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Dragon Storm
Author: Katie MacAlister
Publisher: Forever
ISBN: 1455559253
Pages: 368
Year: 2015-11-24
View: 999
Read: 530
TURN ON THE CHARM According to some (including himself), Constantine is one of the greatest heroes of dragonkin who ever lived. Too bad he's now lonelier than ever and his biggest adventure involves a blow-up sheep-until he has an opportunity to save his kind once again. All Constantine has to do is break into a demon's dungeon, steal an ancient artifact, and reverse a deadly curse. The plan certainly does not involve rescuing a woman . . . TURN UP THE HEAT Bee isn't sure whether to be infuriated or relieved when Constantine pops up in her prison. The broody, brawny shifter lights her fire in a way no one ever has before, yet how far can she really trust him? Their chemistry may be off the charts, but when push comes to shove, Constantine will have to make a crucial choice: to save the dragons or the woman he's grown to love with fierce intensity.
Dragon Storm
Author: Lindsay Buroker
ISBN: 0988315610
Year: 2017-12-26
View: 384
Read: 164
Dragons have been gone from the world for over a thousand years. Now they're back.
Dragon Storm
Author: Bianca D'Arc
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1979772878
Pages: 254
Year: 2017-11-24
View: 763
Read: 998
Their love will span the ages...and two very different worlds. Caught in a magical storm and deposited in modern-day Oregon, twin dragon princes Darius and Connor are looking for a way home. Instead, they find something most unexpected-their mate. The one woman who holds both their hearts in the palm of her healing hand-along with secrets about her origins that link their shared destinies. When Josie patches up the injured man on her doorstep, her snowcat instincts tell her he's much more than a man. And so is his brother. She also knows her dragon lovers cannot fly free in the modern world. The only way to return them to their rightful place is to face the failures of her past, and leave the safety of her forest cabin to seek her estranged grandfather's counsel. There she learns the painful truth: returning Darius and Connor to where they belong could mean giving up everything. Even her only chance for true love. But fate has other plans for the trio. Magic swirls all around them. Whether it is for good or ill, only time will tell... Note: Contains a fiery hot menage a trois, a wild cat-woman and two hunky dragon studs in black leather. A little time travel makes everything more interesting, doesn't it? The Dragon Knights series consists of: Daughters of the Dragon 1. Maiden Flight 2. Border Lair 3. The Ice Dragon 4. Prince of Spies The Novellas 5. The Dragon Healer (novella) 6. Master at Arms (novella) 7 Wings of Change (novella) Sons of Draconia 8. FireDrake 9. Dragon Storm 10. Keeper of the Flame 11. Hidden Dragons The Sea Captain's Daughter Trilogy 12. Sea Dragon 13. Dragon Fire 14. Dragon Mates
How to Ride a Dragon's Storm
Author: Cressida Cowell
Publisher: Turtleback
ISBN: 0606170944
Pages: 254
Year: 2011-06
View: 207
Read: 969
Hiccup, the reluctant Viking hero, has three months, five days, and six hours to discover America, return to Berk, save his father, battle Polarserpents, and win the annual Inter-Tribal Friendly Swimming Race.
The Fire Dragon Storm
Author: Anne Cameron
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062112880
Pages: 464
Year: 2016-05-03
View: 665
Read: 922
In the fast-paced conclusion to The Lightning Catcher quartet, storm prophet Angus McFangus makes one final attempt to rescue his parents and save his school from the villainous Scabious Dankhart. This school adventure series is a mix of Storm Chasers and The Mysterious Benedict Society. Action-packed, lighthearted, and perfect for reluctant readers, with black-and-white illustrations by Newbery Honor author Victoria Jamieson! Halfway through their second year at the Perilous Exploratorium for Violent Weather and Vicious Storms, Angus McFangus and his two best friends, Indigo Midnight and Dougal Dewsnap, are being heatedly pursued by Scabious Dankhart. In an attempt to foil Dankhart, who is already holding Angus’s parents as prisoners, Angus and his friends fake their own deaths and go into hiding within the Exploratorium itself. When they discover the existence of blue-dragon scales that allow a storm prophet to control multiple fire dragons at once, the trio goes on a quest to locate all four scales. As the single living storm prophet, Angus is the only person who can control the dragon scales and use them to defeat Dankhart and his powerful lightning tower.
