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A Canticle for Leibowitz
Author: Walter M. Miller
ISBN: 0575073578
Pages: 319
Year: 2013-04-01
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The HUGO AWARD-winning novel of Earth after the apocalypse In the depths of the Utah desert, long after the Flame Deluge has scoured the earth clean, the rediscoveries of science are secretly nourished by cloistered monks dedicated to the study and preservation of knowledge. By studying the Holy Relics of the past, the Order of St Leibowitz hopes to raise humanity from its fallen state to one of grace. But is such knowledge the key to salvation? Or the certain sign that we are doomed to repeat our most grievous mistakes ... ?
A Canticle for Leibowitz
Author: Walter M. Miller, Jr.
ISBN: 1435294645
Pages: 338
Year: 2008-05-29
View: 200
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A monk struggles to preserve spiritual life and wisdom in the years following a nuclear holocaust
A Canticle for Leibowitz
Author: Walter M. Miller
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0060892994
Pages: 352
Year: 2006-05-09
View: 512
Read: 1115
Winner of the 1961 Hugo Award for Best Novel and widely considered one of the most accomplished, powerful, and enduring classics of modern speculative fiction, Walter M. Miller, Jr.'s A Canticle for Leibowitz is a true landmark of twentieth-century literature -- a chilling and still-provocative look at a post-apocalyptic future. In a nightmarish ruined world slowly awakening to the light after sleeping in darkness, the infant rediscoveries of science are secretly nourished by cloistered monks dedicated to the study and preservation of the relics and writings of the blessed Saint Isaac Leibowitz. From here the story spans centuries of ignorance, violence, and barbarism, viewing through a sharp, satirical eye the relentless progression of a human race damned by its inherent humanness to recelebrate its grand foibles and repeat its grievous mistakes. Seriously funny, stunning, and tragic, eternally fresh, imaginative, and altogether remarkable, A Canticle for Leibowitz retains its ability to enthrall and amaze. It is now, as it always has been, a masterpiece.
Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman
Author: Walter M. Miller, Jr.
Publisher: Turtleback
ISBN: 0613222954
Pages: 434
Year: 2000-01-11
View: 441
Read: 224
The sequel to "A Canticle for Leibowitz" continues its chronicle of life in America after World War III, in a tale of the survival of the human spirit.
Flame Deluge
Author: Andrew Ravensdale
ISBN: 1999803914
Year: 2017-08-07
View: 725
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A Canticle for Leibowitz is not just brilliant science fiction. It is a masterpiece by any standards. Andrew Ravensdale shows that A Canticle for Leibowitz is a very Catholic book. Despite the monks and their Latin it is however not Christian. Miller is a heretic, and does not believe in salvation. By the time he wrote A Canticle for Leibowitz, he had also rejected the belief of the 'Golden Age' science fiction writer in the redeeming power of technology. Ravensdale demonstrates that Miller's Hugo-winning story The Darfsteller amounts to a literary suicide note. Miller used the metaphor of theatre to announce his intention of giving up writing science fiction. He wanted to put on one last great performance before he quit. That 'one last great' performance was A Canticle for Leibowitz. A Canticle for Leibowitz was a deliberate masterpiece. The thirty-five years of silence that followed were also deliberate. Ravensdale believes that A Canticle for Leibowitz is one of the most powerful books of the second half of the twentieth century. Miller's pessimistic vision, though perhaps not literally, remains true in our time. Andrew Ravensdale is an independent writer.
Canticle for Leibowitz
Author: Walter M. Miller, Jr.
