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Black Night, Gold Coast
Author: Gray George
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 151925590X
Pages: 384
Year: 2015-11-24
View: 792
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Ventura County is famous for its beautiful weather and its pristine coastline, not its grisly murders. That all changed on the night of May 20, 2009, when three members of a wealthy Ventura County family were slaughtered inside their luxurious beachfront home. The father was a successful businessman. The pregnant mother was a former beauty queen. Their unborn son was waiting to take his first breath of life. For nearly a year, detectives were unable to solve the bizarre beach-house slayings. Finally, in the spring of 2010, a DNA database broke the case wide open. Filled with stirring interviews, historic context, and never-before-released details about the Faria murders, Black Night, Gold Coast tells the story of an American tragedy that is at once shocking, timely, and haunting.
Lost Coast Highway
Author: Gray George
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 154710547X
Pages: 404
Year: 2017-06-10
View: 880
Read: 282
On July 8, 1979, two skeletons were found off a remote highway in Mendocino County, California. The skeletons belonged to a pair of murdered teenagers. For thirty-six years, the teens' identities remained a mystery. The teens' killer was never brought to justice. In the fall of 2015, the Mendocino teens were identified through DNA testing. The identifications raised a number of questions in the community. Who murdered the Mendocino teens? Why did the teens go unidentified for so long? Were their murders linked to a series of unsolved homicides in a neighboring county? Filled with gripping interviews and previously unreleased details about the Mendocino murders, Lost Coast Highway is the inside story of a shocking, multi-generational tragedy. It's the story the media wouldn't tell you-and the bureaucrats didn't want you to know.
Black Night, White Snow
Author: Harrison E. Salisbury
Publisher: Da Capo Press
ISBN: 030680154X
Pages: 746
Year: 1981
View: 216
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Depicts a society at the breaking point and offers analytical profiles of the people and complex human motivations that instigated the bloody, chaotic years of revolution
The Gold Coast
Author: Nelson DeMille
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 0759522626
Pages: 500
Year: 2001-04-01
View: 460
Read: 1284
The Great Gatsby meets The Godfather in this #1 New York Times bestselling story of friendship and seduction, love and betrayal. "[Demille is] a true master." - Dan Brown, #1 bestselling author of The Da Vinci Code Welcome to the fabled Gold Coast, that stretch on the North Shore of Long Island that once held the greatest concentration of wealth and power in America. Here two men are destined for an explosive collision: John Sutter, Wall Street lawyer, holding fast to a fading aristocratic legacy; and Frank Bellarosa, the Mafia don who seizes his piece of the staid and unprepared Gold Coast like a latter-day barbarian chief and draws Sutter and his regally beautiful wife, Susan, into his violent world. Told from Sutter's sardonic and often hilarious point of view, The Gold Coast is Nelson DeMille's captivating story laced with sexual passion and suspense.
Hawker Hurricane Survivors
Author: Gordon Riley
Publisher: Grub Street Publishing
ISBN: 1910690791
Pages: 224
Year: 2015-10-19
View: 903
Read: 448
REVIEWS Anyone with an interest in the Hurricane and those who are about to build any of the recent excellent Hurricane kits will find this a fascinating addition to their bookshelf." — Model Airplane International "...heavily illustrated and well produced and will serve as an excellent guide not only for historians but also warbird enthusiasts." — Air Classics Magazine, Feb 2016
I'll Be Gone in the Dark
Author: Michelle McNamara
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062319809
Pages: 352
Year: 2018-02-27
View: 954
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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The haunting true story of the elusive serial rapist turned murderer who terrorized California during the 70s and 80s, and of the gifted journalist who died tragically while investigating the case—which was solved in April 2018. Introduction by Gillian Flynn • Afterword by Patton Oswalt “A brilliant genre-buster.... Propulsive, can’t-stop-now reading.” —Stephen King For more than ten years, a mysterious and violent predator committed fifty sexual assaults in Northern California before moving south, where he perpetrated ten sadistic murders. Then he disappeared, eluding capture by multiple police forces and some of the best detectives in the area. Three decades later, Michelle McNamara, a true crime journalist who created the popular website, was determined to find the violent psychopath she called "the Golden State Killer." Michelle pored over police reports, interviewed victims, and embedded herself in the online communities that were as obsessed with the case as she was. I’ll Be Gone in the Dark—the masterpiece McNamara was writing at the time of her sudden death—offers an atmospheric snapshot of a moment in American history and a chilling account of a criminal mastermind and the wreckage he left behind. It is also a portrait of a woman’s obsession and her unflagging pursuit of the truth. Utterly original and compelling, it has been hailed as a modern true crime classic—one which fulfilled Michelle's dream: helping unmask the Golden State Killer.
Black Popular Music in Britain Since 1945
Author: Dr Nabeel Zuberi, Professor Jon Stratton
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409469158
Pages: 256
Year: 2014-12-28
View: 395
Read: 1325
Black Popular Music in Britain Since 1945 provides the first broad scholarly discussion of this music since 1990. The book critically examines key moments in the history of black British popular music from 1940s jazz to 1970s soul and reggae, 1990s Jungle and the sounds of Dubstep and Grime that have echoed through the 2000s. While the book offers a history it also discusses the ways black musics in Britain have intersected with the politics of race and class, multiculturalism, gender and sexuality, and debates about media and technology. Contributors examine the impact of the local, the ways that black music in Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester and London evolved differently and how black popular music in Britain has always developed in complex interaction with the dominant British popular music tradition. This tradition has its own histories located in folk music, music hall and a constant engagement, since the nineteenth century, with American popular music, itself a dynamic mixing of African-American, Latin American and other musics. The ideas that run through various chapters form connecting narratives that challenge dominant understandings of black popular music in Britain and will be essential reading for those interested in Popular Music Studies, Black British Studies and Cultural Studies.
