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Delivering on the Promise
Author: Richard A. DeLorenzo, Wendy Battino
Publisher: Solution Tree Press
ISBN: 1934009814
Pages: 216
Year: 2010-02-01
View: 629
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This book shares the compelling story of how a team of visionary educators turned the traditional education system inside out and created a dramatically different approach to schooling that would serve every child. The result is the Re-Inventing Schools Coalition (RISC) Approach to Schooling, a new paradigm in education that can be replicated anywhere, by anyone, for any student, under any set of circumstances.
Delivering on the Promise of Pro-poor Growth
Author: Timothy Besley, Louise Cord
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 0821365169
Pages: 253
Year: 2007
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Economic growth is the most important determinant of poverty reduction. But countries with similar rates of growth can experience different poverty reduction rates.
Delivering On The Promise
Author: Brian S. Friedman, James A. Hatch, David M. Walker
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471109488
Pages: 224
Year: 2012-12-11
View: 767
Read: 790
Over the past couple of decades, management styles have evolved from strategic planning to total quality management to reengineering. Now in the newest and most cost effective trend to hit the boardrooms, there is a concentrated effort to view employment not as a perishible resource to be consumed but as a valuable commodity to be developed. While research shows that investments in capital result in higher returns to shareholders, the question is how should these investments be made, and how can returns on these investments be measured? DELIVERING ON THE PROMISE reveals Arthur Andersen's proprietry, technically based methodology - called The Five Square Approach - that will enable any manager to measure, manage and leverage human capital. Drawing on case-studies and research, this book is for any business manager who wants to evaluate and improve the current worth of their company's human resources.
Delivering on the Promise
Publisher: National Coalition of Advocates
Pages: 188
Year: 1994
View: 391
Read: 494
This report highlights selected schools and their collaborative efforts in pulling educators, families, and communities together to support a particular school's success and the well-being of its immigrant students. The report documents promising practices, but also places these efforts in broader contexts, both practical and theoretical. These practices illustrate how immigrant student issues are inseparable from broader and deeper issues of innovation and reform in public school education. Specific areas that these programs address are the following: creative approaches to classroom learning; helping students to take charge of their own learning; innovative actions that make schools more inclusive; efforts that link learning with strong home, school, and community ties; and new ways of educating educators and conducting professional development that respond to the need for educating for a diverse world. The final section examines two primary themes found in these practices: starting with the learner and using schools as strategic sites for collaboration and change. Appendixes contain research methodology, a glossary of terms, information on the National Coalition of Advocates for Students, a list of educational entitlements for all children, and a list of selected readings by subject area. (CM)
Nanotechnology: Delivering on the Promise
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Delivering on the Promise
Author: Lynn Fielding, Nancy Kerr, Paul Rosier
ISBN: 0966687515
Pages: 328
Year: 2005-10-01
View: 253
Read: 522
The book shares eight years of Kennewick's experience including the pitfalls, breakthrough strategies, and growth--nearly identical strategies requried for your school or district to reach the federal 95% reading and math goals by 2013. In addition to catch-up growth techniques, the book explores Kennewick's parent training program, describing the targets, tools, and training to assure that the 40% of students currently entering with language and math skills typical of two-to-four year olds and 1-3 years behind on the first day of kindergarten--enter with skills typical of five year olds.
High Value Manufacturing
Author: Veronica Martinez, Advanced Institute of Management Research (Great Britain), Economic and Social Research Council, Technology Strategy Board (Great Britain), Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
ISBN: 1906087156
Pages: 30
Year: 2006
View: 691
Read: 960

