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Author: Conn Iggulden
Publisher: Michael Joseph
ISBN: 071818145X
Pages: 544
Year: 2017-05-04
View: 1207
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A spellbinding story of ambition, anarchy, and absolute power set against the brutal world of tenth-century England. I have broken my vows. I have murdered innocents. I have trod down the soil over their dead face with my bare heels, and only the moon as witness. I have loved a woman and she ruined me. I have loved a king and yet I ruined him. The year is 937. England is a nation divided, ruled by minor kings and Viking lords. Each vies for land and power. The Wessex king ÔŅĹthelstan, grandson of Alfred the Great, is readying himself to throw a spear into the north. Behind him stands Dunstan, the man who will control the destiny of the next seven kings of England, and the fate of an entire nation. Welcome to the original game for the English throne.
Author: Douglas Dales
Publisher: James Clarke & Co
ISBN: 0227900812
Pages: 230
Year: 2013-04-25
View: 1298
Read: 994
St Dunstan of Canterbury (909-88) was the central figure in the development of English church and society after the death of King Alfred. Douglas Dales traces Dunstan's life beginning with his education at the great monastery of Glastonbury of which he became abbot. He was a central figure at the court of the kings of Wessex but was banished, partly because of his hostility to the king's mistresses, and went to exile in Flanders. After his return he was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury. During the twenty-eight years of his primacy he carried out one of the major developments of the century, the reformation of the monasteries. The millennium of Dunstan's death provides an opportunity to examine him not merely as a prelate and royal advisor, but to see other aspects of his life: his skills as a craftsman caused him to be adopted as the patron saint of goldsmiths; some of his work as calligrapher and artist survives to this day; the coronation service which he drew up still lies at the heart of this service for English monarchs today; he was famed for his musical skills; above all, the sanctity of his name and the fame of his miracles kept Dunstan's memory alive. Douglas Dales' re-examination of the life and times of Dunstan sets his achievements against the social and religious background of the day, at a time when new forces were emerging that would shape the future of England and the English Church for centuries to come.
Author: Conn Iggulden
Publisher: Michael Joseph
ISBN: 0718181441
Pages: 480
Year: 2017-05-04
View: 204
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** 'Iggulden has created an intriguingly complex saint - flawed, spiteful and unreliable as the teller of his own tale. Through his eyes we watch the story of the making of England' The Times ** From the critically acclaimed master of historical fiction Conn Iggulden, comes a novel set in the red-blooded days of Anglo-Saxon England. This is the original game for the English throne. In the year 937, King ÔŅĹthelstan, grandson of Alfred the Great, readies himself to throw a great spear into the north. His dream of a kingdom of all England will stand or fall on one field and the passage of a single day. At his side is Dunstan of Glastonbury, full of ambition and wit, perhaps enough to damn his soul. His talents will take him from the villages of Wessex to the royal court, to the hills of Rome - from exile to exaltation. Through Dunstan's vision, by his guiding hand, England may come together as one great country - or fall back into anarchy and misrule . . . From one of our finest historical writers, Dunstan is an intimate portrait of a priest and performer, a visionary, a traitor and confessor to kings - the man who changed the fate of England.
Memorials of Saint Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury
Author: William Stubbs
Pages: 494
Year: 1874
View: 562
Read: 583

Eadmer of Canterbury: Lives and Miracles of Saints Oda, Dunstan, and Oswald
Author: Eadmer, Bernard J. Muir, Andrew J. Turner
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0199253803
Pages: 333
Year: 2006-04-06
View: 293
Read: 1201
The biographical and historical works of Eadmer, secretary of Saint Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury, look back to the Anglo-Saxon past and reflect contemporary realities of Norman society. The Lives of Saints Oda, Dunstan and Oswald, newly edited here with a modern English translation, provide many insights into the wider political history of the pre- and post-Conquest periods, as well as important evidence for the cults of the saints in Canterbury andWorcester.
Playford to Dunstan
Author: Neal Blewett, Dean Jaensch
Publisher: [Melbourne] : Cheshire
Pages: 300
Year: 1971
View: 1325
Read: 537

My story of St. Dunstan's
Author: Ian Fraser Fraser of Lonsdale (baron)
Pages: 376
Year: 1961
View: 1217
Read: 789

The Register Booke of Christeninges, Marriages and Burialls in Saint Dunstan's, Canterbury, 1559-1800
Author: Canterbury (England). St. Dunstan Parish
Pages: 218
Year: 1887
View: 952
Read: 348

A Sermon, Preach'd at the Parish-church of St. Dunstan in the West, on Sunday Dec. the 23d. 1711
Author: George Smalridge
Pages: 19
Year: 1711
View: 750
Read: 557

