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First Sticker Book Airport
Author: Sam Smith
ISBN: 1409587509
Pages: 16
Year: 2015-07-01
View: 1007
Read: 267
Busy airport scenes provide plenty of scope for imaginative stickering. Scenes include arriving at the airport, the departure lounge and the runway, ready to be filled with the planes, people, luggage carts and vehicles and providing an scene to talk about the different features and functions of an airport.
Little Airport Sticker Activity Book
Author: A. G. Smith
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486412725
Pages: 4
Year: 2001-01-08
View: 240
Read: 694
Young children can create a busy airport scene with the images in this entertaining activity book. Features 30 full-color peel-and-apply stickers depicting passengers, flight crew, luggage handlers, a fuel truck, supersonic and conventional aircraft, and more that can be applied to a background scene of a runway, hangars, and a control tower. Full-color. 4 plates.
Your Body
Author: Felicity Brooks
Publisher: Usborne Books
ISBN: 1409534952
Pages: 24
Year: 2012-05-29
View: 1064
Read: 1151
An illustrated picture word book featuring over 150 stickers that offers a fun way to encourage vocabulary building for children who are learning about the human body. It includes themes such as parts of your body, your head, your clothes, things you can do, your senses and things your body needs.
My First Sticker Adventure Airport
Author: Kate Daubney
ISBN: 1405271434
Pages: 24
Year: 2014-08-04
View: 163
Read: 884
On this high-flying sticker adventure, you’ll pack your bags, check in and get ready for take off. Bring the scenes to life with more than 100 stickers and then have fun completing the puzzles. A series of sticker books that take pre-schoolers on delightful adventures.
Airport Sticker Book
Author: Felicity Brooks, Dan Crisp
Publisher: Usborne Books
ISBN: 140950736X
Pages: 16
Year: 2010-02-01
View: 1080
Read: 1273
Scenes include arriving at the airport, the departure lounge and the runway, each begging to be filled with the planes, people, luggage carts and vehicles.
First Sticker Book Trains
Author: Sam Taplin
Publisher: Usborne
ISBN: 0794533515
Pages: 24
Year: 2013-01-01
View: 1292
Read: 246
There are lots of different trains to discover in this fun and informative sticker book. Scenes include Freight trains, Monorail, Steam train, Underground train, Busy platform and Make your own train. Over 80 stickers to add to the pages.
First Sticker Book Cars
Author: Simon Tudhope
ISBN: 1409582434
Pages: 24
Year: 2014-10-01
View: 770
Read: 1295
Many children are fascinated by vehicles and in this brightly illustrated sticker book they can create their own car-filled pictures. Lots of busy scenes and more than 150 stickers of cars of all shapes, sizes and colours to add to them provide a fun activity whilst allowing children to practice their manual dexterity.
Travel Sticker Book
Author: Fiona Watt, Stella Baggott
ISBN: 1409520528
Pages: 24
Year: 2010-04
View: 568
Read: 1136
A great new holiday sticker book full of fun globe-trotting scenes to fill. Perfect for keeping children occupied on those busy journeys. Full of fun scenes including taking gondolas through the canals of Venice, camping under the Northern Lights and canoeing down the River Amazon. With over 300 holiday stickers to choose from.
Diggers Sticker Book
Author: Sam Taplin
ISBN: 0746089392
Pages: 20
Year: 2008-07-24
View: 1158
Read: 1315
This exciting sticker book encourages children to fill in the fun building site using the colourful stickers provided. With hundreds of stickers to choose from
First Sticker Book Market
Author: Lucy Bowman
ISBN: 1409564630
Pages: 24
Year: 2014-01-01
View: 1101
Read: 1179
A fun way for children to practise important fine motor skills Markets are vibrant places full of hustle, bustle and - of course - lots of things for children to look at and talk about. This book includes lots of busy market scenes to complete with the stickers provided, including a fruit and veg market and a German Christmas market. Not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts.
Big Machines Sticker Book
Publisher: Usborne Books
ISBN: 1409524167
Pages: 72
Year: 2011-01-01
View: 1184
Read: 671
A sticker book that is packed full of fun and lively scenes with hundreds of big machines for children to discover. It features over 300 stickers. Each scene is begging to be filled with diggers, cranes, trucks, bulldozers and workers with simple text gently suggesting which scene needs which big vehicles.
Firehouse Sticker Activity Book
Author: Cathy Beylon
Publisher: Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486298469
Pages: 4
Year: 1997-07
View: 1162
Read: 443
Have fun filling an empty fire station -- shown on inside covers -- with 25 reusable stickers depicting firemen, Dalmatians, trucks, hoses, more.
First Sticker Book Building Sites
Author: Jessica Greenwell
ISBN: 1409587517
Pages: 16
Year: 2016-03-01
View: 361
Read: 1018
Little children often find building sites the subject of fascination and wonder, as a fleet of big machines including tall cranes, squat dumper trucks and revolving cement mixers perform intricate manouevres as they construct new structures. This simple sticker book allows children to create their own busyscenes by positioning hundreds of stickers. Illustrations: Full colour throughout WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months because of small parts. Choking Hazard.
Look Inside an Airport
Author: Rob Lloyd Jones
ISBN: 0794527728
Pages: 14
Year: 2013-06-01
View: 811
Read: 426

Sticker Shapes Zoo
Author: S. A. M. SMITH
ISBN: 1474947654
Pages: 24
Year: 2018-08-28
View: 575
Read: 498
This little book is full of ideas for kids to create all kinds of things from the zoo using the simple sticker shapes inside. They can follow the tips and suggestions inside, or try out their own combinations as they fill each page with lions, elephants, monkeys and more. Light and compact format makes it ideal for keeping kids entertained on the go. Part of a growing range of mini paperbacks, including puzzle books, sticker books and drawing books.

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