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Geschichte der Islamischen Welt
Author: Reinhard Schulze
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 340668856X
Pages: 767
Year: 2016-03-15
View: 154
Read: 324
Der Islam hält die Welt in Atem – die zerfallenden Staaten im Nahen und Mittleren Osten, die Flüchtlingsströme aus den Kriegsgebieten und der blutige Vormarsch des IS sorgen täglich für neue Schlagzeilen. Doch die Verkürzung des Islam auf Religion plus Terrorismus gehört zu den grundlegenden Irrtümern des Westens. Sie durch ein differenzierteres Bild der islamischen Welt und ihrer unterschiedlichen Gesellschaften zu überwinden, das ist die große Leistung dieses Buches. Reinhard Schulze schildert und erklärt die islamische Geschichte vom Beginn der Entkolonialisierung am Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts bis zur dramatischen Situation in unseren Tagen. Er erörtert alle wichtigen politischen, sozialen und kulturellen Entwicklungen und beschränkt sich dabei nicht nur auf den Nahen Osten, sondern geht auch auf die Regionen der islamischen Peripherie ein, wo Millionen von Muslimen leben. Seine glänzende Analyse der Geschehnisse seit dem 11. September 2001 macht vor allem eines deutlich – wir können die Ursachen der heutigen islamischen Mobilisierung nicht verstehen, wenn wir uns nicht mit den historischen Bedingungen vertraut machen, aus denen sie entstanden ist.
amodern history of the islamic world
Author: reinbard scbulze
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 1860648223
Pages: 384
Year: 2002
View: 641
Read: 648
The Islamic world - those countries where Islam is the dominant or most important religion - encompasses territories as far apart as Morocco, Indonesia, Somalia and Bosnia, and includes an extraordinarily diverse range of societies and cultures. Charting the 20th-century history of these societies, this book examines both what they have in common and their equally profound differences.
The Mosaic of Islam
Author: Suleiman Mourad
Publisher: Verso Books
ISBN: 1786632136
Pages: 176
Year: 2016-11-01
View: 973
Read: 208
A comprehensive introduction to the faith and politics of Islam Today, 23 percent of the global population is Muslim, but ignorance and misinformation about Islam persist. In this fascinating and useful book, Perry Anderson interviews the noted scholar of Islam Suleiman Mourad about the Qurʾan and the history of the faith. Mourad elucidates the different stages in Islam’s development: the Qurʾan as scripture and the history of its codification; Muhammad and the significance of his Sunna and Hadith; the Sunni–Shiʿi split and the formation of various sects; the development of jihad; the transition to modernity and the challenges of reform; and the complexities of Islam in the modern world. He also looks at Wahhabism from its inception in the eighteenth century to its present-day position as the movement that galvanized modern Salafism and gave rise to militant Islam or jihadism. The Mosaic of Islam reveals both the richness and the fissures of the faith. It speaks of the different voices claiming to represent the religion and spans peaceful groups and manifestations as well as the bloody confrontations that disfigure the Middle East, such as the Saudi intervention in the Yemen and the collapse of Syria and Iraq. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Islamic Law in Past and Present
Author: Mathias Rohe
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004281800
Pages: 676
Year: 2014-12-23
View: 291
Read: 265
In Islamic Law in Past and Present, the lawyer and Islamicist Mathias Rohe offers a comprehensive study of Islamic law, law reforms and law in action with a particular focus on modern developments in the Islamic world, India, Canada and Germany.
Aristotle and the Arabic Tradition
Author: Ahmed Alwishah, Josh Hayes
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107101735
Pages: 266
Year: 2015-09-17
View: 819
Read: 557
This volume of essays by scholars in ancient Greek, medieval, and Arabic philosophy examines the full range of Aristotle's influence upon the Arabic tradition. It explores central themes from Aristotle's corpus, including logic, rhetoric and poetics, physics and meteorology, psychology, metaphysics, ethics and politics, and examines how these themes are investigated and developed by Arabic philosophers including al-Kind, al-Frb, Avicenna, al-Ghazl, Ibn Bjja and Averroes. The volume also includes essays which explicitly focus upon the historical reception of Aristotle, from the time of the Greek and Syriac transmission of his texts into the Islamic world to the period of their integration and assimilation into Arabic philosophy. This rich and wide-ranging collection will appeal to all those who are interested in the themes, development and context of Aristotle's enduring legacy within the Arabic tradition.