Publisher: Turtleback
ISBN: 0808520938
Pages: 338
Year: 1997-09-02
View: 651
Read: 195
A monk struggles to preserve spiritual life and wisdom in the years following a nuclear holocaust
A Canticle for Leibowitz
Author: Walter M. Miller
Pages: 320
Year: 1975
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A Canticle for Liebowitz
Publisher: Dramatic Publishing
ISBN: 1583423877
Year: 2006-01-01
View: 368
Read: 806
Beyond Armageddon
Author: Walter M. Miller, Martin Harry Greenberg
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0803283156
Pages: 387
Year: 2006-05-01
View: 619
Read: 1148
Twenty-one short stories explore the nature of life in the aftermath of a nuclear war, in an anthology that features works by such distinguished science fiction authors as Arthur C. Clarke, Poul Anderson, Ray Bradbury, J. G. Ballard, Robert Sheckley, Roger Zelazny, and Harlan Ellison. Reprint.
Way of a Rebel
Author: Walter M. Miller
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1633554619
Pages: 16
Year: 2015-01-08
View: 474
Read: 745
No one knows the heart of a rebel until his own search for the reason of right or wrong is made. Lieutenant Laskell found the answer to his own personal rebellion deep beneath a turbulent Atlantic, and somehow, when the time came, his decision wasn't too difficult....
The Best of Walter M. Miller Jr
Author: Walter M. Miller
Publisher: Gollancz
ISBN: 0575071192
Pages: 472
Year: 2000
View: 935
Read: 589
From the author of the acclaimed A Canticle for Leibowitz (for which he won the Hugo Award) comes this classic collection of short fiction.
The Shattered Sun
Author: Rachel Dunne
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062428217
Pages: 496
Year: 2018-12-04
View: 824
Read: 737
The epic sword-and-sorcery Bound Gods fantasy series comes to its dark conclusion in this thrilling story of a vibrant world whose fate lies in the hands of vengeful gods and bold warriors. The world has been plunged into darkness . . . and only the scheming priest Joros might be able to bring back the sun. With his ragtag band of fighters—a laconic warrior, a pair of street urchins, a ruthless priestess, and an unhinged sorcerer—Joros seeks to defeat the ancient gods newly released from their long imprisonment. But the Twins have champions of their own, and powers beyond knowing . . . and the only sure thing is that they won’t go down without a fight. The fate of the world hangs in the balance as the Twins aim to enact revenge on the parents that imprisoned them, and the world that spurned them. The Long Night has begun, and the shadows hide many secrets—including that the Twins themselves may not be as powerful as they would have everyone think. Joros and his allies must strike now—before the Twins can consolidate their power . . . and before they are allowed to shape the world in their vision.
Walter M. Miller, Jr.
Author: William H. Roberson
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786487100
Pages: 218
Year: 2011-05-16
View: 930
Read: 652
Walter M. Miller, Jr., was one of the twentieth century's leading science fiction writers, a two-time Hugo Award winner and author of the classic novels A Canticle for Leibowitz and Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman. This comprehensive literary guide provides more than 1,500 alphabetically arranged entries on Miller's life and body of work. It includes summaries of his two novels and all of his shorter works, character descriptions, explanations of the literary, cultural, historical, and religious allusions found in the works, as well as translations of all foreign words and phrases. This guide is meant to inform both scholarly and popular readings of Miller's work.
The Hoofer
Author: Walter M. Miller
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1633554597
Pages: 14
Year: 2015-01-08
View: 722
Read: 970
A space rover has no business with a family. But what can a man in the full vigor of youth do--if his heart cries out for a home?
Riddley Walker
Author: Russell Hoban
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408832240
Pages: 256
Year: 2012-05-24
View: 1326
Read: 228
‘Walker is my name and I am the same. Riddley Walker. Walking my riddels where ever theyve took me and walking them now on this paper the same. There aint that many sir prizes in life if you take noatis of every thing. Every time will have its happenings out and every place the same. Thats why I finely come to writing all this down. Thinking on what the idear of us myt be. Thinking on that thing whats in us lorn and loan and oansome.’ Composed in an English which has never been spoken and laced with a storytelling tradition that predates the written word, RIDDLEY WALKER is the world waiting for us at the bitter end of the nuclear road. It is desolate, dangerous and harrowing, and a modern masterpiece.

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