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Radiant Light
Author: Chloe Adler
ISBN: 1947156225
Year: 2018-04-12
View: 594
Read: 1094
Iphigenia Holt, the sweetest witch with the biggest heart continues to tumble down, not only circus silks, but also through a harem of lofty admirers.
A Witch's Mortal Desire
Author: Chloe Adler
ISBN: 1947156055
Year: 2017-05-03
View: 300
Read: 254
Hi, my name is Sadie and I'm a snarky witch, but my powers are pretty much zilch. Because my family does not approve of my sexy lifestyle I've found acceptance with my two BFF's, a gay shape-shifter and a vampire Domme. When the Domme brings a new human home to play I find myself both attracted to him and disgusted with myself. There are dark creatures skittering around the blackened edges of our town and it's me and mine that must fight them.How does the human fit into our battle? And how is he the key to my own personal puzzle? Looks like we're all going to find out.
The Mermaid's Journey
Author: Kellie McAllen
ISBN: 1717378692
Pages: 254
Year: 2018-04-24
View: 697
Read: 760
A runaway mermaid, four sexy, potential mates vying to claim her, and a whole new world to discover. After escaping the curse that bound all mermaids to the sea and meeting four, sexy potential human mates, Coral longs to explore their world and live as a human. But even though the guys have agreed to share her affections, it's not easy to keep four very different men happy, and Coral is frightened and overwhelmed by the complexities of life on land and struggling to find her way in a whole new world. When Coral's secret is discovered, she's torn from the men she loves and thrown into captivity. But when an unexpected rescuer reveals an intriguing world she never knew existed, she'll once again have to choose between the land and the sea. If you like the myth, adventure, and romance of fantasy stories by authors like Jaymin Eve, Bella Forrest, and Amy Bartol, and you'll love The Mermaid's Journey.
Stroke the Flame
Author: Elizabeth Briggs
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1717435602
Pages: 264
Year: 2018-04-26
View: 1155
Read: 647
Four sexy dragon shifters. A huntress with a dark past. A bond that could save the world. I've spent my entire life running from my past and staying out of trouble. That's how I've kept alive ever since my parents were killed by the Black Dragon, who's ruled the world under her oppressive talons for as long as anyone can remember. But it's hard to keep a low profile when four handsome strangers turn up in your village claiming you're destined to save the world. According to them, they've been chosen by the gods to become elemental dragons-and I'm their mate. Which means one day I'll be the most powerful dragon of all, able to control all four elements. Assuming I can unlock my powers first...by getting intimate with each of my sexy mates. Auric, the clever prince. Jasin, the cocky soldier. Slade, the protective blacksmith. Reven, the mysterious assassin. And me. We're the only ones who can bring balance to the world and overthrow the Black Dragon-if she doesn't tear us to shreds first. STROKE THE FLAME is the first book in a new steamy reverse harem fantasy series.
The Secret Heir
Author: Siobhan Davis
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1987530306
Pages: 338
Year: 2018-05-10
View: 1032
Read: 652
Is it her destiny to save them ... or destroy them? Now that Tori finally understands who she is and what's expected of her, she's in full-on freak-out mode. How will she save the galaxy from General Arantu's clutches when she can't even control her powers? Add that to the lack of retaliation by enemy alien forces, and everyone is on edge. Especially when they uncover evidence of a strange alien symbol with possible links to humans, and the mystery deepens. But that's not the only thing keeping Tori awake at night. Confused over the horrific vision she experienced the night of the Herassan attack, Tori is terrified of revealing details of her protectors' supposed fate, so she says nothing. Keeping stuff hidden never ends well, and as evil forces conspire against Tori and her four protectors, secrets and lies threaten to destroy everything they hope to achieve. While Tori grows closer to Coop, Maddox, and Beck, Dane remains distant, creating more tension and jeopardizing their bond. Then an unexpected newcomer arrives, casting suspicion over everything they believe they know. When Tori finally figures out what's going on, will she have time to warn the guys? Or is their fate already sealed? The second book in the captivating Alinthia series is intended for readers aged seventeen and older. This is upper YA/NA crossover reverse harem paranormal romance which gets steamier as the series develops. This book ends with a cliffhanger and cannot be read as a standalone. 92,000-word full-length novel.
Allison's Adventures in Underland
Author: C. M. Stunich
ISBN: 1973582384
Pages: 320
Year: 2017-12-17
View: 1092
Read: 413
Um. Um. Um.Are you reading this?If you are, I need your help.I was at a party; I was running; I fell.And get this--this is the part you'll never believe--I fell down a rabbit hole.Like Alice in those old books.Except in those books, there wasn't blood everywhere.In those books, the characters weren't all male, attractive, and interested in me.Forget everything you know about the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the March Hare ...This isn't Wonderland; this is Underland.Violence, sex, drugs, and magic ... that's all there is in this place.There's me, Allison, and there are the men that want me, the enemies that hunt me, and the darkness that's quickly rolling in.And only I can stop it.So if you're reading this, will you help me?Please. I just want to escape this place and go ... home.ALLISON'S ADVENTURES IN UNDERLAND (Book 1 of 3 in the "Harem of Hearts" series) -- is a full-length reverse harem/new adult/dark romance novel, a gritty retelling of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". Don't expect a children's tale; these characters are nothing like their more innocent counterparts. This book contains: drugs, cursing, violence, sex ... and love found in the darkest shadows.
