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Martin Eden (English German edition illustrated)
Author: Jack London
Publisher: Clap Publishing, LLC.
ISBN: 1944333967
Pages: 797
Year: 2017-10-02
View: 284
Read: 1268
Living in Oakland at the beginning of the 20th century, Martin Eden struggles to rise above his destitute, proletarian circumstances through an intense and passionate pursuit of self-education, hoping to achieve a place among the literary elite. His principal motivation is his love for Ruth Morse. Because Eden is a rough, uneducated sailor from a working-class background and the Morses are a bourgeois family, a union between them would be impossible unless and until he reached their level of wealth and refinement. Martin Eden ist eines der größten Werke von Jack London. Der zum Teil autobiographische Roman erschien erstmals im Jahre 1909. Es ist die Geschichte eines ungebildeten, ungehobelten, jedoch weltklugen jungen Mannes, der sich heroisch um die Zuneigung eines Mädchens aus der gehobenen Schicht bemüht. Martin Eden glaubt, einzig durch das Erlangen von Bildung und Respekt würdig für die Liebe der jungen Ruth Morse zu sein. Er kann sich aber keine Schule und keinen Lehrer leisten und beschließt somit, sich selbst autodidaktisch zu unterrichten. Auf diesem Weg offenbaren sich ihm Geschichten, die es wert sind, erzählt zu werden, Geschichten über sein eigenes Leben und das anderer Geschichten, die seine Erfahrungen in einer gesellschaftlichen Schicht erzählen, die von Ruth, ihren Eltern, ihren Brüdern und deren sozialem Umfeld verpönt wird.
Dirty Boss
Author: Crystal Kaswell
ISBN: 194213536X
Year: 2017-02-15
View: 690
Read: 633
Three months ago, I was standing in the pouring rain, reading my best friend¿s sorry, but I can¿t make it text, looking for some way to salvage my birthday. And he was there. Nick. The tall, handsome stranger in a three piece suit. He offered me his coat. He invited me to his room. He possessed all of me: heart, body, soul, then, in the morning, he was gone.For three months, memories of him lingered in my mind. The earthy cologne. The rough brush of his stubble. The low, deep groan as he buried himself in me.For three months, my heart ached for another chance to whisper promises in his ears.Yesterday, I interviewed for an internship I need desperately.Today, my new boss called me into his office. And there was Nick, in his three piece suit.His dark eyes fixed on mine as he dragged out his words. ¿Ms. Wilder, is there anything you need?¿My dirty boss wants me. But he has rules about this kind of thing.I have to choose: the job that keeps me with my family or the man who holds the key to my heart.
Doing Business with Germans
Author: Sylvia Schroll-Machl
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 3525461674
Pages: 221
Year: 2008
View: 531
Read: 517
A book on German cultural standards: empirically ascertained and presented in a systematic way, yet with a certain self-critical levity.
Einstein's Boss
Author: Robert Hromas, Christopher Hromas
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 0814439322
Pages: 240
Year: 2018
View: 381
Read: 877
When employees are exceptional, everyday rules no longer apply. In 1933, Albert Einstein fled Nazi Germany for the leafy streets of Princeton, NJ. He would have been welcome anywhere, but Einstein joined the Institute for Advanced Study, bestowing instant credibility on the fledgling research center. Abraham Flexner, the institute's founder, wasn't a physicist or mathematician--but he was a gifted administrator. Under his leadership, IAS became a global powerhouse, home to 33 Nobel Laureates, 38 Field Medalists, and myriad winners of the Wolf and MacArthur prizes. The team of thinkers that Flexner assembled produced some of the greatest scientific advances of the 20th century. The man had a knack for leading genius. Einstein's Boss filters Flexner's practices through the lens of modern business, where industries from computing to engineering to biotechnology compete for top talent and cutting-edge innovations. Original and insightful, the book explains how to spot the deep thinkers who will transform your business--and reveals 10 rules for guiding them to greatness, including: *Get out of the way:Allow brilliant people ownership of their projects *Shut up and listen: Consider their input openly before reaching conclusions *Turn over the rocks: Be completely transparent--a genius will figure out what you're hiding anyway *Practice alchemy:Mix complementary minds together for maximum effect * Let the problem seduce: Frame challenges in a way that captures the imagination and draws them toward the goal *Quit chasing squirrels:Guide innovation towards the core mission. Leading people who are smarter than you is no easy task. But for managers who learn to channel brainpower into breakthroughs, the rewards are boundless.
