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Barbecue et plancha
Author: Loïc Hanno
Publisher: Hachette Pratique
ISBN: 2012387101
Pages: 192
Year: 2014-06-04
View: 321
Read: 197
De l'onglet de boeuf cajun aux côtes de veau gremolata, en passant par les keftas, les cuisses de poulet sauce rougail, le pad thaï aux crevettes ou encore le saumon aux herbes et l'ananas à la citronnelle et menthe, découvrez 80 recettes pleines de soleil et de saveurs ! Des pages techniques vous donnent tous les secrets pour découper un poulet en crapaudine, farcir un blanc de volaille ou pour préparer sauces et marinades...Des astuces et des conseils vous aideront à annoncer fièrement : "C'est moi qui l'ai fait !" Le "fait maison" est de retour dans les cuisines françaises. Cuisiner permet de partager de bons repas en famille ou entre amis et de consommer des aliments sains et équilibrés. Le goût, le prix, le choix des produits...alliez la qualité au plaisir !
Stéphane Reynaud's Barbecue
Author: Stéphane Reynaud
ISBN: 1742662404
Pages: 254
Year: 2011
View: 379
Read: 320
The latest cookbook from French chef Stephane Reynaud tackles the barbecue and who better to fire up the grill than the man who is an expert on meat and the bestselling author of Pork & Sons, Ripailles and Rotis.
La bible du barbecue et des planchas
Author: Collectif
Publisher: Hachette Pratique
ISBN: 2014625859
Pages: 384
Year: 2016-06-22
View: 1128
Read: 1075
Des recettes qui vont vous donner envie de sortir le barbecue. De l'onglet de boeuf cajun aux côtes de veau gremolata, en passant par les keftas, les cuisses de poulet sauce rougail, le pad thaï aux crevettes ou encore le saumon aux herbes et l'ananas à la citronnelle et menthe, on peut tout cuisiner au barbecue, ou presque ! Découvrez 80 recettes faciles, surprenantes et délicieuses pour changer des chipos et des merguez ! Un ouvrage plein de soleil et de saveurs ! Mais aussi des idées d'accompagnements, de boissons, etc. Bref, l'ouvrage indispensable pour un barbecue réussi !
Weber's Way to Grill
Author: Jamie Purviance
Publisher: Oxmoor House
ISBN: 0376020598
Pages: 320
Year: 2009-03-03
View: 1124
Read: 735
With indispensable tips and insights for getting better every step of the way, Weber’s Way to Grill™ is an all-in-one master class in every aspect of outdoor cooking. It not only explains in clear, confidence-building recipes, it also shows readers with hundreds of color photographs exactly how to get the best results every time. Each chapter takes readers through successful techniques for grilling every item imaginable. The triple-tested recipes are wonderful by themselves, but even more valuable as delicious examples of how to put new skills to use. Next to the recipes, readers will find variations on all sorts of grilling methods, seasonings, and sauces. This book features hundreds of step-by-step photographs detailing every important moment in the process of grilling, along with captions about exactly how and why the techniques work as well as they do. It doesn't get more comprehensive than this.
Le Livre Blanc
Author: Anne-Sophie Pic
Publisher: Jacqui Small
ISBN: 1909342114
Pages: 240
Year: 2013-09-01
View: 281
Read: 304
Le Livre Blanc is a cookbook that reinvents cuisine. Anne-Sophie Pic has taken the long-established culinary traditions of her family and her country, and re-imagined them through a contemporary and exhilarating approach to texture, form and flavor. The book includes 50 recipes that, like those of another culinary inventor, Heston Blumenthal, both inspire and amaze. From foams and emulsions, to working with sous-vide and siphons, the recipes transform the everyday, and the not-so-everyday, into the extraordinary. Throughout the book Pic delivers insights into her creative process, including the interplay of imagination and memory in creating dishes, and the associations between flavours and textures that make her cooking unique.
