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Boletín del depósito legal de Andalucía
Year: 1995
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ISBN 1988
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Constitutional and Administrative Law
Author: Richard Clements, Jane Kay
Publisher: Blackstone Press
ISBN: 0199270864
Pages: 196
Year: 2004
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Read: 893
Examination questions in Constitutional and Administrative law can seem particularly daunting to students. Constitutional and Administrative law is one of the core subjects taken by all law students and by students on a variety of other law courses. This book is intended as a revision aid for students and will help students to adopt the appropriate style to answer assessment questions. It covers all the topics likely to be included in any Constitutional law course, from constitutional theory to judicial review This book shows how to successfully tackle the sort of problems and essay questions frequently found in examination papers, with advice on how answers should be structured. Written by experienced lecturers, the series covers all the topics found on law degree courses, CPE courses, and other undergraduate courses where law is an essential element. Each title is divided into chapters covering each major topic and contains up to 50 questions and answers. Each chapter has anintroduction focusing on important points and suggestions for further reading. Each question is followed by clear commentary highlighting the essential elements of each question and indicating exactly what the examiners are looking for. This new edition also contains bullet pointed answer plans listing the main issues to be raised in each chapter, further reading at the end of every chapter, and diagrams illuminating key points to provide students with instant confidence.
Training Plus
Author: Brian Clegg
Publisher: Taylor & Francis US
ISBN: 0749431881
Pages: 195
Year: 2000
View: 1333
Read: 970
Do you ever feel that the training process has become monotonous? Does the thought of standing up at the front of a training room working through the same old bullet-point slides make you want to scream? If so, don't panic as help is at hand. The methods and techniques of training are well established. So well established that some tricks of the trade have become hackneyed and tired. Training+ will help you to break out of a training rut and develop new ways of getting your message across. At the book's core is a detailed compendium of actions that will help you to transform your training toTraining+. Together with a guide to determine the direction your training should take and advice on pulling together a practical agenda for change, it's all you need to bring new life to your training. Brian Clegg's infectious enthusiasm, along with his examples, exercises and expert knowledge of the power of new technology, will transform the way you develop your staff in the future. By utilizing ideas used in business creativity, this inspirational yet practical book will help you to experiment with some of the new training approaches that are rapidly gaining ground and let you develop new techniques that will provide long-lasting results.
The Right to Privacy
Author: Samuel D. Brandeis, Louis D. Warren
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3732645487
Pages: 40
Year: 2018-04-05
View: 1075
Read: 495
Reproduction of the original: The Right to Privacy by Samuel D. Warren, Louis D. Brandeis
Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules
Author: Michael Gorman, Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR., American Library Association
ISBN: 0888022840
Pages: 676
Year: 1998
View: 1161
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The 1998 Revision includes all changes and corrections authorized by the Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR since 1988, including Amendments authorized through 1997.
The Poverty of Philosophy
Author: Karl Marx
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 1605204293
Pages: 228
Year: 2008-01-01
View: 438
Read: 533
Written in the winter of 1846 7 as a response to Proudhon s Systeme des Contradictions Economique ou Philosophie de la Misere, this is essential background for appreciating Marx s later work, including Capital and his Communist Manifesto. Here, Marx begins to explore such concepts as constituted or synthetic value, the division of labor and machinery, competition and monopoly, strikes and the combination of workmen, and free trade, all of which would later come to play important roles in his social and political philosophy. Anyone wishing to understand Marx s approach to capitalism as an oppressor of the proletariat and as a movement destined to collapse must consider this required reading. Prussian philosopher KARL MARX (1818-1883) was a social scientist, historian, and political revolutionary. He is indisputably the most influential socialist thinker to emerge in the 19th century. Although scholars largely ignored him in his own lifetime, his social, economic, and political ideas gained rapid acceptance in the socialist movement after his death."
Constitutionalism of the Global South
Author: Daniel Bonilla Maldonado
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107067936
Year: 2013-04-18
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The Indian Supreme Court, the South African Constitutional Court and the Colombian Constitutional Court have been among the most important and creative courts in the Global South. In Asia, Africa and Latin America, they are seen as activist tribunals that have contributed (or attempted to contribute) to the structural transformation of the public and private spheres of their countries. The cases issued by these courts are creating a constitutionalism of the Global South. This book addresses in a direct and detailed way the jurisprudence of these Courts on three key topics: access to justice, cultural diversity and socioeconomic rights. This volume is a valuable contribution to the discussion about the contours and structure of contemporary constitutionalism. It makes explicit that this discussion has interlocutors both in the Global South and Global North while showing the common discourse between them and the differences on how they interpret and solve key constitutional problems.
