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Finding Sydney
Author: M. Brewington
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1987487273
Pages: 258
Year: 2018-06-30
View: 1211
Read: 638
Family traditions and his mother's high standards groomed Sydney Whitehall. He was told who he would become and how to behave from birth. On the cusp of his impending medical degree, the death of the family patriarch forces him to realize his true dream and potential. Armed with determination and a pursuit for personal fulfillment, Sydney sets out to find his purpose in his passion- writing a NY Times bestseller. Afua Amin, daughter of esteemed South African parents, longs for the freedoms of life outside her family's estate, and sheltered upbringing. Fresh on academic holiday, she returns from home with hopes of taking over the family business, but unsuspectingly finds herself in the the middle of a political tug of war. Battling against journalistic intel and murderous plots, Sydney and Afua discover love across cultures and political upheaval. A top-secret assignment and family's deep-seeded history are no match for the destiny of true love and will to survive against all odds.
Dangerous to Touch
Author: Jill Sorenson
Publisher: Silhouette
ISBN: 1426818289
Pages: 224
Year: 2008-06-01
View: 585
Read: 1013
All her life Sidney Morrow had tried to repress her disturbing psychic visions. Until a vision of murder shattered her fragile serenity. She had to go to the authorities—make them listen. But Lt. Marc Cruz didn't trust her one bit. In fact, the sensual homicide cop treated her like a suspect. And sent her senses haywire.… The dark-haired beauty knew something about the serial killer Marc was after. But he was certain "visions" had nothing to do with it. Determined to be her constant shadow, Marc wasn't prepared when desire blindsided him—and put them both in the path of a relentless killer.
Stalking The Cat - Romantic Suspense
Author: Kate Harper
Publisher: Kate Harper
ISBN: 1465711465
Pages: 200
Year: 2011-07-14
View: 398
Read: 1315
Federal Agent Cass Garrett knows she’s in for a tough time when her former lover Jake Embery is arrested after thee years on the run. Once an agent himself, Jake went rogue, killing his partner and joining Edmund Delaney, a criminal mastermind with nine lives. Jake claims he turned to catch the Cat but can she trust him? Or is he playing a dangerous game, one that might get them both killed...
Publisher: LCT Productions Pty Limited
ISBN: 1925119009
Pages: 320
Year: 2014-02-06
View: 983
Read: 871
A psychopathic killer is stalking the women of Sydney . . . Federal Agent Clayton Munro, a criminal profiler with the Australian Federal Police (AFP), has been called upon to assist in hunting down a vicious murderer who is intent upon carving up his victims while they’re still alive. Guilt-stricken over his wife’s suicide, Clayton’s forced to set aside his personal issues in order to focus on the case. Detective Ellie Cooper is also no stranger to heartache. Pregnant and abandoned at the altar by a fiancé intent on pursuing a career with the AFP, her opinion of the elite body of officers is anything but favorable. Angered when her boss orders her to partner with the Fed, she’s determined not to cut him any slack. But women are dying on the streets of western Sydney and the pressure is mounting to find the person responsible. Will Clayton and Ellie be able to put aside their animosity and work together to catch a killer before it’s too late? And what about the special fascination the killer seems to have with Ellie . . . Free Freebie
A Lady's Secret Weapon
Author: Tracey Devlyn
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.
ISBN: 1402258291
Pages: 384
Year: 2013-10-01
View: 622
Read: 529
"Devlyn spins an intriguing historical romance packed with emotion and suspense."—New York Times bestselling author Dianna Love Seduction is His Duty to King and Country Ethan deBeau has charmed his way into the beds of countless women, enticing them to whisper all kinds of state secrets in his ear. But his latest assignment is completely different: find a missing young boy. It's practically child's play for a master spy such as Ethan. Until Miss Sydney Hunt threatens to unravel all his carefully laid plans. Who is the world is this woman? But Tempting Her is All for Pleasure Sydney has worked hard to maintain a facade of respectability—all while keeping a network of contacts among London's underground world. When she hears of strange activities at a local home for orphans, she's determined to find out what's really going on. Until she runs headlong into a notorious rake eager to expose every inch of her... Praise for Checkmate, My Lord: "Sexy and edgy...those who enjoy Brenda Joyce will delight in this."—Booklist
Finding You
Author: Carla Neggers
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743496345
Pages: 368
Year: 2004-02-01
View: 198
Read: 915
Once again, New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers masters the nonstop suspense and pulse-pounding romance that keep her millions of readers up all night. Vermont newspaper editor Cozie Hawthorne is astounded by the money she makes when her collection of Yankee essays becomes a bestseller. But that doesn't mean she'll let success go to her head: she still drives a rusted Jeep and lives in a house -- built in 1790 -- that seems more amenable to bats than it does interesting men. Daniel Foxworth, renegade son of the Texas oil Foxworths, specializes in putting out chemical fires. At least he did until someone sabotaged his helicopter and almost killed him. The prime suspect is Cozie's brother, Seth, and evidence is piling up as fast as attraction is growing between Daniel and Cozie. When she finds out that the sexy Texan is out to prove her brother's guilt, Cozie is determined to find out who's really after Daniel. But as danger mounts, Daniel faces an even greater challenge: winning Cozie's trust...before someone ends up dead.
