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Dare to Submit
Author: Carly Phillips
Publisher: Nla Digital LLC
ISBN: 1942288573
Pages: 256
Year: 2015-08-31
View: 190
Read: 526
Decklan Dare knows about the unexpected loss of loved ones and for this reason, he values control in all areas of his life. Amanda Collins enjoys the freedom she finds in casual encounters without the emotional connection a relationship brings. They meet and their physical attraction is mutual but both experience feelings that could run deeper - if they drop their guard and let each other in. Decklan is first to trust, but when he discovers the secret Amanda's been hiding, will he forgive? Or will he rebuild every wall before she has a chance to explain?
Dare to Submit
Author: Peyton Elizabeth
Publisher: Siren Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 1627403418
Pages: 166
Year: 2013-07
View: 1128
Read: 1134
[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, flogging, whipping, sex toys, HEA] Elena Conti seeks out the help of Safeword LLC, a company that places submissives with their appropriate Dominants. She's tried to overcome her issues with trust and the overusage of her safeword by herself, but realizes it's futile. Utilizing Safeword LLC is Elena's last hope of eradicating her fears, but she hadn't counted on being placed with the two men whom she'd specifically stayed away from for the past eight months. Harrison James is known for his expertise using a whip, the one implement that haunts her dreams. Grant Delport uses pleasure as his method of training. Together, do they have what it takes to convince Elena that trust is the ultimate submission? ** A Siren Erotic Romance
Dare To Submit
Author: Jaelynn McCranie
ISBN: 1623276470
Pages: 30
Year: 2017-02-22
View: 1014
Read: 1081
Strong, independent and intelligent were three words Cassandra Wells kept in her heart, until she met Blake Forrest. Even though Blake was rich and famous, he seemed to have eyes for only one person, her. Would she be able to stop the growing desire that she had for Blake and his bedroom fantasies or would she be able to leave it all behind and just walk away leaving him and his world behind?
Authority and Submission
Author: Watchman Nee
Publisher: Living Stream Ministry
ISBN: 0736301852
Pages: 208
Year: 1998-06-01
View: 446
Read: 656

Dare to Be a Man
Author: David Evans
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101133783
Pages: 336
Year: 2009-09-17
View: 523
Read: 180
The inspiring pastor, media personality, and author offers spiritual empowerment to men and the women who love them. Bishop David Evans, pastor of the more than 27,000-member Bethany Baptist Church, poses the question: What does it mean to be a real man? A true man is one who dares to live up to God's design-a man of confidence, purpose, strength, destiny, consistency, sensitivity, accountability, and loyalty, who is spiritual and loving and embraces responsibility. Only when a man becomes this true self can he make himself ready for the woman who loves him and the family who needs him. Women need to learn to identify a man who lives up to God's design and to foster the spiritual growth of their men. With its inspiring and empowering message, Dare to Be a Man is essential reading for all men and the women who love them.
Dare to Love
Author: Carly Phillips
Publisher: CP Publishing
ISBN: 0989311295
Pages: 257
Year: 2013-11-18
View: 380
Read: 1072
She arouses his dominant and protective instincts And he will do anything to possess her … And does. When billionaire Ian Dare gets one glimpse of the sensual and irresistible Riley Taylor, he knows that he must have her. But any future he might have with Riley means he'll have to confront his past—a past he'd rather forget. And that's something this NFL team owner won't dare to do—not even for love.
Dare to Surrender
Author: Carly Phillips
Publisher: CP Publishing
ISBN: 0989982416
Pages: 250
Year: 2014-07-25
View: 248
Read: 770
Isabelle Masters is done... Done with her cheating boyfriend. Done with his domineering ways. Just done. Taking off in her leased Mercedes to start over turns out to be the best decision she's ever made — despite being arrested for grand theft auto and hauled off to a local police station. Being rescued by the most unlikely person possible, Gabriel Dare, makes it all worthwhile. After all, she's yearned for the sexy man for years—yet now is her chance to finally take the plunge and dare to become the independent woman she's always wanted to be. But can she be in control of her life if she surrenders to a man like him?
Dare to Desire
Author: Carly Phillips
Publisher: CP Publishing
ISBN: 0989982408
Pages: 257
Year: 2014-04-10
View: 386
Read: 247
He knows how to score … on the field and in the bedroom. But Alex Dare isn't prepared for the injury that sidelines him into early retirement. Still, if it means working closely with the one woman who ever meant more to him than a one night stand, he's all on board. But there is no amount of wealth or charm that could persuade social worker, Madison Evans, back into Alex's bed.
Dare to Touch
Author: Carly Phillips
Publisher: CP Publishing
ISBN: 0989982467
Pages: 306
Year: 2015-01-12
View: 1273
Read: 1196
He doesn't do anything half way ... in bed or out. And when Dylan Rhodes, Travel Director for the Miami Thunder football team, decides to pursue Olivia Dare, he goes all in. When the Pro-Bowl takes them to the desert oasis of Arizona, Dylan is determined to make sure their time together isn’t all business. What happens while at the luxury resort is life altering but when Olivia admits her deepest secret, will Dylan be able to prove he’s a man with staying power? Or will Olivia be disappointed again, this time by the most important man in her life?
Dare to Dream
Author: Paula White
Publisher: FaithWords
ISBN: 1478991836
Pages: 272
Year: 2017-04-04
View: 439
Read: 458
Originally titled You're All That!, this new hardcover release equips readers to discover God's design for their life and live a bold, dynamic, creative life filled with love and joy! Paula is uniquely qualified to share powerful insights as she writes out of her own painful experiences and reveals the keys to healing, hope, and identity. Through real-life illustrations, personal stories, and stirring insights, Paula shows readers how to: - See yourself through new eyes - Become an expert on the subject of yourself - Move beyond loss - Shake off painful memories, worries, fears, and failures - Take control of what you think, say, and believe - Establish new boundaries - Embrace a lifetime of discovery and transformation. If you are willing to do those things, one step at a time, you are on the road to victory!
Dare To Stay
Author: Jen McLaughlin
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698410939
Pages: 336
Year: 2016-08-02
View: 744
Read: 1099
The sizzling second novel in the gritty contemporary Sons of Steel Row series from the author of Dare to Run. Bruised and bloodied on Boston’s mean streets, Chris O’Brien is reeling from the loss of his childhood best friend. But after barely escaping a hit placed on his head, Chris is desperate to live. A chance encounter leads him to the perfect safe haven—the home of a girl from his childhood, Molly Lachlan. Before he has fully considered what it would mean to involve her in his mess, he lets her take him home. For Molly, letting Chris into her house means also letting him into her life. Danger and desperation are coming off of him like steam, and yet she can’t bring herself to turn him away. His bad boy charm always had a hold on her, but now there’s a soulfulness and sorrow in him that she’s never seen before. And despite the heart-stopping risk of helping him, she hopes against all reason that he’ll stay... From the Paperback edition.
Dare to Rock
Author: Carly Phillips
Publisher: CP Publishing
ISBN: 0990584178
Pages: 308
Year: 2015-08-04
View: 153
Read: 1037
He’s a Sex and a Rock & Roll superstar who can have anything he wants ... Fans adore him, women throw themselves at him, and Grey Kingston can afford everything he couldn’t growing up. Yet at the height of his career, he’s ready to walk away and return home to a simpler life… and the girl he left behind. Once home, he finds Avery Dare, is now a fiery, sexy woman, and she isn’t ready to forgive. Still, Grey is determined to rock his way back into her life … and her bed.
Dare to Resist
Author: Christine Kersey
Publisher: Sapphire Creek Press
Pages: 290
Year: 2013-03-26
View: 194
Read: 571
A PARALLEL WORLD WHERE IT'S ILLEGAL TO BE OVERWEIGHT This is book 1 of 5 in the Parallel World Series. Suspended for getting into a fight with a bully, when 16-year-old Morgan Campbell is grounded, she runs away. When she returns home the next day, her world is turned upside-down. Not only is her family missing, but another family is living in her house and claims to have lived there for weeks. As Morgan desperately works to figure out what has happened, she finds society has become obsessed with weight in a way she has never seen before. The more she searches for answers, the more she begins to believe she has somehow ended up in another world--a world where it is illegal to be overweight. Can she survive in this world until she can get home? BONUS: Includes the first chapter of Dare to Endure (Parallel World Book Two). Keywords: parallel universe, YA dystopian, free novel, free sci fi, science fiction dystopian, alternate universe, government control, free YA, time travel
Official Report of the Debates and Proceedings in the State Convention
Author: Massachusetts. Constitutional Convention
Year: 1853
View: 542
Read: 302

