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Fahrzeuge der Reichswehr
Author: Walter J. Spielberger
ISBN: 3613039273
Pages: 176
Year: 2016-10
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Read: 1142

Die Geschichte der deutschen Instandsetzungstruppe
Author: Erhard Haak
Pages: 633
Year: 1986
View: 1187
Read: 973

Panzers 35(t) and 38(t) and Their Variants 1920-1945
Author: Walter J. Spielberger
Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited
ISBN: 0764330896
Pages: 400
Year: 2008
View: 794
Read: 1261
This classic, definitive series continues with this volume on Czech panzers and armored vehicles in German use from 1920-1945. Spielberger, a leading expert in the field of German military vehicles, presents the wide variety of variants on the 35(t) and 38(t) chassis: self-propelled artillery, anti-tank guns, flak, mortars, flamethrowers, Hetzer, half-tracks, trucks, personnel carriers, etc.
Author: Mike Syron
Publisher: Constable
ISBN: 1472107802
Pages: 160
Year: 2013-02-07
View: 955
Read: 715
For many people the very image of Blitzkrieg is of massed columns of tanks sweeping through Europe, smashing all resistance and leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. Indeed, it was the Panzers' achievements in battle that were largely responsible for Germany's early run of success in the Second World War and, once the tide of war began to turn against the Reich, the Panzers subsequently became the backbone of its defence. The dramatic story of Hitler's tank divisions is brought to life in this authoritative narrative. Panzerkrieg vividly describes the evolution, exploits and eventual destruction of this superlative fighting force in immensely readable fashion. Particularly accessible to the general reader who wants to know more about Germany's Second World War tank forces, the authors dispense with technical jargon and pedantic detail to give a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the subject, both human and technical. The book gives particular emphasis to the men who fought in and led the Panzer divisions: great generals like Guderian, Rommel and Manstein, tank masters like Wittmann and Bake, and inspired commanders like Balck and Bayerlein. The whole vast canvas of the war emerges from this narrative, as it follows the titanic struggles which ranged between the bocage country of France, the desert wastes of North Africa, and the limitless steppes of Russia. The evolution of German fighting vehicles and tactics is fully charted, and the many myths, fallacies and misconceptions that have grown up around the Panzerwaffe are exploded. Extensive research, reference to the memoirs of the leading participants, and original new conclusions all contribute to a comprehensive account that critically examines the achievements, failures, and ultimate legacy of the Panzer divisions. Features INCLUDE: The secret pre-war birth and development of the Panzerwaffe The lightning campaigns in Poland and France The four bloody years of the Russian campaign, the greatest clash of arms the world has ever seen The exploits of Rommel and his Africa Corps Hitler's increasingly disastrous influence on the Panzerwaffe Disputes between the Panzer officers and their High Command Portraits of the Panzerwaffe's leaders Detailed analysis of the great tank battles such as Kursk and the Battle of the Bulge, with clear maps Comparative rank and organizational charts Information on the technical evolution of Germany's armoured fighting vehicles, including the development of the mighty Tigers and Panthers Unique sections on uniforms, crew functions and how German tanks were built Rare coverage of how the Panzer leaders fared after the war The legacy of the Panzers
Der Weg zum Flakpanzer Gepard
Author: Walter J. Spielberger
Pages: 259
Year: 1980-01
View: 276
Read: 411

