Apple Seeds And Murderous Deeds An Irish Mystery Fiona Mccabe Mysteries Book 1 Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

Weddings are Murder
Author: Kathy Cranston
Publisher: Kathy Cranston
Pages: 212
View: 163
Read: 783
Rings… check Flowers… check Flaming wedding venue…check? Jessie Henderson has been run off her feet managing the café and looking after Springdale’s newest bridezilla. Yes, Aunt Bee has turned into a diva and she’s locked horns with several of her wedding suppliers in the weeks leading up to her wedding. Jessie doesn’t give it much thought: after all, who’s going to blame a bride for a little meltdown here and there? She's forced to change her attitude when the venue goes up in smoke just hours before the wedding. Could somebody have targeted her beloved aunt? Jessie knows one thing for sure: she needs to find whoever’s responsible before they strike again.
Cruises are Murder
Author: Kathy Cranston
Publisher: Kathy Cranston
Pages: 146
Year: 2016-10-27
View: 1214
Read: 1110

Four Weddings and a Murder
Author: Kathy Cranston
Publisher: Kathy Cranston
Pages: 175
View: 350
Read: 320
What's the harm in letting your sister start a new business from your pub? Quite a lot, as Fiona McCabe finds out when she allows her sister to set up shop in the snug at McCabe's. Kate, as it turns out, needs money fast. She's set herself up as a wedding planner... and she intends to use the pub as a venue. And as if four weddings in a fortnight wasn't stressful enough, a very important member of one of the wedding parties soon turns up dead. Worse still, nobody sees anything remotely suspicious, even though the room is packed with guests and staff, including Fiona herself. Will Fiona get her sleuth cap on again this time, or is it time to hightail it back to the city away from her crazy family and her nemesis Sergeant Brennan?
Full Irish Murder
Author: Kathy Cranston
Publisher: Kathy Cranston
Pages: 326
View: 330
Read: 715

Apple Seeds and Murderous Deeds
Author: Kathy Cranston
Publisher: Kathy Cranston
Pages: 236
View: 202
Read: 515

Parties are Murder
Author: Kathy Cranston
Publisher: Kathy Cranston
Pages: 202
Year: 2016-11-22
View: 871
Read: 783

Beyond Convergence
Author: Hilary Matfess, Michael Miklaucic
ISBN: 0160936136
Pages: 397
Year: 2016
View: 1280
Read: 181

