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Back to the Heart
Author: Sky Corgan
ISBN: 153520219X
Pages: 238
Year: 2016-07-09
View: 201
Read: 886
The past few months have been hard on Ana White. After being seduced by her boss, fired from her job, and discovering she's pregnant, she's forced to give up her dream life in New York City and return home to Texas. Disgraced A-lister Ryan Black has spent the last six months pretending to be someone else and putting his bulging muscles to good use laboring on the ranch once treasured by Ana's late father. His little white lies and secret identity never seem to hurt anyone until he meets Ana and falls in love. After being betrayed, Ana had sworn to guard her heart, but Ryan isn't giving up so easily. He knows what he wants, and he'll do whatever it takes to make Ana his. Will Ryan's devotion be enough to allow love back into Ana's heart?
The Unquenchable Worshipper
Author: Matt Redman
Publisher: Gospel Light Publications
ISBN: 0830729135
Pages: 128
Year: 2001-09-11
View: 222
Read: 1221
The Unquenchable Worshipper issues a passionate call for a return to an unadulterated, first-love lifestyle of worship. In his first book release, respected worship leader and songwriter Matt Redman writes: "The revelation of God is the fuel for the fire of our worship. And there is always more fuel for the fire. When we open the eyes of our heart, God’s revelation comes flying at us from so many different angles." Open the eyes of your heart and let the gut-level message of The Unquenchable Worshipper cause you, like martyred missionary Jim Elliot, to say, "Saturate me with the oil of Thy Spirit, that I may be aflame. Make me Thy fuel O flame of God." It’s time to dive into the heart of worship—will you take the plunge?
Worshipping Trinity
Author: Robin A. Parry
Publisher: Casemate Publishers
ISBN: 0718893174
Pages: 224
Year: 2013-06
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Read: 686
'If worship is God centered, and God is the Trinity, then worship should be Trinity centered.' 'Worshipping Trinity' explores the meaning and implications of that simple claim. Written for church leaders, worship leaders, and songwriters, as well as for those interested in theology, this volume explains why the Trinity matters so much and explores practical ways our worship can be made more Trinitarian. This second edition is fully updated and expanded. 'The book has become a classic - and rightly so. There is nothing else like it. It brings first-rate theology and astute practical wisdom to the very heart of the church's life. And the second edition is even better than the first!' Jeremy Begbie, Duke Divinity School. 'Robin Parry is a fine theologian who writes accessibly and engagingly. I hope that this second edition will be very widely read. It has the capacity to enable the renewal of the life and worship of the church.' John Inge, Bishop of Worcester. ' This is an extremely helpful book!' Matt Redman, songwriter and worship leader. 'Robin Parry has given us a terrific resource with which we can see a clearer picture of the God we worship.' Keith Getty, hymn writer. 'Not merely theologically profound but lucid, accessible, and prof oundly relevant.' Alan J. Torrance, University of St. Andrews. 'This is a most important book.' Graham Cray, Bishop of Maidstone
The Heart Does Not Grow Back
Author: Fred Venturini
Publisher: Picador
ISBN: 125005222X
Pages: 320
Year: 2014-11-04
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Read: 822
EVERY SUPERHERO NEEDS TO START SOMEWHERE... Dale Sampson is used to being a nonperson at his small-town Midwestern high school, picking up the scraps of his charismatic lothario of a best friend, Mack. He comforts himself with the certainty that his stellar academic record and brains will bring him the adulation that has evaded him in high school. But when an unthinkable catastrophe tears away the one girl he ever had a chance with, his life takes a bizarre turn as he discovers an inexplicable power: He can regenerate his organs and limbs. When a chance encounter brings him face to face with a girl from his past, he decides that he must use his gift to save her from a violent husband and dismal future. His quest takes him to the glitz and greed of Hollywood, and into the crosshairs of shadowy forces bent on using and abusing his gift. Can Dale use his power to redeem himself and those he loves, or will the one thing that finally makes him special be his demise? The Heart Does Not Grow Back is a darkly comic, starkly original take on the superhero tale, introducing an exceptional new literary voice in Fred Venturini.
Abba's Heart
Author: Neal Lozano, Matthew Lozano
Publisher: Chosen Books
ISBN: 1441228969
Pages: 224
Year: 2015-07-28
View: 757
Read: 301
Discover and Embrace the Extravagant, Unconditional Love of the Father How is it that so many believers get stuck when it comes to entering into a relationship with God the Father? Rather than basking in the Father's endless love, compassion, and delight, we seem to hesitate, like orphaned children unsure of a place to call home. Neal Lozano breaks through the obstacles that keep us from growing in this pivotal relationship. He shatters fear and estrangement in his joyful exploration of Jesus's promise to show us his Father--and ours. It is a heartwarming journey, starting with the universal experience of loss and ending in the Father's welcoming arms as dearly loved children.
