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Exploring Jazz Saxophone
Author: Ollie Weston
Publisher: Schott & Company Limited
ISBN: 1847610862
Pages: 204
Year: 2009-01
View: 241
Read: 338
(Woodwind Method). This definitive book provides a comprehensive guide for the intermediate saxophonist looking for an introduction to the world of jazz. It is packed full of tunes and exercises to improve your technique, improvising skills, score reading, musical creativity, and understanding of music theory. Author and renowned jazz saxophonist Ollie Weston guides you through the history of jazz, covering the key styles of influential saxophonists and jazz innovators, and explains essential musical concepts with a minimum of jargon. The book provides clear guidance and concise explanations of harmonic and theoretical concepts, with demo solos and authentic live jazz trio recordings on the accompanying CD. The CD contains 15 play-along tracks in audio format, which can be played on a normal CD players. There are also 45 MP3 files with full versions of the pieces, as well as further exercises and demos, which can be played on a computer or MP3 player.
Exploring Jazz Violin
Author: Chris Haigh
Publisher: Schott & Company Limited
ISBN: 1847612423
Pages: 208
Year: 2010
View: 949
Read: 1079
(String). Jazz is one of the biggest challenges a violinist can face, with the thought of improvisation likely to strike fear into the heart of even the best classical player. This book demystifies the process, taking you step by step through everything you need to know about playing jazz violin. The work of players such as Stephane Grappelli, Joe Venuti, Stuff Smith and Jean-Luc Ponty is examined in detail, and styles including gypsy jazz, belop, modal and fusion are explored. Topics covered include: analyzing a chord sequence * bowing * chord symbols * double stopping * harmonics * how to construct your own solo * how to swing * pentatonic, bebop and blues scales * vibrato * and more. An accompanying CD with 65 tracks for listening or play-along is also included.
The Big Book of Jazz Guitar Improvisation
Author: Mark Dziuba
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
ISBN: 0739031724
Pages: 144
Year: 2003
View: 927
Read: 202
Learn to channel improvisational impulses into great solos with this amazing book & CD by outstanding jazz performer and educator, Mark Dziuba. Topics are thoroughly explained and organized into three main categories: instruction in the harmonic and melodic structures of jazz, discussions of practical application, and conceptual issues. Complex subjects are taught with an engaging and friendly style, so things like melodic and rhythmic motifs, phrasing, development, guide tones, chromaticism and functional harmony are easy and enjoyable to learn. This is a must-have book for all jazz guitarists that will be used for years to come. 144 pages.
The Jazz Theory Book
Author: Mark Levine
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 1457101459
Year: 2011-01-12
View: 611
Read: 809
The most highly-acclaimed jazz theory book ever published! Over 500 pages of comprehensive, but easy to understand text covering every aspect of how jazz is constructed---chord construction, II-V-I progressions, scale theory, chord/scale relationships, the blues, reharmonization, and much more. A required text in universities world-wide, translated into five languages, endorsed by Jamey Aebersold, James Moody, Dave Liebman, etc.
Improvising Blues Piano
Author: Martan Mann
Publisher: Music Sales Amer
ISBN: 0825616247
Pages: 96
Year: 1997
View: 996
Read: 570
A guide to blues improvisation introduces different blues styles, with all exercises and examples professionally demonstrated on the accompanying CD.
Beginning Jazz Guitar
Author: Jody Fisher
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
ISBN: 0882847929
Pages: 95
Year: 1995
View: 696
Read: 572
Anyone with a knowledge of basic chords and guitar scale fingerings can dig right in and start learning to play jazz right away. Spanning from the major scale and basic triad theory all the way up to extended chords and the modes, this book features a full-length etude or song to go with every new concept introduced. Beginning Jazz Guitar breaks the age-old tradition of dry, intimidating and confusing jazz books, and provides an actual step-by-step and enjoyable method for learning to play in this style. Clearly organized into easily mastered segments, each chapter is divided into separate lessons on harmony or improvisation. All music is shown in standard notation and TAB, and the CD demonstrates the examples in the book. 96 pages.
Jazz Guitar Soloing
Author: Bob Patterson
Publisher: Houston Pub
ISBN: 0793551013
Pages: 60
Year: 1995-08-01
View: 344
Read: 940
Getting into Gypsy Jazz Guitar
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN: 1610651472
Pages: 112
Year: 2015-10-07
View: 448
Read: 531
This book focuses on the key elements of the Django Reinhardt Gypsy jazz or jazz Manouche guitar style. the information revealed here was gleaned from years of experience jamming with French Gypsies and studying with masters of the style. A native of France, Stephane Wrembel acquired his skills entirely by ear and has taught scores of musicians worldwide using the method that appears here in text and notation for the first time. Written in English, German and French with all musical examples in standard notation and tablature, Wrembel conveys his knowledge in a logical step by step manner, exposing the reader to the authentic Manouche style as it continues to evolve in France and Holland. Medium to advanced in difficulty, this method is designed for the guitarist who is already familiar with jazz harmony and note locations on the fretboard.
