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Beautiful Disaster
Author: Jamie McGuire
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476712042
Pages: 418
Year: 2012-08-14
View: 737
Read: 960
Travis Maddox, Eastern University's playboy, makes a bet with good girl Abby that if he loses, he will remain abstinent for a month, but if he wins, Abby must live in his apartment for the same amount of time.
Bad Boy Romance
Author: J.L. Ryan
Publisher: Romance World International Publishing
ISBN: 8827553282
Year: 2018-01-16
View: 328
Read: 286
Can a powerful bad boy billionaire fall in love with just an ordinary fat girl? Curvy Sierra is frantic when she has to pose as her best friend on a blind date. She doesn't want to go, but she needs to pay her back for all the favors she's done for her. Never in her wildest dream does she expect her blind date to be charismatic bad boy billionaire, A.J. Trager. When she meets him for the first time, she's so turned on that she can hardly breathe. He made his fortune at an early age, and could have anything or anyone he wants. He's used to dating gorgeous skinny women, but when he lays his eyes on sexy plus size Sierra, his mouth waters. Why does this arrogant bad boy need to go on blind dates to find the woman of his dreams? Is he really searching for true love, or is he hiding a heart-pounding secret that could threaten Sierra's well-being? Don't miss this steamy read if you love the following: Billionaire Romance BBW Romance Curvy Romance New Adult Romance Plus Size Romance Bad Boy Romance Second Chance Romance Slow Burn Romance Angsty Romance A Good Billionaire Love Story Billionaire Obsession Books Office Romance Friends To Lovers Boss Secretary Romance Billionaire Boss Romance Buy Now!
Scandal (A Bad Boy Romance)
Author: Katie Sloane
Publisher: Katie Sloane
Pages: 429
Year: 2017-11
View: 367
Read: 482
Everything about him is so… scandalous… Sasha Mitchell never thought she’d make a mistake like this. A hot stranger with a body to die for at a wedding? No. She wasn’t about to be a cliché, certainly not another notch for some cocky playboy. We all make mistakes, but Sasha has no idea just how much this mistake is going to change her life. Just how wrong it was… Just how scandalous it was… * Bad boy, playboy, and used to getting what he wants. Sol Jacobs set his eyes on the sexy-as-sin maid of honor and never looked back. He’d claim her, make her his, and take from her everything he wanted. Just another day, just another wedding, just another conquest. Picket fence? Settle down? What a crock. He’d get his way, and never look back. It didn’t matter that claiming her would become a giant scandal… He wanted her. Now. And he’d take her. Now. But he never thought… …when it was all said and done… …that he’d lie awake at night… …consumed with thoughts of her…
Author: Emilia Violet
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1981282068
Pages: 374
Year: 2017-12-21
View: 675
Read: 576
Olivia: I've been controlled my whole life. My career, my friends, my image, it's all been forced on me by my parents. And now they're getting involved in my love-life too. They want me to marry Jack Lawrence, they think he's perfect. They know nothing. I'm at breaking point when I meet the infamous Irish businessman, Kai Mulligan. Dark, dangerous and completely unobtainable, he's the polar opposite of golden boy Jack. He lives for his freedom and won't be tied down. Everyone warns me to steer clear of him, but the more I get to know Kai, the more I realise that this bad boy might not be all he seems. I'm tired of being my parents' puppet, of being the good girl and doing what's expected of me. I'm ready to take control of my own life despite the consequences I know I'll face. Make my own choices, decide what I want. And what I want may just be Kai... *** Full length standalone romance with guaranteed HEA ***
Billionaire Obsession: Bad Boy Billionaire Romance
Author: J.L. Ryan
Publisher: J. L Ryan
ISBN: 8828302542
Year: 2018-04-07
View: 490
Read: 1107
Dangerous secrets, scandalously sexy, and a shocking past...Meet billionaire Michael Jameson. Curvy nursing assistant Shelby Watson is struggling with money problems and her escalating weight. She's ecstatic when she gets a job taking care of an elderly woman, who happens to be the grandmother of bad boy billionaire Michael Jameson. The woman is a sweetheart, but he's an arrogant jerk. If Shelby wasn't facing homelessness, she would have never have accepted the job offer, but since she doesn't want to live in her car, she does. She figures that working for an SOB is better than living on the streets. Soon after starting her job, she notices an unusual change in Michael's personality. Once cocky and conceited, he suddenly turns into a nice guy. Why such a change? Is he really falling in love with big beautiful Shelby, or is he hiding a heart-pounding secret that could rock them both to the core? Don't miss this steamy read if you love the following: Billionaire Romance BBW Romance Curvy Romance New Adult Romance Plus Size Romance Bad Boy Romance Second Chance Romance Slow Burn Romance Angsty Romance A Good Billionaire Love Story Billionaire Obsession Books Office Romance Friends To Lovers Boss Secretary Romance Billionaire Boss Romance Buy Now!
