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The Mountains Rise
Author: Michael Manning
Publisher: Michael Manning
ISBN: 1500272396
Pages: 548
Year: 2014-06-27
View: 515
Read: 1239
From the dark depths of the past, comes the tale of the first wizard of Illeniel. Daniel Tennick lived simply, a young shepherd with few troubles and little to occupy his mind, until the warden appeared. Daniel’s power awakens, and he finds himself hunted by the servants of the cruel and uncaring forest gods. Trapped by his gift, Daniel will uncover the secrets of the deep woods and those who live there, a civilization created from the grave of an older one. What he discovers will light a vengeful flame within him, consuming everything he touches.
Betrayer's Bane
Author: Michael G. Manning
Publisher: Michael Manning
ISBN: 1943481059
Pages: 500
Year: 2016-12-30
View: 177
Read: 850
Tyrion has been given a second chance to cast aside his obsession with vengeance and lead his children to a brighter future. But destiny has chosen Tyrion for a different path and given him the spark that will burn the world to ashes. Forgoing peace, he will reap a harvest of hatred, and no one will find safety in the purge of fire that he brings. Will anything be left to rise from the ash?
The Silent Tempest
Author: Michael G Manning
Publisher: Michael Manning
ISBN: 1512158801
Pages: 514
Year: 2015-05-23
View: 245
Read: 194
The story of the first Illeniel wizard continues. Tyrion’s life among the She’Har had become quiet, but the sins of his youth have returned to haunt him. The Mordan wardens have discovered one of his children, and the other groves are racing to find and claim the rest of his illegitimate offspring. Unable to stand by and watch as his children are used as pawns against one another, Tyrion makes a hard choice, one that will set him against everyone and everything he cares for. Others’ love had made his children strong, but his hate would make them powerful.
Author: Michael G. Manning
Publisher: Michael Manning
ISBN: 1502893398
Pages: 486
Year: 2014-10-30
View: 286
Read: 1173
Gram lives in the long shadow cast by his father, the late-hero, Dorian Thornbear. Struggling to find his place in a world where politics and wizardry appear to have replaced the need for men of might and main, he must make his own mark. Trapped within the seemingly safe confines of Castle Cameron, Gram faces both love and tragedy. His choices will define not only himself, but serve to remind others of his family’s legacy, and the reason only a fool threatens those a Thornbear protects.
Centyr Dominance
Author: Michael G. Manning
Publisher: Michael Manning
ISBN: 1943481032
Year: 2016-05-30
View: 175
Read: 1010
Moira Illeniel was the name she lived by, but her true heritage was more complicated than that. From birth, she was the secretly adopted daughter of the most powerful wizard in the world, but few knew that her true birthright came from the Centyr lineage. Traveling to Dunbar to discover the fate of her vanished father, Moira must face the darker aspects of her power. Forced to fight a foe unlike anything seen before in Lothion, she will learn the reason for the warnings her mother’s shade gave her—why certain abilities should never be used and some lines never crossed—for some doors once opened, might never be closed again.
Author: Michael G. Manning
Publisher: Michael G. Manning
ISBN: 1943481091
Pages: 475
Year: 2017-09-29
View: 910
Read: 653
Matthew is the first human wizard to possess the true heritage of the Illeniels, a secret gift no one fully understands. Alone, he travels to another world, seeking the source of their mysterious enemies. There he will discover the origin of their ancient foe, the mysteries of the past, and possibly the future of humankind. If he can survive long enough. In a land beyond death and suffering, he finds the true source of evil, within the heart of humanity, and their newest creation. In the search for knowledge, some doors, once opened, can never be closed.
The Severed Realm
Author: Michael G. Manning
Publisher: Michael G. Manning
ISBN: 194348127X
Pages: 357
Year: 2018-03-31
View: 1173
Read: 987
Only a fool threatens those a Thornbear protects. Mordecai’s shattered family is in chaos, but the world won’t wait for them to recover. Trapped by a fiendish plot he didn’t foresee, Mordecai finds himself powerless to redeem himself or defend his family. Alone and surrounded by enemies, Lady Rose has only her wits to protect those she loves. Though every hand turns against her, Rose Thornbear refuses to give up, and she will sacrifice whatever is necessary to save Penny’s family, whether the price is her rank, dignity, or even her life.
Author: Michael G. Manning
Publisher: Michael G. Manning
ISBN: 1943481113
Pages: 498
Year: 2018-02-27
View: 832
Read: 613
Years have passed since the last of the Dark Gods was defeated, and Lothion has entered an age of peace and prosperity. Mordecai’s oldest children have already begun to make a place for themselves, and his youngest are on the cusp of adulthood. By every outward measure, his life has been a success; he has earned his reward. However, Tyrion, the first wizard and brutal liberator of mankind, has returned with an agenda of his own, and dark things continue to stir at the edges of civilization, threatening to undo Mordecai’s accomplishments. He must meet the expectations of his queen, his family, and his people, all while finding a way to protect them from the ancient enemy of the She’Har, but his greatest challenge may be dealing with the lingering darkness that is growing within his own heart.
