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Him & Her (Bwwm Curvy Romance)
Author: Shelby Mitchell
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 151534147X
Pages: 294
Year: 2015-08-04
View: 1042
Read: 1167
I want to hate her but can't. She left me and nothing is right--until I find a dangerous reason to fight for love. After Nori's abrupt decision to move out in the middle of the night and cut off all communication with him, Micah spirals out of control to the point his company is on the verge of collapse and he's turning into a public drunken spectacle. For Nori, the man-child who looks more like a real-life super hero than a brilliant game programmer is the one person who makes her life crazy. Is her safety worth the magnetic pull to be with him? When events and people threaten real danger, the threat forces them to come together. Undeniable chemistry takes over and they're powerless to deny the force. Join Micah and Nori as they fight ghosts of past hurts and enemies of real flesh and blood to see if theirs is a love worth saving. Note: This is the romantic suspenseful continuation and ending of the steamy romantic story of Micah and Nori, told from his point of view. Book Two takes up where Book One left off and is best enjoyed by reading Book One first. Him & Her Book Two is the continuation of a contemporary love story full of romantic suspense, wit and insane chemistry between a man and woman moving in different directions until fate intervenes to offer them a new one--with each other. This sexy, fun, exciting and witty novel by Shelby Mitchell is a BWWM (Black Woman White Man) interracial contemporary romance full of suspense and steamy passion that contains adult subject matter, descriptive and explicit sex, strong adult language and mature topics including sex between a billionaire and a curvy, voluptuous black woman. For adults only--Not suitable for readers under 18.
Dipping Into Sin
Author: D. J. Parker
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1511824115
Pages: 242
Year: 2015-04-20
View: 840
Read: 722
Andriano was used to getting whatever or whomever he wanted, and she was no exception. Although he was engaged to marry another woman, he couldn't fathom the idea of letting her go. Immediately drawn to her, Andriano's world is turned upside down, and suddenly his obligations become a blurry vision the moment he starts to fall for her. She was only supposed to be a temporary sexual fling, which was guaranteed to end after he grew bored. But he never got bored... Simone worked hard to earn a full scholarship to attend the prestigious university in New York City in order to escape the life she had. Despite the many warnings to stray clear of the sexy Andriano Balducci, Simone took a chance and found love. As things unravel, and pieces of the puzzle come together, Simone realizes that she doesn't know just whom she fell in love with.
Taste of Lacey
Author: Linden Hughes
Publisher: Loose Id Llc
ISBN: 1623008697
Pages: 216
Year: 2015-02-22
View: 784
Read: 672
Lacey never thought she'd be attracted to the blond hair and blue eyed type, but Rye was sexy as hell. And she wanted him. Badly. Scratching a sexual itch for the hell of it was virgin territory to her, but surely she could give in to the pleasure he offered, if only for one night. It didn't matter that he was her brother's best friend. Or that her focus should be on getting her business on solid footing. Lacey Bishop, independent, logical black female, was about to hit the sheets with the white boy next door. She'd question her sanity later. Ryder McKay wasn't suffering from lack of female attention, so he couldn't blame his raging need for Lacey on a dry spell. Beyond her being a gorgeous woman, he didn't know what fueled his urgent hunger. Her father and brother would probably want to kill him, but he'd had a taste of Lacey and one just wouldn't be enough. The hard part? Convincing her.
What Happens In Vegas...
Author: Jodi Lynn Copeland, Lauren Dane, Kit Tunstall, Anya Bast
Publisher: Spice
ISBN: 0373605242
Pages: 432
Year: 2008-05-01
View: 1289
Read: 1109
Behind closed doors, the real games begin… Winning it big. That's the name of the game at Las Vegas's Liege Hotel and Casino, where the hottest fantasies hinge on a roll of the dice…and the tantalizing knowledge that anything could happen before sunrise. Cocktail waitress Carinna wants a man to tie her up, not tie her down. Little does she know that her most willing partner yet has something else planned for this fiery Latina bombshell. Dahlia is a burlesque dancer with a brain for business and a bod for sin. Her latest admirer may be a sweet-talking Casanova, but despite what he thinks she's not giving anything away free. Meanwhile, Amy has the perfect plan to rob the Liege Casino blind…until the intimidating owner catches her red-handed. Now she knows she's going to pay… with both pleasure and pain. Professional shill Cassidy is ready to experience a breathless rendezvous with her "friend with benefits." But when he proposes five delicious nights of sexy blackjack, the stakes have never been so high.
What White Boys Want
Author: Seressia Glass, Bridget Midway, Lena Mathews, Raquel Taylor, Simone Harlow
Publisher: Parker Pub Llc
ISBN: 1600430295
Pages: 258
Year: 2008-02-01
View: 881
Read: 543
This book consists of 5 novellas centering around interracial romances. In Crystal B. Bright's Bitter Ball, best friends discover love is the best part of friendship. In Seressia Glass's Sex on South Beach, a food critic find the food isn't the only thing that satisfies her hunger. Lena Matthew's Heart Wrangler is a story about how childhood friends can grow up and still be playmates. Raquel Taylor's Bayou Temptress is a tale of a woman who goes through hell to find a big piece of heaven. In Simone Harlow's Cowboy Cool and New York, a woman gives a country western star a reason to sing again.
