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Europe-Space for transcultural existence ?
Author: Martin Tamcke
Publisher: Universitätsverlag Göttingen
ISBN: 3863950623
Pages: 291
Year: 2013
View: 438
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Comparative Literature for the New Century
Author: Giulia De Gasperi, Joseph Pivato
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773555374
Year: 2018-09-30
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Read: 996
Since its beginning, Comparative Literature has been characterized as a discipline in crisis. But its shifting boundaries are its strength, allowing for collaboration and growth and illuminating a path forward. In Comparative Literature for the New Century a diverse group of scholars argue for a distinct North American approach to literary studies that includes the promotion of different languages. Chapters by senior scholars such as George Elliott Clarke, E.D. Blodgett, and Sneja Gunew are placed in dialogue with those by younger scholars, including Dominique Hétu, Maria Cristina Seccia, and Ndeye Fatou Ba. The writers, many of whom are multilingual, discuss problems with translation, identity and belonging, the modern epic, the role of tradition, minority writing, Francophone and Anglophone novels in Africa, and politics in literature. Engaging with theory, history, media studies, psychology, translation studies, post-colonial studies, and gender studies, chapters exemplify how the knowledge and tools offered by Comparative Literature can be applied in reading, exploring, and understanding not only literary productions but also the world at large. Presenting some of the most current work being carried out by academics and scholars actively engaged in the field in Canada and abroad, Comparative Literature for the New Century promotes the value of Comparative Literature as an interdisciplinary study and assesses future directions it might take. Contributors include George Elliott Clarke (University of Toronto), Dominique Hétu (Alberta & Montreal), Monique Tschofen (Ryerson), Jolene Armstrong (Athabasca), E.D. Blodgett (Alberta), Ndeye Fatou Ba (Ryerson), Maria Cristina Seccia (Hull), Sneja Gunew (UBC), Deborah Saidero (Udine), Elizabeth Dahab (CSULB), Gaetano Rando (Wollongong), Anna Pia De Luca (Udine), Mark A. McCutcheon (Athabasca), Giulia De Gasperi (PEI), and Joseph Pivato (Athabasca).
Immigrant Children in Transcultural Spaces
Author: Marjorie Faulstich Orellana
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131761867X
Pages: 166
Year: 2015-10-14
View: 685
Read: 186
Grounded in both theory and practice, with implications for both, this book is about children’s perspectives on the borders that society erects, and their actual, symbolic, ideational and metaphorical movement across those borders. Based on extensive ethnographic data on children of immigrants (mostly from Mexico, Central America and the Philippines) as they interact with undergraduate students from diverse linguistic, cultural and racial/ethnic backgrounds in the context of an urban play-based after-school program, it probes how children navigate a multilingual space that involves playing with language and literacy in a variety of forms. Immigrant Children in Transcultural Spaces speaks to critical social issues and debates about education, immigration, multilingualism and multiculturalism in an historical moment in which borders are being built up, torn down, debated and recreated, in both real and symbolic terms; raises questions about the values that drive educational practice and decision-making; and suggests alternatives to the status quo. At its heart, it is a book about how love can serve as a driving force to connect people with each other across all kinds of borders, and to motivate children to engage powerfully with learning and life.
Transcultural Europe
Author: U. Meinhof
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230504310
Pages: 315
Year: 2006-06-23
View: 337
Read: 562
This book offers an innovative assessment of key questions about cultural policy in the Europe of the Twenty-first Century and aims to provoke debates about the way forward.
The Challenge of Transcultural Diversities
Author: Kevin Robins
Publisher: Council of Europe
ISBN: 9287159688
Pages: 167
Year: 2006-01-01
View: 1186
Read: 242
Globalisation trends have increased the transnational flows of cultural goods, media products and information, as well as human transnational migration. This publication considers how these developments are leading to greater and more complex patterns of diversity which are transnational and transcultural in nature, functioning across national frontiers and therefore creating new challenges for national policy frameworks, as well as for the role of the Council of Europe in this new transnational policy landscape.
Transcultural Cities
Author: Jeffrey Hou
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135122040
Pages: 336
Year: 2013-02-11
View: 433
Read: 1244
Transcultural Cities uses a framework of transcultural placemaking, cross-disciplinary inquiry and transnational focus to examine a collection of case studies around the world, presented by a multidisciplinary group of scholars and activists in architecture, urban planning, urban studies, art, environmental psychology, geography, political science, and social work. The book addresses the intercultural exchanges as well as the cultural trans-formation that takes place in urban spaces. In doing so, it views cultures not in isolation from each other in today’s diverse urban environments, but as mutually influenced, constituted and transformed. In cities and regions around the globe, migrations of people have continued to shape the makeup and making of neighborhoods, districts, and communities. For instance, in North America, new immigrants have revitalized many of the decaying urban landscapes, creating renewed cultural ambiance and economic networks that transcend borders. In Richmond, BC Canada, an Asian night market has become a major cultural event that draws visitors throughout the region and across the US and Canadian border. Across the Pacific, foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong transform the deserted office district in Central on weekends into a carnivalesque site. While contributing to the multicultural vibes in cities, migration and movements have also resulted in tensions, competition, and clashes of cultures between different ethnic communities, old-timers, newcomers, employees and employers, individuals and institutions. In Transcultural Cities Jeffrey Hou and a cross-disciplinary team of authors argue for a more critical and open approach that sees today’s cities, urban places, and placemaking as vehicles for cross-cultural understanding.