Dare to Lead
Author: Brené Brown
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0399592547
Pages: 320
Year: 2018-10-09
View: 810
Read: 226
In her #1 New York Times bestsellers, Brené Brown has taught us what it means to dare greatly, rise strong, and brave the wilderness. Now, based on new research conducted with leaders, change makers, and culture shifters, she’s showing us how to put those ideas into practice so we can step up and lead. Leadership is not about titles, status, and wielding power. A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for recognizing the potential in people and ideas, and has the courage to develop that potential. When we dare to lead, we don’t pretend to have the right answers; we stay curious and ask the right questions. We don’t see power as finite and hoard it; we know that power becomes infinite when we share it with others. We don’t avoid difficult conversations and situations; we lean into vulnerability when it’s necessary to do good work. But daring leadership in a culture defined by scarcity, fear, and uncertainty requires skill-building around traits that are deeply and uniquely human. The irony is that we’re choosing not to invest in developing the hearts and minds of leaders at the exact same time as we’re scrambling to figure out what we have to offer that machines and AI can’t do better and faster. What can we do better? Empathy, connection, and courage, to start. Four-time #1 New York Times bestselling author Brené Brown has spent the past two decades studying the emotions and experiences that give meaning to our lives, and the past seven years working with transformative leaders and teams spanning the globe. She found that leaders in organizations ranging from small entrepreneurial startups and family-owned businesses to nonprofits, civic organizations, and Fortune 50 companies all ask the same question: How do you cultivate braver, more daring leaders, and how do you embed the value of courage in your culture? In this new book, Brown uses research, stories, and examples to answer these questions in the no-BS style that millions of readers have come to expect and love. Brown writes, “One of the most important findings of my career is that daring leadership is a collection of four skill sets that are 100 percent teachable, observable, and measurable. It’s learning and unlearning that requires brave work, tough conversations, and showing up with your whole heart. Easy? No. Because choosing courage over comfort is not always our default. Worth it? Always. We want to be brave with our lives and our work. It’s why we’re here.” Whether you’ve read Daring Greatly and Rising Strong or you’re new to Brené Brown’s work, this book is for anyone who wants to step up and into brave leadership.

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