He's So Shy
Author: Lena Matthews
Publisher: Loose Id
ISBN: 1596326972
Year: 2008-05-13
View: 776
Read: 542
Gillian Foxe has set her sights on Lennon Wright, but unfortunately for him, it's not in a hot, sexy way. After overhearing two women gossiping about him, Gillian decides to help him out by turning the cute introvert into a social butterfly, even if it's against his wishes. She’s convinced she knows what's best for the shy man, but of course he doesn't see it that way. Everything isn't always what it seems, and no one knows that better than Lennon. Yes he keeps to himself, but it's not for the reason Gillian thinks. Still, he can't help but be amused Gillian thinks he's shy. He may not be as outgoing as the sexy woman is, but that doesn't mean he's dating deficient. In fact, he's had his eye on a special woman for a while now. Unfortunately Gillian lacks the ability to see beneath his good guy persona. But if a bad boy is what she likes, Lennon has a few naughty skills up his sleeve that might help take the blinders off and prove to Gillian he's not so shy after all.
Take Down
Author: Dez Burke
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 154818313X
Pages: 418
Year: 2017-06-24
View: 1093
Read: 1176
She thinks I'm her Guardian Angel. I know I'm her worst nightmare. I thought I had everything under control. Until the day I saved Maggie's life. Most men would melt if a girl like her looked at them the way she looks at me, as if I was her savior, her protector. She sees the muscles, the tats, the hero the media makes me out to be. I'd give anything to be that man, to hear her screaming my name as I showed her exactly what a Marine can do in bed, but I can't let her in. What I had to do in Afghanistan made me a monster. If I let her in, I might let it out. I belong over there, in hell. I don't know how to live in the heaven that is Maggie. She doesn't realize how hard I'm fighting to keep her away. She doesn't know who I really am. I'm irredeemable. She should run. Before she unleashes a monster that can't be controlled.
Brothers Black Book One
Author: Blue Saffire
Publisher: Perceptive Illusions
ISBN: 1941924816
Pages: 436
Year: 2015-01-08
View: 761
Read: 218
Brothers Black: Wyatt the Heartbreaker Book 1 in Brothers Black Series I don't just love my woman, I protect her, I provide for her, I would die for her. Nellie walked into my life when I needed her most. Now I'm not willing to let her go. I will destroy anyone that even thinks of harming my woman. Nellie is nothing like the women I used to bring pleasure to. Oh Yes, I bring pleasure on levels that will numb your mind for months. When I lay eyes on Nellie, I know I want to bring her and only her that pleasure. I just need her to see past my past. I'm the oldest of seven hardheaded brothers. Some call me the ring leader, some call me the voice of reason, and everyone knows me as the heartbreaker. Only I never wanted her to know that. Now I'll just have to show her that I can heal a heart much better than I can break one because I want hers. I am running from my past. I never thought that I would run right into the arms of freaking Wyatt Black. I watched him break hearts from afar. The last thing I need is to be next. But like I said this is Wyatt freaking Black, the six foot three, golden eyed breathing definition of sexy. Women line up to get their hearts broken by him. So really how am I supposed to resist him? I'll give in and when I do, I'll find that he is more than what I bargained for in so many ways. I mean in every way imaginable. If sex were a weapon Wyatt Black would be lethal. Who I am kidding Wyatt is lethal, especially when it comes to me. When the past comes to haunt us, Wyatt will always protect me, without thought, without question. Wyatt isn't a heartbreaker, he is my heart healer. Find out what happened to lead to the text message Nathan Briggs received at his wedding, in Legally Bound 3. *This is Book 1 in the Brothers Black Series a spin-off from the bestselling Legally Bound Series placed after book 3 in the Legally Bound Series. While you can read this book as a standalone, it will enhance the read to read the Legally Bound Series first. Blue Saffire's books are written to weave, loop and intertwine with one another. You will find that the series build together for a greater experience. **This book has strong language and sexual content. This Book is for Mature Readers 18+ ***To keep up with release dates sign up for the mailing list at www.bluesaffire.com
The Sweetest Taboo
Author: Liz Andrews, Lena Matthews
Publisher: Loose Id
ISBN: 1596324589
Year: 2007-04-24
View: 275
Read: 639
No good deed goes unpunished and no one knows that better than Cory Turner. While minding her own business, her back yard is invaded by a lost child who can’t find his way home. Cory decides to help, but when she returns him to his oh so attractive father, she’s practically accused of kidnapping the child. Elias Kohler couldn’t have found a worst way to handle his first meeting with his attractive new neighbor. She rescues his lost son, but instead of thanking her he insults her. The last thing he wants to do is bother her again, but it doesn’t mean he can stop thinking about her. And if only he could keep his son away from Cory’s yard, everything would be fine, but things don’t always go according to plan. No matter how much they both vow to stay away, fate and circumstance throw them together time and again. But despite both their doubts and misgivings, Elias and Cory are inexplicably drawn to one another, in the bedroom and out. Cory never expected to find her prince charming in a man with so much baggage, but when his ex-wife decides to do battle, Cory steps up to the plate and fights for the man and the family she has fallen in love with. Their relationship might still be considered taboo, but it’s the sweetest kind.
