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Author: Jim Heimann
Publisher: Taschen America Llc
ISBN: 3822825123
Pages: 638
Year: 2005
View: 992
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Provides a pictorial tour of advertisements from the early twentieth century, including categories such as automobiles, travel, interiors, entertainment, fashion, alcohol, business, consumer products, and food and beverages.
The Golden Age of Advertising-- the 50s
Author: Jim Heimann
Publisher: Taschen America Llc
ISBN: 3822840904
Pages: 351
Year: 2005
View: 991
Read: 659
Second in a series of books featuring advertising by era, All-American Ads of the 50s offers page after page of products that made up the happy-days decade. The start of the cold war spurred a buying frenzy and a craze for new technology that required ad campaigns to match. The nuclear age left its mark all over the advertisements, with a spotlight on planes, rockets, and even mushroom clouds. Shiny, big, beautiful cars abound, styled to keep up with the space age. Editor Jim Heimann, in his essay "From Poodles to Presley, Americans Enter the Atomic Age," explains: "Car designers came up with exaggerated tail fins for automobiles to express this new accelerated speed." Modernist home interiors look slick and shiny with their molded plastic furniture and linoleum floors. While clothing and furniture styles look strangely contemporary--a testament to our current obsession with vintage--some things have definitely changed. A baby sells Marlboro cigarettes! Also included are chapters on movies, food, and travel. --J.P. Cohen.
Chaos and Moonlight
Author: A.D. Marrow
Publisher: Full Fathom Five Digital
ISBN: 1633700534
Pages: 209
Year: 2015-05-06
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The Nines, an elite group of vampires, was established to stand as protection for their race. Fractured by centuries of betrayal and loss, the group is now little more than myth, its remaining members scarred and shattered. Taris, the oldest living vampire, is no stranger to loss and heartbreak. He is all that holds the Nines together as they struggle to save themselves from total extinction. Enter the beautiful and brilliant Dr. Sarah Bridgeman, whose medical research has resulted in a breakthrough for both humans and vampires. Her work may be the salvation this weary band of guardians has been looking for. Taris needs to reach Sarah and enlist her help before those aligned against him can act. Can a vampire king convince a stunning young scientist to save a species that isn’t even supposed to exist? For now, only one thing is certain: no science can explain the explosive chemistry between them. Chaos and Moonlight is the first installment in the Order of the Nines series, and is A. D. Marrow’s debut novel. Praise for Chaos and Moonlight: "A.D. Marrow's Chaos and Moonlight takes readers on an emotional roller-coaster ride, full of passionate characters and story line that will leave you begging for more." — Gina L. Maxwell, USA Today and New York Times bestselling author "Chaos and Moonlight was fast-paced and thrilling. The plot was well executed and fascinating. The story had a good flow and was difficult to put down…I am impressed by her writing style and creativity. I will definitely continue reading this series." —Diane’s Book Blog “I love it when an author takes a tired old trope and turns it on its ear. This is exactly what A.D. Marrow has done in her debut novel, Chaos and Moonlight…” —Will Read for Feels "Chaos and Moonlight was a mix between a Christine Feehan and J.R. Ward book…I will definitely be reading more of this author's future work!" — Goodreads reviewer
The Law of Nines
Author: Terry Goodkind
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101109009
Pages: 576
Year: 2009-08-18
View: 405
Read: 1110
Turning twenty-seven may be terrifying for some, but for Alex, a struggling artist living in the Midwest, it is cataclysmic. Something about this birthday, his name, and the beautiful woman whose life he has just saved has suddenly made him-and everyone he loves-a target. A target for extreme and uncompromising violence... From the Paperback edition.