A Life of Shadows
Author: Kristen Banet
ISBN: 0692068546
Pages: 380
Year: 2018-02-15
View: 1286
Read: 190
Sawyer Matthews knows how to put one foot in front of the other, to keep moving while the nightmares haunt her, and her own failures taunt her. She's become a master at doing awful things with good intentions, terrible things for the sake of those who need her. She's long given up on being the hero, trying to find peace in no longer being the villain. When her past comes back and she finds herself caught by the International Magi Police Organization, she'll have to revisit her own personal hells and finally confront the very monster that made her what she is. The very monster that has already killed her once before. Will the "dead" Magi assassin Shadow finally come out of the dark to begin a fight for a redemption she doesn't believe she deserves? Or will her nightmares drag her back into the shadows that have defined her life? *This is an Urban Fantasy reverse harem series of full length novels where the leading lady doesn't have to choose from her romantic interests. This series will have M/M content. These books are rated for mature audiences, 18+ due to violence, language, and sexual themes. This series deals with several triggering topics including, but not limited to, suicide, child abuse, rape, and PTSD.*
Wicked Woods (Wicked Woods #1)
Author: Kailin Gow
Publisher: Edge by Sparklesoup
ISBN: 1597486310
Pages: 252
Year: 2010-11-29
View: 1316
Read: 1022
Briony had to move to Wicked Woods, Massachusetts to live with her Great Aunt Sophie after her family disappears on vacation. The woods at the edge of Aunt Sophie s inn is filled with secrets and inhabitants both seductive and deadly. Among them is a beautiful boy name Fallon who saves her one night in the woods. As Briony gets closer to Fallon, she learns he has a secret, as do most of the residents of Wicked Wood. Book 1 in the Wicked Woods Series.
Broken Compass
Author: Jo Raven
ISBN: 1721290931
Pages: 500
Year: 2018-06-18
View: 674
Read: 338
What if you were in love not just with one, not just with two, but with three hot guys?And what if they wanted you back?There are three of them. Three boys.We're friends. Neighbors. Our lives are linked through disaster, fear and pain.I love them all. Not sure I can live without them. Can we just stay friends?Can we ignore the desire flaring when we're around each other?Can I kiss one and not the other?I can't choose.Don't want to choose.And I'm not sure they can, either.This story will either end up in heartache, or as any story should: in a happy ending.Love is not a road. It's a country. A sprawling galaxy. Love has no compass. No rules. No limits.Love is a universe. Lose yourself in it.*** Warning for possible triggers and dark themes ***
Shared - A Reverse Harem Romance
Author: Krista Wolf
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 171997389X
Pages: 308
Year: 2018-08-30
View: 693
Read: 898
"You want to share me... as a girlfriend?" My stomach did a sexy backflip. "All three of you?" Broke and lonely, adjunct professor Claudia takes an on-campus renovation job to make ends meet. So when three gorgeous hunks show up, mistakenly assigned to the unfinished frat-house? Letting them live in the old Victorian in exchange for free labor seems like a no-brainer. But having three beautiful college athletes as roommates might be more than she bargained for. Especially when sexual tensions reach a fever pitch, and one of them breaks their only rule: no one goes after her... unless theyall do. As the house devolves into a powder keg of jealousy and restraint, the guys come up with an interesting idea: sharing her as a girlfriend. No secrets, no limitations, just three powerful ex-fraternity brothers acting as Claudia's three beautiful boyfriends... one by one, two on one... and more. Together they fix the house as they fix each other; Brandon, the sexy football star about to lose his scholarship. Colin, the lithe swimmer struggling to get past a dark betrayal. And Hunter, the charming, sometimes brooding alpha who harbors his own personal secret. Can Claudia satisfy the needs of three strapping college athletes who worship her as a goddess, mind, body, and soul? Or will the awakening of her own seemingly insatiable sexual appetite ultimately be their downfall? SHARED is a sexy, stand-alone reverse harem romance filled with fun, humor, and tremendous amounts of love. It also contains blistering hot MFMM menage sex, in single and multiple partner scenes so molten they're bound to melt your kindle! HEA guaranteed.
