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Being the Wrong Man for the Right Reasons
Author: Clarence Gordon, III
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1986985776
Pages: 120
Year: 2018-05
View: 157
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I've always had game. A mouthpiece and a nice smile can get you just about anything. It's all about persistence. You don't need a thousand yeses; you just need one. Unfortunately, to get to that one, you must go through a lot of no's. Simple formula, right?But then I turned into "Mr.No". The guy that you easily make yourself available for. You know, "that guy". And we all know at some point that's the guy you're usually attracted to. The guy that takes you horseback riding because you said you've always wanted to go never gets the respect that he deserves. Or the man that gets fresh cookies delivered to your house every Friday evening because he knows that's how you start off your weekend of binge-watching your favorite TV shows. While " Mr. Good man " was trying to show you your worth, you were too busy saying it wasn't enough. Me being the "nice guy" and still losing, in the end, it made me black-hearted. Due to my success rate of being "Mr. No", it was a proven fact that the less I show you your worth, the more you'll show me mine. And my worth is infinite. You'll never find another man like me......
Dating the Wrong Men
Author: Kelly Rossi
ISBN: 0990651401
Pages: 186
Year: 2014-08-01
View: 1024
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Kelly Rossi's Dating the Wrong Men: The Misadventurer's Guide through Bad Relationship Choices, a fresh, entertaining, and comically written memoir filled with invaluable life and dating lessons. Now happily-married, author Kelly Rossi uses her own inspirational story to walk you through 'Wrong Man' personality types that are all-too-familiar in the current dating environment complete with the bulleted signs that you might be in the same situation and advice to get through it. Unlike most books in the dating space, this book is refreshing, free from belittling, and empowering to those who read it. This is a true guide to love and romance for women working to find their prince in a pond of frogs. "This isn't another book by an overly confident man psychoanalyzing everything you're doing wrong, giving you that supposed 'turn-key' answer he's created," says Rossi. "This is a love story for any woman who has caught herself overanalyzing, making excuses, giving second chances, interpreting text messages, waiting for someone special, or even swearing off love forever." Written in a truly unique way, Rossi narrates her struggles in the quest to finding love and fulfillment, while learning how to avoid the pitfalls in today's selfish, male-ego driven society. Readers will laugh and cry as they venture through Rossi's relatable adventures as she takes you through every outrageous relationship - from the 'freeloader' to 'player'. For the women who constantly find themselves in the cycle of always dating and trying to find Mr. Right, this one-of-a-kind memoir will teach you how to break your frog-kissing habits, find a love you never knew existed, and learn how to hang onto your self-worth, dignity, and sanity Identify with each "Wrong Man" story. Use it as a reference guide with "Signs You're Dating a ... " at the end of each "Wrong Man" chapter. Discover how a serial "Wrong Man" dater breaks the cycle of bad relationships and finds the 'Right' partner. Find and maintain your dignity and self-worth in any "Wrong Man" situation. "This is the often poignant but ultimately uplifting story of one girl's struggle to find the right man by dating all the wrong ones. If you're looking for love and fulfillment and need to know how to avoid the pitfalls, this engaging and often hilarious book is for you -- or for your daughters You can't do better than to let Kelly Rossi be your guide to a lasting, loving relationship." John Russo
The Adventures of Wrong Man and Power Girl!
Author: C. Alexander London
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0399548947
Pages: 32
Year: 2018-03-06
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All he wants is to be a hero, but he's the hero no one wants! This heartwarming story shows that dads can be superheroes--as long as they have their daughters by their side to do the real rescuing. When trouble is brewing, Wrong Man is there to make it worse. When someone needs help, Wrong Man does just the opposite of what's needed. And when situations go awry, Wrong Man helps them go awry-er. Luckily, Wrong Man's daughter is there to really save the day. In this comic-book inspired picture book, our hero accidentally melts stinky cheese all over the city, lets sharks loose, and turns one big meteor into many little ones! But all Wrong Man wants to do is help -- and try to help he does, until he finally gets it right. He may be laden with mishaps, but Wrong Man is also full of heart. And in this fun- and adventure-filled book, readers can celebrate love and imagination even as they laugh at the silliness of it all. Praise for The Adventures of Wrong Man and Power Girl: "A lighthearted adventure story that charms and entertains." --Kirkus Reviews
The Right Wrong Man
Author: Lawrence Douglas
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400873150
Pages: 352
Year: 2016-01-12
View: 997
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In 2009, Harper's Magazine sent war-crimes expert Lawrence Douglas to Munich to cover the last chapter of the lengthiest case ever to arise from the Holocaust: the trial of eighty-nine-year-old John Demjanjuk. Demjanjuk’s legal odyssey began in 1975, when American investigators received evidence alleging that the Cleveland autoworker and naturalized US citizen had collaborated in Nazi genocide. In the years that followed, Demjanjuk was stripped of his American citizenship and sentenced to death by a Jerusalem court as "Ivan the Terrible" of Treblinka—only to be cleared in one of the most notorious cases of mistaken identity in legal history. Finally, in 2011, after eighteen months of trial, a court in Munich convicted the native Ukrainian of assisting Hitler’s SS in the murder of 28,060 Jews at Sobibor, a death camp in eastern Poland. An award-winning novelist as well as legal scholar, Douglas offers a compulsively readable history of Demjanjuk’s bizarre case. The Right Wrong Man is both a gripping eyewitness account of the last major Holocaust trial to galvanize world attention and a vital meditation on the law’s effort to bring legal closure to the most horrific chapter in modern history.