Bunk 9's Guide to Growing Up
Author: Adah Nuchi
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN: 1523501995
Pages: 160
Year: 2017-12-19
View: 503
Read: 1189
CONGRATS! YOU HAVE FOUND “THE BOOK”! Filled with facts, tips, advice, and illustrations, BUNK 9’S GUIDE TO GROWING UP is the girl-powered puberty book you’ll actually want to read. Written in the voice of the counselors in training at the fictional Camp Silver Moon, it’s like having your best friend or older sister share everything there is to know about being comfortable in your changing body. From periods, bras, and hormones to nutrition, exercise, and sleep—to crushes, that first kiss, and ALL the feels—it’s the head-to-toe guide to not only surviving puberty but totally, 100% owning it! GUARD THIS BOOK WITH YOUR LIFE AND USE ITS SECRETS WISELY. The Top Three Tips for the Best Puberty Ever A Field Guide to Breasts Acne: Self-Care and Skin Care The ‘No-Smell’ Basics Rocking Your First Period Why Sleep? Boys: They’re Changing, Too Crushing It
The Legend of 'The Nine'
Author: Jenna Orion
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1453712461
Pages: 262
Year: 2010
View: 899
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'The Legend of 'The Nine' is the true, fascinating, and spellbinding account of Jenna Orion's lifelong visits with nine extraterrestrial humans—yes, humans—who possess an all-knowing God-like awareness and presence, great power, and striking good looks. They appear to be of different universalities, just as we have different nationalities. They travel to Earth for visits with Jenna in huge, beautiful, and mesmerizing spacecraft better known as UFOs. In addition Jenna has been visited by 'Ancient of Days', whose power is beyond belief. He tells Jenna that he is the same Ancient of Days that is written about in the Bible. He is also guiding Jenna and working in unison with The Nine. These visits with The Nine turned out to be Close Encounters of The Nine Kind,™ encounters Jenna never dreamed possible. Jenna knows them as The Nine, but they also call Themselves Messengers from God. She has learned that she has been chosen as spokesperson for The Nine. They have come to deliver messages about changes to come to the Earth's structure and society through Jenna, and have also shared shocking revelations about secrets omitted from the Bible. These secrets, when revealed, show a whole new side of reality. A reality that makes a lot more sense than what we previously thought was fact, proving we have all been living a lie.Jenna has had these bizarre and inspiring experiences all her life, sometimes witnessed by others. She ultimately became a subject of the late John E. Mack, MD, author, professor at Harvard Medical School and renowned alien researcher, after a meeting was orchestrated for her by The Nine. Doctor Mack was later quoted as saying, in part: “After meeting with Jenna and performing a regression on her, it is my opinion that her experiences of alien encounters are authentic and uncommon . . ."Jenna has experienced a lifetime of seemingly coincidental events in a wide-awake state that were far too numerous to be coincidental in truth. Just as it turned out in the film Field of Dreams, these coincidences were nothing more than fate, a fate that led her through her life and to her destined mission on Earth.Through instructions and dictations from The Nine, she has written this book about her encounters with them. Within its pages, you will also find accounts of Jenna's near-death experience, the electrifying restructuring of her body by The Nine, what it's like to gain an enhanced soul, spiritual healings, living parallel and simultaneous lives, her X-ray vision, and visits with her friends and family after their deaths, both here and on the other side. After reading Jenna's story you too will be convinced that we are not alone and that is the best news any of us could possibly hear!Thanks for making contact!
The Finest Nines
Author: Anthony Pioppi
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 151072270X
Pages: 206
Year: 2018-02-06
View: 1145
Read: 823
Over the past few years, perhaps due to an increase in work and family commitments, there has been a noticeable rise in the number of golfers interested in playing nine-hole courses. Although there are close to eight thousand such courses worldwide, how do golfers determine which are the best ones to play? In The Finest Nines, golf writer and historian Anthony Pioppi highlights the twenty-five finest nine-hole courses in North America and details how to play each one. Some of the courses featured include: • Whitinsville Golf Club—Whitinsville, Massachusetts • Sweetens Cove Golf Club—South Pittsburg, Tennessee • Birchwood Country Club—Westport, Connecticut • LivingStone Golf Course—Calgary, Alberta • Aetna Springs Golf Course—Pope Valley, California • And many more! This book also includes an interview with course designer and architect Mike Nuzzo about designing a nine-hole golf course in the modern era as well as profiles of courses that have a non-traditional number of holes. The Finest Nines is the perfect gift for the avid golfer who does not have the time to play a full eighteen holes!
K-9 Korea
Author: J. Rachel Reed
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1621575578
Pages: 224
Year: 2017-04-17
View: 409
Read: 420
The men of the 8125th Sentry Dog Detachment had no idea what they would find when their ship docked at Incheon, Korea. The dogs in the unit seemed even more uncertain than the men: they could smell the terror in the place. Almost immediately, these soldiers came to rely on each other—man and dog alike—for safety, courage, and companionship. Yet in the end, the men of the 8125th could have never imagined the terrible and final sacrifice their canine companions would be forced to make. K-9 Korea is the heartrending story of American war dogs—the fearless, loyal, forgotten heroes of the Korean War.
The Complete Book of Phonics
Publisher: Amer Education Pub
ISBN: 1561894508
Pages: 352
Year: 1997-01-01
View: 1167
Read: 1055
Grade level: 1, 2, 3, 4, p, e, i, t.
K-9 Flash Becomes a Hero!
Author: Jason K Johnson
Publisher: Social Motion Publishing
ISBN: 0970437986
Year: 2016-12-18
View: 1206
Read: 369
From Homeless Puppy to K-9 Hero Ages 6-10 She wasn't even "Flash" yet - she was a puppy without a name, all alone and wandering the city streets. But then she was picked up by the dog-catcher and put in the animal shelter. Would anyone want her? Would she stay behind bars forever? She didn't know. Then one day, a police officer came to the shelter looking for puppies who wanted to become police K-9s! K-9 Flash Becomes A Hero! is the illustrated true story of how one abandoned puppy rose from the streets to become the inspiration for a foundation to provide care for retired police and military K-9s. Kids will learn that an idea can become reality through effort and teamwork, while enjoying the loving artwork on every page. A bonus "photo album" shows images of the actual K-9 heroes featured in the story. Best of all... 100% of the royalties from sales of the book go to the nonprofit Project K-9 Hero to help fulfill its mission. (This is currently $2.32 per book sold here on Amazon.) For more information on the organization, go to
The Ancient Nine
Author: Ian Smith, M.D.
