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España y su civilización
Author: Michael Ugarte, Francisco Ugarte, Kathleen McNerney
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
ISBN: 0073385204
Pages: 288
Year: 2008-10-20
View: 582
Read: 1228
This accessible introduction to the history and civilization of Spain is an excellent vehicle for introducing intermediate or advanced students to Spanish civilization and culture. The sixth edition retains the solid cultural and historical coverage from previous editions, while adding new information about contemporary Spain and new and revised writing and research topics.
Candle Magic for Beginners
Author: Richard Webster
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide
ISBN: 0738705357
Pages: 244
Year: 2004
View: 952
Read: 1223
A practical, nondenominational approach to candle magic--a magical art that requires no religious doctrine or previous experience--this entertaining, informative guide includes tips on candle selection, best times for magic, and how to make your own candles. Original.
Spanish Economic Growth, 1850–2015
Author: Leandro Prados de la Escosura
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319580426
Pages: 383
Year: 2017-09-04
View: 162
Read: 1159
This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This text offers a comprehensive and nuanced view of the economic development of Spain since 1850. It provides a new set of historical GDP estimates for Spain from the demand and supply sides, and presents a reconstruction of production and expenditure series for the century prior to the introduction of modern national accounts. The author splices available national accounts sets over the period 1958–2015 through interpolation, as an alternative to conventional retropolation. The resulting national accounts series are linked to the historical estimates providing yearly series for GDP and its components since 1850. On the basis of new population estimates, the author derives GDP per head, decomposed into labour productivity and the amount of work per person, and placed into international perspective. With theoretical reasoning and historiographical implications, Prados de la Escosura provides a useful methodological reference work for anyone interested in national accounting. Open Access has been made possible thanks to Fundación Rafael del Pino's generous support. You can find the full dataset here: ‘This book stands among the classics for the Kuznetian paradigm in empirical economics. This is the definitive study of Spain's transition to a modern economy.’ —Patrick Karl O'Brien, Emeritus Fellow at St. Antony’s College, the University of Oxford, UK, and Professor Emeritus of Global Economic History at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK ‘The definitive account of Spanish economic growth since 1850, based firmly on a magisterial reconstruction of that country’s national accounts and an unrivalled knowledge of both Spanish and global economic history of the period.’ —Stephen Broadberry, Professor of Economic History at Nuffield College, the University of Oxford, UK
La Magia Y Tu
Author: Gonzalez, Migene González-Wippler
ISBN: 0942272161
Pages: 111
Year: 1987-06-01
View: 1183
Read: 954
La magia y tú usa un claro raciocinio para explicar al lector las fuerzas creativas de la magia en la mente humana y como debe practicarse para acelerar su evolución espiritual. Entre los fascinates tópicos discutidos en el libro están el poder mental, la palabra mágica, el poder de la Luna, la ley del tres, los ángeles que rigen cada signo del zodiaco con sus números y colores y las leyes de la magia.
Author: Roberto Bolaño
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
ISBN: 0811220486
Pages: 192
Year: 2008-05-17
View: 910
Read: 245
A tour de force, Amulet is a highly charged first-person, semi-hallucinatory novel that embodies in one woman's voice the melancholy and violent recent history of Latin America. Amulet is a monologue, like Bolano's acclaimed debut in English, By Night in Chile. The speaker is Auxilio Lacouture, a Uruguayan woman who moved to Mexico in the 1960s, becoming the "Mother of Mexican Poetry," hanging out with the young poets in the cafés and bars of the University. She's tall, thin, and blonde, and her favorite young poet in the 1970s is none other than Arturo Belano (Bolano's fictional stand-in throughout his books). As well as her young poets, Auxilio recalls three remarkable women: the melancholic young philosopher Elena, the exiled Catalan painter Remedios Varo, and Lilian Serpas, a poet who once slept with Che Guevara. And in the course of her imaginary visit to the house of Remedios Varo, Auxilio sees an uncanny landscape, a kind of chasm. This chasm reappears in a vision at the end of the book: an army of children is marching toward it, singing as they go. The children are the idealistic young Latin Americans who came to maturity in the '70s, and the last words of the novel are: "And that song is our amulet."
The Secret of Evil
Author: Roberto Bolaño, Chris Andrews
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
ISBN: 0811218155
Pages: 144
Year: 2012-04-30
View: 359
Read: 570
A new collection of short fiction gathers everything the author was working on before his death, including a story about a North American journalist receiving a mysterious call in Paris and a woman's recounting of the loss of her virginity. By the author of Nazi Literature in the Americas and 2666.
