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Mondo sommerso
Year: 1964
View: 371
Read: 1305

Year: 1984
View: 586
Read: 1237

Veggie Pan'ino. Ediz. Inglese
Author: Alessandro Frassica
ISBN: 8867531670
Pages: 141
Year: 2016
View: 156
Read: 701

Foodborne Disease Outbreaks
Author: World Health Organization
Publisher: World Health Organization
ISBN: 9241547227
Pages: 146
Year: 2008
View: 1326
Read: 167
"These guidelines have been written for public health practitioners, food and health inspectors, district and national medical officers, laboratory personnel and others who may undertake or participate in the investigation and control of foodborne disease outbreaks."--P. 4 of cover.
The Curious Bartender: An Odyssey of Malt, Bourbon & Rye Whiskies
Author: Tristan Stephenson
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small
ISBN: 1849759073
Pages: 288
Year: 2014-10-09
View: 390
Read: 616
An innovative, captivating tour of the finest whiskies the world has to offer, brought to you by bestselling author and whisky connoisseur Tristan Stephenson. Tristan explores the origins of whisky, from the extraordinary Chinese distillation pioneers well over 2,000 years ago to the discovery of the medicinal ‘aqua vitae’ (water of life), through to the emergence of what we know as whisky. Explore the magic of malting, the development of flavour and the astonishing barrel-ageing process as you learn about how whisky is made. In the main chapter, Tristan takes us on a journey through 56 distilleries around the world, exploring their remarkable quirks, unique techniques and flavours, featuring all new location photography from the Scottish Highlands to Tennessee. After that, you might choose to make the most of Tristan’s bar skills with some inspirational whisky-based cocktails. This fascinating, comprehensive book is sure to appeal to whisky aficionados and novices alike.
Do Fish Feel Pain?
Author: Victoria Braithwaite
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191613967
Pages: 208
Year: 2010-03-25
View: 668
Read: 484
While there has been increasing interest in recent years in the welfare of farm animals, fish are frequently thought to be different. In many people's perception, fish, with their lack of facial expressions or recognisable communication, are not seen to count when it comes to welfare. Angling is a major sport, and fishing a big industry. Millions of fish are caught on barbed hooks, or left to die by suffocation on the decks of fishing boats. Here, biologist Victoria Braithwaite explores the question of fish pain and fish suffering, explaining what we now understand about fish behaviour, and examining the related ethical questions about how we should treat these animals. She asks why the question of pain in fish has not been raised earlier, indicating our prejudices and assumptions; and argues that the latest and growing scientific evidence would suggest that we should widen to fish the protection currently given to birds and mammals.
Garzanti italiano
Publisher: Garzanti Linguistica
Pages: 2598
Year: 2003
View: 685
Read: 1122

Big Mamma's Italian-American Cookbook
Author: Lee Casazza
Publisher: Lee Casazza Cooking Llc
ISBN: 0615962866
Pages: 238
Year: 2014-04-01
View: 874
Read: 585
Everyone loves Italian cooking, especially Italian-American cooking. Here you have the best of both by Lee Casazza. Welcome to a new world of Italian cooking. Lee Casazza is a lifelong cook devoted to sharing and creating delicious family recipes. In this book, she brings the past and present together. Lee has included favorite homemade dishes passed down by generations of the Casazza and Noviello families. In addition, Lee added a wonderful mix of original recipes she has refined over 45 years. Her passion for cooking, both traditional and new Italian-American food, is what makes this cookbook so special. Enjoy the tastiest selections you will ever find! Chock full of delicious-looking color photographs and old black-and-white photos of days gone by.
The Cacciucco. A Typical Fish Soup from Tuscany
Author: Paolo Ciolli
ISBN: 8889530960
Year: 2013
View: 746
Read: 436