A Journey Back to the Heart
Author: LuLane Ward
Publisher: Desert Wind Books
ISBN: 1936062003
Pages: 240
Year: 2009-07-01
View: 298
Read: 636
Angela Oxford the widow of Charles Oxford believed for years that her firstborn was the child of another man. She was going through her closet when she came across a box tied with orange ribbon bringing back memories of a love that she had lost.
A Chronicle Spiritual Journey Back to the Heart
Author: Harmony Grace
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1504310284
Pages: 182
Year: 2017-09-27
View: 514
Read: 774
The journey of life can be filled with obstacles and challenges as much as it can be filled with fulfilment, love, and joy. And while we can often navigate the daily obstacles, sometimes we are faced with something so difficult that we need a miracle to continue on the journey. So where do we turn when we need this miracle? In A Chronicle Spiritual Journey Back to the Heart, author and internationally acclaimed medium clairvoyant psychic Harmony Grace shares how she was able to channel the divine to help her fight back from a terminal illness, even as all the traditional treatment options failed her. She became a miracle by defying the odds and following her calling to help others heal just as she was able, and her own healing journey has inspired a way for all of us to heal our own minds, hearts, and selvesour total way of being. We must have faith that we can recover and return to the right path, right where we need to be to find love and fulfilment along the continuous path of life. If we can stay positive in the face of the chaos, then we too can embark on a journey filled with laughter, love, dreams, and adventure.
Reclaiming Your Heart
Author: Denise Hildreth Jones
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 1414382766
Pages: 288
Year: 2013-02-18
View: 1106
Read: 1145
Have you ever wondered where the abundant life Scripture promises is, and how you seem to have missed it? Do you ever catch yourself saying, “Those were the best years of my life?” A failed relationship, a health crisis, a job loss, the death of a loved one—all can cause us to hide out, go numb, give up. Before we even know it, we’re simply coping with life instead of living it to the fullest. It happens to most of us at one point or another. For author and Bible study teacher Denise Hildreth Jones, it happened in the wake of her devastating divorce. But she fought desperately to reclaim her God-designed heart, and now, in her transparent, authentic style, Denise challenges you to do the same. Sharing stories from her own journey and others she’s walked alongside, Denise will help you identify ways you’ve given your heart to “lesser gods” like performance, people-pleasing, and control, and how to find your way back to God’s design for your life—to laughing, loving, and living life to the fullest.
Back to Life After a Heart Crisis
Author: Marc Wallack M.D., Jamie Colby
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101185228
Pages: 320
Year: 2010-02-04
View: 795
Read: 1214
A Wall Street Journal Top Pick of 2010 A well-known and internationally recognized surgical oncologist, Dr. Marc Wallack kept fit by training as an avid marathoner. He was the rock of his family, at the top of his career, and an expert on health who practiced what he preached-until he suffered angina symptoms while on a run in Central Park. Two days later, after discovering his arteries were 95 percent blocked, he underwent quadruple bypass surgery and later found himself unprepared for the emotional fallout of his recovery. In Back to Life After a Heart Crisis, Dr. Wallack and his wife, journalist Jamie Colby, offer their moving personal story along with a one-of-a-kind, prescriptive guide for reclaiming your life after confronting the issues of mortality and vulnerability raised by a traumatic heart event-whether it be a heart attack or a surgical procedure. Brimming with inspiration and encouragement, this unique book shows readers how to regain emotional strength in tandem with healing physically by working through eight important milestones: *Conquer the night *Get outside *Survive doctors' appointments *Face physical and emotional pain *Make love to your partner again *Face your dinner plate *Confront career issues *Take on a huge physical challenge With sidebars and tops for caregivers, Back to Life After a Heart Crisis helps patients and their loved ones heal hearts and minds and feel vibrant and full of life again.
Heart of Miracles
Author: Karen Henson Jones
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 1401946828
Pages: 240
Year: 2015-02-26
View: 628
Read: 196
This book is a flashlight for people in the dark. Karen Henson Jones was on the conventional path to success in the corporate world when a sudden cardiac event at the age of 30 took her to the brink of death. During an otherworldly experience, she was presented with a choice to leave her body or to return to Earth. When her request to live was granted, Karen was forced to come to terms with the life she had been living. With warmth, wonder, and wit, Heart of Miracles takes us with her on an inspirational journey through India, Italy, Bhutan, and the Holy Land of Israel in search of a more meaningful life. Exploring the power of meditation, Western medical science, the transformative doctrines of reincarnation, and the teachings of Jesus, Karen encourages us to embrace the full possibilities of our spiritual selves.
