365 Blog Topic Ideas For The Lifestyle Blogger Who Has Nothing To Write About Book PDF, EPUB Download & Read Online Free

365 Blog Topic Ideas
Author: Dana Fox
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 150522652X
Pages: 378
Year: 2014-11-26
View: 1112
Read: 1210
It can be tough coming up with new blog topics every now and then. Do you ever just feel stuck? This book was designed to help dig you out of a blogging rut and inspire new ideas. Whether you're just getting started with your blog, or you're a seasoned blogger, 365 Blog Topic Ideas For The Lifestyle Blogger Who Has Nothing to Write About is the one book you should keep close by. Containing an entire year's worth of actual blog topics that can be adapted by a wide variety of lifestyle blogs, this easily formatted book will help you fall in love with writing all over again. FROM THE AUTHOR: 365 Blog Topic Ideas is a book I wrote to help you feel a little more inspired when you're feeling stuck for content. You literally get an entire year's worth of ideas that you can mix in with your own regular content whenever you feel the desire! My goal: to help you become "unstuck" and spark a little creativity. Being a "lifestyle blogger" could mean something different for many of us. Some of us blog about our home lives, some about cooking or beauty or fashion. I tried my best to make these topics appeal to a large group of different niches, and I think it's fairly easy to adapt them to your own blog demographic if you need to. I also included different types of topics to help your readers get to know you, and also increase the share quality of your posts, because I think that both are super important in building a following as well as traffic. From my research and experience, certain types of posts get more shares than others, so I've made sure to include handfuls of those in this book! You can jump into the book at any page, in no particular order, whether you're just getting started with your blog or not. You can use the topics as-is, or even get a little creative and add your own spin on them! Enjoy your blogging journey! Dana Fox
Blog Prompts
Author: Sherice Jacob
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1481092030
Pages: 126
Year: 2015-01-13
View: 1108
Read: 1223
"Targeted, business-boosting writing ideas that no serious blogger should be without!" Tired of wondering what to write about on your blog? Need to jump-start your creativity and grow new connections with your readers? Blog Prompts is your answer. With 101 unique blog writing ideas spanning a variety of industries and topics, you'll never run out of things to write about. But that's not all. Each writing prompt has been expertly crafted by a professional blogger with over a decade of experience writing high-converting sales copy and marketing content that gets noticed, gets read, and gets results. Forget about the same, stale subjects like "review a movie you just watched" or "run a contest on your blog" -- these are hard-hitting, comment-igniting posts that build your authority as an expert in your niche. Forge deeper, more meaningful discussions with your readers and create thought-provoking discussions that can spur even more ideas. Breathe new life into an old, tired blog or start off with a fresh new perspective. With Blog Prompts, you'll be able to fast-track your blog writing from "blah" to brilliant!
Blog, Inc.
Author: Joy Deangdeelert Cho, Meg Mateo Ilasco
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452107203
Pages: 184
Year: 2012-09-19
View: 922
Read: 942
With roughly 95,000 blogs launched worldwide every 24 hours (BlogPulse), making a fledgling site stand out isn't easy. This authoritative handbook gives creative hopefuls a leg up. Joy Cho, of the award-winning Oh Joy!, offers expert advice on starting and growing a blog, from design and finance to overcoming blogger's block, attracting readers, and more. With a foreword from Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge plus expert interviews, this book will fine-tune what the next generation of bloggers shares with the world. Learn how to: - Design your site - Choose the right platform - Attract a fan base - Finance your blog - Maintain work/life balance - Manage comments - Find content inspiration - Overcome blogger's block - Choose the right ads - Develop a voice - Protect your work - Create a media kit - Leverage your social network - Take better photographs - Set up an affiliate program - Partner with sponsors - Build community - Go full-time with your blog - And more!
The Ultimate Blogger To-Do List
Author: Dana Fox
ISBN: 1523669691
Pages: 150
Year: 2016-02-01
View: 731
Read: 978
Creating a blog is an easy feat, but what happens next? Without your love and attention, your progress could quickly start to go down hill. The Ultimate Blogger To-Do List is here to help! This book is jam-packed with tasks that will ensure your blog never dries up and disappears into oblivion. The pages were designed to keep you inspired and productive while improving the functionality and attractiveness of your online space. Think of this book as a giant sticky note full of reminders and actions to complete that will launch your blog to the next level.