The Pan'ino
Author: Maria Teresa di Marco, Alessandro Frassica
ISBN: 8867532189
Pages: 184
Year: 2018-06
View: 922
Read: 539
- A real taste of Italy! - Alessandro Frassica's pan'ini features the best of Italian ingredients and raw foods from the best possible producers - A pan'ino is not just a random object - the sandwich finds a complexity of flavors that can thrill in just one bite What could be more simple than a pan'ino? Take some bread and butter, slice it through the middle and fill it. Seen in this way, the sandwich is almost an "anti-cuisine," a nomadic shortcut that allows for speed and little thought. But when Alessandro Frassica thinks about his pan'ino, he considers it in a different way, not as a short-cut, but as an instrument for telling stories, creating layers of tales right there between the bread and its butter. Because even if the sandwich is simple, it is not necessarily so easy to create. Alessandro searches for ingredients, in the raw foods he finds people: producers of pecorino cheese from Benevento, anchovies from Cetara, 'nduja spicy salami from Calabria. Then, he studies the combinations, the consistencies and the temperature, because a pan'ino is not just a random object; savoury must be complemented by sweet; tapenade softens and provides moisture; bread should be warmed but not dried; thus the sandwich becomes a simple way of saying many excellent things; including finding a complexity of flavors that can thrill in just one bite. Contents: Introduction; Classic pan'ini; Vegetarian pan'ini; Fish pan'ini; Ingredients; Bread.
Sushi & Susci
Author: Moreno Cedroni
ISBN: 8886174403
Pages: 96
Year: 2003
View: 382
Read: 1213

The Complete Book of Sushi
Author: Hideo Dekura, Brigid Treloar, Ryuichi Yoshii
Publisher: Apple Press
ISBN: 1845430662
Pages: 239
Year: 2005
View: 730
Read: 1212
The Complete Book of Sushi is the definitive collection of traditional, contemporary and innovative recipes for lovers of this Japanese cuisine. Fresh and delicious, sushi is one of the healthiest foods you can eat, being low in fat and high in essential vitamins and minerals. Aesthetically pleasing, sushi is also surprisingly simple to make. This practical book will show you how to create beautiful and elegant sushi dishes with ease. The Complete Book of Sushi features a wide variety of recipes for: * Sushi rolls * Nigiri-zushi * Molded sushi * Hand-rolled sushi * Vegetarian sushi * Chirashi-zushi * Wrapped sushi * Shushi rice in fired-tofu bags * Sushi in a bowl * New sushi * Drinks, sauces and side dishes
Polpo E Spada: Catch of the Day
Author: Domenico Ottaviano
ISBN: 8899180504
Pages: 224
Year: 2017-07-01
View: 245
Read: 742
Polpo e Spada (Catch of the Day) celebrates a rich and detailed understanding of traditional fishing techniques and seafaring culture within the seafood cuisine of Southern Italy with vibrant recipes, insights, photographs, and drawings.
500 Fish & Seafood Dishes
Author: Judith Fertig
Publisher: Apple
ISBN: 1845433807
Pages: 288
Year: 2011-03-01
View: 1301
Read: 849
500 Fish & Seafood Dishes is a fresh, exciting collection of recipes for all types of fish and seafood, from abalone to zander. Whether you’re looking for a side dish or a main meal, a wholesome lunch or a cocktail snack, there’s a fish or seafood dish here for every occasion. From simple classics such as salade niçoise to Asian-inspired seafood curries and laksas, 500 Fish & Seafood Dishes offers a full range of fish and seafood recipes to choose from. 500 Fish & Seafood Dishes demystifies preparing and cooking fish and seafood, so you’ll feel like a pro in no time. Learn how to prepare whole fish, fish steaks and fillets; seafood in the shell or out; and what to do with squid and octopus! Learn the 10-Minute Rule for Fish: sauté, roast or grill fish over medium-high heat for 10 minutes per inch of thickness to get it done perfectly. Buying, preparing, cooking and enjoying fish and seafood is a lot easier when you have 500 Fish & Seafood Dishes at your fingertips!
Under Pressure
Author: Thomas Keller
Publisher: Artisan Books
ISBN: 1579657575
Pages: 295
Year: 2016-10-25
View: 589
Read: 1011
A revolution in cooking Sous vide is the culinary innovation that has everyone in the food world talking. In this revolutionary new cookbook, Thomas Keller, America's most respected chef, explains why this foolproof technique, which involves cooking at precise temperatures below simmering, yields results that other culinary methods cannot. For the first time, one can achieve short ribs that are meltingly tender even when cooked medium rare. Fish, which has a small window of doneness, is easier to finesse, and shellfish stays succulent no matter how long it's been on the stove. Fruit and vegetables benefit, too, retaining color and flavor while undergoing remarkable transformations in texture. The secret to sous vide is in discovering the precise amount of heat required to achieve the most sublime results. Through years of trial and error, Keller and his chefs de cuisine have blazed the trail to perfection—and they show the way in this collection of never-before-published recipes from his landmark restaurants—The French Laundry in Napa Valley and per se in New York. With an introduction by the eminent food-science writer Harold McGee, and artful photography by Deborah Jones, who photographed Keller's best-selling The French Laundry Cookbook, this book will be a must for every culinary professional and anyone who wants to up the ante and experience food at the highest level.

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