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Being Happy!
Author: Andrew Matthews
ISBN: 9810006640
Pages: 132
Year: 1988
View: 191
Read: 358
This is a highly motivational self-help book with a difference: it has been written with great sensitivity in order that everybody, both young and old, can easily understand themselves and become in every way happier. The author's writings cover many aspects of life, among them attitudes, confidence, luck, success, depression, humour, forgiveness and many more. The book draws on everyday experiences and attitudes to show how we can change things for the better by adopting new approaches to people and situations. In an increasingly hard and insensitive environment, the secret of this book's success must be its relevance to the real life problems which all of us face, as well as the way in which the author provides some positive answers.
Resisting Happiness
Author: Matthew Kelly
ISBN: 1942611919
Year: 2016-08-15
View: 948
Read: 153
EVERY SINGLE MOMENT IS A CHANCE TO TURN IT ALL AROUND. Are you happy? It may be the wrong question. Most of us think we are relatively happy, while at the same time knowing that we could be happiermaybe even a lot happier. Ordinary people and the finest philosophers have been exploring the question of happiness for thousands of years, and theories abound. But this is not a book of theory. Resisting Happiness is a deeply personal, disarmingly transparent look at why we sabotage our own happiness and what to do about it. Are you overwhelmed? Do you procrastinate? Do you sometimes feel like you are your own worst enemy? Are you ignoring your dreams? Have you lost the courage to truly be yourself? Do you feel that your life lacks meaning and purpose? Do you find yourself avoiding the real issues in your life and focusing on the superficial? We all experience these feelings and doubts from time to time. But do you know what to do when you experience them? In this fascinating book, Matthew Kelly, with his signature combination of the profound and the practical, helps us understand why we feel these things and how to rise above them. Breaking through resistance, Kelly tells us, is essential to becoming the-best-version-of-ourselves and living with passion and purpose. What is resistance? It's that sluggish feeling of not wanting to do something that you know is good for you. It's the inclination to do something that you unabashedly know is not good for you. It's the desire and tendency to delay something you should be doing right now. It is resistance that stands between you and happiness. In these pages you will learn not only what it is, but how to recognize and conquer it in your own life.
Authentic Happiness
Author: Martin Seligman
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1857884132
Pages: 338
Year: 2011-01-11
View: 1287
Read: 208
In this important, entertaining book, one of the world's most celebrated psychologists, Martin Seligman, asserts that happiness can be learned and cultivated, and that everyone has the power to inject real joy into their lives. In Authentic Happiness, he describes the 24 strengths and virtues unique to the human psyche. Each of us, it seems, has at least five of these attributes, and can build on them to identify and develop to our maximum potential. By incorporating these strengths - which include kindness, originality, humour, optimism, curiosity, enthusiasm and generosity -- into our everyday lives, he tells us, we can reach new levels of optimism, happiness and productivity. Authentic Happiness provides a variety of tests and unique assessment tools to enable readers to discover and deploy those strengths at work, in love and in raising children. By accessing the very best in ourselves, we can improve the world around us and achieve new and lasting levels of authentic contentment and joy.
The Four Signs of A Dynamic Catholic
Author: Matthew Kelly
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 193750932X
Pages: 224
Year: 2012-11-01
View: 368
Read: 558
As human beings we are constantly engaging and disengaging in everything we do. We engage and disengage at work, in marriage, as parents, in our quest for health and well-being, in personal finances, environmentally, politically, and, of course, we engage or disengage spiritually. If you walk into any Catholic church next Sunday and look around, you will discover that some people are highly engaged, others are massively disengaged, and the majority are somewhere in between. Why? What is the difference between highly engaged Catholics and disengaged Catholics? Answering this question is essential to the future of the Catholic Church. If we truly want to engage Catholics and reinvigorate parish life, we must first discover what drives engagement among Catholics. Matthew Kelly explores this question in his groundbreaking new book, and the simplicity of what he discovers will amaze you. Four things make the difference between highly engaged Catholics and disengaged Catholics: the four signs of a Dynamic Catholic. Whether you are ready to let God take your spiritual life to the next level or want to help reinvigorate your parish, The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic promises to take you on a journey that will help you to live out the genius of Catholicism in your everyday life. The central idea in this book should change the way we live our faith and the way we teach our faith. This book is a game changer.
A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish, 4th Edition
Author: John Butt, Carmen Benjamin
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1444119052
Pages: 582
Year: 2014-02-04
View: 151
Read: 409
This text provides a comprehensive guide to the forms and structures of the Spanish spoken and written in Spain and Latin America. Examples have been introduced, drawing on contemporary Spanish and Latin American usage.
