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Charley's War Vol. 3: Remembrance - The Definitive Collectio
Author: Pat Mills
ISBN: 1781086214
Pages: 320
Year: 2018-06-14
View: 245
Read: 644
Volume 3 of the most celebrated war comic of all time, re-mastered and collected in a full size edition. THE GREATEST ANTI-WAR STORY EVER TOLD. This third volume of Pat Mills and Joe Colquhoun's masterpiece continues to tell the story of an ordinary soldier's experiences in World War One, including the vibrant re-mastered colour pages from the original comic.
Charley's War Vol. 1: Boy Soldier
Author: Pat Mills
ISBN: 1781086192
Pages: 320
Year: 2018-04-19
View: 1029
Read: 636
THE MOST RENOWNED WAR STORY IN COMICS HISTORY RE-MASTERED TO MARK THE CENTENARY FIRST WORLD WAR. Join 16 year-old Charley Bourne as he eagerly signs up to fight on the Western front in 1916. The idealistic working class boy experiences the perilous arena of trench warfare, where every waking moment is a bitter fight for survival. As visceral, thrilling and compelling as on its debut, this intensely dramatic war story is the finest the comic book medium has ever produced. Written with acute political and historical insight by British comics legend Pat Mills, it is illustrated throughout with the breathtaking artwork of Joe Colquhoun. This first volume of Charley's War includes Charley's harrowing participation in one of the bloodiest encounters in human history - The Battle of the Somme.
Charley's War
Author: Pat Mills, Joe Colquhoun
Publisher: Titan Books
ISBN: 0857683012
Pages: 128
Year: 2013
View: 871
Read: 1037
In 1916, Charley Bourne lies about his age to enlist and fight on the battlefields of France. But thoughts of glory and patriotism are swept aside by the bloody artillery barrage of soul-crushing drudgery and needless sacrifice amidst the trenches of the First World War.--From publisher description.
Charley's War Vol. 2
Author: Pat Mills
ISBN: 1781086206
Pages: 320
Year: 2018-05-17
View: 559
Read: 1053
THE GREATEST ANTI-WAR STORY EVER TOLD. Injured in The Battle of the Somme, Charley returns to wartime London and meets a deserter from the French Foreign Legion, Blue, who tells of his brutal experiences of the Battle of Verdun. All too soon Charley returns to the front line at Ypres where the threat from the German army is matched only by the inhumanity of his superiors! In the face of suffering and injustice, seeds of mutiny begin to grow among the ranks... This second volume of Pat Mills and Joe Colquhoun's masterpiece continues to tell the story of an ordinary soldier's experiences in World War One, including the vibrant re-mastered colour pages from the original comic.
Charley's War
Author: Pat Mills
Publisher: Titan Books
ISBN: 1781169144
Pages: 319
Year: 2014-08-08
View: 904
Read: 949
Collects the first four volumes of the comic that follow the terrifying journey of British soldier Charley Bourne through the First World War.
Marney the Fox
Author: Scott M. Goodall, John Stokes
ISBN: 1781085986
Pages: 224
Year: 2017-10-05
View: 1259
Read: 1071
Marney the Fox is a Lassie-style tale of a lone fox up against wicked humans via Watership Down and Fantastic Mr Fox. Written by the late M Scott Goodall and beautifully illustrated by John Stokes, Marney the Fox is a Tarka the Otter-style tale of a lone fox, channelling Lassie and The Fantastic Mr Fox along the way. Marney is a young fox trying to survive against the odds, from dodging blood-thirsty humans to encountering other wild animals. This is a beautifully illustrated story capturing the British countryside and wildlife in astonishing detail showcases Stokes' finest work, a masterpiece that has lain un-reprinted for decades and makes an ideal children's book and early Christmas present. * This extraordinarily beautiful book is a lost classic from children's literature and makes a perfect Christmas gift. * There is no other children's graphic novel like it, for its breathtaking rendition of the English countryside and the moving story that owes nods to Tarka the Otter in its sensitive portrayal of animals. * Never before collected. * From the new Treasury of British Comics list from Rebellion, highlighting classic British comics.
The War with Grandpa
Author: Robert Kimmel Smith
Publisher: Yearling
ISBN: 030754902X
Pages: 160
Year: 2009-06-24
View: 171
Read: 842
SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE! The hilarious story of a boy who leaps into battle when he’s forced to share a room with his grandfather. Peter is thrilled that Grandpa is coming to live with his family. That is, until Grandpa moves right into Peter’s room, forcing him upstairs. Peter loves his grandpa but wants his room back. He has no choice but to declare war! With the help of his friends, Peter devises outrageous plans to make Grandpa surrender the room. But Grandpa is tougher than he looks. Rather than give in, Grandpa plans to get even. They used to be such great pals. Has their war gone too far? WINNER OF TEN STATE READING AWARDS AN IRA-CBC CHILDREN'S CHOICE "Peter tells this story with honesty and humor....By the story's end, Peter has learned much about the causes and effects of war--and human dignity."-School Library Journal "The humor of the story derives from Peter's first-person account and from the reader's recognition of Peter's valiant effort to maintain two mutually exclusive emotions."-The Horn Book Magazine
Lost Boy, Lost Girl
Author: John Bul Dau, Martha Arual Akech
Publisher: National Geographic Books
ISBN: 142630708X
Pages: 159
Year: 2010
View: 783
Read: 535
Chronicles the experiences of a husband and wife who as children fled the poverty and violence of southern Sudan, describing the devastating impact of famine and war on the region while sharing lighthearted memories of their efforts to adapt to American life.