Mafia Life
Author: Federico Varese
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190868937
Pages: 288
Year: 2018-03-16
View: 509
Read: 984
The Japanese Yakuza. The Chinese Triads. The Sicilian Cosa Nostra. The Calabrian N'Drangheta. The New York Mafia. The Russian Vory -v -Vakone.Today, mafias operate across the globe, with hundreds of thousands of members and billions of dollars in revenue. From Hong Kong to New York, these vast organizations spread their tentacles into politics, finance and everyday life. But what is it like to belong to the Mafia? How do you join? Whatdoes it do to your loved ones? How do you make it to the top? And what happens if you break the rules?Criminologist Federico Varese draws on a lifetime's research to give us access to some of the world's most secretive societies. Mixing reportage with case studies and historical insights, this is the story of mafia as it really is: filled with boredom and drama, death and disaster, ambition andbetrayal.Infiltrating initiation ceremonies from Russia to England, visiting exclusive gambling clubs in Macau and Mafia summits in Dubai luxury hotels, Varese builds up a unique picture of life in the mafia from the inside.
Author: Saleem Haddad
Publisher: Other Press, LLC
ISBN: 1590517709
Pages: 368
Year: 2016-03-08
View: 698
Read: 256
A debut novel that tells the story of Rasa, a young gay man coming of age in the Middle East Set over the course of twenty-four hours, Guapa follows Rasa, a gay man living in an unnamed Arab country, as he tries to carve out a life for himself in the midst of political and social upheaval. Rasa spends his days translating for Western journalists and pining for the nights when he can sneak his lover, Taymour, into his room. One night Rasa's grandmother — the woman who raised him — catches them in bed together. The following day Rasa is consumed by the search for his best friend Maj, a fiery activist and drag queen star of the underground bar, Guapa, who has been arrested by the police. Ashamed to go home and face his grandmother, and reeling from the potential loss of the three most important people in his life, Rasa roams the city’s slums and prisons, the lavish weddings of the country’s elite, and the bars where outcasts and intellectuals drink to a long-lost revolution. Each new encounter leads him closer to confronting his own identity, as he revisits his childhood and probes the secrets that haunt his family. As Rasa confronts the simultaneous collapse of political hope and his closest personal relationships, he is forced to discover the roots of his alienation and try to re-emerge into a society that may never accept him.
Voices from the Gulag
Author: Ulrich Merten
ISBN: 0692603379
Pages: 344
Year: 2016-02-01
View: 775
Read: 1212
"Voices from the Gulag" draws on a wealth of available sources to tell the story of the German settlements in Russia, from their beginning during the reign of Empress Catherine the Great, to their accomplishments and, finally, their destruction under Stalin. It relates the harsh living conditions of the survivors in Siberia and Central Asia under subsequent communist governments and, finally, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, their return to their ancient homeland. Their personal stories tell of their suffering, as well as their ability to overcome the hardships of the Soviet Union. Author Ulrich Merten was born in Berlin, Germany, and came to the United States as a small child before the Second World War. His family were political refugees because his father was a lawyer in the Prussian Ministry of the Interior, active in prosecuting the Nazi Party. He was fired immediately when Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, and sent to Oranienburg Concentration Camp, charged with high treason. Mr. Merten grew up in New York City and after the war, returned to Europe, studying at the University of ZUrich, Switzerland and the University of Zaragoza in Spain. He subsequently earned his BA degree at Columbia College, Columbia University and M.A. at the Graduate Faculties, Columbia University. In his professional life he was an international banker, a senior executive of the Bank of America, working almost exclusively in Latin America and the Caribbean, over a period of 38 years. His book, "Forgotten Voices; The Expulsion of the Germans from Eastern Europe after World War II " was published in 2012. There have been eight editions of the book, including soft cover and e-book editions. The author lives in Miami with his wife.
