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Author: Angela e Luciana Giussani
Publisher: Edizioni Mondadori
ISBN: 8852035281
Pages: 124
Year: 2013-03-07
View: 579
Read: 1252

Author: Angela e Luciana Giussani
Publisher: Edizioni Mondadori
ISBN: 8852042415
Pages: 124
Year: 2013-11-21
View: 1047
Read: 364

Author: Angela e Luciana Giussani
Publisher: Edizioni Mondadori
ISBN: 8852023682
Pages: 121
Year: 2012-03-01
View: 900
Read: 1197
Il direttore di una banca, Luigi Moltier, segue personalmente il trasferimento di una fortissima somma di denaro. Ma all'improvviso il corretto, irreprensibile funzionario uccide tutti gli uomini di scorta e sparisce con tutti i soldi. Nei giorni precedenti Moltier aveva incontrato due volte un signore distinto e misterioso, con il monocolo. Lo stesso signore frequenta assidualmente una casa da gioco, e tiene d'occhio un giocatore molto molto ricco... Chi sarà l'uomo misterioso col monocolo?
DIABOLIK (1) - Il re del terrore (Fumetti)
Author: Angela e Luciana Giussani
Publisher: Edizioni Mondadori
ISBN: 8852022333
Pages: 120
Year: 2011-12-20
View: 809
Read: 757
Si mormora che un assassino si aggiri per la città, un mostro capace di uccidere e sparire. "L'incarnazione del demonio" lo definisce la marchesa di Semily, subito aggiornata dallo scettico nipote Gustavo: "Lo chiamano Diabolik". Ma il giovane non sa che, presto, incontrerà il Re del Terrore... E non sarà piacevole.
Fumetti subacquei
Author: Loris Cantarelli, Paolo Guiducci, Faustolo Rambelli
Publisher: La Mandragora Editrice
Pages: 469
Year: 2010
View: 758
Read: 1117

