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Awakening of a Jehovah's Witness
Author: Diane Wilson
Publisher: Prometheus Books
ISBN: 161592096X
Pages: 327
Year: 2002
View: 1129
Read: 410
This tale of mind control, the use of fear to manipulate vulnerable people, and final escape from a suffocating cult environment is a revealing exposT of a secretive contemporary sect, as well as a true psychological thriller. Diane Wilson spent twenty-five precious years of her life, first becoming indoctrinated by the dogma of the Watchtower Society, and then struggling to free herself from its pervasive, intimidating clutches. In this probing, brutally honest assessment, Wilson describes how a childhood of psychological abuse and lack of self-confidence rendered her vulnerable to the seductive doctrines of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Yet as time went on and the society demanded rigid control over every aspect of her life, even her every thought, Wilson began to rebel. Her gradual awakening, at first unconsciously through physical and psychological ailments, and then consciously as a caring therapist helped her rediscover her true self, is a fascinating story.What she reveals about the goings-on within the closed Watchtower Society will shock the average person who assumes the polite, well-dressed people who pass out leaflets are much like any other conservative religious group. Wilson contends that membership in the Jehovah's Witnesses requires obedience bordering on psychological enslavement and complete suppression of individuality. Her engrossing memoir will be of great interest to former Witnesses, students of cult phenomena, and anyone who has ever had contact with Jehovah's Witnesses.
Approaching Jehovah’s Witnesses in Love
Author: Wilbur Lingle
Publisher: CLC Publications
ISBN: 1619581078
Pages: 272
Year: 2004-01-01
View: 1127
Read: 671
Do you feel like hiding when Jehovah’s Witnesses ring your doorbell? Have you tried to convey your faith to them...and gotten nowhere? It’s proven and practical guide which includes questions, answers, conversation starters and other great witnessing tools that will help you speak to Jehovah’s Witnesses.
I'm Perfect, You're Doomed
Author: Kyria Abrahams
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416556869
Pages: 352
Year: 2010-11-01
View: 500
Read: 1278
A stand-up comedian who was brought up as a Jehovah's Witness describes how her childhood was haunted by perpetual doomsday prophecies about an imminent apocalypse in which her non-believing neighbors and schoolmates were doomed.
Growing Up in Mama's Club
Author: Richard E. Kelly
Publisher: Parker Ridge Publishing
ISBN: 0979509424
Pages: 268
Year: 2008-02-01
View: 789
Read: 730
The author recounts his early life as a child of Jehovah's Witnesses, during which he underwent intense indoctrination, isolation from other kids, and the requirement to spend 100 hours a month proselytizing from door to door.
Jehovah's Witnesses
Author: Jerry Bergman
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Pages: 351
Year: 1999-01-01
View: 1327
Read: 844
A selectively annotated bibliography of the literature, in English and other languages, available on the Watchtower movement.
The Truth Book
Author: Joy Castro
Publisher: Arcade Publishing
ISBN: 1559707879
Pages: 230
Year: 2005
View: 841
Read: 843
Shares the personal account of a woman who was psychologically and sexually abused along with her mother and younger brother by her revered Jehovah's Witness stepfather, whose behavior was unquestioned by their fundamentalist congregation. 20,000 first printing.
Visions of Glory
Author: Barbara Grizzuti Harrison
Publisher: Freeminds
ISBN: 0709180136
Pages: 239
Year: 1980
View: 316
Read: 1251

Jehovah's Witnesses and the United Nations
Author: Tami Dickerson
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1466387602
Pages: 80
Year: 2011-10-11
View: 838
Read: 1214
This book is a one-stop resource detailing all the evidence regarding the Watchtower Society's affair with the United Nations. Not only did this affair deceive the United Nations, but it also deceived the worldwide membership of Jehovah's Witnesses. This book gives all of the source references so that the reader can verify the information for him or herself. It is a must-have for anyone who is investigating this matter in depth.