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250182409
Pages: 352
Year: 2018-09-18
View: 1059
Read: 1210
"Pulls you into the depths of a secret world from the first page. Ian Smith’s novel is unmissable." —Harlan Coben, author of Missing You Cambridge, Massachusetts, Fall 1988 Spenser Collins An unlikely Harvard prospect, smart and athletic, strapped for cash, determined to succeed. Calls his mother—who raised him on her own in Chicago—every week. Dalton Winthrop A white-shoe legacy at Harvard, he's just the most recent in a string of moneyed, privileged Winthrop men in Cambridge. He's got the ease—and the deep knowledge—that come from belonging. These two find enough common ground to become friends, cementing their bond when Spenser is "punched" to join the Delphic Club, one of the most exclusive of Harvard's famous all-male final clubs. Founded in the nineteenth century, the Delphic has had titans of industry, Hollywood legends, heads of state, and power brokers among its members. Dalton Winthrop knows firsthand that the Delphic doesn't offer memberships to just anyone. His great-uncle is one of their oldest living members, and Dalton grew up on stories of the club's rituals. But why is his uncle so cryptic about the Ancient Nine, a shadowy group of alums whose identities are unknown and whose power is absolute? They protect the Delphic's darkest and oldest secrets—including what happened to a student who sneaked into the club's stately brick mansion in 1927 and was never seen again. Dalton steers Spenser into deeper and deeper recesses of the club, and beyond, to try to make sense of what they think they may be seeing. But with each scrap of information they get from an octogenarian Crimson graduate, a crumbling newspaper in the library's archives, or one of Harvard's most famous and heavily guarded historical books, a fresh complication trips them up. The more the friends investigate, the more questions they unearth, tangling the story of the club, the disappearance, and the Ancient Nine, until they realize their own lives are in danger.
Killing Trail
Author: Margaret Mizushima
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
ISBN: 1629533823
Pages: 320
Year: 2015-12-08
View: 808
Read: 1121
NOMINATED FOR RT BOOK REVIEW'S REVIEWER'S CHOICE AWARD FOR BEST FIRST MYSTERY When a young girl is found dead in the mountains outside Timber Creek, life-long resident Officer Mattie Cobb and her partner, K-9 police dog Robo, are assigned to the case that has rocked the small Colorado town. With the help of Cole Walker, local veterinarian and a single father, Mattie and Robo must track down the truth before it claims another victim. But the more Mattie investigates, the more she realizes how many secrets her hometown holds. And the key may be Cole's daughter, who knows more than she's saying. The murder was just the beginning, and if Mattie isn’t careful, she and Robo could be next. Suspenseful and smart, Killing Trail is a gripping read that will have readers clamoring for more Mattie and Robo for years to come. Fans of Nevada Barr and C.J. Box will love this explosive debut.
7 X 9 = Trouble!
Author: Claudia Mills
ISBN: 143951075X
Pages: 103
Year: 2008-07-10
View: 222
Read: 980
Third-grader Wilson struggles with his times-tables in order to beat the class deadline.
No. 9
Author: Bonnie Elaine Stewart
ISBN: 1933202785
Pages: 289
Year: 2011
View: 769
Read: 1330
Ninety-nine men entered the cold, dark tunnels of the Consolidation Coal Company's No.9 Mine in Farmington, West Virginia, on November 20, 1968. Some were worried about the condition of the mine. It had too much coal dust, too much methane gas. They knew that either one could cause an explosion. What they did not know was that someone had intentionally disabled a safety alarm on one of the mine's ventilation fans. That was a death sentence for most of the crew. The fan failed that morning, but the alarm did not sound. The lack of fresh air allowed methane gas to build up in the tunnels. A few moments before 5:30 a.m., the No.9 blew up. Some men died where they stood. Others lived but suffocated in the toxic fumes that filled the mine. Only 21 men escaped from the mountain. No.9: The 1968 Farmington Mine Disaster explains how such a thing could happen--how the coal company and federal and state officials failed to protect the 78 men who died in the mountain. Based on public records and interviews with those who worked in the mine, No.9 describes the conditions underground before and after the disaster and the legal struggles of the miners' widows to gain justice and transform coal mine safety legislation.
The Anarchist Cookbook
Author: William Powell
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1387589660
Year: 2018-03-11
View: 217
Read: 889
The Anarchist Cookbook will shock, it will disturb, it will provoke. It places in historical perspective an era when "Turn on, Burn down, Blow up" are revolutionary slogans of the day. Says the author" "This book... is not written for the members of fringe political groups, such as the Weatherman, or The Minutemen. Those radical groups don't need this book. They already know everything that's in here. If the real people of America, the silent majority, are going to survive, they must educate themselves. That is the purpose of this book." In what the author considers a survival guide, there is explicit information on the uses and effects of drugs, ranging from pot to heroin to peanuts. There i detailed advice concerning electronics, sabotage, and surveillance, with data on everything from bugs to scramblers. There is a comprehensive chapter on natural, non-lethal, and lethal weapons, running the gamut from cattle prods to sub-machine guns to bows and arrows.