Transcultural Space and Transcultural Beings
Author: David Tomas
Publisher: Boulder, Company : Westview Press
Pages: 179
Year: 1996
View: 796
Read: 253
This book is about first contacts - intercultural spaces invaded and transgressed upon by explorers, both real and fictional. Although the book focuses on British East India's exploration of the Andaman Islands, complete with illustrations, ship's logs, and official published reports, David Tomas uses this study as a jumping-off point for a wide-ranging discussion of first contact experiences, like the famous Orson Welles's radio dramatization, "The War of the Worlds", and Western recordings of endangered environmental and ethnographic sounds. Powerfully innovative, this book exposes the brutality one group of people can inflict upon another when they attempt to represent them in writing and photographs. Tomas contends that such unthinking brutality continues today, and planes and automobiles serve as our sailing ships, transporting people from dominant cultures into spaces that rapidly become destabilized.
Historical Disaster Experiences
Author: Gerrit Jasper Schenk
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319491636
Pages: 436
Year: 2017-04-20
View: 847
Read: 382
Historical disaster research is still a young field. This book discusses the experiences of natural disasters in different cultures, from Europe across the Near East to Asia. It focuses on the pre-industrial era and on the question of similarities, differences and transcultural dynamics in the cultural handling of natural disasters. Which long-lasting cultural patterns of perception, interpretation and handling of disasters can be determined? Have specific types of disasters changed the affected societies? What have people learned from disasters and what not? What adaptation and coping strategies existed? Which natural, societal and economic parameters play a part? The book not only reveals the historical depth of present practices, but also reveals possible comparisons that show globalization processes, entanglements and exchanges of ideas and practices in pre-modern times.
Third Millennium Transcultural Management And Leadership - Volume II
Author: Gebhard Deissler
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3640814274
Pages: 498
Year: 2011-01-31
View: 316
Read: 621
Document from the year 2011 in the subject Pedagogy - Science, Theory, Anthropology, , course: Interkulturelles Management, language: English, abstract: Culture professional and layman alike can find in the present series of papers, in two volumes, the kind of inspiration that make the management of international diversity more simple as well as more effective and sustainable. It is explorative work that integrates state-of-the-art intercultural research in an innovative and effective formula derived from all major civilizations as well as from science. Those who hold offices in global business, global politics and global cooperation can position themselves better through the insights communicated here. The papers are written in English and German. ------- Interkulturalität ist für die Menschheit nach wie vor ein schier unlösbares Problem. Nutzt man jedoch die komparative interkulturelle Forschung, um die diesbezüglichen Erkenntnisse maßgeblicher Zivilisationen der Weltgeschichte in seine Suche nach dem Stein der Weisen des interkulturellen Managements zu finden, so stellt man fest, dass es in allen Kulturen und Zivilisationen Erkenntnisse gibt, die gleich den Speichen eines Rades in einer maßgeblichen Erkenntnis im Hinblick auf ein interkulturelles Panaceum zusammenlaufen. Ebenso die Naturwissenschaften, insbesondere das Quantenparadigma und die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, allen voran die Neurophysiologie und die psychologische Forschung, bestätigen die kulturübergreifenden Erkenntnisse. Somit kann man davon ausgehen, dass man, gleich der Nabe des Rades, den Kern des Problems identifiziert hat. Die Anwendung dieser entdeckten Formel befruchtet die interkulturelle Forschung und optimiert das damit einhergehende internationale Diversitätsmanagement: lokal, regional und global. Dieser Erweiterung der interkulturellen Erkenntnis und Praxis ist diese Pionierarbeit gewidmet. Forscher, Praktiker, Student oder Laie können hier jener Quelle der Erkenntnis fündig werden, aus der sie schöpfen können, wenn sie einen Beitrag für ein nachhaltiges interkulturelles Management im Bereich der Weltpolitik, der Weltwirtschaft und Weltfriedens leisten und sich als Leader und Manager des Kulturellen strategisch optimal positionieren möchten. Das Werk ist in Deutsch und Englisch verfasst und umfasst zwei Bände.
