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Electronic Measurement Systems
Author: A.F.P van Putten
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0750303409
Pages: 472
Year: 1996-01-01
View: 337
Read: 989
Electronic Measurement Systems: Theory and Practice, Second Edition is designed for those who require a thorough understanding of the wide variety of both digital and analogue electronic measurement systems in common use. The first part of the book discusses basic concepts such as system specification, architectures, structures, and components. Later chapters cover topics important for the proper functioning of systems including reliability, guarding/shielding, and noise. Finally, an unusual chapter treats the problems of the human aspects of the design of measurement systems. The book also includes problems and exercises. New to the Second Edition Extended section about signal structures, I/O bussystems, DAQ boards, and their architecture User programmable devices (UPLD's) and the use of microprocessor principles in instrumentation Novel approaches on reliability due to built-in testability becoming a major design feature A brief introduction to the related physics of each transducer energy domain to understand what the principle of operation is Discussion of the ADM method for drift elimination Introduction to the European Electro Magnetic Compatibility legislation and the ISO 9000 system Additional noise calculation techniques and noise in sensors Chapter on autozeroing transducers and sensor interfacing, paying particular attention to bridge circuits for modulating transducers
Electronic Measurement Systems
Author: U.A.Bakshi, A.V.Bakshi
Publisher: Technical Publications
ISBN: 8184316038
Pages: 512
Year: 2009-01-01
View: 371
Read: 361

Electronics of measuring systems
Author: Tien Lang Tran
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
Pages: 318
Year: 1987
View: 758
Read: 824
An updated treatment of all practical aspects of both analogue and digital measurement systems. Intended to familiarize designers with the technology of the rapidly developing array of electronic devices, the emphasis is on practical rather than theoretical uses of electronic devices in measuring systems. Topics covered include transducer interfacing, noise reduction, signal processing, multiplexers and data organization and processing. Translated by the author from a work originally published by Masson.
Electronic Measurement Techniques
Author: D. F. A. Edwards
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 1483279871
Pages: 390
Year: 2014-05-12
View: 1324
Read: 840
Electronic Measurement Techniques provides practical information concerning the techniques in electronic measurements and a working knowledge on how to adopt and use the appropriate measuring instruments. SI units are used as the unit of measurement in the book. The text contains chapters focusing on a variety of measurement techniques. The initial chapter discusses the system of measurements and principles used in electronic measurements. Subsequent chapters cover instruments for direct current measurement, electronic voltmeters, methods for the measurement of alternating currents and potential differences, and measurement of power. Chapters are also devoted to the elaboration of the construction of standards for comparison purposes and the measurement of non-electrical quantities. Engineers will find the book very useful.
Measurement Systems and Sensors, Second Edition
Author: Waldemar Nawrocki
Publisher: Artech House
ISBN: 1608079333
Pages: 440
Year: 2016-01-01
View: 1245
Read: 536
This thoroughly updated and expanded second edition is an authoritative resource on industrial measurement systems and sensors, with particular attention given to temperature, stress, pressure, acceleration, and liquid flow sensors. This edition includes new and expanded chapters on wireless measuring systems and measurement control and diagnostics systems in cars. Moreover, the book introduces new, cost-effective measurement technology utilizing www servers and LAN computer networks - a topic not covered in any other resource. Coverage of updated wireless measurement systems and wireless GSM/LTE interfacing make this book unique, providing in-depth, practical knowledge. Professionals learn how to connect an instrument to a computer or tablet while reducing the time for collecting and processing measurement data. This hands-on reference presents digital temperature sensors, demonstrating how to design a monitoring system with multipoint measurements. From computer-based measuring systems, electrical thermometers and pressure sensors, to conditioners, crate measuring systems, and virtual instruments, this comprehensive title offers engineers the details they need for their work in the field.
Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation
Author: Klaas B. Klaassen
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521477298
Pages: 335
Year: 1996-09-05
View: 1028
Read: 1061
A mainstream undergraduate text on electronic measurement for electrical and electronic engineers.
Measurement Science for Engineers
Author: Paul Regtien, F. van der Heijden, M. J. Korsten, W Otthius
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0080536018
Pages: 384
Year: 2004-06-01
View: 741
Read: 401
This volume, from an international authority on the subject, deals with the physical and instrumentation aspects of measurement science, the availability of major measurement tools, and how to use them. This book not only lays out basic concepts of electronic measurement systems, but also provides numerous examples and exercises for the student. · Ideal for courses on instrumentation, control engineering and physics · Numerous worked examples and student exercises
Analog Electronics for Measuring Systems
Author: Davide Bucci
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1786301482
Pages: 180
Year: 2017-05-15
View: 449
Read: 224
Many instrumentation engineers and scientists often deal with analog electronic issues when approaching delicate measurements. Even if off-the-shelf measuring solutions exist, comprehension of the analog behavior of the measuring system is often a necessity. This book provides a concise introduction to the main elements of a low frequency analog acquisition chain. It aims to be sufficiently general to provide an introduction, yet specific enough to guide the reader through some classical problems that may be encountered in the subject. Topics include sensors, conditioning circuits, differential and instrumentation amplifiers, active filters (mainly for anti-aliasing purposes) and analog to digital converters. A chapter is devoted to an introduction to noise and electronic compatibility. This work is intended for people with a general background in electronics and signal processing, who are looking for an introduction to classical electronic solutions employed in measuring instruments involving low frequency analog signal processing.
Electronic Test Instruments
Author: Robert A. Witte
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Pages: 283
Year: 1993
View: 862
Read: 847
The purpose of this new work is twofold: first, to enable the user to move from understanding basic electronics to understanding how electric theory relates to practical electronic measurements, and second, to give the user knowledge of what instruments are available, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to choose the right class of instrument for a particular job. It provides a breadth of coverage not readily found elsewhere, including functional descriptions of voltmeters, ammeters, ohmmeters, signal sources, oscilloscopes, frequency counters, circuits for electronic measurements, frequency domain instruments, and logic analyzers. This volume will be of practical use to electrical engineers and technicians who understand basic electronics and want to learn more about electronic measurements.
Measuring annual growth rings using an electronic measuring machine
Author: Russell T. Graham, Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station (Ogden, Utah)
Pages: 13
Year: 1980
View: 311
Read: 769

Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation
Author: K. Lal Kishore
Publisher: Pearson Education India
ISBN: 8131775542
Pages: 448
View: 1063
Read: 1077
Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation provides a comprehensive blend of the theoretical and practical aspects of electronic measurements and instrumentation. Spread across eight chapters, this book provides a comprehensive coverage of each topic in the syllabus with a special focus on oscilloscopes and transducers. The key features of the book are clear illustrations and circuit diagrams for enhanced comprehension; points to remember that help students grasp the essence of each chapter; objective-type questions, review questions, and unsolved problems provided at the end of each chapter, which help students prepare for competitive examinations; solved numerical problems and examples are provided, which enable the reader to understand design aspects better and to enable students to comprehend basic principles; and summaries at the end of each chapter that help students recapitulate all the concepts learnt.
Electronics Measurements And Instrumentation
Author: U.A.Bakshi, A.V.Bakshi
Publisher: Technical Publications
ISBN: 8184316658
Pages: 652
Year: 2009-01-01
View: 720
Read: 868

Digital Signal Processing for Measurement Systems
Author: Gabriele D'Antona, Alessandro Ferrero
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387286667
Pages: 268
Year: 2006-10-28
View: 1099
Read: 381
This excellent Senior undergraduate/graduate textbook offers an unprecedented measurement of science perspective on DSP theory and applications, a wealth of definitions and real-life examples making it invaluable for students, while practical.
Image Based Measurement Systems
Author: Ferdinand van der Heijden
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Pages: 338
Year: 1994
View: 600
Read: 566
What makes this book unique is that besides information on image processing of objects to yield knowledge, the author has devoted a lot of thought to the measurement factor of image processing. This is of direct practical use in numerous sectors from industrial quality and robotics to medicine and biology.
Automatic Instruments and Measuring Systems
Author: Rudolf Radnai, Edward G. Kingham
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483135594
Pages: 180
Year: 2016-02-06
View: 549
Read: 627
Jones' Instrument Technology, Volume 5: Automatic Instruments and Measuring Systems deals with general trends in automatic instruments and measuring systems. Specific examples are provided to illustrate the principles of such devices. A brief review of a considerable number of standards is undertaken, with emphasis on the IEC625 Interface System. Other relevant standards are reviewed, including the interface and backplane bus standards. This volume is comprised of seven chapters and begins with a short introduction to the principles of automatic measurements, classification of measuring systems, application areas, and interface systems. The discussion then turns to the connection of the individual units of an IEC-interface-based measuring system, along with control units, computers, programmable calculators, and special system controllers. The chapters that follow focus on the building blocks of automatic measuring systems, their design and assembly, and the merits and uses of IEC system analyzers. The final chapter reviews alternative serial and parallel systems and interfaces, as well as the standards available. This monograph will be invaluable to electronics and electrical engineers.

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