Panzers I & II
Author: Bob Carruthers
Publisher: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1473845319
Pages: 86
Year: 2013-05-17
View: 980
Read: 863
The first vehicle to be produced in any numbers for the Panzerwaffe was the tiny Panzer I known as the MG Panzerwagen. Almost from the outset the limitations of the design for the Panzer I were obvious. It was essentially a training vehicle which was only pressed into service as a last resort. It was to be succeeded by the Panzer II which could at least engage armoured cars and combat against tanks with approximately the same armour as itself.??Together these two tanks formed the bulk of the armour which between 1939 and 1941 conquered half of Europe.??This comprehensive overview of the light Panzers in action was compiled by Emmy Award winning historian Bob Carruthers. It draws heavily on war-time intelligence reports to produce a fascinating insight into the development and combat history of the light Panzers at the tactical and operational level.??Also featured are rare developments such as the Panzer II flame thrower variant alongside unpublished photographs and illustrations which provide an absorbing study, from an array of primary sources, of the world of the light Panzer and their crews from contemporary Allied sources.
Panzers at War 1939-1942
Author: Bob Carruthers
Publisher: Pen & Sword
ISBN: 178159130X
Pages: 128
Year: 2013-02-28
View: 721
Read: 782
Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning." General Erwin Rommel A fascinating account of a deadly combination: the supreme German weapon of war in the hands of the finest military tacticians of last century. Illustrated throughout with full coverage of all the tank battles and campaigns in the Second World from the Polish Blitzkrieg to Rommel's final defeat in the African desert, along with commanders, strategy, tactics and technical details. This book is part of 'The Hitler's War Machine' series, a new military history range compiled and edited by Emmy Award winning author and historian Bob Carruthers. The series draws on primary sources and contemporary documents to provide a new insight into the true nature of Hitler's Wehrmacht. The series consultant is David McWhinnie creator of the award winning PBS series 'Battlefield'.
Why Germany Nearly Won: A New History of the Second World War in Europe
Author: Steven D Mercatante
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313395926
Pages: 408
Year: 2012-01-31
View: 930
Read: 852
• Detailed maps show the position and movement of opposing forces during the key battles discussed in the book • More than 30 charts, figures, and appendices, including detailed orders of battle, economic figures, and equipment comparisons
Murderous Methods
Author: Mark Benecke, Karin Heusch
ISBN: 0231131194
Pages: 241
Year: 2009-01-01
View: 1112
Read: 365
Leading forensic scientist Mark Benecke examines the history of forensic science; the techniques and technology used to solve murder; the minds of serial killers and other murderers; and actual cases including the murder of O.J. Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole.
Panzers of the Wehrmacht
Author: Alexander Ludeke
Publisher: Pen & Sword
ISBN: 1473823978
Pages: 128
Year: 2015-02-01
View: 1114
Read: 466
German Panzers continue to exert a tremendous fascination for military historians and military vehicle enthusiasts alike. To the delight of all fans of tank warfare, this Fact File provides valuable reference on vehicles of the German Wehrmacht. During the Second World War the tank became the main weapon of every army. This Fact File edition provides a concise technical history of German WW2 tanks.
Year: 1981
View: 224
Read: 284

Panzer Crewman 1939–45
Author: Gordon Williamson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1782000062
Pages: 64
Year: 2012-06-20
View: 982
Read: 337
In World War II the Panzer crews spearheaded every major campaign or battle from the invasions of Poland and France to the last great counter-offensive in the Ardennes. Germany's Panzer crews fought on every front and along the way earned a formidable reputation for élan in attack and steadfastness in defence. This book charts the recruitment, training, service conditions and combat experience of a typical World War II German tank crewman, serving on various fronts from the scorching heat of the Western Desert to the frozen tundra of the Eastern Front. It features many unpublished photographs from both private collectors and Panzer veterans themselves.
M4 Sherman Tanks
Author: Michael E. Haskew
Publisher: Voyageur Press
ISBN: 076035152X
Pages: 224
Year: 2016-05-01
View: 1268
Read: 928
Seventy-five years ago the most quintessentially American tank was built: the M4 Sherman, which featured heavily in the Allies' World War II victory and later in films such as "Fury," starring Brad Pitt. Seventy-five years after it first rumbled into service, the M4 Sherman remains the most quintessentially American tank ever conceived. What the E-unit locomotive is to railroading, what the Corvette is to sports cars, the Sherman tank is to armored military vehicles—a classic example of American ingenuity and design answering a pressing need or desire. M4 Sherman Tanks is the definitive illustrated history of the Sherman tank, covering the entire scope of its development, manufacture, service, armaments, turrets, tracks, drivetrains, and its many variants. The book begins with the M4's evolution from the M3 and M2 tanks and continues through the rapid production of more than fifty-three thousand units in 1942 and 1943 and the tank's further service among more than fifty nations after World War II. Photos from the battlefield and the factory floor, exteriors and interiors of Shermans, and war-related ephemera fill the pages. Insightful text examines how the M4's mechanical reliability and ease of maintenance made it a success, as well as how sheer numbers helped it outgun technologically superior German counterparts. The story doesn't end there but continues to include the postwar conflicts in which M4s were employed, including the Korean War, the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, and the Arab-Israeli Wars. The M4 Sherman tank is an institution in American--indeed, international--military lore, as synonymous with US military prowess as the P-51 fighter or the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. This is the complete and authoritative tribute to that legend.
Panzer Tracts No. 20-1 Paper Panzers
Author: Thomas L. Jentz
ISBN: 097084073X
Pages: 60
Year: 2001-01-01
View: 200
Read: 1255

Encyclopedia of German Tanks of Wwii
Author: Bookmart Limited
ISBN: 1845090128
Year: 2004-10-01
View: 1311
Read: 536

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