How to Train Your Dragon: How to Ride a Dragon's Storm
Author: Cressida Cowell
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0316377465
Pages: 288
Year: 2014-08-26
View: 858
Read: 478
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, everyone's favorite reluctant Viking hero, has three months, five days and six hours to discover America, get back to Berk, save his father, battle Polarserpents and win the annual Inter-Tribal Friendly Swimming Race. Can he do it?
Why God Allows Suffering
Author: Mr Tiger Dragon Storm
ISBN: 1999767748
Pages: 40
Year: 2018-01-21
View: 427
Read: 217
"Why does God cause suffering?" Is a big question that has been troubling minds since religion began. In this book, we deconstruct the main beliefs that have made this figure humanity has named "God" the bad guy. Through detailed self-enquiry experiments and examples of why God is not who you think he is, Tiger Dragon Storm lovingly guides you to the following clear understanding... ...that which you call "God..".is completely innocent.
The Storm Dragon
Author: J. M. Masters
Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Fiction Ltd.
ISBN: 1848125275
Pages: 192
Year: 2016-01-07
View: 876
Read: 1166
Outgrown BEAST QUEST? Enter the world of the Dragon Knights! Quinn, Thea and the Fire and Storm Dragons journey to the next island of Alariss to find Nord, the Wind Dragon. Since the rise of evil Uncle Vayn, Nord has lived a reclusive life in his family's ancestral home in the Auric Citadel. Nord laments not only the loss of his dragon powers, but also the disappearance of his betrothed, Catherine. As the wealthy residents prepare to celebrate the Blood Moon festival a mysterious illness is gripping Nord's subjects. Nord is finally awakened to the evil that is taking place and trusting Quinn he allows himself to be released to assume his dragon form . . .
The Storm Dragon
Author: Paula Harrison
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1481476092
Pages: 128
Year: 2017-03-07
View: 289
Read: 464
A group of friends set out to save magical creatures from a cruel queen and her wicked soldiers in the first book in the brand-new Secret Rescuers chapter book series. When Sophy finds a little lost dragon named Cloudy, she knows he’s in danger. It will take all the courage she can muster—and a little bit of magic—to keep the baby dragon safe. But what if there are other creatures in danger? It looks like Sophy’s going to need some friends to help her with her secret rescues…
Storm Dragon
Author: James Wyatt
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
ISBN: 0786955791
Pages: 384
Year: 2010-01-26
View: 1121
Read: 953
The beginning of an adventure that will shake the world of Eberron! A war hero, his mind broken by the wonders he witnessed on his last mission for his nation, has spent years in the deepest, darkest prison in all the world. Wallowing in despair and ever on the verge of madness, he is caught by surprise when a band of strangers breaks him out. But his rescuers don't exactly have his best interests at heart. The magic relic that broke his once-brilliant mind may be the key to stopping worldwide destruction--and whether he lives or dies really doesn't concern them. From the Paperback edition.
The Dragon Storm
Author: Sarah Dalton
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1546595287
Pages: 320
Year: 2017-05-18
View: 1161
Read: 238
Dragon shifters have returned to the world. A cruel king sits on the throne. A terrible plague sweeps through the realm. In Estala, Reva Avalon--on the run from the Sisters of Insight--travels from village to village as the plague creates chaos and disorder throughout the population. But her movements are tracked by an unknown danger. Could her follower be one of the Sisters? Or could it be someone capable of unlocking the secrets of her past? Meanwhile, in Xantos, Prince Luca's camp of Menti rebels is in tatters after his brother's attack. But with his father dead, Luca fears for the stability of his home, Estala. Despite their weakened state, Luca must find a way to strengthen the rebels, even if it means bargaining with an organisation he does not trust. In the second book of the Land of Fire and Ash series, court politics is played like a game, heroes are betrayed, and alliances are tested. But all the while magic stirs as the dragons lose and gain power, and dark sorcery threatens the realm.