The Enterprise Big Data Lake
Author: Alex Gorelik
ISBN: 1491931558
Pages: 200
Year: 2018-03-09
View: 150
Read: 1181
Enterprises are experimenting with using Hadoop to build Big Data Lakes, but many projects are stalling or failing because the approaches that worked at Internet companies have to be adopted for the enterprise. This practical handbook guides managers and IT professionals from the initial research and decision-making process through planning, choosing products, and implementing, maintaining, and governing the modern data lake. You'll explore various approaches to starting and growing a Data Lake, including Data Warehouse off-loading, analytical sandboxes, and "Data Puddles." Author Alex Gorelik shows you methods for setting up different tiers of data, from raw untreated landing areas to carefully managed and summarized data. You'll learn how to enable self-service to help users find, understand, and provision data; how to provide different interfaces to users with different skill levels; and how to do all of that in compliance with enterprise data governance policies.
Delivering the Promise of IPTV
Author: International Engineering Consortium
Publisher: Intl. Engineering Consortiu
ISBN: 1931695466
Pages: 291
Year: 2006
View: 845
Read: 917
Examining recent advances in both TV delivery and computing/networking technologies, this book explores profitable, successful next-generation TV offerings. The focus of this comprehensive report is on using advances in internet technologies and networking to deliver competitive, multichannel pay-TV services to customer TV sets.
Outlook on India 2010
Author: Sonia Baldia, Practising Law Institute
Pages: 518
Year: 2010
View: 422
Read: 222

Delivering on the Promise of Equality
Author: United Nations Fund for Population Activities
Pages: 29
Year: 2007
View: 742
Read: 1002

PCSK9 Inhibitors in Clinical Practice: Delivering on the Promise?.
Year: 2018
View: 529
Read: 321
Abstract: Background and aims: In clinical trials, protein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) inhibitors robustly lowered LDL-cholesterol (LDL-c) and had a favorable tolerability and safety profile. Based on these findings, PCSK9 inhibitors are incorporated in updates of clinical treatment guidelines. However, trial results do not necessarily predict the effectiveness under real-world conditions. The aim of the current study is to determine the efficacy and tolerability of PCSK9 inhibitors in routine outpatient care. Methods: The cohort comprised all patients who were prescribed evolocumab or alirocumab at the outpatient clinic of a large university hospital in the Netherlands. Eligible patients required additional lipid-lowering despite maximally tolerated statin therapy and ezetimibe, or were statin intolerant. Data were systematically collected during routine outpatient visits. Results: The study included 238 patients of whom 67.2% had familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) and 42.9% were statin intolerant. The mean LDL-c reduction was 55.0% from a baseline of 4.4 mmol/L. LDL-c goals were attained by 62.3% of patients. Side effects were reported by 15.5% of patients and 2.5% discontinued treatment. No meaningful differences in efficacy or tolerability were observed between patients with FH or statin intolerance, or across treatment regimens. Conclusions: The observed lipid reductions and side effects profile of PCSK9 inhibitors in a routine care setting were comparable to observations in clinical trials. Highlights: PCSK9 inhibitors are incorporated in guidelines based on trial results, yet little is known about their real-world effects. We demonstrate the feasibility of achieving results in routine outpatient care which are similar to those in clinical trials. Statin-intolerant patients had similar tolerability and efficacy as patients without statin-intolerance. here were no meaningful differences in efficacy or tolerability between different dosing regimens.
Author: H. N. Cheng
Pages: 253
Year: 2016
View: 1008
Read: 1286
Uses of nanotechnology in various fields, and cautions or safety measures regarding some of those applications.
Delivering on Your E-promise
Author: Yen Yee Chong
Publisher: Financial Times/Prentice Hall
ISBN: 0273652966
Pages: 223
Year: 2001
View: 615
Read: 520
e-business is a project. Manage it. Making e-business promises is easy, delivering it is hard. Anyone can tell you what promises to make. This book will show you how to deliver on time, on budget, and with no mistake. This is a road map for e-doers not a vision statement for e-talkers.Successful e-business must combine IT expertise with sound business knowledge. Combining the two is the key to making your project profitable and getting it delivered on time. This book will bridge that divide. It will help business people understand the IT issues involved and vice versa.This is a book for realists. Yes, you could be the next internet millionaire, but you probably won't be. What you can be, if you read this book, is the person who delivers a realistic and profitable e-business project on time and on budget."If you are contemplating introducing or modifying your company's information technology, Delivering on Your e-Promise will likely save you money and increase your probability of success."--Charles E. Scott, Professor of Economics, Loyola College in Maryland
Overpromise and Overdeliver
Author: Rick Barrera
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1591840619
Pages: 226
Year: 2005
View: 867
Read: 1313
Presenting the stories of successful companies who rose out of virtual obscurity to dominate their markets, a guide to creating market differentiation by exceeding customer expectations outlines the author's TouchPoint Branding philosophies, in a volume complemented by a CD of supplemental materials and a software-driven study guide. 30,000 first printing.

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