the ground. With the help of a scarily gorgeous and brilliant marketing director named 6, he sets out on a mission to grab hold the fame and fortune that, time and again, elude him. This sharp-witted novel is a scathingly funny satire of celebrity, the pop culture machine, and the length to which a guy will go to get ahead—and get a date while doing it.
Who Put That Hair in My Toothbrush?
Author: Jerry Spinelli
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0316381551
Pages: 225
Year: 2014-07-15
View: 550
Read: 1144
Who Put That Hair in My Toothbrush? Sibling rivalry at its finest! Whether it's on the hockey ice, at school, or at home, Greg and Megin just can't seem to get along. She calls him Grosso, he calls her Megamouth. They battle with donuts, cockroaches, and hair. Will it take a tragedy for them to realize how much they actually care for each other?
Into the Wild
Author: Jon Krakauer
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 0307476863
Pages: 240
Year: 2009-09-22
View: 307
Read: 1160
In April 1992 a young man from a well-to-do family hitchhiked to Alaska and walked alone into the wilderness north of Mt. McKinley. His name was Christopher Johnson McCandless. He had given $25,000 in savings to charity, abandoned his car and most of his possessions, burned all the cash in his wallet, and invented a new life for himself. Four months later, his decomposed body was found by a moose hunter. How McCandless came to die is the unforgettable story of Into the Wild. Immediately after graduating from college in 1991, McCandless had roamed through the West and Southwest on a vision quest like those made by his heroes Jack London and John Muir. In the Mojave Desert he abandoned his car, stripped it of its license plates, and burned all of his cash. He would give himself a new name, Alexander Supertramp, and , unencumbered by money and belongings, he would be free to wallow in the raw, unfiltered experiences that nature presented. Craving a blank spot on the map, McCandless simply threw the maps away. Leaving behind his desperate parents and sister, he vanished into the wild. Jon Krakauer constructs a clarifying prism through which he reassembles the disquieting facts of McCandless's short life. Admitting an interst that borders on obsession, he searches for the clues to the dries and desires that propelled McCandless. Digging deeply, he takes an inherently compelling mystery and unravels the larger riddles it holds: the profound pull of the American wilderness on our imagination; the allure of high-risk activities to young men of a certain cast of mind; the complex, charged bond between fathers and sons. When McCandless's innocent mistakes turn out to be irreversible and fatal, he becomes the stuff of tabloid headlines and is dismissed for his naiveté, pretensions, and hubris. He is said to have had a death wish but wanting to die is a very different thing from being compelled to look over the edge. Krakauer brings McCandless's uncompromising pilgrimage out of the shadows, and the peril, adversity , and renunciation sought by this enigmatic young man are illuminated with a rare understanding--and not an ounce of sentimentality. Mesmerizing, heartbreaking, Into the Wild is a tour de force. The power and luminosity of Jon Krakauer's stoytelling blaze through every page. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Author: Emilio Salgari, Nico Lorenzutti
Publisher: Roh Press
ISBN: 097827072X
Pages: 276
Year: 2007
View: 1113
Read: 518
The Tigers of Mompracem are a band of rebel pirates fighting against the colonial power of the Dutch and British Empires. They are led by Sandokan, the indomitable Tiger of Malaysia, and Yanez de Gomera, a Portuguese wanderer and adventurer. After twelve years of spilling blood and spreading terror throughout Malaysia, Sandokan has reached the height of his power, but when the pirate learns of the existence of the Pearl of Labuan, his fortunes begin to change...
Into the Wild
Author: Sean Penn
Publisher: Paramount Home Video
ISBN: 5557505083
Pages: 144
Year: 2008
View: 787
Read: 318
INTO THE WILD is based on a true story and the bestselling book by Jon Krakauer. After graduating from Emory University in 1992, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless (Hirsch) abandons his possessions, gave his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhiked to Alaska to live in the wilderness. Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of characters that shape his life.
Provocazioni manageriali
Author: Beppe Carrella
Publisher: Beppe Carrella
ISBN: 8850328346
Year: 2008
View: 1058
Read: 280

Manhattan Transfer
Author: John Dos Passos
Publisher: HMH
ISBN: 0547526695
Pages: 352
Year: 2003-09-02
View: 418
Read: 731
This novel by the author of the U.S.A. Trilogy offers an “expressionistic picture of New York” in the 1920s (The New York Times). Much like the vivid experience of riding the city’s mass transit system, Manhattan Transfer introduces us to a large and diverse cast of characters—from wealthy power brokers to struggling immigrants—and paints a portrait of this place and its people in the period between the two world wars. From Fourteenth Street to the Bowery, Delmonico’s to the underbelly of the city waterfront, John Dos Passos chronicles the lives of Americans struggling to become a part of modernity before they are destroyed by it. Called “a novel of the very first importance” by Sinclair Lewis, Manhattan Transfer is a masterpiece of modern fiction written by an icon of the Lost Generation whose books still “read as if they were written yesterday” (Dave Eggers, bestselling author of The Circle).
The Dharma Bums
Author: Jack Kerouac
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0140042520
Pages: 244
Year: 1986
View: 537
Read: 1225
During the 1950s the search for Buddhist truths takes two young Bohemians through a series of bizarre experiences in California
Brokeback Mountain
Author: Annie Proulx
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743275306
Pages: 55
Year: 2005
View: 1007
Read: 265
The friendship between Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist, two cowboys, evolves into an intimate relationship while they are working together as a herder and camp tender, sharing a bond that spans many years and frequent separations.

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