Author: Sydney Holmes
Publisher: Crespi House Publishing
ISBN: 1941591051
Pages: 185
Year: 2014-10-22
View: 386
Read: 701
USA Today Best Selling Author, Sydney Holmes, brings you a smoking hot trilogy that will keep you up all night! ESCAPE~A Romantic Suspense Mystery in Three Parts “Who knew romantic suspense could be this good!” Part Two SECRETS CAN DESTROY LOVE Just when Rowan is finally feeling cherished enough to admit her feelings for Shane, she’s forced to reveal one of her secrets. Now she’s running scared, and he’s left wondering what else she’s hiding. When a couple, who seems to have secrets of their own, hire his firm to find their missing sister, all of their lives get even more complicated. Struggling to save herself and her family from her past, Rowan faces the possibility of losing the new life she’s finally built, with a man she may love. But Shane won’t give up without a fight: a fight to stay in her life, uncover her secrets, and protect her. Torn between fear and trust, will she succumb to her past and let it swallow her whole, or will she open up to Shane and let him help her?
Perfect Weapon
Author: Amy J. Fetzer
Publisher: Kensington Books
ISBN: 0758218036
Pages: 336
Year: 2006-03-01
View: 1300
Read: 200

The Justice Team Romantic Suspense Series Box Set (Vol. 6-8)
Author: Adrienne Giordano, Misty Evans
Publisher: ALG Publishing LLC
ISBN: 194250425X
Year: 2018-11-12
View: 726
Read: 846
This set includes Protecting Justice, Missing Justice and Defending Justice. Protecting Justice As the premier political spin-doctor in the U.S., Fallyn Pasche can fix any problem--except her own. Her twin sister, Heather, a United States Senator, has been murdered, her father is barely speaking to her, and someone is after coded files Heather hid in a private safe. In order to decode the files and figure out what happened to her twin, Fallyn turns to the Justice Team. What she doesn’t expect is the sexy bodyguard who shows up needing a little personal fixing of his own. Tony Gerard sees failure every time he looks in the mirror. The former Supreme Court police officer lives with the knowledge that the Chief Justice—a man who was like a father to him—died on his watch. Now he’s sure he can’t protect anyone. When his first assignment for the Justice Team lands him in the media spotlight, working side-by-side with the country’s foremost political fixer, Tony wants to run the other way. But Fallyn’s devil-may-care attitude and tantalizing beauty bring out all of his protective instincts. As Fallyn and Tony peel back the layers of a government scandal that threatens to bring down the most powerful man in the world, sparks fly along with the intoxicating danger. Desire and passion escalate with their perilous search for the truth as they find relief in each other’s arms from their respective demons. When an unexpected enemy puts Fallyn's life on the line, Tony is forced to face his own failures in order to help her conquer hers. But will he once again fail to protect someone he loves? Missing Justice A one-night stand and a missing child put these two on opposite sides of solving a murder. A rising star at the FBI, Taylor Sinclair has a perfect close rate on cold cases. When the bones of a senator’s murdered wife turn up eight years after her kidnapping, the case lands on Taylor’s desk, putting her in the crosshairs of the media—and the killer. Success will solidify her career at the Bureau, but a provocative one-night stand with cocky PI Matt “Mad Dog” Stephens could ruin it. Matt’s on the hunt for the killer as well, along with the senator’s still-missing child, and believes joining forces with Taylor will get them both the answers they need. He’s determined to get the sexy agent to work with him—in and out of the bedroom—but Taylor is convinced the senator is a murderer. Matt is just as certain he’s innocent. With a child’s life on the line, Matt and Taylor must plunge into the world of undercover ops as they battle a dangerous attraction that could prove fatal to them both. Defending Justice Former prosecutor and now hot-shot defense attorney, Jackie DelRay, is a star in the shark-infested judicial waters of Washington, DC. Behind her take-no-prisoners façade, she hides a painful secret and a longing for FBI Special Agent Beckett Pearson-the man who captured her heart during a passion-filled weekend in college. The same man who still holds a grudge over a case Jackie refused to prosecute years before. When Beck is arrested for the shocking murder of the FBI director's estranged wife, Jackie breaks every rule she's known about being emotionally involved with her client. Knowing the risks to her heart and her career, she rushes to defend him. A former model and football star, Beck has finally found his home with the Bureau. He wants nothing to do with the sexy lawyer who left him without a goodbye twelve years ago and then destroyed his first, and most important, missing persons investigation. Now, with his freedom on the line, Jackie's brilliant legal mind may be his one hope at staying out of prison. When their investigation is mired by political alliances and reckless greed, Beck and Jackie battle corruption at the highest levels. That battle includes resisting the long-buried passion they'd shared twelve years earlier. But will a killer bent on stopping their investigation give them a fight they are bound to lose?