The Dragon Storm
Author: Jarod Tomiyama
ISBN: 1988186153
Pages: 964
Year: 2016-03-11
View: 863
Read: 982
A kingdom, two decades away from its last conflict, sets the stage for a tale of three. A son, who is more than he seems, goes south to meet his family behind the wall of mountains. But in his shadow follows daggers and dark intent, and an old hunger for vengeance. A daughter, who struggles with the world, finds a strength within herself she never knew. But the land will not accept the changes she proposes easily. Will the kingdom force her to bow, or will she make it kneel before her? A brother, who strives to be more than a blade, must undertake a possibly fatal mission. As he struggles to become a leader and earn the loyalty of those who serve under him, he must master his inner fire before it burns him to ash.
Dragon Storm
Author: Myah Tymon
ISBN: 198299097X
Pages: 54
Year: 2018-05-24
View: 764
Read: 755
The land of dragons is not found on Earth. It is found far off in space, thousands of light-years away from our galaxy on a planet called Hulldurez. In the land of Dragons, there is a war raging. The dragons, snow griffons, and asian unicorns have sided against the chimeras, griffins, and hydras. Our story focuses on two dragons in particular. One dragon, an Admiral named Corzeteth NightWing. The other, a young ScarletWing named Black Ruby. Corzeteth is locked in a constant struggle to keep the evil King Elzaeth at bay, while still handling the responsibilities of being Admiral of the Tenzantian Army and taking care of his family. Black Ruby ScarletWing has troubles of his own because his species are well known for being unstable, unpredictable, and a freak of nature, constantly cast aside by the higher societies. Black Ruby is desperate to become Corzeteth's apprentice, and learn to be the next Admiral of Tenzantia. But King Elzaeth opposes both of them at every turn. Black Ruby's patience, and Corzeteth's loyalty are tested to the limits, and Black Ruby can't help but wonder if perhaps these so-called unstable powers are simply rumors turned into fact. What will Corzeteth do when he realizes that there is no way to continue fighting against King Elzaeth? And what will become of the Brethren if the war continues?
Author: Mirren Hogan
Publisher: Reasoner Trilogy
ISBN: 198058723X
Pages: 240
Year: 2018-03-18
View: 484
Read: 497
Devastated at the disappearance of her son Daven, Kaida vows not to let Dashka, a young woman with magical ability, fall into the hands of the reasoners. Instead, she helps her bond Nehko, a dragon whose rider has died. Having unlocked the terrible secret of the bards, Brish turns his back on them. Bent on revenge, he joins the reasoners, sure all the answers lie there. He just might have to kill to find them. Journey to the world of Dargyn.
Dragon Fall
Author: Katie MacAlister
Publisher: Forever
ISBN: 1455559229
Pages: 368
Year: 2015-07-28
View: 845
Read: 1231
YOU FLIRT WITH FIRE... For Aoife Dakar, seeing is believing-and she's seen some extraordinary things. It's too bad no one else believes that she witnessed a supernatural murder at an outdoor fair. Returning to the scene for proof, Aoife encounters a wise-cracking demon dog-and a gloriously naked man who can shift into a dragon and kiss like a god. Now thrust into a fantastical world that's both exhilarating and terrifying, Aoife is about to learn just how hot a dragon's fire burns. WHEN YOU DATE A DRAGON Kostya has no time for a human woman with endless questions, no matter how gorgeous or tempting she is. He must break the curse that has splintered the dragon clans before more of his kind die. But his powerful attraction to Aoife runs much deeper than the physical-and there may be more to her than even his sharp dragon eyes can see. To survive the coming battle for the fate of his race, he needs a mate of true heart and soul . . .

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