Back to the Heart
Author: Curtis A. Cooper
Publisher: eXtasy Books
ISBN: 1487409664
Pages: 293
Year: 2016-11-25
View: 363
Read: 702
A small town construction worker makes a bet with a few coworkers that he can get a formerly homeless girl in bed on the first date and ends up with more than he bargained for.
Back to the Heart of Youth Work
Author: Dewey M. Bertolini
Publisher: Chariot Victor Publishing
ISBN: 156476396X
Pages: 211
Year: 1994
View: 714
Read: 562
Back to the Heart of Youth Work is a passionate appeal to youth workers, both volunteer and professional, who from time to time may feel battered, bruised, and bleeding. Written from one homesick soldier to another, this book is offered in the hope of rekindling a flickering flame into a blazing inferno within the heart of every youth worker who reads it. Based on the truth that effective ministry can result only from the overflow of an intimate walk with Jesus Christ, this book shows you how to develop proven character, a biblical philosophy of ministry, and a practical methodology. - Back cover.
Shooting Back From the Heart
Author: Jim Hubbard
Publisher: BalboaPress
ISBN: 1452577684
Pages: 330
Year: 2013-08-07
View: 1284
Read: 744
“Shooting Back caught my attention. Way to go, Jim Hubbard.” —Oprah Winfrey “Shooting Back is wonderful and should be supported in every way possible.” —Hillary Rodham Clinton “There is the photojournalism that is objective, and then there is the photojournalism that is purposefully provocative. Jim hubbard has found time to practice both.” —The Washington Post “Jim and Shooting Back gives … us all hope.” —Maria Shriver, NBC news “His photos are powerful. His theme is strong and honest. Jim’s faith story is compelling, enabled by the grace and love of God. There is a human joy. Jim Hubbard is a very special person, and I am proud to know him. —Martin Sheen “Jim Hubbard’s photos are a worthy continuation of the tradition of American documentary photography that has tried to give voice to the voiceless. Through his sensitivity we feel that these are people and not just a problem. —Peter Howe, director of photography, LIFE magazine “Jim Hubbard reached a position which any photographer would envy. He has embarked on a task which is difficult and rarely lucrative. Jim spends his time in our ghettos, our poverty-filled streets. He is an artist photographing the poor, impoverished to heighten the public’s awareness. Jim should serve as an example to us all.” —US House of Representatives Majority Whip Tony Coelho, D-CA “I was very moved and touched by your book. God has redeemed, is redeeming, the searing pain of your loss. Your story greatly encourages me.” —Rankin Wilbourne, senior pastor, Pacific Crossroads Church, Santa Monica, California
How to Get Your Ex Back: The Secret to Winning the Heart of Your Partner Once Again
Author: Mark Cosmo
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1365324753
Year: 2016-08-15
View: 890
Read: 1170
Have you been dumped recently? Trying hard to forget your ex, but you feel like you two belong together? Relationship expert and rising author Mark Cosmo has something you need in a situation like this. “How to Get Your Ex Back” is your guide (13O pages) to getting your game back. Getting over a long term relationship is never easy, and it gets even harder when you are still in love with your ex. Whatever the reason may have been for the breakup, there’s always room for reconciliation if the two still people love each other. And this book shows exactly how that can be done. Skillfully planned and beautifully written, “How to Get Your Ex Back” stands out from the other books in the genre simply because it involves much more than just tips and tricks of winning someone back. Mark Cosmo takes his time in detailing the reasons why most couples break up. You will be surprised to see how much you can relate to this book.
Knitting the Threads of Time
Author: Nora Murphy
Publisher: New World Library
ISBN: 1577318447
Pages: 208
Year: 2010-09-07
View: 466
Read: 259
In an era of global warming, war, escalating expenses, declining income, and drugs and violence in schools, many mothers feel they have little control over their families or their worlds. Nora Murphy eloquently demonstrates that many women do control one tiny thing: their next stitch. While tracing the frustrations and joys of knitting a sweater for her son through the course of one cold, dark Minnesota winter, Murphy eloquently brings to life the traditions and cultures of women from many backgrounds, including Hmong, American Indian, Mexican, African, and Irish. Murphy’s personal stories — about her struggles to understand esoteric knitting patterns, her help from the shaman of the knit shop, and her challenges sticking with an often vexing project — will appeal to knitters as well as everyone else who has labored to create something from scratch.