Bad Boy Romance: Do Me A Favor
Author: Lauren Fremont
Publisher: KP
Year: 101
View: 922
Read: 1271
ADDITIONAL TABOO BOOKS INSIDE! WARNING: Mature Readers Only - This Book Contains Taboo Adult Content. Jason has always been the womanizer type. Just when he is finally ready to settle down, it seems there may be some unfinished business, that stands in the way....Secrets and deception seems to be the name of the the eye of his attention involved in it?... Ready for an adventure? Secure Your Copy Today!
Owned by the Hitman
Author: Alexis Abbott
Publisher: Pathforgers Publishing
Pages: 278
View: 994
Read: 168

Touch Me Bad Boy
Author: Claire St. Rose
Publisher: E-Book Publishing World Inc.
View: 674
Read: 473
Touch Me Bad Boy is book 1 of the Montorini Family Mafia trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Tease Me Bad Boy and Own Me Bad Boy are available everywhere now! He forced me into this marriage. My life was turned upside down the day I was told I had to marry Lorenzo Montorini--the heir of the Montorini crime family. A man with a NEED for control. A NEED for an heir. And I was going to be the mother of that child. They say no one’s happier than a bride on her wedding day. They lied. Oh, I smiled through it all but inside, I wanted to scream. I never asked to be married. Especially not to Lorenzo Montorini. I don’t care that he’s got a smile to die for. I don't care that his body is tempting me to touch him. I don’t care that our marriage is the only thing keeping our families from war. All I wanted was to scream no. To take my own life back. But when the priest asked if I will take this man to be my husband. The only words that came out were “I do.” And from the moment Lorenzo slipped the ring on my finger, I knew. There was no way he would ever let me go.
Author: Jenny Jax
Publisher: E-Book Publishing World Inc.
View: 286
Read: 880
Broken is book 1 in the Skulls MC trilogy. Books 2 and 3, Split and Reborn are available everywhere now! He tore my world apart. I thought I could handle whatever this world could throw at me. Until I met Gable, and everything changed. It started out like a dream—blistering hot and unforgettable. And when he offered me a part of his world, I jumped in without hesitation. Without thinking about the consequences. But now everything is crashing down around us. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try… I can never go back to the way things were before. Not when his scorching lips press against my skin. His strong hands pull me against his hard body As he takes me—gasping—again and again And makes me forget why I’d ever want to leave.
Alpha Male: Bad Boy Romance Bundle
Author: Paigely Snow
Publisher: Paigely Snow
ISBN: 8829522392
Year: 2018-10-08
View: 933
Read: 1253
Alpha Male: Bad Boy Romance Bundle is a collection of three steamy alpha male romances from Paigely Snow. These three full-length novels tell the stories of possessive and dominating men and the smart, sexy, and sassy women they fall hard for, and will do anything and everything for. This bad boy romance collection contains 3 full-length alpha male bad boy novels: The Arrangement, Buying Her, and The Nurse.
Shark (a Bad Boy Romance)
Author: Emilia Beaumont
Publisher: Beaumont Ink
ISBN: 1641869658
Pages: 224
Year: 2017-11-12
View: 788
Read: 938
Vincent Hudson Bad Boy? F*ck yeah! Disowned? I didn’t need them anyway. Man with a temper? Keep looking at me like that and you’ll find out. I’m a sucker for a damsel in distress and though when I met Thea she is anything but helpless, I can’t help but think she will be my downfall. When the red curtain of rage falls over my eyes I’m unable stop myself. The anger that builds up inside me demands an outlet: a punching bag, a man’s face… In my line of business the reputation of being a savage can come in extremely handy. But this time I went too far. And one gratifying act, protecting what is mine, could mean a lifetime in prison. Thea Reagan Good girl? Always. Loyal daughter? Without a doubt. Hiding a scandalous secret? Only when night falls. I put up a good act, hiding my true self beneath a wholesome mask. But as the daughter of a High Court Judge I must be extremely careful, and the men I entertain must be relied upon to be discreet. However, everything changes when Vincent, my stepbrother, comes into my life. Rugged, handsome and downright dirty, he’s a far cry from the rich businessmen I’ve set my sights on. But he inadvertently sets in motion a chain of horrid events that sends my world into a dangerous spin. The scandal would ruin me, embarrass my father and lower his opinion of me. Bribed, threatened, and used, I’m trapped and can see no way out… I can’t ask for help and yet Vincent is now my only hope to deliver the final blow. This is a story of a Good Girl gone bad. And a Bad Boy foolishly trying to do good. Shark is a full length contemporary Bad Boy romance novel in Emilia Beaumont’s Forbidden Desires series. Perfect for fans of Lauren Blakely, Marquita Valentine, and Vi Keeland.