Por Favor, Sea Feliz
Publisher: SELECTOR
ISBN: 9684035454
Pages: 175
Year: 1997-10-01
View: 163
Read: 612
Learning to rid yourself of unhappiness by making others happy. Inspirational.
El poder del corazón (The Power of the Heart Spanish edition)
Author: Baptist de Pape
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476789509
Pages: 240
Year: 2014-10-07
View: 503
Read: 1177
¿Estás viviendo la vida que estás destinado a vivir? ¿Estás siguiendo tus sueños y cumpliendo con el potencial de tu vida? En esta hermosa guía espiritual te sumarás a una reunión sin precedentes de dieciocho de los pensadores espirituales, escritores y científicos más grandes del mundo que revelan cómo puedes descubrir y realizar tu máximo potencial. Cuando era un joven abogado, el autor Baptist de Pape se sentía paralizado por la ansiedad, hasta que tuvo una experiencia extraordinaria que lo llevó a investigar el increíble poder del corazón y cómo nos puede conducir a la vida que estamos destinados a vivir. En una búsqueda que lo llevó por todo el mundo, Baptist de Pape entrevistó dieciocho iconos, incluyendo Paulo Coelho, Isabel Allende, Deepak Chopra, Maya Angelou, Jane Goodall, Eckhart Tolle y Gary Zukav. A través de sus historias personales y profundos conocimientos, estos líderes de pensamiento cocrearon con el autor una guía para acceder al inagotable amor y sabiduría del corazón; y a la creación de tu poder auténtico. El corazón es más de un órgano físico. Posee una inteligencia que supera con creces a la de la mente. En estas páginas, aprenderás a utilizar la sabiduría del corazón para transformar tus puntos de vista acerca del dinero y el éxito, la salud y la felicidad, las relaciones y la comunidad. Una serie de ejercicios mentales y contemplaciones te guían a activar los poderes especiales de tu corazón como la intuición, la intención, la gratitud, el perdón y la bondad. Estas lecciones inolvidables de grandes maestros del mundo te inspirarán para encontrar, escuchar tu voz interior, encontrarle sentido a lo que suceda y cumplir con tu mayor propósito en la vida.
Thinking Spanish Translation
Author: Sándor G. J. Hervey, Ian Higgins, Louise M. Haywood
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0415116589
Pages: 232
Year: 1995
View: 797
Read: 375
Thinking Spanish Translation is a comprehensive and revolutionary 20-week course in translation method offering a challenging and entertaining approach to the acquisition of translation skills. It has been fully and successfully piloted at the University of St.Andrews. Translation is presented as a problem-solving discipline. Discussion, examples and a full range of exercise work enable students to acquire the skills necessary for a broad range of translation problems. Examples are drawn from a wide variety of material from technical and commercial texts to poetry and song. Thinking Spanish Translation is essential reading for advanced undergraduates and postgraduate students of Spanish. The book will also appeal to a wide range of languages students and tutors through the general discussion of principles, purposes and practice of translation.
Rediscover Catholicism
Author: Matthew Kelly
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 193750901X
Pages: 320
Year: 2002-10-01
View: 1139
Read: 1165
Over the past 20 years, Matthew Kelly has seen more of the world than most presidents and more of the Church than most bishops. Now, in this unique and timely book, he proposes that Catholicism is not a lifeless set of rules and regulations , but a way of life designed by God to help each person reach his or her full potential. With remarkable insight, Kelly dispels dozens of myths that surround the rejection of Catholicism today and provides a profound and practical vision of what will lead the Catholic Church to thrive again in the future. Rediscover Catholicism is quickly becoming the most read catholic book of our times. From the spellbinding opening story, Kelly grips his readers and takes them on a life-changing journey to rediscover the genius of Catholicism.