The Big Book of Jazz Piano Improvisation
Author: Noah Baerman
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
ISBN: 0739031716
Pages: 143
Year: 2003
View: 831
Read: 819
Vital concepts and topics of jazz piano improvisation are thoroughly presented in this outstanding book & CD by master performer and educator, Noah Baerman. Organized into three main categories----scales, modes and other source material; practical application; and conceptual issues----Baerman's approach develops the skills you need to channel your improvisational impulses into amazing solos. Complex subjects such as patterns, rhythmic variety, melodic contour, guide tones, locked hands and rhythmic displacement are easy and enjoyable to learn. No jazz pianist's library is complete without the Big Book of Jazz Piano Improvisation. 144 pages.
Exploring Jazz Guitar
Author: Jim Hall
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 0793503922
Pages: 104
Year: 1990
View: 160
Read: 991
(Transcribed). Hall takes you on an entertaining guided tour of his workshop with 10 Hall songs and in-depth explorations of each song and playing technique.
Complete Book of Jazz Guitar Lines & Phrases
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN: 1610655540
Pages: 160
Year: 2011-02-09
View: 1309
Read: 1287
An important addition to the improvising jazz guitarist's library, this thoughtful blend of text and musical examples focuses on the vocabulary of modern jazz and some of the applications of modern harmony. with examples written in standard notation and tablature, Jacobs offers instruction on bebop style phrases, playing fourths, inside-outside playing, pentatonic, whole-tone and symmetrical scales, slash chords, polychords, hip lines, fingerings and much more. the companion CD presents the material in the text played with chord accompaniment.
The Jazz Piano Book
Author: Mark Levine
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 1457101440
Year: 2011-01-12
View: 1137
Read: 891
The most highly acclaimed jazz piano method ever published! Over 300 pages with complete chapters on Intervals and triads, The major modes and II-V-I, 3-note voicings, Sus. and phrygian Chords, Adding notes to 3-note voicings, Tritone substitution, Left-hand voicings, Altering notes in left-hand Stride and Bud Powell voicings, Block chords, Comping ...and much more! Endorsed by Kenny Barron, Down Beat, Jamey Aebersold, etc.
Modern Jazz Guitar Styles
Publisher: Mel Bay Publications
ISBN: 1610658302
Pages: 104
Year: 2011-11-14
View: 232
Read: 526
A unique book and audio package including extensive chapters on soloing, chords, rhythm and effects. With in-depth exercises on modern scale applicationsand intervallic choices, developing individual chord voicings, incorporating rock and funk concepts, exploring elements from world music such as odd meters and polyrhythms, and ideas for developing your own sonic textures and approach to tonal manipulation. Each section features an essay illustrating the musical history and specific innovations of modern jazz guitar masters, with insightful commentary accompanying each concept and example. The last section thoroughly analyzes studio performances of two original compositions incorporating all the above materials. Modern Jazz Guitar Styles provides the serious student or professional seeking to broaden his palette with a comprehensive overview of the current state of jazz guitar. Extensive chapters on soloing, chords, rhythm and effects In-depth exercises on modern scale applications and intervallic choices Ideas for developing your own sonic textures and approach to tonal manipulation Covers developing individual chord voicings, incorporating rock and funk concepts and exploring elements from world music Provides seriousstudent/professional a comprehensive overview of current state of jazzguitar Includes access to online audio
A Classical Approach to Jazz Piano Improvisation
Author: Dominic Alldis
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 1476840695
Pages: 160
Year: 2003-09-01
View: 153
Read: 1297
(Keyboard Instruction). This keyboard instruction book is designed for the person who was trained classically but wants to expand into the very exciting yet very different world of jazz improvisation. Author Dominic Alldis provides clear explanations and musical examples of: pentatonic improvisation; the blues; rock piano; rhythmic placement; scale theory; major, minor and pentatonic scale theory applications; melodic syntax; the language of bebop; left-hand accompaniment; walking bass lines; thematic development; performance tips; and more.
Introduction to Jazz Guitar Soloing
Author: Joe Elliott
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 0634009702
Pages: 103
Year: 2008-04-01
View: 1202
Read: 1295
(Musicians Institute Press). Perfect for seasoned rockers seeking new challenges and jazz newcomers looking for a good start, this book/CD pack covers scales, chords, licks, techniques and other vital jazz improv concepts step by step. The accompanying CD features 65 full-band demo and play-along tracks.

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