Transcultural visions of identities in images and texts
Author: Günter H. Lenz
ISBN: 3825355608
Pages: 318
Year: 2008
View: 737
Read: 1307

Genders 22
Author: Ellen E. Berry
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814786138
Pages: 240
Year: 1995-07-01
View: 1126
Read: 781
The epidemic of mass rape in the former Yugoslavia has illustrated once again, and in particularly brutal fashion, the inextricable relationship between national politics, sexual politics, and body politics. The nexus of these three forces is highly charged in any culture, at any time in history, but especially so among cultures in which rapid, even cataclysmic, changes in material realities and national self-conceptions are eroding or overwhelming previously secure boundaries. The postcommunist moment in the so-called Second World--Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union--has dramatically exposed the opportunities and dangers that arise when the political, cultural, and economic foundations of a society are de- and then re-structured. Gender roles and relations, expressions of sexuality or attempts to recontain them, representations of the body, especially the female body, and the larger, cultural meanings it assumes, are particularly marked sites to witness the performance of complex national dramas of crisis and change. This groundbreaking volume turns its attention to the Second World, specifically to such subjects as the birth of the sex media and porn industry in Russia; Russian women and alcoholism; cinema in post-communist Hungary; patriotism and gender in Poland; sexual dissidence in Eastern Europe; and women in the former Yugoslavia. [ go to the Genders website ]
Transcultural Nursing
Author: Joyce Newman Giger
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 032329328X
Pages: 736
Year: 2014-04-14
View: 1313
Read: 793
Giger and Davidhizar's unique transcultural model of clear, easy-to-apply assessment and intervention strategies is the definitive source for use in the clinical setting! This authoritative resource will help you learn to identify the six key cultural phenomena used in caring for clients from different backgrounds (communication, space, social organization, time, environmental control, and biological variations), and help you apply these phenomena to a variety of individuals in different cultures. Unique! Giger & Davidhizar's Transcultural Assessment Model devotes a full chapter to each of the six aspects of cultural assessment (communication, space, social organization, time, environmental control, and biologic variations) to help you apply this model to any client of any culture. Expert author Joyce Newman Giger is a pioneer in the field of transcultural nursing. Case studies and critical thinking questions help you apply the assessment framework in practice. UNIQUE! Sample care plans demonstrate how to apply principles to specific client needs. UNIQUE! Discussion of the spiritual component provides a more holistic, integrated approach to culture and assessment. Clarification of biologic variations for select cultural groups raises awareness of potential risks/influences on client health. 2010 census data is incorporated through the book to provide the most current analysis of demographic trends. Completely revised cultural chapters reflect the shifting experiences of different cultural groups in our society. NEW! 6 additional cultural chapters on Nigerians, Uganda Americans, Jordanian Americans, Cuban Americans, Amish Americans, and Irish Americans
Literacy Lives in Transcultural Times
Author: Rahat Zaidi
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1315400855
Year: 2017-07-06
View: 386
Read: 685
Combining language research with digital, multimodal, and critical literacy, this book uniquely positions issues of transcultural spaces and cosmopolitan identities across an array of contexts. Studies of everyday diasporic practices across places, spaces, and people's stories provide authentic pictures of people living in and with diversity. Its distinctive contribution is a framework to relate observation and analysis of these flows to language development, communication, and meaning making. Each chapter invites readers to reflect on the dynamism and complexity of spaces and contexts in an age of increasing mobility, political upheaval, economic instabilities, and online/offline landscapes.
The Twentieth Century in European Memory
Author: Barbara Törnquist Plewa, Tea Sindbæk Andersen
Publisher: European Studies
ISBN: 9004352341
Pages: 350
Year: 2017
View: 285
Read: 1281
The Twentieth Century in European Memory investigates contested and divisive memories. Focusing on questions of transculturality and reception, the book looks at ways in which such memories are being shared, debated and received by museums, artists, politicians and general audiences
Spaces of Creation
Author: Allison Connolly
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 1498539378
Pages: 150
Year: 2016-11-09
View: 1278
Read: 646
Drawing links between the Francophone literatures of Canada, the French Caribbean, and North Africa, Spaces of Creation demonstrates that problematic issues of dynamic, postcolonial societies can and do fuel creative acts on the part of women. The trying experiences of displaced mothers and their daughters, including isolation, domestic violence, and single parenthood, often serve to inspire introspection and creative action. In effect, their painful, frustrating existence provides the opportunity—the space of creation—necessary to weave and transmit stories. Organized around different manifestations of culturally diverse or transcultural spaces depicted in postcolonial literature—rural villages, domestic spaces, city centers, and spaces of otherness—the monograph uncovers the complexities of mothering and “daughtering” in contemporary Francophone contexts. Through discussion of these spaces, the book attests to a specifically “feminine” transculturality. This vision of diversity acknowledges both the heartening and tragic aspects of life in dynamic, multicultural communities, revealing creative synergies between the literatures of different Francophone diasporas and inviting the reader to reconsider the mother-daughter relationship.

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