M.A.C.H. 1: The John Probe Mission Files
Author: Pat Mills, John Wagner
Publisher: 2000 AD
ISBN: 1781086133
Pages: 224
Year: 2018-03-22
View: 1080
Read: 341
The Six Million Dollar Man meets James Bond in this first volume of the explosive adventures of 2000 AD's super-agent! +HIGH-RISK FACTOR AT OPTIMUM+ The world is a dangerous place, with terrorists, lunatics and other foreigners plotting destruction at every turn... fortunately the British Secret Service has the world's back! And when the threats the world faces are extra-ordinary, they need an extra-ordinary man for the job. Enter secret weapon and special agent, John Probe. Using the technology of computerised acupuncture, they grafted a computer circuit onto his skull and inserted special electro-needles into his body and now he can increase his energy flow until he has the strength of fifty men! Terrorists and enemy agents beware! John Probe is much more than a man; he is a Man Activated by Compu-Puncture Hyperpower! This first volume collects the explosive adventures of 2000 AD's original super-agent, M.A.C.H. 1.
Author: Pat Mills
Publisher: 2000 AD
ISBN: 178108632X
Pages: 96
Year: 2018-08-09
View: 548
Read: 893
Albion. Celtic warrior SLÁINE united the tribes of the Earth Goddess and became the first High King of Ireland, but is now a wanderer. Having journeyed to Monadh to rescue Sinead from the Drune Lords, he's discovered that they have been experimenting on their own creations, much to the displeasure of the Cyths' jailer, the Archon Yaldabaoth. Now, the Archon has awoken and destruction will surely follow...
Solo: A Star Wars Story Ultimate Sticker Collection
Author: Beth Davies
Publisher: DK Children
ISBN: 1465466924
Pages: 72
Year: 2018-05-25
View: 679
Read: 538
This fun Han Solo sticker book contains more than 1000 colorful stickers, and is full of Star Wars(tm) facts from the new movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story(tm). Kids will love joining young Han aboard the Millennium Falcon for many thrilling adventures. Solo: A Star Wars Story Ultimate Sticker Collection is illustrated with action-packed images from the movie, accompanied by fun, easy-to-read reference text. Join the heroes and villains as they plan missions, explore new planets, perform daring escapes, and pilot superfast starships. � & TM 2018 LUCASFILM LTD. Used Under Authorization.
Supergirl Vol. 2: Escape from the Phantom Zone
Author: Steve Orlando, Vita Ayala
Publisher: DC Comics
ISBN: 1401282717
Pages: 144
Year: 2017-10-31
View: 728
Read: 444
Supergirl has her hands full. Not only is she adjusting to life on Earth as a superhero, sheÕs also leading a double life as high school student Kara Danvers. And sheÕs working for Cat Grant. And sheÕs helping the Department of Extranormal Operations keep a handle on her fellow Kryptonian refugees. With so much going on, Kara barely has time to think about her future. But SupergirlÕs future is very much on the mind of the Fatal Five. They believe that Kara will do something terrible sometime soon, and they want to destroy her now before it can happen. But when their attack traps SupergirlÕs friend in the Phantom Zone, Supergirl wonÕt have to rescue him alone...because Batgirl is along for the ride! Now, the two heroes are trapped in the Kryptonian prison dimension and at the mercy of the ZoneÕs ruler, the Phantom King! Can Supergirl and Batgirl hope to escape with KaraÕs powers fading by the minute? Or will they end up as permanent subjects of the Phantom King? Red-hot writer Steve Orlando (JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA) and artists Brian Ching (GEARS OF WAR) and new comer Matias Bergara (AMERICAN VAMPIRE) take Supergirl into the next dimension of the DC Universe Rebirth! Collecting SUPERGIRL #7-11 and BATGIRL ANNUAL #1.
Geronimo Stilton Graphic Novels #1: The Discovery of America
Author: Geronimo Stilton
Publisher: Papercutz
ISBN: 1597074667
Pages: 56
Year: 2009-08-18
View: 667
Read: 184
The popular children's story appears in graphic novel form for the first time in the U.S., with stories never seen in America. Geronimo Stilton is a talking mouse who lives in New Mouse City on Mouse Island with his friends and relatives. He works at The Rodent's Gazette, the most famous newspaper in New Mouse City. In this series of comics, Geronimo Stilton travels through time in order to defend history from his arch nemeses, the Pirate Cats. These devious felines plan to travel back in time in order to change history to make them supreme rulers of Mouse Island! In his first time-traveling adventure, Geronimo and co. join Christopher Columbus on his voyage from Italy to America in 1492 in order to stop the Pirate cats and save all of the mice on Mouse Island.
The Stars Beneath Our Feet
Author: David Barclay Moore
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 1524701246
Pages: 304
Year: 2017-09
View: 564
Read: 257
Multicultural Harlem lives again in this daringly diverse tale of growing up against the odds and the imaginative, healing possibilities that we can create through the choices we make.
Hotel Transylvania Graphic Novel Vol. 3: Motel Transylvania
Author: Stefan Petrucha
Publisher: Papercutz
ISBN: 1545802459
Pages: 64
Year: 2018-07-10
View: 982
Read: 887
Jonathan, yearning to be a part of the hotel business like his father-in-law, Drac, opens a motel in the Swiss alps. With the help of his wife, Mavis, and little Dennis, the family remodels a run down motel to tip-top monster shape! But after numerous mishaps, monsters won’t even check in! Not even humans will check in! It’s up to Jonathan to get to the bottom of the mystery and save Motel Transylvania!