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Author: Manfred Kühn
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 3406509185
Pages: 639
Year: 2003
View: 470
Read: 814

The Transparency Society
Author: Byung-Chul Han
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 080479751X
Pages: 72
Year: 2015-08-19
View: 775
Read: 541
Transparency is the order of the day. It is a term, a slogan, that dominates public discourse about corruption and freedom of information. Considered crucial to democracy, it touches our political and economic lives as well as our private lives. Anyone can obtain information about anything. Everything—and everyone—has become transparent: unveiled or exposed by the apparatuses that exert a kind of collective control over the post-capitalist world. Yet, transparency has a dark side that, ironically, has everything to do with a lack of mystery, shadow, and nuance. Behind the apparent accessibility of knowledge lies the disappearance of privacy, homogenization, and the collapse of trust. The anxiety to accumulate ever more information does not necessarily produce more knowledge or faith. Technology creates the illusion of total containment and the constant monitoring of information, but what we lack is adequate interpretation of the information. In this manifesto, Byung-Chul Han denounces transparency as a false ideal, the strongest and most pernicious of our contemporary mythologies.
Experiments in Ethics
Author: Anthony Appiah
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674026098
Pages: 274
Year: 2008-01
View: 1172
Read: 876
Introduction: The waterless moat -- The case against character -- The case against intuition -- The varieties of moral experience -- The ends of ethics.
Evolutionary Algorithms, Swarm Dynamics and Complex Networks
Author: Ivan Zelinka, Guanrong Chen
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3662556634
Pages: 312
Year: 2017-11-25
View: 1152
Read: 548
Evolutionary algorithms constitute a class of well-known algorithms, which are designed based on the Darwinian theory of evolution and Mendelian theory of heritage. They are partly based on random and partly based on deterministic principles. Due to this nature, it is challenging to predict and control its performance in solving complex nonlinear problems. Recently, the study of evolutionary dynamics is focused not only on the traditional investigations but also on the understanding and analyzing new principles, with the intention of controlling and utilizing their properties and performances toward more effective real-world applications. In this book, based on many years of intensive research of the authors, is proposing novel ideas about advancing evolutionary dynamics towards new phenomena including many new topics, even the dynamics of equivalent social networks. In fact, it includes more advanced complex networks and incorporates them with the CMLs (coupled map lattices), which are usually used for spatiotemporal complex systems simulation and analysis, based on the observation that chaos in CML can be controlled, so does evolution dynamics. All the chapter authors are, to the best of our knowledge, originators of the ideas mentioned above and researchers on evolutionary algorithms and chaotic dynamics as well as complex networks, who will provide benefits to the readers regarding modern scientific research on related subjects.
The Minimal Self
Author: Rupert Glasgow
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3958260527
Pages: 392
Year: 2017-06-13
View: 905
Read: 195
'Self' is a term that is much used but often poorly understood or over-hastily dismissed. In The Minimal Self R.D.V. Glasgow seeks to unearth the underlying nature of selfhood. Glasgow's approach is based upon the notion of 'intrinsic reflexivity', which manifests itself in three fundamental forms: self-maintenance, self-reproduction and self-containment. Through a conceptual analysis of selfhood, Glasgow aims to ascertain what distinguishes full forms of minimal selfhood from entities such as genes and viruses that are merely selfish or self-like. The idea is to establish the logical prerequisites for the transition from a world bereft of selfhood to one populated by selves like us. Minimal selfhood thus provides a bridge linking philosophy, biology and other disciplines that have previously failed to coincide in their understanding of what a self is.
Software Clones - Guilty Until Proven Innocent?
Author: Jan Harder
Publisher: Logos Verlag Berlin GmbH
ISBN: 3832545883
Year: 2017
View: 803
Read: 639
Software systems contain redundant code that originated from the use of copy and paste. While such cloning may be beneficial in the short term as it accelerates development, it is frequently despised as a risk to maintainability and quality in the long term. Code clones are said to cause extra change effort, because changes have to be propagated to all copies. They are also suspected to cause bugs when the copied code fragments are changed inconsistently. These accusations may be plausible but are not based on empirical facts. Indeed, they are prejudice. In the recent past, science has started the endeavor to find empirical evidence to support the alleged effects of clones. In this thesis, we analyze the effects of clones from three different perspectives. First, we investigate whether clones do indeed increase the maintenance effort in real and long lived software systems. Second, we analyze potential reasons for the cases where clones do cause bugs. Third, we take a new perspective to the problem by measuring the effects of clones in a controlled experiment. This allows us to gather new insights by observing software developers during their work, whereas previous studies were based on historical data. With our work we aim to empirically find advice for practitioners how to deal with clones and, if necessary, to provide an empirical basis for tools that help developers to manage clones.