A Family at Last
Author: Nedeljko Zeljkovich
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 148367701X
Pages: 141
Year: 2013-08-26
View: 521
Read: 271
This is a true story about the life of Nedeljko Zeljkovic. The journey starts when his mother gives away her five year old son to an orphanage so she could pursue her career. At the age of fifteen years, at the beginning of World War II, he had to survive on his own, living in the streets, dodging bullets and bombs. When he was finally old enough, he joined the British service, met Anneliese, married and moved to the United States. This memoir delivers a portrayal of the hardships he endured during his childhood and early adult years. However, he never lost his faith, compassion or courage. It is a compelling book which will humble, uplift and inspire its readers.
In Search of New Horizons: a Young Girl's Journey from Nazi Germany to America
Author: Lore Wallburg McCarthy
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469105675
Pages: 107
Year: 2010-01-06
View: 371
Read: 497
This memoir traces Lore Wallburg McCarthys early years as the daughter of a famous Jewish movie star in Germany. As Hitler comes to power, she is mistreated and her father is eventually killed in Auschwitz. After surviving the war, she and her sister emigrate to begin a new life in America. The story follows her exciting life as a single woman in New York, then marriage to her beloved Daniel and the birth of her four children. When her husband dies at 48, she raises the children on her own and again pursues new horizons in the face of hardship.
A Mighty Fortress
Author: Steven Ozment
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0060934832
Pages: 432
Year: 2005-01-18
View: 469
Read: 600
The word "German" was being used by the Romans as early as the mid–first century B.C. to describe tribes in the eastern Rhine valley. Nearly two thousand years later, the richness and complexity of German history have faded beneath the long shadow of the country's darkest hour in World War II. Now, award-winning historian Steven Ozment, whom The New Yorker has hailed as "a splendidly readable scholar," gives us the fullest portrait possible in this sweeping, original, and provocative history of the German people, from antiquity to the present, holding a mirror up to an entire civilization -- one that has been alternately Western Europe's most successful and most perilous.

Hope and Other Luxuries
Author: Clare B. Dunkle
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452136971
Pages: 464
Year: 2015-05-19
View: 470
Read: 898
Clare Dunkle seemed to have an ideal life—two beautiful, high-achieving teenage daughters, a loving husband, and a satisfying and successful career as a children's book novelist. But it's when you let down your guard that the ax falls. Just after one daughter successfully conquered her depression, another daughter developed a life-threatening eating disorder. Co-published with Elena Vanishing, the memoir of her daughter, this is the story—told in brave, beautifully written, and unflinchingly honest prose—of one family's fight against a deadly disease, from an often ignored but important perspective: the mother of the anorexic.
The Beach
Author: Alex Garland
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101657502
Pages: 448
Year: 2005-07-05
View: 479
Read: 1125
The irresistible novel that was adapted into a major motion picture starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The Khao San Road, Bangkok -- first stop for the hordes of rootless young Westerners traveling in Southeast Asia. On Richard's first night there, in a low-budget guest house, a fellow traveler slashes his wrists, bequeathing to Richard a meticulously drawn map to "the Beach." The Beach, as Richard has come to learn, is the subject of a legend among young travelers in Asia: a lagoon hidden from the sea, with white sand and coral gardens, freshwater falls surrounded by jungle, plants untouched for a thousand years. There, it is rumored, a carefully selected international few have settled in a communal Eden. Haunted by the figure of Mr. Duck -- the name by which the Thai police have identified the dead man -- and his own obsession with Vietnam movies, Richard sets off with a young French couple to an island hidden away in an archipelago forbidden to tourists. They discover the Beach, and it is as beautiful and idyllic as it is reputed to be. Yet over time it becomes clear that Beach culture, as Richard calls it, has troubling, even deadly, undercurrents. Spellbinding and hallucinogenic, The Beach by Alex Garland -- both a national bestseller and his debut -- is a highly accomplished and suspenseful novel that fixates on a generation in their twenties, who, burdened with the legacy of the preceding generation and saturated by popular culture, long for an unruined landscape, but find it difficult to experience the world firsthand.
