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Die Botschaft Deines Körpers
Author: Kurt Tepperwein
Publisher: MVG Verlag
ISBN: 3864152380
Pages: 336
Year: 2011-01-20
View: 733
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Jede Krankheit hat eine Ursache: Fehlernährung, Stress und hohe seelische Belastungen zählen heute zu den wesentlichen Faktoren, die unseren Körper krank werden lassen. Seelisch-geistige Unausgeglichenheit ist die Folge dieser modernen Lebensweise und unser Körper reagiert darauf mit schmerzhaften und äußerlich sichtbaren Botschaften: Er mahnt uns, unser Denken und Handeln zu hinterfragen und zu ändern. Die Botschaft deines Körpers schlüsselt die Zusammenhänge zwischen Stress oder emotionalen Belastungen und Organkrankheiten auf und hilft, die Sprache der Organe zu verstehen, die eigenen ungesunden Verhaltensmuster zu erkennen und wieder gesund zu werden.
Heal Your Body
Author: Louise L. Hay
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 140191943X
Pages: 83
Year: 1984-01-01
View: 451
Read: 295
Heal Your Body is a fresh and easy step-by-step guide. Just look up your specific health challenge and you will find the probable cause for this health issue and the information you need to overcome it by creating a new thought pattern. Louise L. Hay, bestselling author, is an internationally known leader in the self-help field. Her key message: "If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed." The author has a great deal of experience and firsthand information to share about healing-including how she cured herself after having been diagnosed with cancer.
1950s Childhood
Author: Paul Feeney
Publisher: The History Press
ISBN: 075246227X
Pages: 224
Year: 2010-12-26
View: 442
Read: 798
Do you remember Pathé News? Taking the train to the seaside? The purple stains of iodine on the knees of boys in short trousers? Knitted bathing costumes? Then the chances are you were born in or around 1950. To the young people of today, the 1950s seem like another age.But for those born around then, this era of childhood feels like yesterday. This delightful collection of photographic memories will appeal to all who grew up in this post-war decade; they include pictures of children enjoying life out on the streets and bombsites, at home and at school, on holiday and at events. These wonderful period pictures and descriptive captions will bring back this decade of childhood, and jog memories about all aspects of life as it was in post-war Britain.Paul Feeney is the author of bestselling nostalgia books A 1950s Childhood and A 1960s Childhood (The History Press). He has also written the bestselling From Ration Book to Ebook (The History Press), which takes a nostalgic look back over the life and times of the post-war baby boomer generation.
Mornings in Jenin
Author: Susan Abulhawa
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1608191486
Pages: 352
Year: 2010-07-01
View: 154
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Mornings in Jenin is a multi-generational story about a Palestinian family. Forcibly removed from the olive-farming village of Ein Hod by the newly formed state of Israel in 1948, the Abulhejos are displaced to live in canvas tents in the Jenin refugee camp. We follow the Abulhejo family as they live through a half century of violent history. Amidst the loss and fear, hatred and pain, as their tents are replaced by more forebodingly permanent cinderblock huts, there is always the waiting, waiting to return to a lost home. The novel's voice is that of Amal, the granddaughter of the old village patriarch, a bright, sensitive girl who makes it out of the camps, only to return years later, to marry and bear a child. Through her eyes, with her evolving vision, we get the story of her brothers, one who is kidnapped to be raised Jewish, one who will end with bombs strapped to his middle. But of the many interwoven stories, stretching backward and forward in time, none is more important than Amal's own. Her story is one of love and loss, of childhood and marriage and parenthood, and finally the need to share her history with her daughter, to preserve the greatest love she has. Set against one of the twentieth century's most intractable political conflicts, Mornings in Jenin is a deeply human novel - a novel of history, identity, friendship, love, terrorism, surrender, courage, and hope. Its power forces us to take a fresh look at one of the defining conflicts of our lifetimes.
Author: Diana Gabaldon
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
ISBN: 0385674678
Pages: 640
Year: 2010-12-22
View: 466
Read: 1115
Claire Randall is leading a double life. She has a husband in one century, and a lover in another... In 1945, Claire Randall, a former combat nurse, is back from the war and reunited with her husband on a second honeymoon—when she innocently touches a boulder in one of the ancient stone circles that dot the British Isles. Suddenly she is a Sassenach—an "outlander"—in a Scotland torn by war and raiding border clans in the year of our Lord...1743. Hurled back in time by forces she cannot understand, Claire's destiny in soon inextricably intertwined with Clan MacKenzie and the forbidden Castle Leoch. She is catapulted without warning into the intrigues of lairds and spies that may threaten her life ...and shatter her heart. For here, James Fraser, a gallant young Scots warrior, shows her a passion so fierce and a love so absolute that Claire becomes a woman torn between fidelity and desire...and between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Leben im Hier und Jetzt
Author: Kurt Tepperwein
Publisher: MVG Verlag
ISBN: 3864152356
Pages: 368
Year: 2007-04-20
View: 597
Read: 441
ngste, Begrenzungen, Manipulation durch andere, Schuldgefühle und falsche Identifikationen: Der renommierte Lebenslehrer Kurt Tepperwein hilft mit vielen erprobten und praktischen Methoden, sich davon frei zu machen und ein authentisches Leben im Hier und Jetzt zu führen.