Dime qué comes y te diré qué sientes (Think Skinny, Feel Fit Spanish edition)
Author: Alejandro Chabán
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501140531
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-06-06
View: 627
Read: 228
¿Quieres bajar de peso? Primero pierde tu peso emocional. Alejandro Chabán tenía sobrepeso de niño, sufrió de anorexia y bulimia de adolescente y trató desesperadamente de tener un cuerpo saludable. Luego de haber probado diferentes dietas y ejercicios, y a pesar de haber bajado de peso, él descubrió que en su mente seguía siendo gordo, aunque su cuerpo se veía diferente. Estos sentimientos lo llevaron a desarrollar técnicas para aceptar y transformar al gordito que todos llevamos dentro y, en 2012, a fundar Yes You Can!®, un programa que ha ayudado a miles de personas a establecer un estilo de vida saludable con sabor latino. En Dime qué comes y te diré qué sientes, Alejandro comparte los siete pasos esenciales que lo ayudaron a cambiar sus pensamientos y transformar su cuerpo. Inspirado en anécdotas personales y testimonios, Alejandro explica en detalle qué significa tener sobrepeso emocional, cómo se conectan el bienestar físico con las emociones y cómo identificar mejor los obstáculos emocionales que sobrecargan la mente y el cuerpo. Estos pasos, basados en técnicas prácticas de pensamiento positivo, meditación, aceptación y compromiso, te ayudarán a llevar una vida más feliz y saludable. Ahora por fin podrás cuidarte de la manera que mereces.
Author: Suzy Welch
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1847377211
Pages: 240
Year: 2009-04-20
View: 890
Read: 1016
Today, the world offers us more options than ever before, but it also forces us to juggle more priorities, to make more choices, and to make them faster. The result: a crisis of doing too much, or not enough, and making our decisions based on impulse, stress or guilt. In 10-10-10Suzy Welch offers an exciting, effective strategy that will help you make the right decision in any situation, at work or at home; with colleagues, family or friends. The rule is deceptively simple: when faced with a decision, consider what the consequences and outcomes of your various options would be in 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years. But the results are extraordinary. Using the framework of 10-10-10will allow you to think through your decisions and to match them with the expectations and values you hold dearest. Most importantly, it allows you to chart a path in the direction you want, and to head confidently towards it with focus, balance, and joy.
Las Cosas que Sí Quiero (Spanish edition of The Things I Do for You)
Author: M. Malone
Publisher: CrushStar Romance
ISBN: 1938789539
Pages: 315
Year: 2016-08-29
View: 962
Read: 353
El segundo libro en la serie best-seller por el USA TODAY de LOS ALEXANDERS. Más de 7.150 reseñas de cinco estrellas (en Amazon / Goodreads). “Estoy oficialmente enamorada de la familia Alexander.” --Smitten by Reading ★★★★★ Un trapicheo. Un bebé. Un millón de cosas pueden salir mal. Raina Winters no cree en el amor así que cuando la dejan plantada justo antes de su boda, lo que realmente le disgusta es haber perdido lo que realmente esperaba del matrimonio. Un bebé. Cuando Nick descubre el dilema de Raina, su primera reacción es dejarla sin más explicaciones como ella lo dejó a él después de su tórrida aventura de una noche. Pero por fin tiene algo que Raina necesita, por lo que le ofrece un trato: le dará un bebé solo si ella le da lo algo que él desea de la misma manera. Solo dos pequeñas palabras. Sí. Quiero. LOS ALEXANDERS Libro 1- Un Día Más Libro 2- Las Cosas que Sí Quiero Libro 3- Él es el Hombre Libro 4- Todo lo que Necesito eres Tú Libro 5- Di que lo Harás La crítica ha dicho... “Estoy oficialmente enamorada de la familia Alexander.” --Smitten by Reading (Puntuación: A-) acerca de Un Día Más “¡Malone ha acertado de lleno con la serie de Los Alexanders! ¡Por favor, nunca dejes de escribir sobre ellos!” --Joyfully Reviewed acerca de Un Día Más "Nicholas tiene el potencial propio del perfecto personaje principal..." -- 4 estrellas, Romance Junkies acerca de Las Cosas que Hago por Ti "Malone le da a su lector una historia llena de diálogos inteligentes, personajes convincentes y una fuerte línea argumental. Los Alexanders y sus amigos te atraerán y harán que sigas regresando a por más." -- 4 estrellas, Romantic Reads acerca de Él es el Hombre Este libro ofrece momentos angustiosos, humor, escenas realmente sexys y amor. ¿Qué más podrías pedir? Espero que haya mucho más que leer sobre esta serie y sin duda yo estaré siempre en primera fila. -- 4 estrellas y media, S.W. & More Book Reviews acerca de Él es el Definitivo He viajado a través de este libro sintiendo una gama de emociones: dolor, vergüenza, desesperación, fuera, amor, alegría y felicidad. A la larga, me ha encantado la historia y recomendaría este libro a cualquiera que esté buscando un final de felices para siempre constantemente repleto de un tórrido romance e intriga. -- 4 estrellas, Twin Sisters Rockin’ Reviews acerca de Todo lo que Necesito eres Tú romance series, contemporary romance, beach reads, romance novels, romance books, romantic suspense, new adult, multicultural romance, military romance, PTSD, wounded hero, alpha male, free romance books, free romance novels, free romance, contemporary romance free, contemporary romance books,