Mistletoe Is Murder
Author: Kathy Cranston
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 154135026X
Pages: 260
Year: 2016-12-29
View: 813
Read: 1101
Two santas, one dead body and a whole cafďż˝ full of suspects... A festive party turns sour when one of the guests is found dead. All clues point to Springdale's butcher, Lottie Benson. She's known for her mercurial temper and she was seen arguing with the victim only the week before.But Lottie's friend Jessie doesn't believe a word of it. Lottie's all bark and no bite, and she's never been known to hold a grudge. It looks like somebody's setting Lottie up-but whoever it is, they're incredibly good at covering their tracks.Can Jessie and her friends find the real killer before Lottie is charged with murder... or worse, becomes a victim herself?
Ten Little Rubber Ducks
Author: Eric Carle
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007202423
Pages: 36
Year: 2005-01
View: 1197
Read: 694
Get swept away with 10 little rubber ducks (Book with sound chip) rubber ducks one after the other... delivered to children everywhere. But when a storm strikes, 10 little ducks are tossed into the sea and swept away in 10 different directions - with some wonderfully unexpected adventures along the way. Carle, explores numbers, directions, opposites, geography, animals and more in an extraordinary interactive picture book, beautifully illustrated with his unique collage-style art. And for a final surprise, the last page contains a duck with a squeaking sound chip for a special treat at the end of the story
The Cambridge History of Ireland: Volume 2, 1550–1730
Author: Jane Ohlmeyer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108651054
Year: 2018-03-31
View: 258
Read: 1330
This volume offers fresh perspectives on the political, military, religious, social, cultural, intellectual, economic, and environmental history of early modern Ireland and situates these discussions in global and comparative contexts. The opening chapters focus on 'Politics' and 'Religion and War' and offer a chronological narrative, informed by the re-interpretation of new archives. The remaining chapters are more thematic, with chapters on 'Society', 'Culture', and 'Economy and Environment', and often respond to wider methodologies and historiographical debates. Interdisciplinary cross-pollination - between, on the one hand, history and, on the other, disciplines like anthropology, archaeology, geography, computer science, literature and gender and environmental studies - informs many of the chapters. The volume offers a range of new departures by a generation of scholars who explain in a refreshing and accessible manner how and why people acted as they did in the transformative and tumultuous years between 1550 and 1730.
Forty Years Behind the Lens at RTÉ
Author: Godfrey Graham
ISBN: 1901658554
Pages: 247
Year: 2005-01-01
View: 847
Read: 675
Godfrey Graham joined the Telefis Eireann in 1961 as a cameraman and remained there for 40 years. This book is an account of this time there, of the people he met and worked with, many of them household names, and the evolutionary changes he witnessed around the world through the lens of his camera.
Nickel and Dimed
Author: Barbara Ehrenreich
Publisher: Metropolitan Books
ISBN: 1429926643
Pages: 224
Year: 2010-04-01
View: 654
Read: 849
Our sharpest and most original social critic goes "undercover" as an unskilled worker to reveal the dark side of American prosperity. Millions of Americans work full time, year round, for poverty-level wages. In 1998, Barbara Ehrenreich decided to join them. She was inspired in part by the rhetoric surrounding welfare reform, which promised that a job -- any job -- can be the ticket to a better life. But how does anyone survive, let alone prosper, on $6 an hour? To find out, Ehrenreich left her home, took the cheapest lodgings she could find, and accepted whatever jobs she was offered. Moving from Florida to Maine to Minnesota, she worked as a waitress, a hotel maid, a cleaning woman, a nursing-home aide, and a Wal-Mart sales clerk. She lived in trailer parks and crumbling residential motels. Very quickly, she discovered that no job is truly "unskilled," that even the lowliest occupations require exhausting mental and muscular effort. She also learned that one job is not enough; you need at least two if you int to live indoors. Nickel and Dimed reveals low-rent America in all its tenacity, anxiety, and surprising generosity -- a land of Big Boxes, fast food, and a thousand desperate stratagems for survival. Read it for the smoldering clarity of Ehrenreich's perspective and for a rare view of how "prosperity" looks from the bottom. You will never see anything -- from a motel bathroom to a restaurant meal -- in quite the same way again.
Author: David Almond
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 038572988X
Pages: 192
Year: 2001-11-13
View: 1059
Read: 997
David Almond’s Printz Honor–winning novel celebrates its 10th anniversary! Ten-year-old Michael was looking forward to moving into a new house. But now his baby sister is ill, his parents are frantic, and Doctor Death has come to call. Michael feels helpless. Then he steps into the crumbling garage. . . . What is this thing beneath the spiders' webs and dead flies? A human being, or a strange kind of beast never before seen? The only person Michael can confide in is his new friend, Mina. Together, they carry the creature out into the light, and Michael's world changes forever. . . . From the Trade Paperback edition.
National Identities and Imperfections in Contemporary Irish Literature
Author: Luz Mar González-Arias
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137476303
Pages: 238
Year: 2017-03-26
View: 448
Read: 913
This book is about the role that the imperfect, the disquieting and the dystopian are currently playing in the construction of Irish identities. All the essays assess identity issues that require urgent examination, problematize canonical definitions of Irishness and, above all, look at the ways in which the artistic output of the country has been altered by the Celtic Tiger phenomenon and its subsequent demise. Recent narrative from Ireland, principally published in the twenty-first century and/or at the end of the 1990s, is dealt with extensively. The authors examined include Eavan Boland, Mary Rose Callaghan, Peter Cunningham, Emma Donoghue, Anne Enright, Emer Martin, Lia Mills, Paul Muldoon, Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, Bernard O’Donoghue, Peter Sirr and David Wheatley.
The Rude Stone Monuments of Ireland. (Co. Sligo and the Island of Achill.)
Author: William Gregory Wood-Martin
Pages: 274
Year: 1888
View: 255
Read: 692

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