Abdel-Hakim Ourghi. Reform des Islam. 40 Thesen
Author: Ottilie Kumpitsch
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3668822492
Pages: 27
Year: 2018-10-24
View: 1024
Read: 1319
Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2018 im Fachbereich Theologie - Vergleichende Religionswissenschaft, Note: 1, Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz (Religionswissenschaft), Veranstaltung: Seminar, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Wenn vom Islam hier in Europa die Rede ist, dann wird meist nur in journalistischen Schlagzeilen gedacht und somit nur in Verbindung mit Terrorismus, Gewalt, Rückständigkeit, Scharia und Unterdrückung der Frau. Alles Themenkomplexe die mit der westlichen Demokratie nicht vereinbar scheinen. So heißt es auch immer, die (muslimischen) Flüchtlinge müssen sich an „unsere“ Werte anpassen, wenn sie hier leben wollen. Der Islam, näherhin der Koran und die Scharia, seien mit der westlichen Denkweise nicht kompatibel und sohin müsste der Islam verändert, reformiert werden, ja damit er zum Europa des 21. Jahrhunderts passt. Dies wird mittlerweile nicht nur von Europäern gefordert, sondern ist auch zum Thema hier lebender Muslime geworden. Und nicht von ungefähr sind 2017 mehrere Bücher im deutschen Raum erschienen, die anknüpfend an den Reformator Martin Luther, der mit den legendären Thesenanschlag 1517 die evangelische Kirche, eine neue Lesart der christlichen Religion, begründet hat, eine Reform des Islam fordern, offenbar in der Hoffnung ähnliches für den Islam zu bewirken und Ourghi bzw. Abdel-Samad und Khorchide legen sogar ebenso Thesen vor, letztere sogar 95 an der Zahl. In Zentrum dieser Arbeit soll nun das Buch von Ourghi, Reform des Islam. 40 Thesen, stehen. Da Ourhgi in Algerien geboren, und aufgewachsen ist und auch dort studiert hat, wird zunächst einmal ein Blick auf den Islam in Algerien geworfen werden. Natürlich wird auch die islamische Landschaft in Deutschland skizziert, bevor das Buch schwerpunktmäßig inhaltlich vorgestellt wird und abschließend einige Überlegungen zu seinen Thesen dargelegt werden.
The Automobile Club of Egypt
Author: Alaa Al Aswany
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 1101875798
Pages: 496
Year: 2015-08-18
View: 1180
Read: 1285
In British-occupied Egypt, on the eve of the 1952 revolution, respected landowner Abd el-Aziz Gaafar has fallen on hard times. Bankrupt, he moves his family to Cairo and takes a menial job at the Automobile Club, a luxurious lodge for its European members, where Egyptians appear only as fearful servants. When Abd el-Aziz’s pride gets the better of him and he stands up for himself, he is subjected to a corporal punishment that ultimately kills him—leaving two of his sons obliged to work in the Club. As the nation teeters on the brink of change, both servants and masters are subsumed by social upheaval, and the Egyptians of the Automobile Club face a choice: to live safely but without dignity as servants, or to risk everything and fight for their rights. Exuberant and powerfully moving, The Automobile Club of Egypt is an essential work of social criticism from one of the Arab world’s greatest literary voices.
Der andere Iran
Author: Peyman Jafari
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 340660644X
Pages: 223
Year: 2010
View: 655
Read: 161

Visual Culture in the Modern Middle East
Author: Christiane Gruber, Sune Haugbolle
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253008948
Pages: 376
Year: 2013-07-17
View: 695
Read: 1226
This timely book examines the power and role of the image in modern Middle Eastern societies. The essays explore the role and function of image making to highlight the ways in which the images "speak" and what visual languages mean for the construction of Islamic subjectivities, the distribution of power, and the formation of identity and belonging. Visual Culture in the Modern Middle East addresses aspects of the visual in the Islamic world, including the presentation of Islam on television; on the internet and other digital media; in banners, posters, murals, and graffiti; and in the satirical press, cartoons, and children’s books.