The Golden Book of Chocolate
Author: Carla Bardi, Claire Pietersen
ISBN: 1845432673
Pages: 704
Year: 2008-10-25
View: 879
Read: 606
Luxurious and deliciously decadent! With more than 300 luscious recipes – for cookies, bars, brownies, muffins, cupcakes, pastries, desserts, puddings, ice cream, cakes, candy, drinks and savoury dishes – this is the only chocolate cookbook you will ever need. Read the opening chapter for an entertaining introduction to the exotic story of chocolate, from its origins in ancient Mexico to the present day. This beautifully illustrated and easy-to-follow guide to creating scrumptious chocolate treats will delight every time and for every type of social occasion. Carla Bardi is the author numerous books on cooking including Italian Ice Cream (Apple Press, 2007). She has travelled extensively throughout Africa and many parts of Europe, and now runs a small vineyard and summertime restaurant on the shores of Lake Bolsena in central Italy. Claire Pietersen trained at Westeminster College, London, as a chef and has 16 years experience in pastry cooking across the world. She has settled down in Sydney, Australia.
Author: Stephane Reynaud
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1925267636
Pages: 480
Year: 2015-06-24
View: 1041
Read: 389
Parisian chef Stephane Reynaud writes beautiful recipes that stretch from simple home cooking to fanciful dishes. In Ripailles - French for 'Feasts' - he presents the best of the French kitchen and delves into the very roots of French cuisine. Ripailles is gorgeously designed and is bursting with photographs and whimsical illustrations. More than just a cookbook, it's a treasure to adore.
The Big Green Egg Book
Author: Dirk Koppes
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 1449471676
Pages: 200
Year: 2015-10-27
View: 862
Read: 163
This book takes cooking with the Big Green Egg to the next level with 55 recipes for professional chefs and experienced home cooks along with profiles of 15 International chefs, explaining how they discovered the Big Green Egg, as well as why and how they are using it in their professional kitchens. Inside you'll find recipes ranging from smoked fish to grilled pizza, and roasted carrot salad to apple tart. Just some of the recipes include: --Eggplant Steaks with Fennel-Rosemary Dressing and Buffalo Mozzarella --Smoky Burger with Miso Butter, Kimchi, and Fried Egg Yolk --Smoked Warm Salmon on Beet and Broad Bean Salad with Horseradish Sauce --Calzone with Sausage and Ricotta --Indian Lamb Spareribs with Chapati and Apple Yogurt --Baked Truffle Potatoes with Mushrooms and Vanilla Oil --Pumpkin Tarte Tatin with Creme Fraiche --Pork Belly with Sage, Roasted Grapes, and Bean Salad --Puffed Pancake with Peaches and Plum Compote --Ice Cream Cake with Whipped Cream and Blackberries
500 Ice Creams, Sorbets & Gelatos
Author: Alex Barker
Publisher: Sellers Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 1416205330
Pages: 288
Year: 2009
View: 400
Read: 1005
The 500 fabulous, easy, cool, and glorious indulgences featured in this book include classic ice creams, sorbets, and Italian-style gelatos, as well as show-stopping ice cream cakes and gateaux, kid-friendly frozen goodies, and health- and calorie-conscious options.
How to Cook French Cuisine
Author: Julie Soucail
Publisher: Gingko Press Editions
ISBN: 1584236655
Pages: 108
Year: 2017-07-15
View: 965
Read: 844
You never forget your first tartiflette. Likewise, moules marinire is sure to leave an impression. How to Cook French Cuisine collects these and forty-eight other classic recipes of arguably the worlds finest cuisine. Compact and with easy to read instructions, this book includes metric as well as US standard measurements complimented by tantalizing photographs of the finished products. From starters to main courses and desserts, all you need for a dinner party is contained within, except the ingredients and guest list! From simple crowd pleasers like French onion soup to more involved concoctions such as seven-hour roast leg of lamb, there is something for everyone. Finish with a tarte tatin et voil, success in the kitchen is at your fingertips.
Author: Liliane Otal
Publisher: Agate Publishing
ISBN: 1572841184
Pages: 144
Year: 2011-07-05
View: 1326
Read: 184
"A guide to the traditional style of Spanish flat-slab grilling, with recipes and photographs"--Provided by the publisher"--
Skinny Seafood
Author: Barbara Grunes
Publisher: Agate Publishing
ISBN: 1572844035
Pages: 100
Year: 2012-01-26
View: 715
Read: 340
Seafood eating is healthy eating. But preparing exciting and delicious fish and shellfish can be a challenge. Skinny Seafood meets the challenge with 100 new recipes that are as inventive as they are easy to make. Banish bland, ho-hum fish forever, and start enjoying the bounty of the sea for great taste as well as good health. Skinny Seafood's recipes make it easy to prepare seafood. Most dishes require little cooking time, and fish is surprisingly economical when purchased fresh. All of the recipes employ simple preparation techniques to control fat, calories, and cholesterol. Likewise, the scores of creative sauces and accompaniments rely on herbs, spices, an fresh natural ingredients for flavor rather than fat-laden oils and butter. Fish was never like this: Trout with Mango and Blueberry Sauce Salsa Red Snapper Crabmeat Fu Yong Sole and Shrimp with Tequila Down East Grilled Lobster Canadian Chowder Microwave Perch with Honeydew Salsa Teriyaki Bass Mahimahi with Mint Tuna Veracruz Scallop Burritos Magyar Fish Stew Finnan Haddie Smoke Whitefish Grouper with Bananas Cajun Catfish Jamabalaya Mongolian Seafood Hot Pot Shrimp Pizza Margarita Swordfish Gumbo Door County Fish Boil, and more!