The Book of Secrets
Author: Deepak Chopra, M.D.
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 1400083141
Pages: 288
Year: 2004-09-28
View: 576
Read: 839
We all want to know how to find a soul mate, what career would be most fulfilling, how to live a life with meaning, and how to teach our children well. We are looking for a personal breakthrough, a turning point, a revelation that brings with it new meaning. The Book of Secrets--a crystalline distillation of insights and wisdom accumulated over the lifetime of one of the great spiritual thinkers of our time--provides an exquisite new tool for achieving just that. Every life is a book of secrets, ready to be opened. The secret of perfect love is found there, along with the secrets of healing, compassion, faith, and the most elusive one of all: who we really are. We are still mysteries to ourselves, despite the proximity of these answers, and what we most long to know remains lodged deep inside. Because answers to the questions at the center of life are counterintuitive, they are often hidden from view, sequestered from our everyday gaze. In his ongoing quest to elevate our experience, bestselling author Deepak Chopra has isolated fifteen secrets that drive the narrative of this inspiring book--and of our lives. From "The World Is in You" and "What You Seek, You Already Are" to "Evil Is Not Your Enemy" and "You Are Truly Free When You Are Not a Person," The Book of Secrets is rich with insights, a priceless treasure that can transport us beyond change to transformation, and from there to a sacred place where we can savor the nectar of enlightenment. "The Book of Secrets is the finest and most profound of Deepak Chopra’s books to date. Want the answers to the secrets of life? Let me recommend that you start right here." -- Ken Wilber, author of A Brief History of Everything From the Hardcover edition.
Krankheiten auf einen Blick erkennen
Author: Heiko Gärtner, Heiko; Krüger Gärtner
Publisher: MVG Verlag
ISBN: 3864154782
Pages: 416
Year: 2013-08-14
View: 224
Read: 1124
Jeder kann erkennen, wie es einem Menschen wirklich geht, ob er gesund oder krank ist, – wenn er genau hinsieht und die Signale des Körpers richtig deutet. Dieses umfassende Standardwerk bietet zum ersten Mal einen kompletten Überblick über alle Methoden der Antlitz- und Körperdiagnostik einschließlich der Zungen-, Haut- und Nageldiagnostik. Zusätzlich vermittelt das Buch einen Einblick in alternative Heilmethoden wie Kinesiologie und die Meridian-Energie-Technik, mit denen die diagnostizierten Krankheiten selbst behandelt werden können. Endlich gibt es ein ausführliches Grundlagenwerk mit einer Vielzahl farbiger Illustrationen und Tabellen, die die Anwendung aller Techniken der Körperdiagnose kinderleicht machen.
Forever Clever
Author: Thomas Drach, Irmtraud Schmitt
Publisher: MVG Verlag
ISBN: 3864155614
Pages: 241
Year: 2008-04-15
View: 932
Read: 658
Ein reger Geist ist unser wertvollstes Kapital. Alles, was wir mit unseren Sinnesorganen wahrnehmen oder geistig erfinden und erdenken können, wird in einem grenzenlosen Gedächtnis gespeichert. Das besondere dabei ist jedoch, auf diese Informationen wieder zugreifen zu können. Dieses Buch liefert nicht nur Übungen zur besseren Wahrnehmung und zur Optimierung der Merkfähigkeit, sondern zeigt auch Zusammenhänge zwischen Gesundheit, Lebensfreude und körperlich-geistiger Leitungskraft.
Autobiography of a Yogi
Author: Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda
Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd.
ISBN: 8190256203
Pages: 520
Year: 2008-01-01
View: 1310
Read: 942

Meine Beziehung zu mir selbst
Author: Kurt Tepperwein
Publisher: MVG Verlag
ISBN: 3864150000
Pages: 104
Year: 2007-08-20
View: 787
Read: 512
Achtsam zu sich selbst finden Im Alltag konzentriert sich unsere Aufmerksamkeit oft auf äußerliche Schwierigkeiten und Probleme. Es fällt uns daher schwer, bei uns selbst zu bleiben und mehr noch zu uns selbst zu finden. Mit Denkanstößen, Anregungen und konkreten Übungen hilft Ihnen Bestsellerautor und Lebenscoach Kurt Tepperwein, einen liebevollen Umgang mit sich selbst zu pflegen und die falsche Idee von Glück loszulassen.