Dilema (Spanish Edition)
Author: Padre Alberto Cutie
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101475285
Pages: 368
Year: 2011-01-04
View: 1164
Read: 903
Era un sacerdote católico cuya relación amorosa se convirtió en noticia de primera página. Ahora, cuenta su explosiva historia -en sus propias palabras... En este libro personal y altamente controversial, el Padre Alberto Cutié habla de la devastadora lucha entre las promesas que había hecho como sacerdote y el amor por una mujer. Cutié, que ya había comenzado a sentir diferencias ideológicas con la Iglesia, de repente tuvo que cambiar su vida por completo el día que fue fotografiado en una playa besándose con la mujer que más adelante se convertiría en su esposa. Cutié, que en durante años llegó a representar ante el público una nueva cara para la Iglesia Católica - admirado y amado por millones- descubrió que ya no se sentía capaz de vivir su vida con la norma del celibato sacerdotal, sobre todo porque esto implicaba defender ciertas posiciones con las que ya no estaba de acuerdo. Durante años guardó su relación en secreto mientras buscaba y rezaba para que se le apareciera una respuesta. El amor que consideraba una bendición lo estaba acercando a Dios pero alejándolo de la Iglesia. En Dilema, Cutié cuenta cómo rompió su promesa, desenterrando el controversial debate acerca del celibato obligatorio para los sacerdotes católicos romanos, y comenzó una nueva vida donde descubrió otra manera de servir al mismo Dios.
The Rhythm of Life
Author: Matthew Kelly
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1942611269
Pages: 302
Year: 2015-06-26
View: 1177
Read: 557
Do you ever feel that if you weren’t so busy you would be happier, healthier, more effective, more fulfilled . . . and maybe even a better person? Once every twenty-five years or so, a book comes along that perfectly identifies our common search and struggle for happiness, and teaches us how to find lasting fulfillment in a changing world. This is that book. Not since M. Scott Peck published The Road Less Traveled have we experienced a voice as refreshing and authentic as Matthew Kelly’s. The Rhythm of Life will help you to bring into focus who you are and why you are here. Through this book Matthew Kelly will help you discover your legitimate needs, deepest desires, and unique talents. He will introduce you to the-best-version-of-yourself and lead you to a life filled with passion and purpose. Here are just a few of the timeless creeds that he presents in The Rhythm of Life . . . “You were born to become the-best-version-of-yourself. This is your essential purpose. Embrace this one solitary truth and it will change your life more than anything you have ever learned. In every situation, ask yourself, Which of the options before me will help me become the-best-version-of-myself?” “Everything is a choice. This is life’s greatest truth and its hardest lesson. It is a great truth because it reminds us of our power. Not power over others, but the power to be ourselves and to live the life we have imagined. It is a hard lesson because it causes us to realize that we have chosen the life we are living right now.” “The measure of your life will be the measure of your courage. Courage animates us, brings us to life, and makes everything else possible. Fear stops more people from doing something with their lives than lack of ability, contacts, resources, or any other single variable. Fear paralyzes the human spirit. Life takes courage.” “Energy is our most valuable resource, not time. The rhythm of life is a way of life that brings our legitimate needs, our deepest desires, and our unique talents into harmony with each other. The result: passion, purpose, and energy.” Kelly has a way of thinking and writing that cuts through the stifling clutter of our everyday lives and delivers a clarity that is both refreshing and liberating.
Happy People Read and Drink Coffee
Author: Agns Martin-Lugand, AgnŽs Martin-Lugand
Publisher: Weinstein Publishing
ISBN: 1602862850
Pages: 224
Year: 2016-05-10
View: 1244
Read: 230
Diane seems to have the perfect life. She is a wife, mother, and the owner of Happy People Read and Drink Coffee, a cozy literary café in Paris. But when she suddenly loses her husband and daughter in a car accident, the world as she knows it disappears. One year later, Diane moves to a small town on the Irish coast, determined to heal by rebuilding her life alone—until she meets Edward, a handsome and moody photographer, and falls into a surprising and tumultuous romance. But will it last when Diane leaves Ireland for good? At once heartbreaking and uplifting, Diane’s story is deeply felt, reminding us that love remembered is love enduring. "A heartbreaking story of love and loss that will twist readers up in knots…essential." —Library Journal

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