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Climb the Green Ladder
Author: Amy V. Fetzer, Shari Aaron
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470662344
Pages: 288
Year: 2010-06-15
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Want to make your workplace more sustainable, get ahead in your career and improve your reputation? Want to help your company or organisation save money, boost profits and improve its brand? Whatever your level or industry, from sales and management to government and teaching, Climb The Green Ladder offers practical knowledge to help you make a difference. Whether you’d like to transform your entire company or just get your colleagues recycling, Climb The Green Ladder will provide you with the tools and motivation to move your company (and career) towards a more successful, more sustainable future. The twin challenges of the economic meltdown and climate change means we must act quickly to evolve our businesses to weather the storm. You can ensure your company or organisation saves money, reduces environmental damage and improves its performance while you advance your personal reputation and further your career. Step by step, Climb The Green Ladder identifies the key themes that underpin successful sustainability strategies, including real-life case studies from people who’ve done it, to create a comprehensive tool-kit for action. Authors Amy Fetzer and Shari Aaron undertook extensive research to find out what works and what doesn’t. They surveyed hundreds of employees and employers, and interviewed over 80 sustainability specialists who have successfully changed their workplaces from within to reveal the secrets of their success.
Sustainability at Work
Author: Marilyn Waite
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1315514362
Pages: 188
Year: 2016-10-04
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Sustainability at Work is a compelling guide for everyone who wants to have both a successful career and a career that makes a positive difference in society. Containing career advice of great value to students of sustainability, and explaining how they can apply their knowledge to their future careers, its appeal extends well beyond the classroom. Sustainability at Work includes an easy-to-follow framework that anyone wondering how they can make a sustainable difference in the workplace can apply. Professionals from a variety of backgrounds and territories explain how they brought a sustainability approach to various sectors: agriculture, health care, business, economics, and financial services, education and research, law and policy, science and technology, and entertainment and media. Through inspiring narratives and a structured framework, Sustainability at Work illustrates how sustainability can be incorporated into every imaginable career to impact the quadruple bottom line: environment, economy, society, and future generations.
Ecotrain Green Career Guide Almanac
Publisher: Ecotrain Media Group
ISBN: 061533394X
Pages: 223
Year: 2010-03-15
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America Goes Green
Author: Kim Kennedy White
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1598846574
Pages: 1297
Year: 2013
View: 1225
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Explores the history and evolution of environmentalism in modern America, featuring essays that look at environmental issues facing each state, primary source documents, and thematic A to Z entries.
Ethical Corporation Magazine
Year: 2009-07
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True Green @ Work
Author: Kim McKay, Jenny Bonnin, Tim Wallace
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 1426202636
Pages: 141
Year: 2008
View: 850
Read: 716
Presents 100 strategies for safeguarding the environment.
Climbing the Ladder of Business Intelligence
Author: James E. Cates, Sam S. Gill, Natalie Zeituny
Publisher: Happy About
ISBN: 1600050441
Pages: 193
Year: 2007-01-01
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Gills "Ladder of Business Intelligence (LOBI)" aims to create intelligent organizations in which technology systems are designed to support success. He demonstrates how to use this framework to enable skillful use of technology and better use of human intelligence.
The Corporate Lattice
Author: Cathleen Benko, Molly Anderson
Publisher: Harvard Business Press
ISBN: 1422161781
Pages: 224
Year: 2010-08-03
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With roots planted firmly in the industrial age, the corporate ladder has been the metaphor used to describe the prevailing one-size-fits-all model for success. At its heart, the ladder is derived from inflexible, hierarchical, organization models in which prestige, individual rewards, information flow, power and influence are tied to the rung each employee occupies. Yet the workplace as we know it is in transition -- evolving away from the linear, one-size-fits-all model of the corporate ladder toward a multidimensional approach that Cathy Benko calls the corporate lattice. This book will serve to widen an organization's strategic lens, representing a fundamentally new way to work and run a company. It offers a framework to help senior leaders and HR directors harness the talent in their company in a way that provides a strategic advantage, not only for recruiting but also for achieving and maintain better individual performance. In the bestselling book Mass Career Customization (Harvard Business Press/2007), Cathy Benko and Deloitte provided the breakthrough MCC dashboard for understanding the important variables of individual employees' career-life profiles, but she also coined a new metaphor -- the corporate lattice -- as a way to think about the changed career landscape. This book delves much deeper into the power of the lattice for organizations, fully exploring its contours and applying it to real-life practice throughout a company. It explores how the corporate lattice model creates value by: 1. Ensuring a flow of talent into and through the organization. 2. Increasing the efficiency of and return on organizational investments. 3. Improving financial and operating results through greater employee engagement. The three-part framework of the book presents specific ways managers and organizations can use The Corporate Lattice to manage talent, measure results, collaborate across teams, engage employees, and reor"
The Compromise Trap
Author: Elizabeth Doty
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 1605095818
Pages: 336
Year: 2009-11-09
View: 227
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A detailed and inspiring strategy for staying true to yourself at work while contributing to your organization’s effectiveness and integrity • Based on over fifty candid interviews with businesspeople at all levels, including vivid firsthand accounts of compromise and courage • Eminently practical and constructive, with exercises and strategies you can apply wherever you work Healthy compromise is a fact of organizational life, part of accomplishing any meaningful goal with other people. But when it involves betraying your word, your principles, or other important commitments, it takes a bite out of your passion and vitality, trapping you in a web of nagging doubts and regrets or even dread and remorse. Sadly, certain common misconceptions about compromise mean we can fall into this trap unknowingly, making a sort of “devil’s bargain by degrees.” Even worse, this can happen while working for companies and leaders we otherwise respect and admire. So what can you do, short of sacrificing your career? In this unflinching but consistently constructive and timely look at concessions, double-binds, and contradictions of organizational life, Doty suggests the antidote is to “redefine the game” – expand your ability to be a positive force regardless of the setting. At the core of this strategy are six personal foundations that she illuminates with practical exercises and examples, including Reconnect to Your Strengths, See the Larger Playing Field, Define a Worthy Enough Win, Find Your Real Team, Make Positive Plays, and Keep Your Own Score. Full of candid firsthand stories from Doty’s interviews with over fifty businesspeople as well as her own experiences as a consultant and manager, The Compromise Trap offers sympathetic guidance for individuals striving to live with greater integrity, courage, and purpose at work, as well as the executives, coaches, consultants, and loved ones who support them and senior leaders who want to expand what it means for organizations to act with integrity in the world.