The Savage Detectives
Author: Roberto Bolaño
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0330525808
Year: 2015-07-16
View: 1210
Read: 352
With a new afterword by Natasha Wimmer ‘Savagely comic yet equally tender . . . This novel is an elegy for a generation’ Independent New Year’s Eve 1975, Mexico City. Two hunted men leave town in a hurry, on the desert-bound trail of a vanished poet. Spanning two decades and crossing continents, theirs is a remarkable quest through a darkening universe – our own. It is a journey told and shared by a generation of lovers, rebels and readers, whose testimonies are woven together into one of the most dazzling Latin American novels of the twentieth century. ‘The comic frenzy, the inventiveness of character and situation, and the mood-soaked depiction of 1970s Mexico is delightful’ Times Literary Supplement ‘A portrait of people for whom literature is bread and water, sex and death. The abiding message to be taken from Bolaño’s novel, and maybe from his fraught life, too: books matter’ GQ ‘It’s no exaggeration to call Bolaño a genius. The Savage Detectives alone should grant him immortality’ Washington Post ‘Bolaño makes you feel changed for having read him; he adjusts your angle of view on the world’ Guardian
Diccionario Bilingue Cambridge Spanish-English Paperback Compact Edition
Author: Cambridge University Press
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 8483234823
Pages: 1195
Year: 2008-06-23
View: 825
Read: 1287
A Spanish-English bilingual dictionary specifically written to meet the needs of Spanish learners of English. The best bilingual dictionary of Spanish and English for beginner to upper-intermediate learners. It has been especially written to meet the needs of Spanish speakers learning English and includes over 110,000 headwords and phrases, as well as a wealth of information geared specifically to enhance understanding and improve communication skills in English. It includes extensive notes highlighting the most common mistakes made by Hispanic learners (informed by the Cambridge Learner Corpus). The grammar boxes concentrate on the most difficult and problematic aspects of learning English.
The Stonekeeper's Curse
Author: Kazu Kibuishi
Publisher: Amulet
ISBN: 1407180452
Pages: 224
Year: 2009-09
View: 1206
Read: 295
Emily and Navin's mother is still in a coma from the arachnopod's poison, and there's only one place to find help: Kanalis, the bustling, beautiful city of waterfalls. But when Em, her brother, and Miskit and the rest of the robotic crew aboard the walking house reach the city, they quickly realize that seeking help is looking for trouble, dangerous trouble.
The Romantic Dogs: Poems
Author: Roberto Bolaño
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
ISBN: 081122399X
Pages: 128
Year: 2008-11-17
View: 967
Read: 401
Listed as a "2009 Indie Next List Poetry Top Ten" book by the American Booksellers Association: Roberto Bolano as he saw himself, in his own first calling as a poet. Roberto Bolano (1953-2003) has caught on like a house on fire, and The Romantic Dogs, a bilingual collection of forty-four poems, offers American readers their first chance to encounter this literary phenomenon as a poet: his own first and strongest literary persona. These poems, wide-ranging in forms and length, have appeared in magazines such as Harper's, Threepenny Review, The Believer, Boston Review, Soft Targets, Tin House, The Nation, Circumference, A Public Space, and Conduit. Bolano's poetic voice is like no other's: "At that time, I'd reached the age of twenty/and I was crazy. /I'd lost a country/but won a dream./Long as I had that dream/nothing else mattered...."
La Ley de Dios : The Law of God (Spanish Edition)
Author: Dr. Jaerock Lee
Publisher: UrimBooks
Pages: 212
Year: 2016-04-01
View: 375
Read: 789
si usted llega a conocer el significado espiritual de los Diez Mandamientos, los cuales son tratados en este libro, y llega a comprender profundamente el amor de Dios que nos ha dado los Diez Mandamientos y toma la decisióon de vivir en obediencia a Sus mandamientos, le puedo garantizar que recibiráa bendiciones increíibles de parte del Señnor.
The Unknown University
Author: Roberto Bolaño
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
ISBN: 0811222535
Pages: 772
Year: 2013-06-24
View: 1035
Read: 487
A deluxe edition of Bolano’s complete poetry Perhaps surprisingly to some of his fiction fans, Roberto Bolano touted poetry as the superior art form, able to approach an infinity in which “you become infinitely small without disappearing.” When asked, “What makes you believe you’re a better poet than a novelist?” Bolano replied, “The poetry makes me blush less.” The sum of his life’s work in his preferred medium, The Unknown University is a showcase of Bolano’s gift for freely crossing genres, with poems written in prose, stories in verse, and flashes of writing that can hardly be categorized. “Poetry,” he believed, “is braver than anyone.”
Supernova (Amulet #8)
Author: Kazu Kibuishi
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0545828619
Pages: 208
Year: 2018-09-25
View: 717
Read: 850
Emily has lost control of her Amulet and is imprisoned in the Void, where she must find a way to escape the influence of the Voice. Meanwhile, Emily's brother, Navin, travels to Lighthouse One, a space station where the Resistance is preparing to battle the approaching Shadow forces that would drain planet Alledia of all its resources. Emily and Navin must be smarter and stronger than ever to ensure Alledia's survival.
Amulet 2: The Stonekeeper's Curse
Author: Kazu Kibuishi
Publisher: Scholastic UK
ISBN: 1407179217
Pages: 224
Year: 2017-06-01
View: 394
Read: 1127
Emily and Navin's mother is still in a coma from the arachnopod's poison, and there's only one place to find help: Kanalis, the beautiful city of waterfalls. But when Em, her brother, and Miskit and the rest of the robotic crew aboard the walking house reach the city, they quickly realize that seeking help is looking for trouble, dangerous trouble.
How Tia Lola Came to (Visit) Stay
Author: Julia Alvarez
Publisher: Yearling
ISBN: 030753118X
Pages: 160
Year: 2009-02-19
View: 782
Read: 1333
A delightfully entertaining story of family and culture from acclaimed author Julia Alvarez. Moving to Vermont after his parents split, Miguel has plenty to worry about! Tía Lola, his quirky, carismática, and maybe magical aunt makes his life even more unpredictable when she arrives from the Dominican Republic to help out his Mami. Like her stories for adults, Julia Alvarez’s first middle-grade book sparkles with magic as it illuminates a child’s experiences living in two cultures. From the Trade Paperback edition.

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