Blog Wonderful
Author: Dana Fox
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1481988948
Pages: 90
Year: 2013-01-27
View: 172
Read: 1021
*PAPERBACK UPDATED FOR 2016* Blog Wonderful is a book written by blogger Dana Fox of Wonder Forest. This reference book is for both the beginner and novice blogger. It shares tips, tricks, and knowledge gained as a "new girl on the scene". What you will find in this book is a collection helpful information about becoming better at blogging, as well as some great hints from the author's profession as a web designer New on the blogging scene in 2011, Dana spent a year growing her following and documenting what worked, and what didn't. Blog Wonderful is a collection of those findings. Written in an honest and encouraging easy-to-understand manner, you'll feel as though Dana is right there with you, sharing advice as a friend would. This book covers topics such as: What you need to know before you start blogging Resources and video links for further learning Professional advice for branding, design, and colour selections Tips for designing your blog header, content area, and sidebar Basic photography advice Post formatting tricks A beginner's guide to statistics Social networking tutorials and tips for attracting visitors Engaging your readers so they come back! How to stay current Advertising, sponsorships, and how to make money with your blog and more!
Epic Blog
Author: Regina Anaejionu
ISBN: 0988780070
Pages: 118
Year: 2014-11-10
View: 644
Read: 834
This one-year blog editorial planner helps you create a purposeful and profitable content plan for your blog through a mini blog business plan, ideal reader survey, monthly theme planning, monthly content planning, and standard monthly calendars. The blog planner is set up with blank months so that you can start using it any month of any year. Each month includes a page to plan important goals and tasks before the month begins, a page to track progress on key stats and goals after the month ends, two pages per month to brainstorm content ideas for your blog, email list, products, and collaborations, as well as space near the monthly calendar to write notes or record your content ideas before plugging them into your calendar. Keeping your blog post process checklist, business plan, and other planning pages in the same place as your monthly editorial calendar will help you stay focused in creating a compelling content plan that encourages blog growth and increased profits.
Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism
Author: Fumio Sasaki
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393609049
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-04-11
View: 317
Read: 657
The best-selling phenomenon from Japan that shows us a minimalist life is a happy life. Fumio Sasaki is not an enlightened minimalism expert or organizing guru like Marie Kondo—he’s just a regular guy who was stressed out and constantly comparing himself to others, until one day he decided to change his life by saying goodbye to everything he didn’t absolutely need. The effects were remarkable: Sasaki gained true freedom, new focus, and a real sense of gratitude for everything around him. In Goodbye, Things Sasaki modestly shares his personal minimalist experience, offering specific tips on the minimizing process and revealing how the new minimalist movement can not only transform your space but truly enrich your life. The benefits of a minimalist life can be realized by anyone, and Sasaki’s humble vision of true happiness will open your eyes to minimalism’s potential.
The Badass Blog Planner
Author: Sarah Morgan
ISBN: 1505601304
Pages: 76
Year: 2015-01-07
View: 292
Read: 1216
Calling all bloggers, small business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, artists, and general creators of awesome things online-this workbook is for you!Whether you're setting goals for the new year or just hoping to step-up your blogging game, The Badass Blog Planner is the must-have guide to blog with purpose and grow your online presence like a pro. Packed with over 60 worksheets, this book will help you review the past year and hatch a plan to improve your blog content, social media, products and services, email newsletter, marketing, advertising, budget, and website design.No more late-night post idea panic or stressing over social media! You'll take action with the confidence to create compelling and shareable content, promote your brand, organize your website, set goals for growth, plan product launches, and feel excited and inspired all year long. It's just one more way to grow your badass blog from XOSarah.com!
The Little Book of Tidying
Author: Beth Penn
Publisher: Gaia
ISBN: 1856753727
Pages: 96
Year: 2017-07-06
View: 517
Read: 285
In this age of mass consumerism, we are "stuffocating"; becoming slaves to our possessions. By freeing ourselves from physical and mental clutter, and better managing our schedules, we can focus on what is truly important and discover more time, space and joy. Grounded in solid science and bursting with invaluable tools, activities and strategies, this little book will empower you to discard what you no longer need, regain control of your surroundings and create a happier and more fulfilling life.