His Hostage
Author: Willow Winters
Publisher: Willow Winters
Pages: 224
Year: 2016-06-23
View: 1258
Read: 840
I was innocent before him, and he wanted nothing more than to ruin me. And if I’m honest, I wanted him too, even knowing I shouldn’t. I knew he was a bad man, it doesn’t take more than a single look to know it. Dark eyes and a charming smile that’s made to fool girls like me. Still, I caved; I gave into temptation. And then I saw something I shouldn’t have. Wrong place, wrong time. The mafia doesn’t let witnesses simply walk away. Regret has a name, and it’s Vincent Valetti. He won’t let them kill me, but he’s not going to let me go either.
The Real Thing
Author: J.J. Murray
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0758285868
Pages: 336
Year: 2013-02-05
View: 394
Read: 575
Former boxing champion Dante "Blood and Guts" Lattanza is being featured in Personality magazine's "Sexiest Men Alive" issue, and reporter Christiana Artis has the scoop. There's just one hitch: she'll have to fly to her elusive subject's home in Canada. But once she lays eyes on Dante's chiseled physique and sultry Italian looks, she decides it was worth every mile. Too bad his icy demeanor doesn't match his hot body. Since he lost his last fight ten years ago, Dante never gives interviews. But now he's ready to prove to the world--and his ex-wife--that he can still win a championship. He gives Christiana an ultimatum: if she can perform five tasks, she can ask him five questions. And then she can be on her way. Yet Dante's always had a weakness for beautiful black women, and seeing Christiana everyday is enough to melt his defenses. Soon she's an intimate part of the very story she came to write. But when the line between personal and professional gets blurred, it can be difficult to see when you've found the real thing. . .. "A sexy story of interracial love that's long on charm, romance and humor." --Booklist
Serving the Billionaire
Author: Rose Francis
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1535195851
Pages: 130
Year: 2016-07-11
View: 1301
Read: 415
Curvy Cherise never expected the hot new guest in her restaurant to request her as his server. He had so many other options-thinner, prettier types more than eager to cater to all of his needs. But the sexy mysterious man insists on having the bodacious beauty-in more ways than one! Suddenly, Cherise finds herself facing all sorts of indecent propositions. What the heck is the handsome stranger really up to? When the wealthy hunk presents her with a tempting offer, she quickly catches on to his plan-so she thinks. She wants to take him up on it, but only if she can convince herself she won't end up wanting more than he's willing to give. But does the mysterious billionaire want even more from her than he's letting on? **A steamy BWWM romance novella!**
Author: Pepper Pace
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1312075805
Pages: 276
Year: 2014-04-06
View: 1148
Read: 586
Pepper Pace's interracial fairytale is the story of Beast; a Marine with a destroyed face and a plus sized beauty who has identity issues. A lesson learned is that beauty is not what is on the outside...In this romance that is taken from the Beauty and the Beasts' fairytale, it will leave you questioning 'who is the beauty and who is the beast?'
An Alpha's Desire
Author: Amarie Avant
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1548070939
Pages: 522
Year: 2017-06-08
View: 690
Read: 1025
Daniel As heir to Titan Aerospace, the world believed my every wish was at my disposal. Yet, for my family's many accolades, we've endured just as much tragedy. In reality, I fight for my legacy, and I fought for her. At first sight, I was hypnotized by the curvy beauty, Desire Taylor. Then she opened her plush lips, cursing me with the words, "You're not worthy." Yet, I won't stop until I'll she's mine. Desire I was too career-driven for love. In return, it took me hostage. Love was wrapped in the wrong package. I mean, the damn package was gorgeous, with blond hair and alluring gray eyes, but we clashed. Yet, Wentworth Daniel Rutledge III, billionaire and controller, was relentless in claiming my heart. As I submitted to his relentlessness, I learned that submitting to Daniel meant he'd serve me too... Somewhere along the lines, I've become The Alpha's Desire.
Where the Pieces Fall
Author: Blue Saffire
Publisher: Perceptive Illusions
ISBN: 1941924786
Pages: 436
Year: 2017-04-04
View: 440
Read: 295
Best-Selling, Award-winning Author Blue Saffire Where the Piece Fall: Book 1 in the Lost Hearts Series Where the Pieces Fall Lost Hearts Book 1 My world is falling apart. I don't know how to stop my breath from leaving me. She's my everything, my woman, my life, my love, my glue. She saw me, even as I tried to hide, but I wanted her to, because I wanted her. Now, I have to find my way back, my way back to my Nicole. At six foot seven, there was no way for me to miss him. I love him with everything I am. That will never be the problem. I need Caleb to remember we are a team and then I need him to fight for that team, because this time, my love alone is not enough. **This book has strong language and sexual content. This Book is for Mature Readers 18] ***To keep up with release dates sign up to the mailing list at www.bluesaffire.com

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