30 Years a Watchtower Slave
Author: William J. Schnell
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441231641
Pages: 214
Year: 2002-01-01
View: 583
Read: 325
At first, the Watchtower Society seemed harmless to William J. Schnell, even valuable as a way to develop his faith in God and pass it on to others. This book is Schnell's fascinating account of his involvement with the cult, which effectively enticed him in the 1920s and continues to lure countless individuals today. Readers will learn, as Schnell did, that the Jehovah's Witness religion he had joined was anything but innocent. For thirty years he was enslaved by one of the most totalitarian religions of our day, and his story of finally becoming free is riveting. Readers will be alerted to the inner machinations, methods, and doctrines of the Watchtower Society, arming them to forewarn others and witness to their Jehovah's Witness friends, relatives, neighbors, and the stranger at the door. With more than 300,000 copies sold, 30 Years a Watchtower Slave is truly one of the classic testimonies of freedom from a powerful cult.
The Reluctant Apostate
Author: Lloyd Evans
Publisher: Jle Publishing
ISBN: 0995669104
Year: 2017-01-20
View: 400
Read: 779
Jehovah's Witnesses, well known for their enthusiastic evangelism, are a global religious movement boasting over 8 million members. Despite being a familiar sight on doorsteps and street corners, little is known about their doctrines and practices. What are their expectations regarding Armageddon, and who do they believe will survive? How do they justify their ban on blood transfusions? What happens to members who decide to leave? In this remarkably candid part-memoir, part-history guide, former Witness Lloyd Evans comprehensively explores the religion of his upbringing, charting the organization's metamorphosis from unassuming 19th Century brethren to global brand in the modern age. The Witness rules on sex are dissected, as are their far-reaching ramifications on the private lives of millions of devotees. Evans also delves into the controversies surrounding child abuse and the prohibition on blood transfusions with the aid of first hand accounts from those who have been personally impacted. Intertwined with the historical narrative and commentary is the story of the author's journey from devout Witness youth to outspoken ex-Witness activist and atheist. Evans lays bare the circumstances leading to his "awakening" with startling honesty and reveals how the heartbreaking loss of his mother played a profound role in keeping long-held doubts suppressed. In the final chapters, the author discusses the various means by which Witnesses are controlled by their leadership. Evans analyzes the role of shunning (disfellowshipping) and the stigmatization of "apostates" in enforcing loyalty among Witnesses, and reflects on the indifference of society in general to human rights violations by high-control groups. The phenomenon of fundamentalist brainwashing, or "undue influence," is also scrutinized, and those in search of a new life free from its pervasive effects are given reasons for hope. Rather than being a sensationalist rant by an embittered ex-member, The Reluctant Apostate offers a relaxed, good-humored tour of Witness history and teachings supported by extensive references (to be found in the "Notes" section). Though written predominantly with the non-Witness reader in mind, special boxes are also provided for Jehovah's Witness readers. Reviews "Both memoir and reference book, Lloyd Evans' work is an extensive compilation of Jehovah's Witness history and theology. In his honest and exhaustively researched expose, Evans has written what is sure to be the most important book on the religion in this century. The Reluctant Apostate is a must-read for Jehovah's Witnesses and anyone else who has been touched by the faith." -Scott Terry, author of Cowboys, Armageddon and the Truth "Insight only an 'insider' can bring to a subject difficult to understand for those who have never been part of this world, and unthinkable to contemplate for those inside its bubble. Lloyd does a magnificent job of speaking to both audiences and everyone in between. Compassion for the plight of those still held captive bleeds through every page." -Mike Rinder, former senior executive of the Church of Scientology, as featured on the A&E series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath "A compelling and informative window on the world of the Jehovah's Witnesses that will be a vital and life changing resource for former members and many others too in forming an authentic understanding of this group, its beliefs, methods and effects on individuals and families." -Professor Rod Dubrow-Marshall, Ph.D. Co-Editor International Journal of Cultic Studies and co-founder RETIRN UK Dr. Linda Dubrow-Marshall, Ph.D. Co-founder RETIRN UK
Millions Now Living Will Never Die!