Author: Michael G. Manning
Publisher: Michael Manning
ISBN: 1943481075
Year: 2017-03-16
View: 260
Read: 455

Honored Enemy
Author: Raymond E. Feist, William R. Forstchen
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061805769
Pages: 384
Year: 2009-03-17
View: 1138
Read: 774
As the Riftwar tears Midkemia apart, enemies trapped in the frozen Northlands must trust each other to stay alive. . . . In the sprawling, embattled land of Midkemia, fate can form strange alliances. Nine years into the bloody and ongoing Riftwar, Dennis Hartraft's Marauders are cold, hungry, and exhausted. Having only just survived a disastrous encounter with their sworn enemy, the Tsurani, the soldiers are headed for a frontier garrison, where they will be able to rest and recover. But Hartraft's company arrives at the same time as a Tsurani patrol, and both sides discover the stronghold overrun by a migrating horde of dark elves called moredhel, a foe so deadly and vicious the bitter enemies must band together and fight as one. But can their hatred for their mutual enemy overcome their distrust of each other? As the two groups, bound to each other by their common foe, make their way across the unknown Northlands to freedom, they have to struggle with not only the elements and the enemy, but also their consciences. For, with both sides carrying painful scars from past wars, each man must ask himself what is more important: one's life or one's honor?
The Blacksmith's Son
Author: MIchael G. Manning
ISBN: 1943481202
Pages: 272
Year: 2018-05-10
View: 250
Read: 1288
All the wizards were dead, that's what everyone believed, until the son of a blacksmith showed them otherwise. Here begins the tale of Mordecai, a young man who must come to terms with his origin and his hidden power.
Magic Casement
Author: Dave Duncan
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497606454
Pages: 382
Year: 2014-04-01
View: 1316
Read: 951
The tale of Magic Casement begins gently, even slowly, with Inosolan enjoying an idyllic childhood in a tiny backwater kingdom, too carefree and innocent even to understand that the feelings she shares with her friend Rap are more than friendship. Mystery, menace, and the gods appear in short order, and from then on the story grows in scope and power to straddle the world, and adversity thrusts rapid maturity on Rap and Inos. Populated by unforgettable characters—Aunt Kade, Little Chicken, Doctor Sagorn, and many more—Pandemia is an incredible world of credible people and infinite surprises.
Embers of War
Author: Gareth L. Powell
Publisher: Titan Books (US, CA)
ISBN: 1785655191
Pages: 416
Year: 2018-02-20
View: 563
Read: 208
From BSFA Award winning author Gareth L. Powell comes the first in a new epic sci-fi trilogy exploring the legacies of war The sentient warship Trouble Dog was built for violence, yet following a brutal war, she is disgusted by her role in a genocide. Stripped of her weaponry and seeking to atone, she joins the House of Reclamation, an organisation dedicated to rescuing ships in distress. When a civilian ship goes missing in a disputed system, Trouble Dog and her new crew of loners, captained by Sal Konstanz, are sent on a rescue mission. Meanwhile, light years away, intelligence officer Ashton Childe is tasked with locating the poet, Ona Sudak, who was aboard the missing spaceship. What Childe doesn't know is that Sudak is not the person she appears to be. A straightforward rescue turns into something far more dangerous, as Trouble Dog, Konstanz and Childe find themselves at the centre of a conflict that could engulf the entire galaxy. If she is to save her crew, Trouble Dog is going to have to remember how to fight...
Ashael Rising
Author: Shona Kinsella
Publisher: Unbound Publishing
ISBN: 1911586165
Pages: 320
Year: 2017-02-06
View: 176
Read: 816
Ashael is a hunter-gatherer woman, apprenticed to Bhearra, the healer and spiritual leader of their tribe. The Zanthar are invaders from another world who extend their own lives by stealing the life-force of everything around them. They were last seen on KalaDene 200 years ago. They have returned, looking for The Vessel, a being prophesied to hold the life-force of the land. Iwan is a slave to the Zanthar, descendant of those taken as slaves the last time the Zanthar visited this world. He is sent out as a spy, while his mother is held hostage to ensure his compliance. When Ashael meets Iwan in the forest, neither realise that she is the one the Zanthar are looking for. The fate of KalaDene and all of its people rests on her shoulders.
Author: Michael G. Manning, Amalia Chitulescu
ISBN: 1943481016
Pages: 666
Year: 2015-08-31
View: 967
Read: 917
Seven years have passed since Mordecai's battle with the Shining God, Celior, and since that time his control of his abilities has vastly improved, but the gods want vengeance. The secrets of the past threaten the future of his kingdom. How far will a desperate wizard go to protect his children... or will his efforts merely damn them all?

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