Pork and Sons
Author: Stéphane Reynaud
Publisher: Phaidon Inc Ltd
Pages: 370
Year: 2007-04-01
View: 1233
Read: 836
The Most Authoritative and Whimsical Look At the PigPork is the world's most widely eaten meat, the heart and soul of everycharcuterie, and many a culinarian's obsession. From head to hoof, and allthe diverse and flavorful meat cuts in between, the pig is the mostversatile and efficient animal raised for food. And no one knows more aboutthe selection, preparation and cooking of pork than French chef andrestaurateur Stephane Reynaud.Coming from a long line of pig butchers and farmers in rural France,Reynaud certainly knows his stuff. This spring Reynaud shares hisaffection, recipes and deep knowledge of the pig in PORK SONS. The winnerof the 2005 French Gourmand Cookbook Award, PORK SONS celebrates theswine in all its forms, from slaughter to supper. The U.S. release of thisunique and remarkable cookbook introduces Americans to generations-worth ofexpertise and love of this delectable meat.Interspersed with humorous hand-drawn sketches and over 200 evocative colorphotographs, PORK SONS provides insight into the history of the pig,those who raise them, and of course how to flavor, cook and transform porkinto an array of mouth-watering dishes. With 150 simple yet flavorfulrecipes that encompass the whole hog, PORK SONS includes chapters on ham,pates and terrines, sausage, roasting, barbecuing, entertaining, and wildboar, with recipes for Warm Sausage and Puy Lentil Salad with HerbMarinade; Proscuitto, Arugula and Parmesan Crostini; Pork Chops withSaint-Marcellin Cheese; Parfait of Pig's Liver and Muscatel; BarbecuedSuckling Pig and many other delectable creations. Also provided arecomplete lexicons of sausage and ham, top sources of pork in the U.S., anda helpful list of alternative ingredients to those readily available inEurope, so cooks can use PORK SONS wherever they live.While this quintessential "pig" cookbook celebrates the delicious qualitiesof pork in all its myriad forms, it also offers a rare, personal glimpseinto a day-in-the-life of a small family business in rural France. Partcookbook and part scrapbook, PORK SONS spills over with warmth andplayful charm in its celebration of community, family and food. Reynaudintroduces us to the people in his village, including Eric the Pig Farmer,Aime the Butcher, Bibi the Bistro Owner, among the cast of characters. Heeven takes us to a traditional pig killing ceremony in Saint-Agrave.PORK SONS, an affectionate tribute to all things porcine, is the perfectrelease in this "year of the pig."
Goat Mountain
Author: David Vann
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062121111
Pages: 256
Year: 2013-09-10
View: 685
Read: 583
In David Vann’s searing novel Goat Mountain, an 11-year-old boy at his family’s annual deer hunt is eager to make his first kill. His father discovers a poacher on the land, a 640-acre ranch in Northern California, and shows him to the boy through the scope of his rifle. With this simple gesture, tragedy erupts, shattering lives irrevocably. In prose devastating and beautiful in its precision, David Vann creates a haunting and provocative novel that explores our most primal urges and beliefs, the bonds of blood and religion that define and secure us, and the consequences of our actions—what we owe for what we’ve done. David Vann is the award-winning author of Legend of a Suicide, Caribou Island, A Mile Down, and Last Day on Earth.
Kabobs on the Grill
Author: Barbara Grunes
Publisher: One Hundred One Productions
ISBN: 1564265080
Pages: 128
Year: 1992-05-01
View: 1145
Read: 306
Briefly traces the history of shish kabob, discusses skewers, grills, and grilling techniques, and shares recipes for appetizers, shellfish, fish, poultry, meat, vegetables, and desserts

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