Snake (a Bad Boy Romance)
Author: Emilia Beaumont
ISBN: 1641868686
Pages: 218
Year: 2017-11-02
View: 381
Read: 512
Devan was everything I longed for in a man: loyal, protective, and strong. After the Navy, he cleaned up his act. He became the perfect guy, the perfect husband; the standard I held other men up to. Was it too much to ask to have a carbon copy of him... tattoos and all? But then he ruined everything. He kissed me. I truly thought he was different than all the rest. Yet no matter how much I wanted him to be mine, I now saw him for what he really was: another bad boy. A cheating snake that couldn’t keep it in his pants. He’s married, for f*cks sake! And to make it even more awkward, not only am I living with the couple but I’ve also made a deal to be their surrogate! How did my life become so complicated all of a sudden? Because now, after just one amazing kiss—one I keep reliving—I can’t stop thinking about my stepbrother and the baby I want to give him. Snake is a full length contemporary Bad Boy romance novel in Emilia Beaumont’s Forbidden Desires series. Perfect for fans of Lauren Blakely, Marquita Valentine, and Vi Keeland.
Can't Let Go
Author: Gena Showalter
Publisher: HQN Books
ISBN: 1488020035
Pages: 384
Year: 2017-11-01
View: 844
Read: 1146
New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter is back with a sizzling Original Heartbreakers tale about an icy war vet and the only woman capable of melting him… With trust issues a mile long, Ryanne Wade has sworn off men. Then Jude Laurent walks into her bar, and all bets are off. The former army ranger has suffered unimaginably, first being maimed in battle then losing his wife and daughters to a drunk driver. Making the brooding widower smile is priority one. Resisting him? Impossible. For Jude, Ryanne is off-limits. And yet the beautiful bartender who serves alcohol to potential motorists tempts him like no other. When a rival bar threatens her livelihood—and her life—he can’t turn away. She triggers something in him he thought long buried, and he’s determined to protect her, whatever the cost. As their already scorching attraction continues to heat, the damaged soldier knows he must let go of his past to hold on to his future…or risk losing the second chance he desperately needs.
Author: Evelyn Glass
Publisher: E-Book Publishing World Inc.
Pages: 109
Year: 2017-10-30
View: 1319
Read: 757
Torn is book 3 and the finale of the Forbidden Desires trilogy! I’M NOT HERE TO SAVE HER. I’M HERE TO MAKE HER SCREAM. She was looking for a way out—a way to keep her head above the waters. She had no idea it meant letting people do whatever they wanted. To let them ruin her. To let them break her. Strip her of her dignity and leave her a shattered, damaged mess. She thought I might be the one who could save her. She thought I’d be different from the rest. She has no idea what I have planned for her. She has no idea about the truth, but I’ll teach her. From the moment I put the collar around her neck. The moment I pin her to the bed. The moment I whisper in her ear everything that I’m going to do. She’ll know that I’m not here to save her. I’m here to make her scream. And I can’t wait to get started.
Off Limits
Author: Heather West
Publisher: E-Book Publishing World Inc.
Year: 2018-04-20
View: 1071
Read: 751
Off Limits is book 2 of the Off Limits Trilogy. Book 3, Out of Bounds is available everywhere now! Ashley It isn't easy going home – not when HE'S there. How couldn't I love him? His blond hair, tousled from his football helmet, the muscles rippling along his quarterback shoulders, the way he looks at me when we pass each other half-clothed in the hallway in the middle of the night... His eyes, exposing me. Baring me. Stripping me down to nothing but skin and desire. I've never wanted anything like I wanted him to cross the distance between us. I can't act on this lust, can't say anything. It would destroy our family. But I'm only human. And he's sleeping in the room next door... Danny I'm happy to see her, of course. But it's hard to ignore the feeling she ignites in my chest. Once upon a time, that used to be enough. But not anymore. Now, when she looks at me and bites her lower lip, desire flashing through her eyes, I worry that I will lose control. I don't know if I'll be able to stop myself from doing what we both want – making her mine. The problem is, she's mine already. And she's sleeping in the room next door.

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