Wrong Man, Right Kiss
Author: Red Garnier
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460316746
Pages: 192
Year: 2013-08-01
View: 593
Read: 999
What happens when the masks come off? When one of the supersexy Gage brothers blows Molly Devaney away with a scorching kiss at a masquerade ball, she thinks she's met her soul mate. But why does her masked seducer act as if she doesn't exist the next day? To win him over, she'll make him jealous, so she turns to his brother Julian Gage, who offers to play the role of her lover. But Julian is playing for keeps. There's nothing fake about the way this woman makes him feel, and now he's going to show her just which Gage brother is right for her….
The Wrong Man
Author: John Katzenbach
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0345464842
Pages: 500
Year: 2007
View: 575
Read: 1178
When Ashley Freeman, a bright and beautiful young woman, becomes the target of unrelenting obsession on the part of Michael O'Connell, she and her family struggle to extricate her from her violent admirer, until they are forced to come up with a no-holds-barred plan to outwit her dangerous stalker. 40,000 first printing.
The Z Factor: My Journey as the Wrong Man at the Right Time
Author: Subhash Chandra, Pranjal Sharma
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9351773256
Pages: 296
Year: 2016-01-10
View: 424
Read: 1090
The pioneer who gate-crashed his way to the top Subhash Chandra, the promoter of Essel/ Zee Group, is an unlikely mogul. Hailing from a small town in Haryana, where his family ran grain mills, Chandra has been a perennial outsider, repeatedly aiming high and breaking into businesses where he was considered an interloper. Starting work as a teen to pay off family debts, Chandra had to rely on bluff, gumption and sheer hard toil to turn things around. A little bit of luck and political patronage saw him make a fortune in rice exports to the erstwhile USSR. Always a risk-taker, Chandra then had the vision of getting into broadcasting early, even as established media players failed to see its potential. His Zee TV, India's first private Indian TV channel, changed the rules of the game and tickled the fancy of a public starved of entertainment. Several gutsy initiatives followed, though not all of them were successful. Chandra's attempts to launch satellite telephony and a cricket league came a cropper. But the man continues to reinvent himself; he is now also focusing on infrastructure and smart cities. This is an unusually candid memoir of a truly desi self-made businessman who came to Delhi at age twenty with seventeen rupees in his pocket. Today, he has a net worth of $6.3 billion and annual group revenues of about $3 billion.
Peace from Broken Pieces
Author: Iyanla Vanzant
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 1401928595
Pages: 309
Year: 2010-09-15
View: 916
Read: 560
New York Times best-selling author Iyanla Vanzant recounts the last decade of her life and the spiritual lessons learned—from the price of success during her meteoric rise as a TV celebrity on Oprah, the Iyanla TV show (produced by Barbara Walters), to the dissolution of her marriage and her daughter’s 15 months of illness and death on Christmas day. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Iyanla shares why everything we need to learn is reflected in our relationships and the strength and wisdom she has gained by supporting others in their journeys to make sense out of the puzzle pieces of their lives.
Wrong Man, Right Kiss
Author: Red Garnier
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460316746
Pages: 192
Year: 2013-08-01
View: 378
Read: 321
What happens when the masks come off? When one of the supersexy Gage brothers blows Molly Devaney away with a scorching kiss at a masquerade ball, she thinks she's met her soul mate. But why does her masked seducer act as if she doesn't exist the next day? To win him over, she'll make him jealous, so she turns to his brother Julian Gage, who offers to play the role of her lover. But Julian is playing for keeps. There's nothing fake about the way this woman makes him feel, and now he's going to show her just which Gage brother is right for her….
For the Right Reasons
Author: Kara Lennox
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1460329333
Pages: 304
Year: 2014-04-01
View: 516
Read: 1209
Secrets…murder…redemption Dr. Bree Johnson won't let an innocent man rot in jail. Why won't Project Justice's handsome attorney Eric Riggs listen to her when she knows her ex Kelly Ralston did not commit the crime he's been arrested for? Little does she know that Kelly has threatened Eric's daughter and that the secrets in this case go beyond them all. But who is controlling Kelly? Bree and Eric will have to trust one another in order to bring the real criminal to justice. Bree might have met the love of her life, but if she and Eric don't stay ahead of the killer, her life might not be a long one….