Author: J. F. Rutherford
ISBN: 1411628985
Pages: 130
Year: 2005-04
View: 574
Read: 1062
A public talk titled "The World Has Ended; Millions Now Living May Never Die" was first delivered on February 24, 1918 in Los Angeles, California. Five weeks later, on March 31, 1918 the title was changed to indicate absolute certainty: "The World Has Ended; Millions Now Living Will Never Die." The public talk continued to be delivered under that same title until 1925. The material was published as this book in 1920. This book may be of interest to students of human psychology and students of religious movements, particularly millennialist apocalyptic, "prophetic" religious movements. It is now republished in a larger, easy-to-read format for purposes of research, scholarship, teaching, news reporting, commentary or criticism. With the exception of the rear cover, every page is a photographically enlarged duplicate of the original publication. Once hard to find, this reprinting makes this historic book available at a reasonable price.
Escape from Paradise
Author: Brock Talon
Publisher: Brock\Talon#enterprises
ISBN: 069235672X
Pages: 274
Year: 2015-01-08
View: 410
Read: 280
An innocent child named Brock Talon longs for the Jehovah's Witness paradise, but in time finds it isn't all it's cracked up to be. With Armageddon ever looming, his life becomes an endless stream of restrictions and mandated works, harsh discipline and conditional relationships. Join Brock's struggle with apostasy and persecution, sanctioned abuse and God-like elders. Learn with him about his faith's built-in sexual dysfunction and an eerily business-like design, as well as its dubious origin, repeated failed prophecy, fixation on demons, and the curious "anointed ones." Will Brock ignore his eye-opening discoveries, or will he act and lose everything? This story, both humorous and tragic, is about one man's personal pilgrimage through the dystopian world of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. Along with millions like him, will Brock be able to safely make his escape from paradise?
Exiting the Jw Cult
Author: Bonnie Zieman
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1508477132
Pages: 212
Year: 2015-05-14
View: 1080
Read: 1218
Numerous books have been written by ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, exposing the false claims and practices of the cult or describing their personal challenges while leaving it. But when it comes to providing help to individuals in the process of exiting and recovering from the effects of membership in the cult, few compare with EXiting the JW Cult: A Healing Handbook. Author Bonnie Zieman was born and raised as a Jehovah's Witness, leaving after thirty years to gain the higher education that she was denied and build a professional life as a psychotherapist. She knows firsthand what it's like to deal with the inhumane punishments inflicted on anyone who leaves the Watchtower organization-foremost among them, the complete shunning by family and friends. Drawing from both her personal and professional experiences, Zieman provides aid, advice, encouragement, and insight into the many challenges faced by current and former Jehovah's Witnesses who are struggling to extricate their lives from this all-controlling cult. This empowering healing handbook is designed to be used as a reference that individuals can take down off the shelf and use to help themselves during difficult moments along their path to healing emotional wounds and coping in an unfamiliar world.
An Unreasonable Woman
Author: Diane Wilson, Kenny Ausubel
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 1933392274
Pages: 391
Year: 2006-09
View: 1048
Read: 267
Relates the battle fought by a fourth-generation, Texas Gulf Coast shrimper against an anti-environmental corporation.
Jehovah's Witnesses
Author: George D. Chryssides
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351925423
Pages: 320
Year: 2016-12-05
View: 463
Read: 182
From its origins in nineteenth century Adventism until the present day, the Watch Tower Society has become one of the best known but least understood new religious movements. Resisting the tendency to define the movement in terms of the negative, this volume offers an empathetic account of the Jehovah's Witnesses, without defending or seeking to refute their beliefs. George Chryssides critically examines the historical and theological bases of the organization's teachings and practices, and discusses the changes and continuities which have defined it. The book provides a valuable resource for scholars of new religious movements and contemporary religion.

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