Intuition - die geheimnisvolle Kraft
Author: Kurt Tepperwein
Publisher: MVG Verlag
ISBN: 3864152453
Pages: 240
Year: 2006-07-26
View: 592
Read: 450
Zahlreiche Menschen treffen Entscheidungen "aus dem Bauch heraus", andere haben "so ein Gefühl", das sich im Nachhinein als richtig herausstellt. Wenn auch Sie Fehltritte vermeiden wollen und richtig entscheiden und handeln möchten, dann sollten Sie mehr auf Ihre Intuition hören. Kurt Tepperwein zeigt Ihnen, wie Sie sich Ihrer inneren Stimme, diese wahrnehmen und intuitiver agieren. Zahlreiche Übungen, Tipps und Techniken helfen Ihnen, beruflich und privat Zweifeln zu widerstehen und so ein leichteres, erfolgreiches und erfülltes Leben führen.
Nature's Body
Author: Londa L. Schiebinger
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
ISBN: 081353531X
Pages: 289
Year: 2004
View: 495
Read: 650
Winner of the Ludwik Fleck Book Prize, Society for Social Studies of Science, 1995 "Schiebinger lays bare the cultural narratives that mix so easily with science. They are at the same time hilarious and eerie, silly and profoundly disturbing. Schiebinger is brilliant in showing how tales of gender and race are told in other guises."--Thomas Laqueur, author of Making Sex: Body and Gender from the Greeks to Freud "[Nature's Body] is so wonderfully humorous and is done with such careful attention to detail, the reader cannot help but see the profound implications of the history of science for modern science. Indispensable for all anthropologists, historians, philosophers, and practitioners of science."--Emily Martin, author of The Woman in the Body Eighteenth-century natural historians created a peculiar, and peculiarly durable, vision of nature--one that embodied the sexual and racial tensions of that era. When plants were found to reproduce sexually, eighteenth-century botanists ascribed to them passionate relations, polyandrous marriages, and suicidal incest, and accounts of steamy plant sex began to infiltrate the botanical literature of the day. Naturalists also turned their attention to the great apes just becoming known to eighteenth-century Europeans, clothing the females in silk vestments and training them to sip tea with the modest demeanor of English matrons, while imagining the males of the species fully capable of ravishing women. Written with humor and meticulous detail, Nature's Body draws on these and other examples to uncover the ways in which assumptions about gender, sex, and race have shaped scientific explanations of nature. Schiebinger offers a rich cultural history of science and a timely and passionate argument that science must be restructured in order to get it right.
The Prosperity Secret
Author: Markus Rothkranz
ISBN: 098344904X
Pages: 208
Year: 2012-01-01
View: 938
Read: 417
The difference between rich and poor is universal. Less than 2 percent of people on Earth truly know what it takes and they are not bad people like you think. It's not who you know, or talent or luck or hard work. The answer is simpler than you think but it means completely changing your perspective of life itself. This highly inspirational life-changing book from world-renowned speaker author Markus Rothkranz reveals the step by step detailed outline to never being afraid of money ever again. Includes interviews with three powerful wealthy people who play with the richest most famous people on Earth, who share their secrets and blow all the myths you've ever heard about the rich. Your dreams exist for a reason. It is your destiny to prosper and help the world. We are entering a new golden era of opportunity, where normal people can finally thrive and live their dreams.
Mona Lisa Overdrive
Author: William Gibson
Publisher: Spectra
ISBN: 0307831191
Pages: 320
Year: 2012-11-07
View: 180
Read: 813
William Gibson, author of the extraordinary multiaward-winning novel Neuromancer, has written his most brilliant and thrilling work to date . . .The Mona Lisa Overdrive. Enter Gibson's unique world--lyric and mechanical, erotic and violent, sobering and exciting--where multinational corporations and high tech outlaws vie for power, traveling into the computer-generated universe known as cyberspace. Into this world comes Mona, a young girl with a murky past and an uncertain future whose life is on a collision course with internationally famous Sense/Net star Angie Mitchell. Since childhood, Angie has been able to tap into cyberspace without a computer. Now, from inside cyberspace, a kidnapping plot is masterminded by a phantom entity who has plans for Mona, Angie, and all humanity, plans that cannot be controlled . . . or even known. And behind the intrigue lurks the shadowy Yazuka, the powerful Japanese underworld, whose leaders ruthlessly manipulate people and events to suit their own purposes . . . or so they think.