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Discover SAP ERP Financials
Author: Manish Patel
ISBN: 1592294294
Pages: 604
Year: 2012
View: 480
Read: 480
Discover what SAP ERP Financials is and whether it s right for your business Improve your financial processes and save money with this powerful software Explore the major modules and their application for financial processes You know that business financials are an essential part of every business, large or small, but do you how SAP ERP Financials can make it easier? From basic accounting and complex financial audits to reporting, SAP ERP Financials offers vast, diverse and customizable solutions. This title offers a very detailed, reader-friendly reference that will give you an in-depth overview of the key components of SAP ERP Financials. Perfect for new users, decision-makers, and power users, with this title you will learn how to improve your efficiency in key financial areas, including profitability analysis, financial supply chain management, cost-accounting, and more. Updated for SAP ERP 6.0, EhP 5 and 6 with an expanded focus on real world scenarios and practical case-studies.
Discover SAP ERP Financials
Author: Manish Patel
Publisher: SAP PRESS
Pages: 544
Year: 2008
View: 1108
Read: 509
New -- now shipping! Are you a financial manager, consultant, or decision-maker considering SAP? Or are you new to SAP and need to understand how it works? If so, this very detailed, reader-friendly reference, will give you an in-depth overview of the key components of SAP ERP Financials. You'll learn how each component works, the advantages they offer, and how this fully integrated package addresses the challenges facing today's companies. Along the way, you'll also learn how to improve your efficiency in key financial areas, including profitability analysis, financial supply chain management, cost-accounting, and more.
Configuring SAP ERP Financials and Controlling
Author: Peter Jones, John Burger
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118059743
Pages: 960
Year: 2011-02-11
View: 684
Read: 807
SAP is the world leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software; of the software?s modules, the FI (Finance) and CO (Controlling) are by far the most popular and are widely implemented. This book has no competition?it is the only book on the market on how to configure and implement SAP?s FI and CO modules to maximize functionality and features hands-on, step-by-step instructions and real-world examples that provide immediate and practical solutions. Updated for SAP?s ECC 6.0, the book covers FI enterprise structure, general ledger, substitutions and validations, automatic account assignments, accounts payable and receivable, asset accounting, accrual engine, closing entries, credit management, lockbox, CO enterprise structure, profitability analysis (CO-PA), and more.
SAP ERP Financials
Author: Naeem Arif, Sheikh Tauseef
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 159229393X
Pages: 664
Year: 2011
View: 673
Read: 1098
Previously published under title: Integrating SAP ERP financials.
Account Determination in SAP
Author: Manish Patel
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 1592293824
Pages: 268
Year: 2011
View: 1305
Read: 355
* Learn account determination techniques for integration touch-points with SAP ERP Financials * Increase productivity by automating commonly used business processes * Reduce implementation time while debugging account determination problems Take control of your company's financial future by mastering account determination with this book. This updated and expanded new edition equips you with step-by-step instructions, effective techniques, and real-world business examples so you can run your business smoothly and more efficiently. Learning to accurately configure and implement General Ledger account determination will save you time and effort. Account Determination Demystified Reinforce your understanding of the General Ledger transactions and techniques that make your business successful. Real Business Examples and Processes Take advantage of relevant and practical examples that mirror your own account determination processes to supplement the step-by-step instructions in the book. Immediate Applicability Find important and useful information that you can apply to your daily business processes right away.Complete Coverage of Common Transactions Discover information about the transactions that you use in your daily work, such as sales and purchasing, payroll, inventory, and tax transactions. Updated and Expanded This second edition has been updated for SAP ERP 6.0 to offer new and expanded solutions for your current account determination challenges, such as how to handle external tax calculation and cash journals.