Varieties of Cultural History
Author: Peter Burke
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0745665861
Pages: 256
Year: 2013-07-08
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Read: 546
The aim of this book is both to illustrate and to discuss some of the main varieties of cultural history which have emerged since the questioning of what might be called its "classic" form, exemplified in the work of Jacob Burckhardt and Johan Huizinga. Among the themes of individual chapters are the history of popular culture, the history of Carnival, the history of mentalities, the history of gestures, the history of jokes, and even the history of dreams. The emphasis of both the introduction and the case-studies which follow is on the variety of forms taken by cultural history today. The classic model has not been replaced by any new orthodoxy, despite the importance of approaches inspired by social and cultural anthropology. Variety is to be found in the cultures studied as well as among their historians. The case-studies included in the volume come not only from Europe (and in particular from Italy) but also from the New World, especially Brazil. Particular emphasis is placed on the importance of cultural encounters, cultural conflicts, and their consequences, whether these consequences should be described in terms of mixing, syncretism or synthesis. Written by one of the leading cultural historians in Europe today, this book will be of particular interest to students of early modern Europe, of the encounters between European culture and the New World, and to students and scholars interested in problems of historiography.
Marketing with Social Media
Author: Beth C. Thomsett-Scott
Publisher: American Library Association
ISBN: 1555709729
Pages: 178
Year: 2013-12
View: 950
Read: 1039
Get up to speed quickly on using social media to promote your library. This basic guide will get you ready to set up your account and explore such tools as Facebook, wikis, YouTube, Pinterest Google+, Foursquare, blogging platforms, QR codes, and Twitter. After an introductory survey of the tools, chapters cover maintaining accounts, coordinating with colleagues, planning for sustainablility, best practices, evaluation with built-in analytics, and references for additional information.
Cultural Identity and Social Liberation in Latin American Thought
Author: Ofelia Schutte
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 0791413187
Pages: 313
Year: 1993-03-02
View: 1061
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"El libro tiene dos grandes temas: la identidad cultural, sobre la que se expresan opiniones balanceadas entre los extremos posibles, y la 'liberacion social', entendida en general como liberacion con respecto a estructuras opresivas. El itinerario de e
Libros españoles en venta, ISBN
ISBN: 8474834473
Pages: 1145
Year: 1984
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Constitutional Law
Author: Martin Levy, Craig L. Jackson
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
ISBN: 1454881461
Pages: 1825
Year: 2016-08-15
View: 889
Read: 833
Constitutional Law: Cases and Materials, Second Edition is structured for a three-to-five hour introductory course in Constitutional Law. Coverage includes a review of the power of the three coordinate branches of the federal government with�--as befitting a law school--particular emphasis on the Federal and Supreme Courts. Also, as befitting our law school's namesake, Thurgood Marshall, emphasis in regard to Individual Rights includes Application of the Bill of Rights and the fundamental rights to Due Process, both substantive and procedural, as well as Equal Protection. First Amendment issues are not included: given their importance, it is assumed that they will be covered in separate course offerings, as is now most often the case. A word in regard into coverage in this volume that is unique and/or meaningful in regard to our approach to the subject matter, is also fitting. We feel there are significant and meaningful differences in this work. Structuring Article III jurisdictional requirements as they are affected by a given subject matter in relation to how the judicial power should be applied in a democratic society has been a traditional challenge in Constitutional Law Casebooks. To facilitate understanding we commence the course so as to confront the interplay between these issues. Thus, this work begins with a "mini course" in Supreme Court decision making. Here, we unabashedly use the controversy generated by the "privacy and abortion cases" to show how actual case law is effected by the "weak origins" of judicial review and the conflict in the need to limit governmental power (the Constitution as fundamental law) by a non-elected Court in a democratic society. Our purpose is to allow the student to understand how the substantive contemporary controversies in the subject matter affect how the Court applies the judicial power. We feel this is an excellent means to prepare the student to understand how the use of the case and controversy requirements in Article III are applied to restrain the judicial power and bow to the democratic process, as exemplified by the "historic" privacy cases. We also feel that allowing the students exposure to some of the classic articles dealing with these issues will also benefit their understanding of the subject matter. Our experience in commencing with a "mini course" in constitutional decision making, as a pre-requisite to covering substantive case law, has been quite positive. We feel this work is also distinguishable and attractive where a desire to emphasize civil rights and the Fourteenth Amendment is present. Here, as one might expect from Faculty of the Thurgood Marshall School of Law, there is more extensive coverage of slavery, segregation, and civil rights, with a very "realist view" of the role the Supreme Court has played from slavery to present. Thus, we emphasize Fourteenth Amendment Rights and their enforcement. Faculty who share our interests and concerns we feel will well benefit from selection of the work, and we welcome any questions in this regard. Martin Levy Craig Jackson

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