Cognitive Aspects of Aesthetic Experience - Introduction
Author: Andrej Démuth
Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften
ISBN: 3631718330
Pages: 171
Year: 2017-11
View: 1032
Read: 513
The book shows the various aspects of understanding cognitive characteristics of aesthetic experience. The authors examine the distinction between ordinary and aesthetic experience and propose with their analysis an introduction to the current cognitive research of aesthetic experience.
Author: Ben Ambridge
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0143126202
Pages: 344
Year: 2014
View: 460
Read: 165
A creative and fun introduction to psychology, perfect for readers of all ages, is filled with a vast array of quizzes, jokes and games that measure personality, intelligence, moral values, artistic skill, capacity of logical reasoning and more. Original. 50,000 first printing.
The Mystical I
Author: Joel S. Goldsmith
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1939542464
Pages: 227
Year: 2013-04-02
View: 811
Read: 1183
In The Mystical I, Joel Goldsmith reveals in contemporary language that which Jesus showed to the world – that there is a human “I” and an “I” that is the Son of God. Jesus said “I can of myself do nothing,” and that is the truth about our human I. But as the “I” that is the Son of God, the Master announced, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” The Mystical I gives readers the fullness of this relevant and timely Christ message. Goldsmith shows us that this “Son of God I” is the I that “stands at the door and knocks” within each and every one of us awaiting recognition and acknowledgment. For ages this profound truth has been veiled, says Goldsmith, by worshiping the one who reveals the Word of God, instead of the I abiding within each of us. As a result, we have lost touch with this true I, and that is the reason for all of our problems. The Mystical I answers the age-old question of how to attain oneness with the I that we truly are, that which fulfills us. Goldsmith writes, “When you open the door of your consciousness and admit I, you will find the Presence – at first slowly and gradually, because none of us could take it all in one leap – but you will find that the Presence flows out from you in the forms necessary to your daily experience.” Goldsmith gives encouragement to the reader to be receptive and listen for the “still, small voice” of God and to cherish it secretly in consciousness until it flows freely and fully. Then, he says, you will be able to hear, “I in the midst of you am God.” The Mystical I is a wonderful gift that will be cherished by all who want to plumb the depths of spiritual consciousness.
Virtual Reality - Real Visuality
Author: András Benedek, Ágnes Veszelszki
Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften
ISBN: 3631731043
Pages: 197
Year: 2017
View: 623
Read: 174
This book raises the question of what visuality really is and how it is possible to explain it. The authors outline the topic of visuality and virtual reality in an interdisciplinary theoretical frame from philosophy through communication theory, rhetoric and linguistics to pedagogy.
Ziele erreichen mit GMV - Workbook
Author: Jürgen Zirbik
ISBN: 3944240138
Pages: 122
Year: 2014-07-12
View: 1056
Read: 1106
Eigene Ziele finden und erreichen geht elegant, wenn Sie es methodisch und mit bewahrten und neuen Werkzeugen angehen. Nutzen Sie das Workbook in der angegebenen Reihenfolge. Der Aufbau hat sich in Ziele-Workshops X-fach bewahrt. Sie konnen das Buch mit seinen Selbst-Coaching-Blattern in dem Tempo bearbeiten, das fur Sie passt. Lassen Sie sich ruhig Zeit, denn Ziele-Arbeit ist nachhaltiger, wenn Sie manche Themen setzen lassen. Autor Jurgen Zirbik ist Unternehmer, Trainer, Coach und Dozent sowie Inhaber der Ziele Akademie. Seine Ziele-Methodik basiert auf bewahrten Vorgehensweisen und den neuen Erkenntnissen der Ziel-Psychologie.."
What Does It Look Like?
Author: Sebastiaan A. Verschuren
ISBN: 3631669410
Pages: 344
Year: 2017-10-15
View: 422
Read: 1184
This book is the first part of a comprehensive study of Wittgenstein's conception of language description. Describing language was no pastime occupation for the philosopher. It was hard work and it meant struggle. It made for a philosophy that required Wittgenstein's full attention and half his life. His approach had always been working on himself, on how he saw things. The central claim of this book is that nothing will come of our exegetical efforts to see what Wittgenstein's later philosophy amounts to if his work on describing language is not given the place and concern it deserves. The book shows what his philosophy might begin to look like in the light of critical questions around his interest to see the end of the day with descriptions, and these things only.
Danny Lyon, Photo, Film
Author: Terence Pitts
Pages: 188
Year: 1991
View: 537
Read: 1316

"Honey Is Flowing in All Directions"
Author: Joseph Beuys, Gerhard Steidl, Klaus Staeck
Publisher: Steidl / Edition7L
Pages: 160
Year: 1997-11
View: 197
Read: 761
On January 9th, 1974, Joseph Beuys travelled to America for the very first time in his life. His trip was meticulously planned, with an art/performance scheduled in between each airplane, taxi and hotel, at prominent universities and galleries. Each venture in the New World was documented in these photographs. Single shots, sequences and photo-novels were produced, in addition to film stills and the movies Dillingerand The Dead Eyes of London. Beuys himself put together the layout for this book just before he died in October 1985. This unique travel report, which lay unpublished for over 20 years, is now presented in the exact format intended by Beuys.
Sieben amerikanische Maler
Author: Gerhard Graulich, Cathrin Klingsöhr-Leroy, Staatsgalerie Moderner Kunst
Publisher: Staatsgalerie
Pages: 131
Year: 1991
View: 1289
Read: 1247

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