Maximizing Cash Management with SAP ERP Financials
Author: Eleazar Ortega Van Steenberghe, Eleazar Ortega
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 1592293247
Pages: 362
Year: 2011
View: 1171
Read: 530
· Includes real-world strategies for implementing SAP ERP cash management components · Provides business users with an explanation of SAP's liquidity management solutions · Features practical coverage of Cash Management, In-House Cash, Bank Communication Management, and moreThis book explains the functionality of all key SAP cash management components, including best practices, real-world business scenarios, key configuration, and master data information. It explains how all the components can be integrated, and how both the individual components and the integrated solution can be maximized for optimal performance. Topics covered include electronic banking, Cash Management, Liquidity Planner, In-House Cash, Bank Communication Management, and integration with SAP ERP Financials.Optimal Cash Management Processes Learn how you can optimize the performance of your SAP cash management processes to be as efficient and accurate as possible.Configuration Information Take advantage of screenshots and step-by-step instructions that will help you maximize the configuration of your SAP cash management systems to meet your needs.Trends and Best Practices Discover the trends and best practices of cash management with SAP.Extensive Coverage of SAP Components Maximize your cash management processes for electronic banking, Cash Management, Liquidity Planner, In-House Cash, and Bank Communication Management.Integration Information Explore how SAP's cash management offerings integrate with SAP ERP Financials processes, such as procure-to-pay and order-to-cash.Highlights· Cash Management · Electronic banking · Bank Communication Management · In-House Cash · Liquidity Planner · Business process integration · Cash position report
Maximizing SAP ERP Financials Accounts Receivable
Author: Manish Patel
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 1592293034
Pages: 505
Year: 2010
View: 1137
Read: 947
Every company implementing SAP ERP Financials has use for the Accounts Receivable (AR) component, but many never utilize it to its full capacity. This often leads to decreased return on investment and increased user fatigue. In this book, you'll find tools and strategies for avoiding this scenario by maximizing and enhancing your SAP ERP Financials Accounts Receivable implementation! Implementation and Configuration Get practical advice from an experienced SAP consultant on all of the major functionality in SAP ERP Financials Accounts Receivable, and learn how to implement it effectively. Technical Enhancements and Add-ons Learn how Authorization Objects, BTEs, BAdIs, and BAPIs can be used to enhance and extend your AR implementation with a minimum of configuration and user training. Get Hands-on with Specific Functionality Understand the core Accounts Receivable functions like never before: dunning, AR transactions, revenue recognition, credit management, tax processing, and more are all covered in serious detail.Extend Your Return on Investment Go beyond the basics to extend your AR ROI with focused coverage of SAP Financial Supply Chain Management, AR reporting, and Additional Billing. Expert Advice and Guidance Get answers to the tough questions about special issues and situations from a seasoned SAP consultant who has spent many years in the trenches on numerous SAP ERP Financials and AR implementations.
SAP ERP Financials User's Guide
Author: Heinz Forsthuber, Jörg Siebert
Publisher: SAP PRESS
Pages: 593
Year: 2010
View: 541
Read: 1027
This book focuses on the practical, day-to-day requirements of working with SAP ERP Financials. It guides users through the various Financial Accounting functions step-by-step: documents, account reports, special postings, automatic procedures, accounts receivable accounting, accounts payable accounting, general ledger accounting, closing operations, and asset accounting. Whether you are already an experienced user, or new to the world of SAP ERP Financials, you are guaranteed to find volumes of useful tips and tricks designed to help maximize your daily work. Comprehensive coverage of SAP ERP Financials: Learn how to make the best use of SAP ERP Financials in your daily work with comprehensive coverage of SAP General Ledger and much more. Tips and tricks for daily work: Maximize your time and avoid mistakes with numerous tips and tricks designed to help you get the most out of common tasks, features and programs. Step-by-step walkthroughs: Master even the most complex functions in SAP ERP Financials using step-by-step walkthroughs enhanced with screenshots and sample scenarios. Up-to-date for SAP ERP 6.0: Understand and leverage the new features in SAP ERP Financials and SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM). Helpful additional resources: Pinpoint the answers you need immediately in the detailed appendices, which include menu paths, a full glossary, and a complete index.
Implementing Sap Erp Financials
Author: V. Narayanan
Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 0070142971
Pages: 965
Year: 2009-01-01
View: 159
Read: 745
* Detailed instructions on configuring SAP ERP Financials module * Examples to clarify the tricky areas in a configuration * Supported by screenshots to explain configuration of SAP financial module
Quick Reference Guide
Author: Vincenzo Sopracolle
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 1592293131
Pages: 665
Year: 2010
View: 553
Read: 1253