Zombie Movies
Author: Glenn Kay
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
ISBN: 1613744250
Pages: 432
Year: 2012
View: 1081
Read: 1080
Featuring chronological reviews of more than 300 zombie films--from 1932's "White Zombie" to the AMC series "The Walking Dead"--""this thorough, uproarious guide traces the evolution of one of horror cinema's most popular and terrifying creations. Fans will learn exactly what makes a zombie a zombie, go behind the scenes with a chilling production diary from "Land of the Dead," peruse a bizarre list of the oddest things ever seen in undead cinema, and immerse themselves in a detailed rundown of the 25 greatest zombie films ever made. Containing an illustrated zombie rating system, ranging from "Highly Recommended" to "Avoid at All Costs" and "So Bad It's Good," the book also features lengthy interviews with numerous talents from in front of and behind the camera. This updated and expanded second edition contains more than 100 new and rediscovered films, providing plenty of informative and entertaining brain food for movie fans.
Perverse Titillation
Author: Danny Shipka
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786486090
Pages: 346
Year: 2011-06-14
View: 1223
Read: 1059
"The exploitation film industry of Italy, Spain and France during the height of its popularity from 1960 to 1980 is the focus of this entertaining history. The Eurocult phenomenon is examined in relation to the influences that European culture and environment have had on the world of exploitation cinema"--
Historical Dictionary of Italian Cinema
Author: Gino Moliterno
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 0810862549
Pages: 520
Year: 2008-09-29
View: 1204
Read: 377
The Historical Dictionary of Italian Cinema provides a better understanding of the role Italian cinema has played in film history through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, appendixes, black-&-white photos, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on actors, actresses, movies, producers, organizations, awards, film credits, and terminology.
Author: Andrea Camillieri, Carlo Lucarelli, Giancarlo De Cataldo
Publisher: MacLehose Press
ISBN: 1623656303
Pages: 176
Year: 2015-10-06
View: 169
Read: 401
Incorporating distinct traditions and styles of crime writing, the three novellas in Judges are united by a theme of idealistic judges in an often futile struggle against crime and corruption. Andrea Camilleri's novella recounts the charming Judge Surra. Leaving his family behind, Surra arrives in the 19th-century Sicilian town of Montelusa from Turin and is given quirky gifts from the locals, but is oblivious to the veiled threats accompanying them. Finally forced to contend with a hostile community and an imminent attempt on his life, Surra proves he is relentless in his quest for justice. Carlo Lucarelli's novella presents a darkly hued Bologna in the 1980s, where judges are frequent targets of assassination attempts. The protagonist, Judge Valentina Lorenzi--"La Bambina"--stumbles upon an extensive money laundering operation involving prominent public officials. Determined to nip Valentina's investigations in the bud, the criminals attack the judge and leave her clinging to life. Ultimately, Valentina is faced with a troubling question: will she break her vow to uphold the letter of the law in order to bring those responsible to justice? The final novella, The Triple Dream of the Prosecutor, by judge and novelist Giancarlo De Cataldo, teeters between dream and reality. Prosecutor Mandati is engaged in a life-long feud with the corrupt mayor of Novere, and his efforts finally pay off on the night before the trial of his life. Kafkaesque, tumultuous, and thoroughly gripping.
The Great Cow Race
Author: Jeff Smith, Steve Hamaker
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
ISBN: 0007244770
Pages: 147
Year: 2007
View: 486
Read: 866
Things seem quite well in the valley, Fone Bone is still living with Thom and Gran'ma Ben, while his cousins Phoney and Smiley are working in the inn at Barrelhaven. But peace never lasts for long when the bone cousins are around. Soon Phoney Bone is up to his old con tricks again, trying to throw the bets on the annual cow race.
The Chain of Destiny (Fantasy and Horror Classics)
Author: Bram Stoker
Publisher: Read Books Ltd
ISBN: 1447480228
Pages: 46
Year: 2013-04-16
View: 1223
Read: 839
Bram Stoker is best known for his 1897 publication, Dracula. This work is an epistolary novel weaving hypnotism, magic, the supernatural, and other elements of Gothic fiction. It went on to sell over one million copies, and has never been out of print. 'The Chain of Destiny', originally published in 1875 as a serial in Irish magazine The Shamrock, is one of his best short works.
Author: Chip Zdarsky, Ryan North
Publisher: Archie Comic Publications (Trade)
ISBN: 1682559998
Pages: 144
Year: 2017-03-14
View: 1326
Read: 1234
JUGHEAD VOL. 2 is the second collection of the historic JUGHEAD series relaunch, featuring the talents of comics superstars Chip Zdarsky, Ryan North and Derek Charm. This series is true to the spirit and characters that all Jughead and Archie fans know and love while reinvigorating its essence and humor through the talents of some of the most popular creators in the comic book industry. In the grand tradition of comic book reboots like ARCHIE VOL. 1, Archie Comics proudly presents... JUGHEAD VOL. 2--from the super team of Chip Zdarsky (HOWARD THE DUCK), Ryan North (THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL) and Derek Charm (REGULAR SHOW)! New story! New arc! New creative team! Let's not compare them too harshly with the old creative team though--they were awesome. This new team is pretty good too though, lots of talent and they really do try their best.
Deadworld: Slaughterhouse Vol.1 #1
Author: Gary Reed
Publisher: Caliber Comics
ISBN: 1632944685
Pages: 33
Year: 2015-09-02
View: 821
Read: 516
Welcome to the Deadworld! In this self contained 4-part story arc, we find the aftermath of a supernatural holocaust where desparate humans are trapped in a world of the walking dead and the living who will do anything to survive. The promise of Safe Haven reveals a much darker and sinister purpose, when victims find themselves in a medical facilty which will stop at nothing to combat the zombie plague. To the unfortunate, Safe Haven becomes known as the Slaughterhouse. Part 1 of 4.
Monster Musume
Publisher: Seven Seas
ISBN: 1626927049
Pages: 180
Year: 2018-03-13
View: 986
Read: 508
Slime Time! Suu's been kidnapped! Kimihito and his houseful of monster girls set out to find her, but what starts as a simple search and rescue mission turns dangerous when Suu is forced to face off against a giant slime. A plus-sized water battle ensues and Kimihito is once again caught in the middle--literally! Which slime will reign supreme?
The Overlook Film Encyclopedia
Author: Phil Hardy, Jeremy Clarke
Publisher: Overlook Books
Pages: 512
Year: 1998
View: 1321
Read: 410
Chronicles the history of the gangster film from its earliest creation to the present day

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