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Author: Carolyn Steedman
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 0813530474
Pages: 195
Year: 2002
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An original and challenging investigation into how modern history writing has developed. In this witty, engaging, and challenging book, Carolyn Steedman has produced an original--and sometimes irreverant--investigation into how modern history writing has developed. Dust: The Archive and Cultural History considers our stubborn set of beliefs about an objective material world--inherited from the nineteenth century--with which modern history writing attempts to grapple. Drawing on her own published and unpublished writing, Carolyn Steedman has produced a sustained argument about the way in which history writing belongs to the currents of thought shaping the modern world. Steedman begins by asserting that in recent years much attention has been paid to the archive by those working in the humanities and social sciences; she calls this practice "archivization." By definition, the archive is the repository of "that which will not go away," and the book goes on to suggest that, just like dust, the "matter of history" can never go away or be erased. This unique work will be welcomed by all historians who want to think about what it is they do. Carolyn Steedman is Professor of History at the University of Warwick (United Kingdom).
Author: Paul J. Lioy
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 1442201509
Pages: 272
Year: 2009-02-16
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Despite exhaustive reports about the September 11th attacks at the World Trade Center, no one report examines the dust that poured from the skies as the buildings collapsed in as much personal and technical detail as Lioy offers here. From his own experiences examining and analyzing the dust, to his work with the various agencies involved in the aftermath of the disaster, the author puts together a compelling examination of the dust itself and the agencies, mechanisms, and people in place to deal with it. This completely fresh perspective sheds new light on one of our nation's darkest moments.
Words in the Dust
Author: Trent Reedy
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0545261252
Pages: 266
Year: 2011-01-01
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Hoping for a better life after the Taliban are driven from her Afghanistan home, Zulaikha dreams of getting along better with her difficult stepmother and having her cleft palate fixed before encountering intimidating changes in the form of a poetry teacher and American visitors.
Author: Hugh Howey
Publisher: John Joseph Adams/Houghton Mifflin Harco
ISBN: 0544839625
Pages: 480
Year: 2016-03-22
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Wool introduced the world of the silo. Shift told the story of its creation. Dust will describe its downfall. Juliette, now mayor of Silo 18, doesn't trust Silo 1, especially its leader, Donald. But in the world of the Silos, there is no black and white -- everything is shades of gray. Donald may not be the monster Juliette thinks he is, and may in fact be key to humanity's continued survival. But can they work together long enough to succeed?
Author: Charles R. Pellegrino
ISBN: 0380787423
Pages: 464
Year: 1999-03-01
View: 304
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When a gigantic ecological eruption causes dust mites to rapidly reproduce and become flesh-eating insects, paleobiologist Richard Sinclair and a group of survivors must try to stop this deadly phenomenon before the entire world is destroyed. Reprint.
Author: Joseph A. Amato
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520231953
Pages: 250
Year: 2001
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A history of this minute particle spans a thousand years of Western civilization, from the naturalism of the medieval period through the intensely curious Renaissance, to the modern worlds of nanotechnology and viral research.
Author: Susan Berliner
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1440126585
Pages: 216
Year: 2009-04-07
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While unloading groceries in her Rock Haven condo, Karen McKay notices a strange swirl of red, green, and blue dust. The swirl follows her inside, lifts a porcelain ballerina from her wall unit, twirls it in the air, and throws it to the floor, shattering it into pieces. The following evening, Karen hears her neighbor's dog barking loudly. Upon investigation, she finds her neighbor, Marion, at the bottom of the stairs—dead. At the top of the stairs, a colorful whirlpool of dust circles ominously. Now the feisty librarian must consider the unthinkable: Could the dust be responsible for her neighbor's death and, if so, would it kill again? Karen turns to her ex-husband, Jerry, for help and together they bravely confront the mysterious dust. But will their daring actions cost them their lives?
Out of the Dust
Author: Karen Hesse
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0545517125
Pages: 240
Year: 2012-09-01
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Acclaimed author Karen Hesse's Newbery Medal-winning novel-in-verse explores the life of fourteen-year-old Billie Jo growing up in the dust bowls of Oklahoma.
Drawing in the Dust
Author: Zoe Klein
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416599126
Pages: 360
Year: 2009-07-07
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Scorned for agreeing to help an Arab couple excavate allegedly haunted grounds under their house, archaeologist Page Brookstone finds what may be the tomb of the prophet Jeremiah, as well as the remains of a woman, and intriguing scrolls documenting their relationship.
Daughters of the Dust
Author: Julie Dash, Toni Cade Bambara, Bell Hooks
ISBN: 1565840305
Pages: 173
Year: 1992
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Describes the author's sixteen-year struggle to complete her film
Ask the Dust
Author: John Fante
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062013009
Pages: 192
Year: 2010-05-18
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Ask the Dust is a virtuoso performance by an influential master of the twentieth-century American novel. It is the story of Arturo Bandini, a young writer in 1930s Los Angeles who falls hard for the elusive, mocking, unstable Camilla Lopez, a Mexican waitress. Struggling to survive, he perseveres until, at last, his first novel is published. But the bright light of success is extinguished when Camilla has a nervous breakdown and disappears . . . and Bandini forever rejects the writer's life he fought so hard to attain.
Dust & Grooves
Author: Eilon Paz
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 1607748703
Pages: 428
Year: 2015-09-15
View: 505
Read: 244
A photographic look into the world of vinyl record collectors—including Questlove—in the most intimate of environments—their record rooms. Compelling photographic essays from photographer Eilon Paz are paired with in-depth and insightful interviews to illustrate what motivates these collectors to keep digging for more records. The reader gets an up close and personal look at a variety of well-known vinyl champions, including Gilles Peterson and King Britt, as well as a glimpse into the collections of known and unknown DJs, producers, record dealers, and everyday enthusiasts. Driven by his love for vinyl records, Paz takes us on a five-year journey unearthing the very soul of the vinyl community.
Author: Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson
Publisher: London : W. Heinemann
Pages: 317
Year: 1897
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Finding Our Soul in the Dust
Author: John Elliott Albert
Publisher: Llumina Press
ISBN: 1595263276
Pages: 264
Year: 2004-06-01
View: 1082
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Once we recognize and experience our soul, then and only then will we begin to live a life of contentment and begin a truly meaningful existence. This experience is possible and this book is dedicated to this experience.
Author: Haldeman Julius
Publisher: 1st World Publishing
ISBN: 1421821338
Pages: 156
Year: 2006-07-01
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DUST was piled in thick, velvety folds on the weeds and grass of the open Kansas prairie; it lay, a thin veil on the scrawny black horses and the sharp-boned cow picketed near a covered wagon; it showered to the ground in little clouds as Mrs. Wade, a tall, spare woman, moved about a camp-fire, preparing supper in a sizzling skillet, huge iron kettle and blackened coffee-pot. Her husband, pale and gaunt, the shadow of death in his weary face and the droop of his body, sat leaning against one of the wagon wheels trying to quiet a wailing, emaciated year-old baby while little tow-headed Nellie, a vigorous child of seven, frolicked undaunted by the August heat.