The Hands-On Guide for Science Communicators
Author: Lars Lindberg Christensen
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387499601
Pages: 270
Year: 2007-06-08
View: 296
Read: 447
This hands-on guide offers practical advice on all aspects of science communication. It features a tightly interwoven fabric of issues: product types, target groups, written communication, visual communication, validation processes, practices of efficient workflow, distribution, promotion, advertising, and much more. Extremely practical, the guide provides the necessary "shortcuts" to produce outreach products of high quality. All concepts are explained with simple terms and illustrative examples while check lists and short "to-the-point" overviews enable rapid progress and quick results. New science communicators as well as seasoned presenters will find this guide both helpful and inspirational.
How to Be a Bawse
Author: Lilly Singh
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 1405929723
Pages: 304
Year: 2017-03-28
View: 1185
Read: 440
*Winner of the 2017 Goodreads Choice Awards: Non-Fiction Book of the Year!* The official debut book from YouTube phenomenon Lilly Singh. 'The ultimate no-nonsense manual for millennials how how to make it to the top' Marie Claire From actress, comedian and YouTube sensation Lilly Singh (aka Superwoman) comes the definitive guide to being a BAWSE - a person who exudes confidence, reaches goals, gets hurt efficiently, and smiles genuinely because they've fought through it all and made it out the other side. Told in her hilarious, bold voice that's inspired over 9 million fans, and using stories from her own life to illustrate her message, Lilly proves that there are no shortcuts to success. WARNING: This book does NOT include hopeful thoughts, lucky charms, and cute quotes. That's because success, happiness and everything else you want in life needs to be fought for - not wished for. In Lilly's world, there are no escalators. Only stairs.
Big Boss Man
Author: Will Romano
Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation
ISBN: 0879308788
Pages: 360
Year: 2006
View: 758
Read: 200
Alcoholic. Epileptic. Technically challenged. Described as all this and worse, Jimmy Reed nevertheless overcame these roadblocks to become perhaps the most successful R&B/pop crossover artist of the '50s. In "Big Boss Man," musicians, family members, and those whose lives Reed touched offer revealing and heart-wrenching insights into this now-revered bluesman. Although Reed's alcoholism was no secret, its effect on his musicianship is less understood -- this and more is explored in this comprehensive biography of a classic bluesman.
The Challenger Sale
Author: Matthew Dixon, Brent Adamson
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101545895
Pages: 240
Year: 2011-11-10
View: 1244
Read: 970
What's the secret to sales success? If you're like most business leaders, you'd say it's fundamentally about relationships-and you'd be wrong. The best salespeople don't just build relationships with customers. They challenge them. The need to understand what top-performing reps are doing that their average performing colleagues are not drove Matthew Dixon, Brent Adamson, and their colleagues at Corporate Executive Board to investigate the skills, behaviors, knowledge, and attitudes that matter most for high performance. And what they discovered may be the biggest shock to conventional sales wisdom in decades. Based on an exhaustive study of thousands of sales reps across multiple industries and geographies, The Challenger Sale argues that classic relationship building is a losing approach, especially when it comes to selling complex, large-scale business-to-business solutions. The authors' study found that every sales rep in the world falls into one of five distinct profiles, and while all of these types of reps can deliver average sales performance, only one-the Challenger- delivers consistently high performance. Instead of bludgeoning customers with endless facts and features about their company and products, Challengers approach customers with unique insights about how they can save or make money. They tailor their sales message to the customer's specific needs and objectives. Rather than acquiescing to the customer's every demand or objection, they are assertive, pushing back when necessary and taking control of the sale. The things that make Challengers unique are replicable and teachable to the average sales rep. Once you understand how to identify the Challengers in your organization, you can model their approach and embed it throughout your sales force. The authors explain how almost any average-performing rep, once equipped with the right tools, can successfully reframe customers' expectations and deliver a distinctive purchase experience that drives higher levels of customer loyalty and, ultimately, greater growth.
Guided German-English Translation
Author: Gordon Collier, Brian Shields
Pages: 206
Year: 1977
View: 872
Read: 599

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