Mack Dunstan’s Inferno
Author: Paul Collins
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 146203280X
Pages: 148
Year: 2011-06-29
View: 556
Read: 1124
Mack ‚ÄėMax‚Äô Dunstan has played Moses, Marc Anthony, Ben-Hur, President Andrew Jackson, and Long John Silver. He has starred in The Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur, El Cid, 55 Days in Peking, Planet of the Apes, Omega Man, and Soylent Green, to name a few. Sadly, in this age of social media, reality television, and political correctness, today‚Äôs generation know him only for his hard right point of views and his outspoken nature. Mack Dunstan‚Äôs Inferno was written as a satirical, fantasy work, where Mr. Dunstan succumbed to Alzheimer‚Äôs, went through the death process, and descended into hell, where he met victims of his pro-gun policy. Collins was a fan of Mack Dunstan. This manuscript was actually inspired when the author viewed Michael Moore, who challenged Mr. Dunstan in Bowling for Columbine. The author did not support Mr. Moore‚Äôs penchant for skewing the facts, or promoting his own agenda, but has acknowledged the filmmaker for providing the inspiration for Mack Dunstan‚Äôs Inferno. Collins was never a fan of filmmaker Michael Moore. In fact he was utterly appalled and disgusted to hear how Mr. Moore accepted the academy award. The American Academy awards were about Gucci shoes, who was wearing what, and who's sleeping with whom. It was never about social issues. Collins never understood how a movie director could become infamous through documentary filmmaking. Only in America! Mack Dunstan‚Äôs Inferno began with Mack Dunstan going through and experiencing the death process. As he journeyed, he met Virgil, who guided him through hell, heaven, and eventual illumination. In his journey, Mr. Dunstan met the many victims of his pro-gun policy. Many were Hispanic and African-Americans, all of whom were from the poorer classes. It was in this scenario of the underworld; Mr. Dunstan was confronted with the many sad and tragic stories, leaving him to go through the process of expurgation of guilt, anger, and elimination of the ego. Mr. Dunstan, however, did meet a lot of celebrities in his journey of the underworld. Some were from the silent era, golden age of cinema, and classic, American TV shows. Mack Dunstan‚Äôs Inferno was not only a satire on those who enjoy distinction in the modern era, but a parity, or update, of The Divine Comedy. Within in the perimeters of fiction, Collins satirized and the so-called pillars of the communities and media darlings. He lampooned present actors, dead actors, present/past members of the political and business elite. Therefore, instead of mentioning long, dead ancient figures of history, Collins sketched in Kelsey Grammar, Sally Struthers, or JK Rowlings. Mack Dunstan‚Äôs Inferno does not promote a dogmatic, Christian belief system, but an Eastern point of view. Find out more by reading Mack Dunstan‚Äôs Inferno, where sci fi adventure fantasy and religious superstitions will collide.
The Life of Saint Dunstan. (Printed ... for W. R. [i.e. William Robinson?]
Author: W. R. (LL.D.), William ROBINSON (LL.D., Barrister-at-Law.)
Pages: 26
Year: 1844
View: 1213
Read: 640

Arthur Dudley Dunstan
Author: Andrew Miller
Publisher: Andrew Miller
ISBN: 0557071151
Pages: 47
Year: 2009-10-12
View: 172
Read: 590
A funny and delightful story of a young ADD-ish boy and the troubles and misadventures he gets up to in school. Curiosity leads Arthur to try and catapult a dead possum with a tree, see how many metres of toilet paper a toilet will flush in one go and see how his teachers react to him faking serious injuries. Amongst these and other episodes, the Vice Principal wants to drug him, his Mum wants to protect him. Arthur just wants to play.
War blindness at St. Dunstan's
Author: A. Lawson
Publisher: –†–ł–Ņ–ĺ–Ľ –ö–Ľ–į—Ā—Ā–ł–ļ
ISBN: 5871590640
Pages: 148
Year: 1922
View: 699
Read: 515

The Crime of Huey Dunstan
Author: James McNeish
Publisher: Text Publishing
ISBN: 1921799021
Pages: 288
Year: 2010-07-05
View: 922
Read: 767
Revered New Zealand author James McNeish has written the most extraordinary novel of his distinguished career. The Crime of Huey Dunstan combines courtroom drama with psychological mystery in a compelling exploration of justice, the law and humanity. A young man stands in the dock accused of murder-a brutal murder, apparently motiveless. When Professor Chesney, a psychologist specialising in trauma, is called as an expert witness he is at first baffled. This young man, Huey Dunstan, was a bubbly, smiling child not so long ago. What brought him to bludgeon an old man to death? Why does he seem determined at all cost to incriminate himself? As Ches delves into Huey's past, with the sensitive insight that perhaps only a blind man could have, the jury is asked to consider an unthinkable defence.

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