Escaping With Eve
Author: Sydney Holmes
Publisher: Crespi House Publishing
ISBN: 1941591116
Pages: 300
Year: 2017-01-10
View: 1045
Read: 506

Hide 'n Seek
Author: Yvonne Harriott
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1482039583
Pages: 274
Year: 2013-04-22
View: 610
Read: 372
Once burnt, twice shy... Private Investigator, Marklynn Brooks has a major problem and this time it's personal. Her sister, Sydney, is missing and the trail leads to Dalton Beck, CEO of Beck Security Systems. He denies any involvement in Sydney's disappearance, but with the evidence stacked against him, can she believe him? As she races against time to find her sister, she's not only in danger of losing Sydney she's also in danger of losing her heart. A love worth fighting for... Dalton Beck is positive that Sydney is responsible for the security breach at his company. Someone is hacking into his computer system. To find the truth he turns to Marklynn for help. She doesn't trust him but he's not going to let that stop him as an attraction develops between them. But to earn her trust, he must make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save his company and catch a killer who will stop at nothing to destroy them.
Beyond Eden
Author: Catherine Coulter
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101190469
Pages: 448
Year: 2000-10-01
View: 1283
Read: 223
A heart-stopping story of romantic suspense from #1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter. Lindsay Foxe is a successful model in New York, a woman who hides behind a new name to protect herself from a past of betrayal and treachery and a present that becomes fraught with danger. The product of old San Francisco wealth, the daughter of a man who despises her, her life is forever changed when she is brutally assaulted by her sister’s husband, and then rejected by her family. Lindsay is finally forced to face up to her past when she meets S.C. Taylor, a tough ex-cop, turned private investigator and computer troubleshooter. He is hired to protect her; but can he both win her trust and discover who is trying to kill her and why? From the Paperback edition.
Caught in Traffic
Author: Susan Hart Snyder
ISBN: 0997422424
Pages: 229
Year: 2016-06-14
View: 1139
Read: 662
Feet. That's the reason Sydney Roberts is in so much trouble - specifically feet that belong to a teenager who spends most of his time on the other side of the law. Advised not to get too close, when things get desperate, Sydney has to admit she probably should have listened. Trapped in America's most populated city, she has never felt so alone. If you enjoy that delicious blend of suspense and adventure, heroines with moxie, and themes that make you both laugh and think, then you'll love following Sydney on her escapade in the Big Apple.
Author: Sandra Poole, Jennifer Youngblood
ISBN: 1520613067
Pages: 581
Year: 2017-03-05
View: 739
Read: 159
Heart-pounding suspense meets tender, clean romance in this fast-paced novel by Bestselling authors Jennifer Youngblood and Sandra Poole.Trust no one ... love kills ...Sydney Lassiter has the perfect life--glamour, wealth, and all the high-society status to go with it. But something is telling her that she needs to return to the sleepy little town of Stoney Creek, Alabama where she grew up. She hasn't been there since her father was killed in a boating accident--or was he murdered? She takes a job as a safety consultant at the local sawmill--the same place where her father worked--and sets out to discover the truth about his death. In Stoney Creek, you don't ask the kinds of questions Sydney is asking. There are too many secrets--secrets that someone will do anything to keep hidden. Sydney becomes involved with two very different men--Kendall Fletcher, the celebrated football coach she's adored since youth and Sean O'Conner, her hard-nosed boss. Both men seem to have some connection to the death of her father. The closer Sydney gets to the truth, the more it seems that her quest could destroy not only her but the people and town she has come to love. "Poignant, suspenseful, and romantic. Beautifully written and filled with unexpected twists and turns. A sleek romantic thriller." Deborah Smith, New York Times Bestselling Author of A PLACE TO CALL HOME
Turn the Page
Author: Sydney Logan
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1548297151
Pages: 324
Year: 2017-06-29
View: 1188
Read: 427
Sex. Drugs. Rock & Roll. Life in the fast lane is nothing new to Corbin James. After completing his second stint in rehab, Corbin heads home to Riverview, determined to leave the music world behind and focus on his family, his songwriting, and his sobriety. Crippled with debt but determined to make it on her own, Jolie Daniels pours her heart and soul into the town's bookstore. When Corbin finds his debut album in Jolie's discount bin, sparks fly between the pretty bookstore owner and the rock star musician. Corbin knows he's nowhere near good enough for a sweet girl like Jolie . . . but he wants to be. When a record label approaches Corbin with the chance to make a musical comeback, he doesn't think twice before saying no. He's ready to settle down, and he wants to do it with Jolie. However, when her beloved bookstore is threatened with foreclosure, Corbin finds himself signing a contract that will take him away from home and back on tour. Can Corbin resist the temptations of the tour? Or will the loneliness of the road resurrect all the demons he's worked so hard to bury?

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