Corporate Survival Guide for Your Twenties
Author: Kayla Cruz
Publisher: Dragon Fruit
ISBN: 163353345X
Pages: 150
Year: 2016-06-05
View: 721
Read: 1149
Welcome to the corporate world friend! A world where things aren't fair, some people are mean, and if you want to succeed, your boss has to like you. In her new book the Corporate Survival Guide for Your Twenties: A Guide to Help You Navigate the Business World, Kayla Cruz, founder of the award-winning blog Lost GenY Girl, helps you face the corporate world post-college. Navigating a corporate working world filled with pitfalls and traps is not easy - there's no app for that.. Should you speak up in meetings? Should you stay quiet? Should you eat at your desk? What should you wear? And what do you do when someone blasts you via e-mail? In Corporate Survival Guide for Your Twenties, Cruz shows the early career professional understands what best to do to launch your kick-ass career!
All Groan Up
Author: Paul Angone
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310341434
Pages: 208
Year: 2015-04-21
View: 510
Read: 1117
All Groan Up: Searching for Self, Faith, and A Freaking Job! is the story of the GenY/Millennial generation told through the individual story of author Paul Angone. It’s a story of struggle, hope, failure, and doubts in the twilight zone of growing up and being grown, connecting with his twentysomething post-college audience with raw honesty, humor, and hope.
The Ultimate Blog Planner
Author: Adeline Ganley
ISBN: 1519779933
Pages: 148
Year: 2015-12-16
View: 277
Read: 882
This undated one-year blog planner will help you to focus and build an intentional plan for your blog. Stay organized and grow you platform with a purposeful guide throughout the year. This 148 page must-have workbook includes worksheets to create a mini business plan, develop attainable goals with strategic action steps, fill in your style guide for your blog, audience profile, plan for products and services, and much more. Each month includes a monthly planning sheet for small goals, improvements and projects and also includes a blank calendar, monthly income and expenses, notes & ideas and even a monthly stat tracker. Plan your blog with clarity and confidence by using this blog planner to guide you to grow your blog.
Blogging for Creatives
Author: Robin Houghton
Publisher: Ilex Press
ISBN: 1781570167
Pages: 192
Year: 2012-06-11
View: 1028
Read: 1055
Blogging for Creatives teaches you everything you need to know about how to design and profit from a beautiful blog that people will want to return to again and again. Complete with hundreds of tips, tricks and motivational stories from artistic bloggers who have started from scratch, Blogging for Creatives covers how to publish and host a blog, as well as keeping it fresh, staying motivated and forging connections. Whether you?re looking to create a platform for your creative trade, an inspirational journal, or a hub for people with similar tastes and interests, learn how to benefit from being part of the blogosphere in this accessible, non-techie guide.
The Busy Girl's Guide to Digital Photography
Author: Lorna Yabsley
Publisher: David & Charles
ISBN: 1446303160
Pages: 144
Year: 2013-09-27
View: 999
Read: 1276
This is the only complete guide to photography that is designed specifically for women looking to improve their photography skills for pleasure and profit. With inspirational case studies and examples from professional and semi-pro female photographers, user-friendly technical explanations and image critiques, this book is a practical and useful toolkit for busy girls who enjoy photography. Becoming an accomplished and competent photographer needs to be approached in three stages:- Understand your camera and learn how to drive it- Composition - tune in and understand your subject- Post production - share and print. However, rather than explain every technical function from the outset, the aim of this book is to demystify the jargon and take you, step by step, back to the basic fundamental principals of photography; first putting you in control of the camera which will, in turn, free up the composition and creativity. The more advanced features of the camera and in-depth processes can be explored once the basic principals are understood. This is a fun, contemporary photography book that will become your essential tool for taking your passion for photography to the next level.
Author: Gloria Cordes Larson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119402484
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-08-08
View: 861
Read: 740
How can we as parents, educators, and members of the business community prepare students to be successful leaders in today's global environment? It's a critically important question. Gloria Cordes Larson, president of Bentley University, explains why today's practices in higher education are inadequate preparation for our rapidly evolving innovation economy. Instead, she passionately advocates for a hybrid-learning model that integrates business education with traditional liberal arts courses. Today's businesses demand a new kind of hybrid graduate, possessed of both hard and soft skills, with the courage to take risks, the creativity to innovate, and the savvy to excel in a turbulent competitive climate. This book is a valuable resource for participants in every learning community: our homes, schools, and businesses. It will change the way you think about what excellence in education means in today's business environment as you develop strategies that will move our children, students, and future employees forward in a rapidly changing and very challenging world. Prepared with that training and knowledge, they will find greater fulfillment and make their own mark on the future.