Real Reasons Rulers Resist Replacement
Author: Emmanuel Oghene
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462866433
Pages: 573
Year: 2011-05-02
View: 1158
Read: 1273
This is the first of a two part series which outlines the real reasons rulers would not readily subscribe to giving up their positional power, authority and relevance. Only those who are honest and had occupied such positions would understand the plight of the acclaimed bad ruler whom citizens insist must quit. It is one of the most difficult things for the human nature to comprehend and agree to implement at his expense. All those clamouring for the replacement of the ruler know their heart-hidden reasons, above the tenable reasons they give and defend stoutly, for such insistence. Rather than rubbish them, rulers under pressure to quit or who have even quit should be pitied because they are living a nightmare every minute they spend outside the throne which they once enjoyed. Most times, ousted rulers feel better dead than alive to adjust to regular lifestyle in the same domain in which they once ruled and reigned. Enjoy a happy reading.
The Wrong Man
Author: Delaney Diamond
Publisher: Garden Avenue Press
ISBN: 1940636019
Pages: 136
Year: 2013-11-22
View: 1073
Read: 191
They have nothing in common. So why can’t they stay away from each other? Construction foreman Tomas Molina has no desire to settle down. He enjoys the single life too much, with all the choices of women available to him. But when ad executive Talia Jackson becomes single again, they start an affair that has him questioning his beliefs about relationships. And the next thing he knows, he’s the one demanding exclusivity. Talia Jackson has always done what’s right. Gone to the right schools, worn the right clothes, and married the right man. Seeking a boost when her marriage ends in divorce, she finds comfort in the arms of Tomas Molina, a man who makes her feel alive in a way she never has before. Then an unexpected result of their affair forces her to make a tough decision—stay in the world she’s known all her life, or make a future with the man she’s grown to love.
The Wrong Man
Author: Lane Hayes
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
ISBN: 1632167824
Pages: 220
Year: 2015-02-06
View: 1144
Read: 554
Bran must confront his fears and consider the possibility that the man he swore was absolutely the wrong one might be perfect after all.
Letters from a Woman Who Loved the Wrong Man
Author: J. Lori Morgan
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1479709646
Pages: 122
Year: 2012-10-11
View: 1160
Read: 1268
Searching for Mr. Right can lead you through a path of a whole lot of Mr. Wrongs! But, don't be discouraged! Sometimes those wrongs can help you get ready to receive the right one or at least make one hell of a good book! Letters from a Woman, from infancy was a blog that not only displayed the creative talent of author J. Lori Morgan but depicted short stories that entertained countless viewers worldwide! We are proud to offer this genuine portrayal of literary creativity to all readers of fiction in book form so that you may enjoy them forever! Relationship drama filled with Love & Hate, Commitment & Betrayal, Wisdom & Naivety, and Tragedy & Triumph this book has it all! Maybe you are looking for some encouragement. Or maybe its drama you are looking for. Whatever it is Letters from a Woman Who Loved the Wrong Man has it!
How to Keep Your Marriage From Sucking
Author: Greg Behrendt, Amiira Ruotola
Publisher: Diversion Books
ISBN: 163576386X
Year: 2018-07-17
View: 1044
Read: 739
A hilarious and hopeful primer to prevent, combat, and eliminate the suckage in modern marriage by doing it right in the early years, from one of the minds behind the series Sex and the City and the New York Times bestselling authors of He’s Just Not That Into You, It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken, and It’s Just a F***ing Date Some marriages start out storybook. Perfect proposal, perfect engagement, perfect wedding, perfect honeymoon, and perfect newlywed years. Greg Behrendt and Amiira Ruotola stumbled right out of the wedding gate. Their choices in the early years, they’ll tell you, nearly bought their marriage a one-way ticket to Suckville. The New York Times bestselling authors explore all the adventures of early wedlock, from the moment one of you gets on one knee to the day when sex starts to feel like work instead of play. In this guidebook, Behrendt and Ruotola explore their own marriage and, with gleeful candor, tremendous warmth, sharp humor, and piercing insight, look at what we who have decided to “settle down” hope to get out of our most lasting relationship. We venture through volumes on the engagement, wedding planning, the Big Day, the wedding hangover, the (blissful?) first year, the hard work of marrying two lives, fights, and sex-pectations versus sex-pectreality. The perfect book for those who have just put a ring on it or are thinking of putting a ring on it, Behrendt and Ruotola’s work is a brilliant guide for the first stretch of that wild ride we call marriage.