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Heilende Kräuter für Tiere
Author: Cäcilia Brendieck-Worm, Franziska Klarer, Elisabeth Stöger
ISBN: 3258079366
Pages: 240
Year: 2015-10
View: 825
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How to Speak Chicken
Author: Melissa Caughey
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 1612129110
Pages: 144
Year: 2017-11-28
View: 1246
Read: 600
Best-selling author Melissa Caughey knows that backyard chickens are like any favorite pet — fun to spend time with and fascinating to observe. Her hours among the flock have resulted in this quirky, irresistible guide packed with firsthand insights into how chickens communicate and interact, use their senses to understand the world around them, and establish pecking order and roles within the flock. Combining her up-close observations with scientific findings and interviews with other chicken enthusiasts, Caughey answers unexpected questions such as Do chickens have names for each other? How do their eyes work? and How do chickens learn? Foreword INDIES Silver Award Winner
Haunted Liverpool 29
Author: Tom Slemen
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1718881452
Pages: 406
Year: 2018-05-08
View: 544
Read: 509
Welcome to Haunted Liverpool 29, another spinechilling collection of stories by Tom Slemen, a writer who has gained a cult following across the world. In this collection of over forty sinister yet fascinating tales, Tom Slemen will tell you about the strange Vampire Cult which promised Eternal Life - in exchange for your blood - and soul, and of the two mysterious self-styled vampire hunters that took on the cult, and you will also be chilled by the accounts of a creepy parasite known as the Grave Worm, which has left cemeteries to seek living flesh because of the rise in cremation. In this incredible book you will also read about the pregnant New Age traveller who turned into a werewolf before the eyes of the shocked and terrified midwives and nurses of a maternity ward. You will be fascinated by the case of two lovers who had known each other over many lifetimes stretching back to the Dark Ages, and you will also be intrigued by the witch who was hounded by doctors because she kept on curing their patients with her white magic. You will also be enthralled and baffled by the weird case of the warning emojis which foretold death and tragedy on a woman's telephone, and you will be enchanted by the vengeful tale of the League of Blondes. You will be captivated by the account of a weird creature that lives in a well under a Liverpool theatre, and you will be shocked by the woman who gave a psychopathic lady a lift home, unaware of the terrifying unimaginable ride of her life she was soon to endure... In Haunted Liverpool 29 there are stories about timeslips, bizarre bogeymen, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, witches, doppelgangers, occultists, time travellers, shapeshifters, weird killers, creepy dolls, parallel worlds, and there is even an appearance by Jack the Ripper!
Author: David P. Clark, Nanette J. Pazdernik
Publisher: Newnes
ISBN: 0123850169
Pages: 850
Year: 2015-05-16
View: 961
Read: 298
Biotechnology, Second Edition approaches modern biotechnology from a molecular basis, which has grown out of increasing biochemical understanding of genetics and physiology. Using straightforward, less-technical jargon, Clark and Pazdernik introduce each chapter with basic concepts that develop into more specific and detailed applications. This up-to-date text covers a wide realm of topics including forensics, bioethics, and nanobiotechnology using colorful illustrations and concise applications. In addition, the book integrates recent, relevant primary research articles for each chapter, which are presented on an accompanying website. The articles demonstrate key concepts or applications of the concepts presented in the chapter, which allows the reader to see how the foundational knowledge in this textbook bridges into primary research. This book helps readers understand what molecular biotechnology actually is as a scientific discipline, how research in this area is conducted, and how this technology may impact the future. Up-to-date text focuses on modern biotechnology with a molecular foundation Includes clear, color illustrations of key topics and concept Features clearly written without overly technical jargon or complicated examples Provides a comprehensive supplements package with an easy-to-use study guide, full primary research articles that demonstrate how research is conducted, and instructor-only resources
The Andes
Author: Axel Borsdorf, Christoph Stadel
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319035304
Pages: 368
Year: 2015-03-12
View: 878
Read: 789
The Andes are attracting global interest again: they hold valuable mineral resources, tourists appreciate their great natural beauty and the diversity of indigenous cultures, climbers scale rock and ice faces, while many others are intrigued by regional political developments, such as the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela or the almost unfettered hegemony of the neoliberal economic model in Chile. This volume is the first attempt for decades to present a complete overview of the longest mountain chain on the planet – a region of remarkable climatic, floristic and geologic diversity, where advanced civilization developed well before the arrival of the Spanish. Today the Andes continue to be characterized by their ethnic, demographic, cultural and economic diversity, as well as by the disparity of local socioeconomic groups. The Andean countries pursue a wide range of approaches to tackle the challenges of making the best use of their natural and cultural potential without damaging their ecological basis, as well as to overcome economic disparity and foster social cohesion. This book provides insights into this unique region and its most pressing issues, complemented by a wealth of pictures and comprehensive diagrams, which, in sum, help to better understand these fascinating mountains.
Essentials of Tortoise Medicine and Surgery
Author: John Chitty, Aidan Raftery
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118583981
Pages: 344
Year: 2013-07-11
View: 735
Read: 648
Reach for this book whenever a sick or injured tortoise comes into the surgery. Essentials of Tortoise Medicine and Surgery is designed as a concise and practical quick reference for the busy practitioner seeing chelonians as part of their caseload. Covering everything from species identification to common basic surgery for tortoises and freshwater turtles, the emphasis is on the more common and likely diagnoses. The first section of the book gives an overview of the basics of tortoise and semi-aquatic/ aquatic freshwater turtle husbandry and keeping, as well as a guide to general investigation and diagnostic techniques open to clinicians. The second section provides a clinical guide based on clinical signs and differential diagnoses. Based upon the experience of authors who have been practicing with these species for several decades, this book is a useful guide to veterinarians, students, veterinary nurses and technicians new to working with these fascinating creatures. It will also serve as a useful aide memoire to more experienced clinicians.
Pharmacology & Toxicology
Author: Mrs. S. R. Kale
Publisher: Pragati Books Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 8185790248
Pages: 228
Year: 2008-08-07
View: 1164
Read: 820