This definitive guide is a must-have resource for the day-to-day use of Financial Accounting with SAP. Using clear, simple step-by-step instructions and detailed screenshots, you will learn how to perform key activities in the core areas of SAP General Ledger, Asset Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Banking, and the Special Purpose Ledger. Each section starts with quick reference material such as transaction codes, tables, and menu paths, and ends with easy-to-use answers to frequently asked questions and problems commonly encountered by users. Day-to-Day Solutions Discover practical, detailed guidance for the day-to-day use of Financial Accounting with SAP ERP Financials, including troubleshooting and problem-solving information. Quick Reference Take advantage of Quick Reference boxes at the beginning of every section to immediately identify the key pieces of information you need. All Key Functions Detailed Find all of the major subcomponents of Financial Accounting with SAP ERP Financials covered here: SAP General Ledger, Asset Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Banking, and the Special Purpose Ledger.FAQ and Troubleshooting Tips Get expert insight into everyday problems and the answers you need. Hands-On Format Learn in an interactive, hands-on way through the use of screenshots, menu paths, and transaction codes throughout the book. Highlights * SAP General Ledger * Organizational Entities in Financial Accounting * Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable * Asset Accounting * Banking * Special Purpose Ledger * Transaction Codes * Tables and Program Codes
Transitioning to IFRS in SAP ERP Financials
Author: Paul Theobald
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 1592293190
Pages: 209
Year: 2010
View: 690
Read: 623
This book provides conversion project teams with a roadmap for preparing their SAP ERP Financials systems for conversion to IFRS. It includes detailed coverage of the transition process, an overview of the US GAAP/IFRS deltas and how they are mapped in SAP ERP Financials, and real-world advice from an IFRS conversion project at a large petrochemical company. Finance professionals, executives, technical staff, project managers, and consultants will appreciate this concise guide to jump-starting their IFRS projects in upgrade or non-upgrade scenarios. US GAAP and IFRS Delta Mapping Learn how the US GAAP to IFRS deltas map to SAP ERP Financials at the organizational and company code levels, including assets, revenue recognition, and consolidation. Real-world IFRS Project Case Study Get practical advice on the real-world conversion to IFRS by following a detailed case study featuring a large, multinational petrochemical company. Roadmap, Timing, and Project Phases Understand the complete project execution cycle, from assessment to implementation, including building the roadmap, staffing the project, and dealing with challenges.SAP ERP Financials Functionality Map Discover how SAP ERP Financials functionality maps to IFRS requirements, including SAP General Ledger, consolidation, and XBRL tools. Financial Accounting Settings for IFRS Learn how global country code and currency type settings impact IFRS reporting in SAP ERP Financials.
Manufacturing Finance with SAP ERP Financials
Author: Subbu Ramakrishnan
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 1592292380
Pages: 580
Year: 2009
View: 642
Read: 213
This book provides Manufacturing Finance Managers, finance team members, implementation project managers, and consultants with a comprehensive, practical guide to the Finance functionality available for the manufacturing environment and the configuration and integration processes necessary for optimizing SAP ERP Financials for manufacturing. Focusing primarily on the core functions of the Financial Accounting and Controlling components, the book provides readers with a holistic look at the business drivers, KPIs, configuration schemes, and technical issues relevant to the manufacturing finance function. For Finance users, the book covers the standard business drivers and KPIs as they apply to the major manufacturing models, and lends guidance for configuring Financial Accounting and Controlling to maximize functionality for manufacturing finance. Implementation managers and consultants will benefit from the coverage of integrating SAP ERP Financials with other SAP applications such as PP and MM, as well as the configuration sections for Master Data, Cost Object Controlling, and the Information System, among others.
SAP® ERP Financials and FICO Handbook
Author: S. N. Padhi
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
ISBN: 0763792063
Pages: 322
Year: 2009-12-21
View: 832
Read: 1309
This up-to-date quick reference guides the reader through the most popular SAP module. It includes material on SAP ERP Financials, SAP FICO, and SAP R/3. Unlike most books that only provide questions and answers for certification or interview preparation, this book covers fifty common business situations related to ERP Financials/FICO and provides practical solutions for them. In addition, the book begins with over 200 FAQs and certification questions for those who need a quick review of the material. A CD-ROM with FICO templates, short cuts, and color figures from the book is included with the text.
Controlling with SAP
Author: Janet Salmon
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 1592293921
Pages: 582
Year: 2011-07-01
View: 1325
Read: 739
Understand how your controlling processes relate to SAP Discover the many features and functionalities of the Controlling component Up-to-date for enhancement package 5 If you use Controlling in SAP ERP Financials, this book is a must-have resource for your daily work. You ll learn how to perform transactions with fewer steps and less effort, and you ll discover how to troubleshoot minor problems and system issues. In addition to the core areas of Controlling, you ll also find coverage of more advanced topics, such as SAP NetWeaver BW, SAP BusinessObjects, the SAP Financials Closing Cockpit, and topics added in recent enhancement packages. This book will help you to master the system and work more efficiently on a daily basis.
Discover Logistics with SAP ERP
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 1592292305
Pages: 385
Year: 2009
View: 481
Read: 540
Whether you’re a supply chain or logistics manager, consultant, or decision-maker considering SAP, or you’re new to SAP and need to understand how it works, this detailed, reader-friendly guide will give you a complete overview of the logistic business processes and key components in SAP ERP. You’ll learn how each component works, the advantages they offer, and how this fully integrated solution addresses the challenges facing today’s companies. Along the way, you’ll learn how to improve your logistics efficiency in key areas, including inventory and warehouse management, plant maintenance, sales and distribution, and more.

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