Climb a Different Ladder
Author: Walter Bellin
ISBN: 1458797708
Year: 2012-11-01
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Climb a Different Ladder acts as a practical guide to personal leadership development. Walter Bellin introduces us to the Q12 profiling system, which takes us on a journey of self - discovery. The purpose - to know oneself truly. Only when we understand all aspects of our personality are we fully able to become the best we can be.?As a forerunner in leadership development worldwide, Walter Bellin's strategies have helped many important leaders achieve the best; from high ranking sergeants, to politicians and CEO's of multinational corporations.
Career Opportunities in Conservation and the Environment
Author: Paul R. Greenland, AnnaMarie L. Sheldon
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
ISBN: 1438110677
Pages: 335
Year: 2007
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Provides information on the duties, salaries, employment prospects, and skills, training, or education necessary for more than sixty-five jobs that focus on nature and the environment.
Blind Spots
Author: Alexandra Levit
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101544945
Pages: 272
Year: 2011-10-04
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"You want-you need-Alexandra Levit as your guide." -Daniel H. Pink, New York Times bestselling author of Drive There's been a major paradigm shift in business practices and the workplace. Alexandra Levit tells readers what no longer holds true for getting ahead today, and debunks business myths that are more dangerous and less viable than ever-given the current climate of ethical scrutiny and intense competition-including it's best to climb the ladder as fast as possible, and that employers want you to be yourself. Levit offers something better in place of these myths: practical advice on what it really takes to succeed in this new values-driven environment.
Future Work
Author: Alison Maitland, Peter Thomson
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 0230284221
Pages: 192
Year: 2011-10-07
View: 504
Read: 1261
The workplace is changing with new technology and innovations that give people more autonomy over how, when and where they work
Strategies for the Green Economy: Opportunities and Challenges in the New World of Business
Author: Joel Makower, Cara Pike
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071641858
Pages: 256
Year: 2008-10-05
View: 930
Read: 387
Businesses are entering the green marketplace at breakneck speed to keep pace with customer and societal demands to reduce their environmental impacts. But greening one's business is no small feat. While clear opportunities abound in this new economy, business leaders pursuing a green strategy are finding few roadmaps and established rules and plenty of hidden twists and turns. So, how does a company succeed in a world gone green? In Strategies for the New Green Economy, Joel Makower, one of the world's foremost green business experts, provides a clear roadmap for this challenging terrain. Makower offers insights and inspiration gleaned from his 20 years' experience helping Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike formulate strategies that align environmental and business goals. Providing a comprehensive and realistic look at both the opportunities and challenges, Strategies for the New Green Economy shows how leadership companies are finding their way in the green economy, while their competitors struggle. Strategies for the Green Economy systematically tackles the central issues of greening your business: What does it take to be seen as an environmental leader? What are the standards, implicit or explicit, that you must meet to be green? How do you communicate what your business is doing right--and what it's doing wrong? How can you overcome consumer, media, and activist distrust? How can your company be heard amid the “green noise” in the marketplace? What are the new opportunities emerging for companies in the green economy? Including groundbreaking data about customers' attitudes and behaviors regarding green products and services, Strategies for the Green Economy will lead you through the thicket of finicky customers, confusing research reports, and public cynicism regarding green marketing claims--and place you on solid footing in the growing green economy.
Author: Paula Baker-Laporte, Robert M. Laporte
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
ISBN: 158685691X
Pages: 136
Year: 2005-01-01
View: 768
Read: 240
EcoNest identifies homes designed and built respectfully, in appreciation of the harmony and beauty of nature and in a way that uses nature's resources so as to consume less energy, create less waste, nurture our health, and enrich our senses. BRA bird builds its nest using the materials at hand to create a perfect shelter for its bioregion. It doesn't fly to the next state for twigs nor does it build a home that is bigger than it needs. Instinctively it creates an environment that is nurturing, nontoxic, and free of synthetic chemicals. Like the bird, humans desire shelter that is cozy and nurturing, that satisfies the soul, mind, and body. This is the econest. BR