Psychoactive Herbs in Veterinary Behavior Medicine
Author: Stefanie Schwartz
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470344342
Pages: 400
Year: 2008-01-09
View: 986
Read: 563
The phenomenal growth of public interest in alternatives to Western treatments for human disease has spilled over into veterinary medicine. Many holistic veterinarians and pet owners are now interested in using alternative remedies to solve health problems with their pets. Psychoactive Herbs in Veterinary Behavior Medicine is the first text on psychoactive herbal remedies for the treatment of behavior problems in small animals. Psychoactive Herbs in Veterinary Behavior Medicine is an important guide for board-certified veterinary behaviorists, as well as veterinarians and veterinary students with a particular interest in behavior medicine. In addition, pet owners interested in alternative medicine for their misbehaving pets can use this well-rounded work to make informed decisions on the use of over-the-counter remedies.
Celtic Myths
Author: Miranda Jane Green
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 0292727542
Pages: 80
Year: 1993
View: 1096
Read: 418
As non-literates, the Celts left no written record of their lives, their beliefs, and the stories which were such an important part of their culture. Here Dr. Green uses the works of contemporary commentators from the Classical world, later Christian scribes recording oral traditions, and archaeological evidence to discuss Celtic myths and their religious beliefs and rituals. Photos.
Farming for Health
Author: Jan Hassink, Majken van Dijk
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402045417
Pages: 357
Year: 2006-03-01
View: 682
Read: 1286
The utilization of agricultural farms as a base for promoting human health and social well-being is a promising development. Social farming appears as a dynamic scenario. This book contains scientific papers dealing with different aspects of Farming for Health. It also describes the situation in different countries.
A History of Philosophy
Author: Wilhelm Windelband
Pages: 726
Year: 1914
View: 1148
Read: 1246

Astrology for Cats
Author: Rick Reiner, Traudl Reiner, Walter Reiner, Simone Stein
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
ISBN: 0425138631
Pages: 79
Year: 1993
View: 786
Read: 988
More than 50 million Americans own cats--and Berkley has a special treat for them this holiday season: Astrology for Cats, the first feline astrological guide. Provides detailed profiles for each sign, accompanied by charming line drawings, plus sections on cat character, compatibility, and more.
The Orphans of Race Point
Author: Patry Francis
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062281321
Pages: 544
Year: 2014-05-06
View: 1120
Read: 427
Set on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a suspenseful page-turning saga of love, murder, and the true meaning of faith from the author of the acclaimed The Liar’s Diary. Set in the close-knit Portuguese community of Provincetown, Massachusetts, The Orphans of Race Point traces the relationship between Hallie Costa and Gus Silva, who meet as children in the wake of a terrible crime that leaves Gus parentless. Their friendship evolves into an enduring and passionate love that will ask more of them than they ever imagined. On the night of their high school prom, a terrible tragedy devastates their relationship and profoundly alters the course of their lives. And when, a decade later, Gus—now a priest—becomes entangled with a distraught woman named Ava and her daughter Mila, troubled souls who bring back vivid memories of his own damaged past, the unthinkable happens: he is charged with murder. Can Hallie save the man she’s never stopped loving, by not only freeing him from prison but also—finally—the curse of his past? Told in alternating voices, The Orphans of Race Point illuminates the transformative power of love and the myriad ways we find meaning in our lives.
Psychic Healing with Spirit Guides and Angels
Author: Diane Stein
Publisher: Springer Science & Business
ISBN: 0895948079
Pages: 298
Year: 1996
View: 1151
Read: 269
A step-by-step guide to hands-on and psychic healing, this comprehensive book presents a complete program of soul development for self-healing, healing with others, and Earth healing. Advanced skills include healing karma and past lives, soul retrieval, releasing entities and spirit attachments, and understanding and aiding the death process.

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