Red's Alphas
Author: Michelle Hercules, M H Soars
ISBN: 1726822028
Pages: 242
Year: 2018-10-10
View: 1191
Read: 521
What if Red Riding Hood didn't fall in love with one Big Bad Wolf but three? I've been a city girl my entire life. But when my grandmother got sick, I didn't think twice before packing my bags and moving to Crimson Hollow, a small town in West Virginia. Two years later, I'm still here and finally adjusting to the quiet life. Only there's nothing ordinary about this town. A walk in the woods proved almost deadly and left me changed forever. I was attacked by a rogue wolf, and now, I belong to the Crimson Hollow pack. I'm a shifter. To make matters worse, my arrival in the pack created a rift among the wolves, making it impossible to tell friend from foe, including the three alpha's sons who have taken a keen interest in me. If dealing with all that wasn't enough, wolves are disappearing. We must discover who is behind it, or there won
Dark Vortex
Author: Stella Alden, Chantel Seabrook
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1523785071
Pages: 336
Year: 2016-02-18
View: 1174
Read: 611
Shameless Cravings. Wicked Pleasures. Can she survive a bond more powerful than love? For the survival of his clan, Jack Fialko needs to mate with a witch of equal power before the end of the solstice. He finds the perfect woman, except for one serious flaw. She has no idea how to engage in the dangerous magical foreplay-the duel for sexual equality. The task of training her in two days seems insurmountable, especially while other warriors are trying to kidnap her. Zoe is a warrior-healer hybrid. The trouble is, she has no clue what that means. It's all a harmless game until one night a dominant, brooding, sexy-as-sin warrior touches her and ignites a shameless craving to mate. Zoe must decide if the scorching chemistry between them is worth fighting for. Can love and lust exist together in an exhilarating magical combination? Or will their bond combust?
Shoot the Messenger
Author: Pippa Dacosta
Publisher: Pippa Dacosta Author
ISBN: 0995711356
Pages: 334
Year: 2018-09-04
View: 1332
Read: 368
Lies aren't her only weapons against the fae... In the Halow system, one of Earth's three sister star systems, tek and magic--humans and fae--are at war. Kesh Lasota is a ghost in the machine. Invisible to tek, she's hired by the criminal underworld to carry illegal messages through the Halow system. But when one of those messages kills its recipient, Kesh finds herself on the run with a bounty on her head and a quick-witted marshal on her tail. Proving her innocence should be straightforward. Until a warfae steals the evidence she needs. The fae haven't been seen in Halow in over a thousand years. And this one--a brutally efficient killer able to wield tek--should not exist. But neither should Kesh. As Kesh's carefully crafted lie of a life crumbles around her, she knows being invisible is no longer an option. To hunt the warfae, to stop him from destroying a thousand-year fragile peace, she must resurrect the horrors of her past. Kesh Lasota was a ghost. Now she's back, and there's only one thing she knows for certain: Nobody shoots the messenger and gets away with it.
The Lost Savior
Author: Siobhan Davis
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1983864803
Pages: 408
Year: 2018-02-23
View: 911
Read: 695
They came from another world to protect her. Now it's her destiny to save them... Tori King is a normal senior in high school. Head over heels in love with her childhood sweetheart, she is busy making plans for college when a chance encounter with an alien bounty hunter turns her world upside down. Now, she's experiencing terrifying changes and developing supernatural abilities that leave her questioning her entire existence. Then the arrival of four hot new guys at school has everyone talking-especially when they become fixated on Tori, following her wherever she goes. She can't shake them off, and as they grow closer, she finds herself drawn to all four of them in ways she cannot explain. When they finally reveal their true identity, and why they're here for her, she discovers everything she thought she knew about herself is a lie. Because there is nothing normal about Tori King. And she's about to discover exactly how underrated normal is. "Brimming with intrigue, heartbreak, romance (times four), and all the hot I have come to expect from Siobhan's alien worlds." Jaymin Eve, USA Today bestselling author of the Curse of the Gods series. From a USA Today bestselling author comes a captivating new alien reverse harem series that is intended for readers aged seventeen and older. This is upper YA/NA crossover which gets steamier as the series develops. This book ends with a cliffhanger and cannot be read as a standalone. 110,000-word full-length novel.
Witch's Dawn
Author: Crystal Ash
ISBN: 1980508216
Pages: 130
Year: 2018-03-19
View: 376
Read: 852
One day, I'm nobody. The next, I'm a witch. And I've caught the attention of three smoking hot demons.I left home to start over, to escape a world I never fit in. I soon learned that my past was a lie. My parents suppressed my magical abilities and tried to make me forget my true nature. They almost succeeded. Now my real grandmother is back in my life and teaching me the craft of our people. After living my whole life without magic, I feel like a blind woman seeing for the first time. But three devilishly handsome men are saying there's more to my story. I see them everywhere, even in my dreams which are starting to feel like distant memories. They say I'm not an ordinary witch. My grandmother says not to trust them. Who do I believe? 18+ reverse haremSome scenes may be triggering to some readers