Black Gold of the Sun
Author: Ekow Eshun
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307425010
Pages: 240
Year: 2007-12-18
View: 909
Read: 305
At the age of thirty-three, Ekow Eshun—born in London to African-born parents—travels to Ghana in search of his roots. He goes from Accra, Ghana’s cosmopolitan capital city, to the storied slave forts of Elmina, and on to the historic warrior kingdom of Asante. During his journey, Eshun uncovers a long-held secret about his lineage that will compel him to question everything he knows about himself and where he comes from. From the London suburbs of his childhood to the twenty-first century African metropolis, Eshun’s is a moving chronicle of one man’s search for home, and of the pleasures and pitfalls of fashioning an identity in these vibrant contemporary worlds. From the Trade Paperback edition.
The Gold Coast
Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
Publisher: Orb Books
ISBN: 1466861339
Pages: 400
Year: 2013-12-31
View: 1268
Read: 1053
2027: Southern California is a developer's dream gone mad, an endless sprawl of condos, freeways, and malls. Jim McPherson, the affluent son of a defense contractor, is a young man lost in a world of fast cars, casual sex, and designer drugs. But his descent in to the shadowy underground of industrial terrorism brings him into a shattering confrontation with his family, his goals, and his ideals. The Gold Coast is the second novel in Robinson's Three Californias trilogy. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
A Holiday in Australia's Gold Coast
Author: Doris White
Publisher: BookRix
ISBN: 3743827573
Pages: 265
Year: 2017-08-08
View: 443
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This short story belongs to the genre of suspense. It’s about three girls, who decide to go to the Gold Coast in Sydney to spend their winter holiday. At first everything seems to go fine after their arrival. Three youngsters; Jennifer, Ebony and Abigail spend their days on the beach surfing, swimming and shopping. Later, a series of odd things begin to happen. Starting with the disappearance of Ebony’s valet, when the three girls are in a night club. The events end up in a violent attack on one of the surfer boys. Then the last drop in their horror holiday, is the disappearance of Jennifer from a night club. There somebody puts knockout drops into her cocktail after which, she mysteriously disappears from among her friends. Then the others make a crime announcement to the police about her disappearance. The police begin to investigate their new case. Soon, Jennifer’s fate is nearly going to be repeated for Ebony, since a world's most dangerous spider is brought to her hotel room by an unknown person. This occurs two days after Jennifer’s kidnapping. This time, Ebony’s life is saved by one of her male friends. This hasn’t yet prevented the danger that threatens their lives. Will Ebony and Abigail be able to avoid the enemies, who are chasing them and the boys? Are they ever going to get Jennifer back as a part of their group?
Ashantee and the Gold Coast
Author: John Beecham
Pages: 376
Year: 1841
View: 852
Read: 161

The Barbarous Coast
Author: Ross Macdonald
Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
ISBN: 0307772888
Pages: 256
Year: 2010-12-29
View: 1219
Read: 438
The beautiful, high-diving blonde had Hollywood dreams and stars in her eyes but now she seems to have disappeared without a trace. Hired by her hotheaded husband and her rummy “uncle,” Lew Archer sniffs around Malibu and finds the stink of blackmail, blood-money, and murder on every pricey silk shirt. Beset by dirty cops, a bumptious boxer turned silver screen pretty boy and a Hollywood mogul with a dark past, Archer discovers the secret of a grisly murder that just won't stay hidden.Lew Archer navigates through the watery, violent world of wealth and privilege, in this electrifying story of obsession gone mad. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Highlife Saturday Night
Author: Nate Plageman
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253007259
Pages: 318
Year: 2013
View: 1139
Read: 725
Highlife Saturday Nightcaptures the vibrancy of Saturday nights in Ghana—when musicians took to the stage and dancers took to the floor—in this penetrating look at musical leisure during a time of social, political, and cultural change. Framing dance band "highlife" music as a central medium through which Ghanaians negotiated gendered and generational social relations, Nate Plageman shows how popular music was central to the rhythm of daily life in a West African nation. He traces the history of highlife in urban Ghana during much of the 20th century and documents a range of figures that fuelled the music's emergence, evolution, and explosive popularity. This book is generously enhanced by audiovisual material on the Ethnomusicology Multimedia website.
Gold Coast Madam
Author: Rose Laws, Dianna Harris
Publisher: Everything Goes Media Llc
ISBN: 1893121771
Pages: 197
Year: 2012
View: 250
Read: 814
The former Chicago madam recounts how she ended up in the prostitution business after enduring a backwoods upbringing and a difficult marriage, while sharing her exploits as a madam that led to her 2002 arrest.
Dark Star
Author: Alan Furst
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0307483576
Pages: 464
Year: 2008-12-10
View: 151
Read: 759
Paris, Moscow, Berlin, and Prague, 1937. In the back alleys of nighttime Europe, war is already under way. André Szara, survivor of the Polish pogroms and the Russian civil wars and a foreign correspondent for Pravda, is co-opted by the NKVD, the Soviet secret intelligence service, and becomes a full-time spymaster in Paris. As deputy director of a Paris network, Szara finds his own star rising when he recruits an agent in Berlin who can supply crucial information. Dark Star captures not only the intrigue and danger of clandestine life but the day-to-day reality of what Soviet operatives call special work. From the Trade Paperback edition.

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