The Seduction of Culture in German History
Author: Wolf Lepenies
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691121311
Pages: 272
Year: 2009-01-10
View: 1040
Read: 415
During the Allied bombing of Germany, Hitler was more distressed by the loss of cultural treasures than by the leveling of homes. Remarkably, his propagandists broadcast this fact, convinced that it would reveal not his callousness but his sensitivity: the destruction had failed to crush his artist's spirit. It is impossible to begin to make sense of this thinking without understanding what Wolf Lepenies calls The Seduction of Culture in German History. This fascinating and unusual book tells the story of an arguably catastrophic German habit--that of valuing cultural achievement above all else and envisioning it as a noble substitute for politics. Lepenies examines how this tendency has affected German history from the late eighteenth century to today. He argues that the German preference for art over politics is essential to understanding the peculiar nature of Nazism, including its aesthetic appeal to many Germans (and others) and the fact that Hitler and many in his circle were failed artists and intellectuals who seem to have practiced their politics as a substitute form of art. In a series of historical, intellectual, literary, and artistic vignettes told in an essayistic style full of compelling aphorisms, this wide-ranging book pays special attention to Goethe and Thomas Mann, and also contains brilliant discussions of such diverse figures as Novalis, Walt Whitman, Leo Strauss, and Allan Bloom. The Seduction of Culture in German History is concerned not only with Germany, but with how the German obsession with culture, sense of cultural superiority, and scorn of politics have affected its relations with other countries, France and the United States in particular.
A Season in Mecca
Author: Abdellah Hammoudi
Publisher: Polity
ISBN: 0745637892
Pages: 293
Year: 2006
View: 898
Read: 579
In 1999, the Moroccan scholar Abdellah Hammoudi, trained in Paris and teaching in America, decided to go on the pilgrimage to Mecca. He wanted to observe the hajj as an anthropologist but also to experience it as an ordinary pilgrim, and to write about it for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Here is his intimate, intense, and detailed account of the hajj - a rare and important document by a subtle, learned, and sympathetic writer. Hammoudi describes not just the adventure, the human pressures, and the social tumult - everything from the early preparations to the last climactic scenes in the holy shrines of Medina and Mecca - but also the intricate politics and amazing complexity of the entire pilgrimage experience. He pays special heed to the effects of Saudi bureaucratic control over the hajj, to the ways that faith itself becomes a lucrative source of commerce for the Arabian kingdom, and to the Wahhabi inflections of the basic Muslim message. Here, too, is a poignant discussion of the inner voyage that pilgrimage can mean to those who embark on it: the transformed sense of daily life, of worship, and of political engagement. Hammoudi acknowledges that he was spurred to reconsider his own ideas about faith, gesture, community, and nationality in unanticipated ways. This is a remarkable work of literature about both the outer forms and the inner meanings of Islam today.
Geschichtswissenschaft im Zeitalter der Extreme
Author: Lutz Raphael
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 3406627021
Pages: 293
Year: 2012-02-20
View: 1070
Read: 779
Lutz Raphael bietet in seinem Buch einen fundierten Überblick über die wichtigsten Strömungen und Tendenzen der modernen Geschichtswissenschaft. Die Darstellung führt von den Anfängen einer Professionalisierung um 1900 bis hinein in die unmittelbare Gegenwart und nimmt dabei keineswegs nur die europäische und amerikanische Geschichte des Faches in den Blick, sondern immer wieder auch außereuropäische Entwicklungen. Konkrete Beispiele charakterisieren die Leistungen und Besonderheiten etwa der »New History«, der Annales-Schule oder der modernen Sozialgeschichte. Ein besonderes Augenmerk legt diese grundlegende Einführung schließlich auf die Sozial- und Institutionengeschichte der Geschichtswissenschaft im 20. Jahrhundert.

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